Faux Silk Taffeta Drapes

Thinking of faux silk taffeta drapes puddling gracefully on the floor? Browse the collection below and I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to your taste. The right window treatment gives an essential finishing touch to any room and can make for the most dramatic change next to paint, so don’t rush yourself with the choice and go for the best thing you can get.

White taffeta curtains

Photo via a la Parisienne .

White taffeta curtains 2

A beautiful design for an unusual curtain, made out of silk in a vibrant, green colour. Perfect to put up in a mid-century living room to give it a colourful contrast, bound to spice up your home with its unique look.

Platinum embroidered ruched faux silk taffeta header curtain panel 1

Platinum Embroidered Ruched Faux Silk Taffeta Header Curtain Panel
These ruched header drapes represent elegance and chic, evoking associations with baroque or rococo style. Made from faux silk taffeta it adds glamor to the living room. Suits perfectly traditional interiors.

White taffeta curtains 2

A charming window curtain made of silk taffeta in a very light blue color with a subtle, flowery decoration. The curtain will suit interiors in a traditional, rustic style, creating there a romantic atmosphere.

Orange faux silk curtains

Taffeta drapes will add some elegance and color to your home. Very long, distinguish will create a magic atmosphere from historical time in your bedroom or living room. Very soft, shining material will spoil your eyes.

Terroir taffeta silk drapes curtains

Terroir Taffeta Silk Drapes & Curtains

Living faux silk taffeta stripe orinda curtain panel panels drapes

Living Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Orinda Curtain Panel Panels, Drapes ...

Taffeta window panel plum in curtains drapes beso com the

... taffeta window panel plum in curtains drapes beso com the site devoted

Faux satin curtains

Available in various finishes, this faux taffeta curtain is a solid item, made from 56% Nylon and 44% Polyester. It features a 3” Pole Pocket with Ruched Header. Designed and meant to be stationary and used as decorative panels to frame out your window.

Faux curtains

Hampton Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain contemporary curtains

Silk taffeta drapes

These green and brown curtains sports the design that will easily bring your decor to live by adding more color to it. It sports the faux silk structure that makes it charm people even more thanks to its elegant appeal.

Faux taffeta curtains

You no longer need to have solid curtains in your home thanks to these beautiful striped curtain panels. The pattern is tasteful and attractive enough that you will feel comfortable having them on windows that are often seen by guests.http://

Faux silk cream curtains

Silk Taffeta Drapes in Flamingo Pink are actually a lovely soft shade of peach and I adore them, especially after having searched for years to find them!

Faux silk pink curtains

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Faux silk stripe curtains

Buy Graphite Blackout Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain & Drapes - HalfPriceDrapes

White taffeta curtains 1

Simple white curtains with some decorative accents on their top area. These curtains are made of durable materials that are resistant to frequent use and washing. Their white color completes any decor.

Brown faux silk curtains

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Faux taffeta curtains

Faux taffeta window curtains. These materials provide protection from the sun and they also decorate window interior areas. Rich brown color of these curtains looks very attractive in any indoors. They are also resistant to excessive wear.

Half price drapes faux silk taffeta stripe rod pocket curtain

Half Price Drapes Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
Curtain panel made of faux silk taffeta and decorated with striped pattern. It is fitted with rod pocket for easy mounting. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Signature stripe beige sea foam green faux silk taffeta 120

Signature Stripe Beige Sea Foam Green Faux Silk Taffeta 120 Inch Curtain Panel
Elegant curtain panels for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. It is made of nice touch faux taffeta and decorated with striped pattern. Includes rod pocket for easy mounting. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

Taffeta curtain

Luxurious and practical, the blackout faux silk taffeta curtains are the perfect addition to your home. The elegant cut flows beautifully down from the overhanging pole for a timeless look.

Catalina faux stripe taffeta curtains drapes

Catalina Faux Stripe Taffeta Curtains & Drapes

Madison Stripes Faux Silk Taffeta Rod Pocketed Lined Window Treatement Curtain Panel Drape

Striped taffeta curtains

Faux silk curtains that provide protection from the excessive amount of sun radiation. These curtains also decorate indoors thanks to their honey finish. They are resistant to wear and different forms of damage.

Green taffeta curtains

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Faux silk taffeta curtains 17

Set of 2 curtain panels made of faux silk taffeta. It is fitted with hook holes for easy mounting on the rod. Received a lot of top ratings from customers for elegant design and high quality.

Red taffeta curtains

50W x 120L Pole Pocket with Hook Belt $124 faux silk taffeta fucshia rose curtain

Faux silk taffeta curtains 3

Chic classic floor-length window curtains crafted of quality glossy mid grey artificial silk. Curtains feature beautifully ruched and embroidered top parts. They have reinforced top hems with grommets and can be washed.

Faux silk taffeta curtains

We do not have to tell you that curtains are jewelry for your windows. As we know, jewelry should shine! Hence these wonderful draped faux silk taffeta curtains that reach to the floor itself. They have a very deep purple color.

Faux silk taffeta drapes

Cappuccino Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain

Black taffeta curtains


Taffeta stripe curtains

It is easy to find elegant material,because every time a selection of silk fauxt will be a good choice. Spinning copper, silver and pink color on this taffeta drapes- add some glamor to your interior. No other decorations are needed.

Flamingo pink faux silk taffeta curtain panel

Flamingo Pink Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain Panel
Curtain panels that provide protection from sun. They also decorate indoors, especially window areas. These long curtains are made of faux silk material finished in beautiful pink color. This attractive material is also resistant to wear.

Blue grey gold stripe faux silk taffeta 84 inch curtain

Blue Grey Gold Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 84 Inch Curtain Panel
These are very unique and attractive functional and decorative elements that will decorate any window in the house. These curtain panels are 84 inches long x 50 inches wide and they are made of faux silk taffeta in 100%.

Overstock curtains 108

Elegant traditional floor-length curtains for terrace doors. They're crafted of quality artificial gently crinkled silk with a vertically striped design in beige and dark red. They have grommets for hooks and can be machine washed.

Annabelle Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain

Light pink silk curtains

This set of plummy blue drapes embodies elegance and prestige. Polyester nylon blend taffeta will offer you a crisp smooth panel that will shimmer and reflect the light in any room. Available in various lengths.

Mediterranean faux silk taffeta curtains drapes

Mediterranean Faux Silk Taffeta Curtains Drapes
Elegant and delicate that's how to describe those curtains and drapes. Perfect for large living room, will be perfect finish of the toned room decor, providing there some light. They are also perfect, when you want to have some privacy.

Rialto faux silk taffeta stripe curtain single panel

Rialto Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain Single Panel

Light pink cream stripe faux silk taffeta 84 inch curtain

Light Pink Cream Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 84 Inch Curtain Panel
The striped pattern curtains made of the faux silk. Looks exclusively ornately. Whimsically styled and colored, the silk taffeta curtain panel features pink and cream stripes that will enhance any decor.

Faux silk drapes 108

Crockett Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain... I also like these... for the chocolate den!

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Faux silk taffeta drapes

A truly royal window decoration, which is created from faux silk tafeta curtains. They feature smooth, velvet-like texture and they come in a posh combination of creamy and red colors. You open them with the use of a metal hook.

Faux taffeta drapes 1

Elegant traditional floor-length window curtains crafted of quality patternless glossy grey artificial silk. They feature showy beautifully ruched and embroidered top parts and reinforced top hems with grommets.

Paprika faux silk taffeta curtain contemporary curtains

Paprika Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain contemporary-curtains

Ivory,beige & gold toned striped faux silk taffeta lined rod pocket curtain panel

Signature faux silk taffeta curtain panel 46 in x 96

Signature Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain Panel 46 In. X 96 In.
A proper window decoration might totally change the character of the room. This stunning collection of curtain panels will give your space a royal look. You can choose from a wide range of warm colors.

Gold faux silk curtains

Orinda Faux Stripe Taffeta Silk Curtains & Drapes

Mirage Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain

Faux taffeta drapes 2

Expand the palette of colors indoors with decorous window drapes: these faux silk taffeta curtains of floor length sport beautiful sheen and premium weave, and their color - deep purple - is just royal.