Small Baby Changing Table


For homes with smaller nurseries, you could use a small baby changing table. Less than the usual size but still perfectly adequate for the task at hand, these small changing tables can easily fit anywhere you need to change your baby, without rearranging the whole house to compensate. In several attractive options, pick one that matches the rest of your nursery furniture.

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Our Picks

Diaper changing table before and after

Diaper Changing Table Before and After

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Foldable changing table

I did a lot of searching for changing tables for small babies, before I bought this one. It features the wall mount option, modern design and a size, which is perfect for small nursery.

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Modern Baby Changing Table with 3 Baskets & Hamper

Modern Baby Changing Table with 3 Baskets & Hamper

This baby changing table in grey and white finish is non-toxic and eco-friendly, crafted from MDF. The table includes 3 storage baskets/drawers made of 80% polyester abd 20% cotton, 1 storage bin, and 1 reversible, vinyl changing pad.

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Small baby changing table 1

Wall-mounted and folding small baby changing table is a great solution for every child's room. Simple form and high functionality make scrolling comfortable and comfortable for mom and baby. The whole made of safe materials.

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Ikea wall mounted changing table

This ergonomic baby changing tables by Bybo shows the future of the nursery room furniture. Bright, plywood finish conceals a multiplicity of various drawers, shelves and nooks, creating an exquisitely functional piece of furniture.

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Small baby changing table

Thanks to this practical changing table for small babies, you will have enough safe surface to carry for your little ones. It is characterized by a wall-mount design and a drop-down top, with an off-white fabric, super-soft cushion.

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Bentley Changing Table

Bentley Changing Table

A changing table that provides high-quality, durability and overall strength of the construction. It is a convenient place to change and dress your baby. Two spacious shelves below allow to store diapers, towels and clothes.

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Eco Laminate Infant Changing Table

Eco Laminate Infant Changing Table

Handy simple contemporary corner changing table for babies. Its rectilineal frame is made of laminated wood with a light brown finish. It has a changing compartment with raised walls and an open front cubby with 1 shelf.

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Folding changing table

Space saving baby changing table mounted on decorous blue brackets sporting art nouveau inspired swirly motifs. There's a trash bin underneath, which for sure supports the organization and saves time.

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Ikea hackers making a changing table over the bathtub this

IKEA Hackers: making a changing table over the bathtub! This would have been sooo handy in our super small place

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Small Baby Changing Table

Buying Guide

When you are furnishing a nursery, a small baby changing table is not the first furniture piece that comes to your head. However, it is a critical piece nonetheless.

It is true that you'll be able to change your baby's diapers on a bed, floor, or countertop, but having a changing table will ensure your baby is safe, secure, and comfortable, especially when you have to change its diapers at least 8 times a day.

A small baby changing table saves you the unnecessary back pain that's often associated with changing a baby's diapers. This is because you no longer have to bend over in the most awkward position.

We understand that there are people who hesitate buying baby changing tables as they think they become redundant after two years. Fortunately, you can use a changing table as a desk or dresser once your baby no longer needs changing!

The safety of a baby is always a mom's number one concern. To ensure your child is safe whenever it is laid down on its changing table, find the unit that includes guardrails and safety straps. Also, look for the table that has rounded corners to ensure your baby doesn't get caught on sharp edges.

Most small baby changing tables come with changing table pads to make babies comfortable. If your table comes with a thin pad and it doesn't feel cozy at all, simply get a replacement. A thick pad is recommended, but it shouldn't be thick enough that it has a height that's higher than the height of the guardrails. Changing pads are machine washable so throw them in the wash as needed.

What most moms do to ensure they get quality changing tables is only purchase from reputable manufacturers of baby and nursery furniture.

Traditional baby changing tables have classic detailing like bun feet, scrollwork, intricate moldings, and embossed paneling. Reflections of past trends and eras, traditional nursery furniture is also characterized by graceful curves and rich finishes.

Contemporary changing tables, on the other hand, have a relaxed and comfortable appearance. They're characterized by clean, simple lines and decorative elements.

Small baby changing tables are repurposed into desks or dressers. If this is also your plan, then make sure you pick the table with a style that you can appreciate for years. Wooden changing tables with dark or natural finishes are your safe and reliable choices. They easily fit into the majority of rooms.

If you have an adorable baby girl, you may want to turn its changing table into an elegant dresser for her stylish bedroom. If so, then it is perfectly fine if you choose something that's exclusive like a pink changing table. It'd be more suitable for her bedroom. Have a bit of foresight when you are selecting a changing table because it is quite possible that you will use it to serve another purpose in the years to come.

As a parent, you only want what is best for your child. Follow the tips you've just learned but trust your gut instinct as well when you're buying a small changing table for your baby.

Best Ideas

Changing Tray

Changing Tray

With this tray you can transform (mostly) any dresser into a changing table, which is incredibly convenient when you can't or don't want to get rid of your current furnishings and buy new one. The piece is made of wood in black.

Pull down changing table

This kid's wardrobe closet sports a small design that will prove simply ideal for small clothes of your little ones' and will ensure more than enough space, while the design comes in a natural wooden finish.

Wall mounted changing table for home

Durable and safe, this baby changing table is small and functional, allowing you to save space in your nursery or bathroom. It's wall-mounted and made of quality material, with a pull-down front that reveals a cushioned place for your baby and 2 open shelves for necessities.

Small baby changing table

Use a foldable changing table. | 25 Hacks To Make Room For A Baby In Your Tiny Home

Folding baby changing table

Useful and safe crib topper that plays the role of a changing table. This white part of a crib includes practical handles and some compartments for useful accessories. It provides safety for a child and comfort for user.

Small changing tables

Made of solid materials, the very functional small baby changing table is a great solution for a child's room. Simple form, cute decorative elements, and ease of arrangement in every interior design creates a very practical and stylish piece of furniture.

Bybo space saving wall mounted baby changing table

... Bybo: Space Saving Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table

Cariboo folding changing table 1

Cariboo Folding Changing Table

13 clever space saving solutions and storage ideas

13 Clever Space-Saving Solutions and Storage Ideas

Folding changing station

An ideal proposition for young parents, living in modern studios or small apartments. Apart from its smooth, contemporary design, this Noga changing table delights also with its clever, foldable construction.

Changing table wall mounted

Gender neutral nursery room nook with small baby changing table in teak wood (no coloured finish, just bright natural wood). The changing table is accompanied by a cute round bassinet on wheels, with white canopy.

Small changing table

A simple, and useful changing table in a small size. This wooden table provides sufficient space for nursery. It provides comfort and safety for the youngest users and mothers. The table also looks very attractive.

Folding changing tables

Go for this amazing changing table that will help you save up just tons of space in your household. It is foldable and can be tucked away on the wall easily, while you're not using it, while also sporting a charming and elegant, modern design.

Fold down changing table

When a child comes home, everything must be at hand. Such freedom allows moving table station. The rack on wheels, has three double shelfs.

Gray-blue color combination, is neutral and pleasing to the eye.