Drapes With Attached Valance

Often seen in kitchens and now becoming more common throughout the rest of the home, drapes with attached valances are a decorative way to shield your home from the intense sunlight outside. The valences accent the drapery beautifully and you will never want drapes without valances after you see how these complements your home decor. See collection for more.

Best Products

Canova Window Treatment Collection

Canova Window Treatment Collection
Finished in an elegant burgundy red, these beautiful drapes will be a great window treatment, embellishing every living room decor. The attached valances only emphasize the refined character.

Felice Window Treatment Collection

Felice Window Treatment Collection
Curtain panel featuring appealing design and elegant pattern. Additionally, thanks to the neutral color the panel is perfect for almost any interior, and high quality material the curtains are very durable.

New 1440 00 custom made drapes with attached valances 96

New 1440 00 custom made drapes with attached valances 96
These custom-made drapes with attached valances distinguish themselves with characteristic vibrant green. All having characteristic fringes, they have the length of 96 inches.

Valerie Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

Valerie Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel
This gorgeous curtain window is a lovely and very stylish damask pattern and excellent performance. Pocket you can easily wear it on the curtain rod.It gives the interior a beautiful, gentle character through tulle - embroidered inserts.

Drapes with attached valance 16

Luxury Shower Curtains with Valance | shower curtains valance best modern furniture design directory blog ...

Attached valance

Attractive and neutral colored panel curtains with stylish pattern. They are made of durable materials and they are supported by solid wooden elements finished in dark brown color. They decorate indoors and protect them from sun.

Drapes with attached valance

Beautiful drapes with attached valance is a stylish combination of perfect design and color that is beautifully presented in the window. The whole of the unusual plaid pattern delights and is very elegant.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you hang a curtain with a valance?

When it comes to hanging curtains with a valance, you'll need to mount your curtains first.  Next, you'll select your valance style, be it a board mounted or pole mounted valance, and you'll need to keep the heading and pleat style in mind as you continue.

Lastly, match your valance to your curtain and ensure that it compliments each other well.

Alternatively, if you'd like an all-in-one solution, opt for drapes with attached valance and take the hassle out of hanging your drapes.

In which room can I hang drapes with valance?

While drapes with a valance are traditionally seen in kitchens and living rooms, these classic designs are now becoming more common throughout the entire home. A valance is designed to hide hardware and curtain rods, so drapes with a valance can be an excellent option for adding refinement to a den, home office, or dining area.

Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms that require complete window coverage, drapes with an attached valance are great for blocking out light from the street.

These curtain designs complement a traditional-style home and work beautifully with antique-style furnishings, ornaments, and decor. However, you can also find drapes with a box-style valance that give a more modern aesthetic, making them suitable for contemporary homes.


Goblet pleat drapery panels with attached valance trim sometimes called

goblet pleat drapery panels with attached valance & trim . . . sometimes called the french flip

Drapes with valances 2

Elegant curtains for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. It is made of fabric and finished with decorative trim. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Drapes with attached valance 1

With the attached valance, this set of drapes is fashionable, durable, and decorative. The set is designed of a quality, machine-washable off-white fabric and adorned with a lovely blue leaf pattern.

Drapes with attached valance

This curtain with the light blue color and white pattern has the heading, which is finished with Susie Watson Pom Pom trim with pastel colors. It's an attractive addition, that can change the style in any interior.

Attached valance curtains

A beautiful embellishment for living room or bedroom windows, this gorgeous set of drapes is equipped with a pair of white fabric holding straps, and adorned with embroidered roses and fashionable valances. Measurements: 84" L x 80" W.

Lace window treatments 18

With those lovely valances, you are getting a fashionable decoration for your bedroom windows. The valances are made of light weight cotton, and they stylishly roll up, while being supported by matching straps tied up at the end to beautiful bows.

Drapes with valances 6

This old-fashioned but timeless design sink would please anyone who is a retro-style lover. It will make the experience in your kitchen unique and would look amazing and interesting. Perfect choice for anyone who is interested in fashion trends.

Drapes with valances 3

The room needs some interesting solutions, especially for curtains that occupy a large part of the wall. This upholstered valance with silver nailhead trim is a dream of perfectionists. Shades of silver and gold add lightness and royality to the room.

Jewel Panel and Austrian Window Treatment Collection

Jewel Panel and Austrian Window Treatment Collection

Drapes with attached valance 1

Anna Lace Curtain Panel With Attached Valance, Set Of 2

Drapes with attached valance

Lichtenberg and Co. Carie Sheer Panel With Attached Valance Panels

Drapes with attached valance 6

These set of beautiful curtains is not only decoration of your interior - it is must-have for everyone, who is a very private person. They are made of delicate fabric, decorated of hand-painted floral pattern.

Drapes with valances 4

Curtains make the interior cozier. They can, as here, constitute the main decorative element, with a rich floral pattern in a luxurious style, though in natural shades of earth. What adds a luxurious finish to them is drapes upper part with valances.

Drapes with attached valance 3

Cute, white cornice with rows of ball fringe, makes you room cosy and elegant. It catches eye with his soft and smooth finish, makes the top of the window unique and classy. Wonderful choice for finishing delicate and romantic style of decor.

Drapes with valances 5

Accentuate modernistic aspects of your interior with contrasting geometric patterns, which might be easily added with low-cost accessories, such as drapes with valances. The ones here sport bold black square framing on light backdrop.

Drapes with attached valance 10

drapery panels ideas | Custom Order Drapery Panel with Attached Valance

Drapes with valances 9

Aesthetic traditional draperies with a valance intended for a front door. They're handmade of quite thick beige cloth. Draperies have a plain pattern. The valance features black ornaments and dots along edges made with using stencils and a pen.

Drapes with valances 7

A cool traditional drape with a valance transformed from old vertical blinds in dark beige tones. Blinds were crafted of quite durable fabric that can be spot cleaned. The valance have reinforced edges.

Drapes with attached valance 10

Interesting pleat with rouching detail and fringe. Scrumptious silk draperies by Carol Raley Interiors

Window curtains with attached valance

An exquisite set for accentuating luxurious interiors. These beautiful drapes have stylish valances attached to them, boasting of a gorgeous pattern and durable yellow fabric design, allowing you to throw them into your washing machine.

Drapes with attached valance 15

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Drapes with valances 8

Beautiful stylish drapes and valances (with fringes on edges) of elegant cream fabric. They match well a couch in the antique style. It features rolled-out arms and a backrest as well as upholstery of white button tufted fabric with a floral pattern.

Drapes with attached valance

I don't like the French damask chair with the rest of the room so English, but the drapereis are very well done. The swags on the panels add such a gracious touch & the wood poles are sufficiently "heavy" enough to go with the rich red & gold check.

Drapes with attached valance

Stylish curtain made of fabric and finished with decorative frills. It is fitted with hooks holes for easy assembly. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Drapes with valances 12

Peacock eyes, golden leaves, bronze and green - these are all paintings on a fantastic curtain for every window.Good curtain folding is art. Here an additional element is the top of the curtain, which has a geometric motif.

Draperies pinch pleat drapery with attached valance 60 to 240

... Draperies | Pinch Pleat Drapery with Attached Valance 60 to 240" Long

Achim Home Furnishings Logan 5-Piece Window in a Bag Set, 2 Curtain Panels, Attached Valance, 2 Tiebacks

Click on pictures to view larger image

Click on pictures to view larger image.

Flip top shirred panels with self welted ruffled tie back

Flip top Shirred Panels with Self Welted, Ruffled Tie Back from Ruth Zahler's Custom Creations

Drapes with attached valance 7

Linen drapes with attached valance - love this look.

Drapes with attached valance 6

Ring Top Panels with Attached Valance over Waterfall Roman Shades

How to drape a valance

Curiously draped with attached valance window curtains is an excellent way to revitalize the interior. Beautiful design and combination of patterns and colors delight. Perfectly combines with modern decor.

Drapes with attached valance 2

Creation a perfect curtain panel is really easier when you don't have to buy it, but you do it yourself. This cream silk curtain with a cornflower ribbon is a cute part of decoration not only a useful detail to give some shade to your living room.

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Carly lace curtain panel with attached valance with


Panels with attached valance and contrast trim

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Vcny charlize embroidered curtain panel with attached

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Tango sheer curtain panel with attached valance

Tango Sheer Curtain Panel with Attached Valance

The lakeside collection 84 lace curtain with attached

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Jacquard curtain panel set with attached valance 55 x 84

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Curtains with attached valance

Curtains With Attached Valance

Luxury jacquard curtain panel with attached waterfall

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