Blackout Liner For Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are becoming more popular. The only problem is, the slats don't sit flush against each other and let light in, even when closed. For that problem, we give you blackout liners for bamboo shades. Easy on, easy off, these blackout liners do what the shades cannot, and make your room dark when the shades are closed. Take a look and pick some for your bamboo shades.

Best Products

Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner

Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner
If your window features a bamboo shade that doesn't provide full darkness when you need it or doesn't protect you from the sun, you should attach to it a blackout liner. It's made of thick, dark material and it's easy to attach.

Hampton Woven Cane Paper Roman Shade

Hampton Woven Cane Paper Roman Shade
A woven cane paper Roman shade in brown. 100% UV protection, thermal insulation against heat and cold and blockout for complete light control. Works great in room darkening, perfect for your baby's bedroom.

Matchstick Roller Shade

Matchstick Roller Shade
It is a high quality roller shade that protects indoors from the sun and assures privacy in the house. The product is made of durable materials that also decorate indoors. It is simple and safe in use.

Bamboo Art Roman Shade

Bamboo Art Roman Shade
A Roman shade, made of bamboo, multicolored in red and brownish tones. Easy to install window shade, effective protection and pretty room decoration. Use a feather duster to clean it.

Sunset Eco-Friendly Cordless Woven Bamboo Roman Shade

Sunset Eco-Friendly Cordless Woven Bamboo Roman Shade
It is a roman blind, which was made of bamboo. Despite the use of natural material, the blind is also eco friendly. It is very effective and practical. Perfectly protects against light and prying eyes.

Deluxe Blackout Thermal Cordless Roman Shade

Deluxe Blackout Thermal Cordless Roman Shade
Natural curtain to the window with a synthetic fabric. Thermal protection against heat and cold. It has the highest possible marks from satisfied customers. Harmonious addition to any interior.

Simply Wood Roman Shade

Simply Wood Roman Shade
A 100% handmade Roamn shade. Made of bamboo in walnut coloring. No extra patterns and colors, just natural bamboo. Functional and always fashionable window dressing and efficient light protection.

Our advice Buying Guide

Bamboo shades are an interesting and rustic addition for the windows inside your house, but without the correct blackout liner, they can be too bright, uncomfortable and not suitable for several of the rooms in your home. Let's have a look at some of the blackout liners which are available for covering your bamboo shades and providing ultimate comfort and darkness when you need it.

What are the benefits of installing a blackout liner behind the shades?

This is a good way to line your blinds while ensuring that you can still see the beauty of your blinds and you don't damage the carefully positioned décor of the items around your home. This liner can be attached to the back of your shades to prevent the light coming inside when you don't want it. If you want the light, it's possible to pull up the shades and the lining will be rolled up with it. The same applies if your shades open from left to right or horizontally from the middle – the lining will easily stay with the shades to prevent unnecessary hassle every time you want to let the light in. Made from top quality fabric which is specially designed for the most fragile and delicate of bamboo shades, this design is a practical and innovative way of customizing your home. It is normally found in white but is opaque to ensure no light is allowed through the blinds.

What are the pros and cons of installing a blackout liner over the shades?

Whether you choose to have the blackout liner over your bamboo shades or behind them, it will be visible from one side of the window or another. While fixing the liner behind the shades means that you don't have to look at it and you can enjoy your bamboo shades, it does mean that it's more difficult to adjust them quickly and easily. It also means that your neighbors and other people passing by will be able to see the liner, particularly if it's white and stands out more against your window frames and the bricks of your home. You can position the liner over the shades so that you see it from inside the room.

Are black blackout liners a good idea?

If you're just not quite convinced that white fabric has the ability to block out enough light as you require, you can have a look at the black versions which are available. Some of these are made from a tougher and stronger material than the white fabric, but this can give a slightly harsh look to the shades so shop around to find the one that you want. The black liners will ensure absolute darkness whenever you need it, but the harsher material means that these are often found most within industrial situations.

Whichever style of blackout liner you choose for your home, remember the importance of knowing what you want before paying any money. There is a difference between a blackout liner and a privacy liner, so look at both versions to determine which you need.


Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shade

Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shade
It is a blinds bamboo roman shade that fits to any style and décor and is great for your bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. This product is high quality and nicely finished.

Flatstick Roll-Up Shade

Flatstick Roll-Up Shade
This type of product is a roll-up shade that protects indoors from the sun. It is made of durable wood that is also very attractive. It is very simple and safe in use. It is available in two size variants: 48'' W x 72'' L and 72'' W x 72'' L.

Bamboo Bonanza Village Hut Roman Shade

Bamboo Bonanza Village Hut Roman Shade
A handmade bamboo shade. Roman shade type, multicolored. Designed for an indoor use. Great for covering your window from too much light and for decorating your room as well. Energy efficient and well made.

Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shade in Indian Ginger

Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shade in Indian Ginger
Cool Roman style shade made of bamboo slats with a brown-reddish finish. It has a showy top valance and right-hand draw strings. It's sheer, subtly filters light, protects against heat and cold. It can be mounted inside or outside a window frame.

Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shade in Tuscany

Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shade in Tuscany
Pretty Roman style shade of bamboo slats with a finish in brown tones. A shade has a quite wide top valance and right-hand draw cords. It's sheer, filters light a bit, can protect against heat or cold. It can be installed inside or outside a frame.

Cambridge Cordless Roman Shade

Cambridge Cordless Roman Shade
This item is a high quality Roman shade that protects indoors from sun. It is designed for window mounting. This type of shade is made of fabric that is resistant to UV and has got protective and decorative character.

Blackout liner for bamboo shades

A lovely piece to be used in conjunction with Bamboo Roman Shades, equipped with a fastening tape, clips, and tacks for easy mounting. The liner should be attached to the back of roman window shades, blocking the outside light and providing protection from outside temperatures.

Blackout liner for bamboo shades 2

The beautiful blackout liner for bamboo shades is extremely impressive. The whole is a functional element to the windows and not only, giving great darkness. Ideal for anyone who values practical details of decor.

Blackout liner for bamboo shades 1

With this beautiful indoor accessory, your windows will become much more appealing. Characterized by durable construction and easy installation; this blackout liner is suitable for bamboo shades and crafted of quality materials.

Bamboo shades with blackout liner

Highly durable blackout liner designed from sturdy and easy to clean materials. The liner also comes in a nice gold finish with little black accents here and there. It should add beauty and superb class as part of your window treatments.

Privacy liner

Great blackout liner geared towards bamboo shades. The liner is finished in white and its thin sheet-like construction makes it a great option to control light and heat in your spaces. You also get peel and stick installation that should take a few minutes only.

With no liner 1 with light filtering liner 1 with

with no liner, 1 with light filtering liner, 1 with blackout liner ...

Bamboo blinds with privacy liner

Control the light and temperatures in your spaces easily with these stunning blackout liners. Constructed from sturdy and long-lasting materials, the liners are suited for bamboo shades but can be used for other shades too. They are also easy to set up.

How to add a blackout liner to bamboo blinds

How to Add a Blackout Liner to Bamboo Blinds |

Insulated Black Out Liner Size: 40" x 84 "

A practical curtain panel that you can attach to your light shades. The panel will block the sunlight and protect the room from heat or cold. You can easily install it due to Velcro fasteners. The front is 100% polyester and the back is 100% acrylic.

Privacy liners

Having a stylish accordion design, these ready-made "Day & Night" shades will smoothly adjust the look and feel of your room. It will enable you to easily set levels of light and privac, buffering the height and cold levels.

Roman shade blackout liner

These wooden shades are simple and they blend well with the room. They have a black and brown color that are horizontally lined across the shade. The shades can be easily pulled open to let some light in, and can also be easily closed together for a shaded room.

Blackout bamboo roman blinds

How to DIY a privacy liner to bamboo blinds - for the kitchen window!

Customize chooose your favorite options

Customize: Chooose Your Favorite Options

Bamboo roman shades with privacy liner

Brand premium woven shades with blackout liner. Made from espresso colored bamboo. It's beautiful color underlines this hight quality premium product. Great during short afternoon nap or lazy Sunday morning.

Privacy liners for bamboo shades

Privacy Liners for Bamboo Shades - Blackout Liners, Woven Wood Shades

Blackout bamboo shades

In the sunny environment the bamboo shades are not enough protection against the sun. To reach the better blackout it is needed to use the additional material to have the second plain on the current bamboo one.

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Blackout blind lining

It is natural that sometimes you want to hide in the house from the sun, or neighbors. You can use a bamboo shades for your window. Made of small bamboo piles, adjusted to the dimensions of the window - this blackout will not pass anything.

Insulated blackout liner

Insulated Blackout Liner

Bamboo shades with liner

Blackout liner made of bamboo. Designed for mounting on the doors. It can be used as room divider. Simple form and functional design for each home.

Lined bamboo shades

This rustic, bamboo DIY shade liner. It successfully darkens the interior, creating a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. It is based on fully natural materials, which will for sure enchant all the environment-aware users.

Family love home no sew blackout shades

Family | Love | Home: No-Sew Blackout Shades

Blackout liner for blinds

An aesthetic contemporary blackout liner for bamboo window shades. It's manufactured of quality natural fabric well protecting against light and low temperature. It has to be attached to a back side of a shade and is easy to install with e.g. tacks.

Bamboo blind liners

This natural bamboo shades will be the perfect addition in many decors - oriental, classical etc. They create a perfect intimate atmosphere in your room and will provide you coolness during hot days.

Jenna sue diy blackout shade liner new office progress

Jenna Sue: DIY blackout shade liner / New office progress

Shade liner

Brand Premium Woven Wood Shades in Kon Tiki. This shade is offered with a Micropleat Blackout Liner for increased privacy and light control. Shop a wide selection of colors and textures at

Bamboo blinds with liner

Bamboo shades can diffuse light, but they are useless if you need total privacy or light control. You can easily upgrade your bamboo shade so that it will provide you with darkness for naps. All you need is a blackout liner and a staple gun.

Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind with Blackout Backer Privacy Liner - 24-Inch By 72-Inch

Natural real bamboo roller-blind, functional and charming at the same time. Made of non-woven fabric, features a blackout shade with privacy liner attached. Has the size of 72 x 24 x 0.2 inches and very light weight - 2,9 pounds.

Woven wood shades with optional blackout liner tropical window blinds

... Woven Wood Shades with optional blackout liner. tropical-window-blinds

Natural Wood Shades, 45in

Window shades made from natural wood slats. They bring into the room warm and cozy atmosphere. They block the flow of light into the room and are suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room or office. In the summer they protects the room from overheating.

Privacy liner for bamboo shades

DIY No Sew Blackout Liner For Bamboo Shades

Woven wood lg shade kitchen

Woven Wood Lg Shade Kitchen

Natural Wood Shades, 45in

Window shades made from natural wood slats. They bring into the room warm and cozy atmosphere. They block the flow of light into the room, are suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room or office. In the summer protects the room from overheating.

Bamboo woven wood shade blackout

bamboo woven wood shade blackout

Tan 5 blackout soft white white 6 blackout beige white

tan 5 blackout soft white white 6 blackout beige white 7 blackout ...

Lewis hyman tahiti cocoa bamboo roman shade blinds and shades

Lewis Hyman Tahiti Cocoa Bamboo Roman Shade Blinds and Shades