Folding Baby Changing Table

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Baby changing tables are essential when designing a baby’s nursery. However, it’s important to choose a versatile baby changing table that is foldable, sturdy, safe, and strong enough to withstand thousands of nappy changes. Here are some cute folding baby changing tables that tick all of these boxes and more.

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Updated 28/06/2022
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Folding Changing Table

Folding Changing Table

What we like: Safety strap to keep your baby secure

What we don’t like: The ruler at the top for measuring the baby’s height is a unique but superfluous feature

Not so good for: A baby room with a sophisticated aesthetic

Perfect for: A small nursery or room

This folding changing table is ideal for a smaller nursery and you can even bring it to your hotel room when traveling with baby. Its storage capacity makes it rather practical for all of your nappy-changing supplies, too.

It comes in gray, black, and pink which can match almost any wall color. It’s a nifty and handy 3-in-1 changing table that can be safely placed in the corner of the room when it’s not in use and it would look great as the focal point of the baby’s room as well. It’s definitely sturdy enough to safely hold your baby’s weight without buckling under pressure.

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Comfortable Folding Baby Changing Table

Comfortable Folding Baby Changing Table

What we like: It comes with a cozy changing pad

What we don’t like: The cover cannot be easily removed for washing and the pad is not stable without the cover

Not so good for: Storing multiple items as the storage basket is really small

Perfect for: Frequent travellers

If you’re in search of a more modern, stylish, and cute changing table, this is the ideal one. It is just the right size for busy moms who need a changing table that they can use at home and on the go. And at a 6.3” height, it’ll definitely save your back.

It’s compact enough to fit into the trunk of your car when folded and whether you place it in the baby’s room or your room; you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Since this changing table is only available in grey, it’s ideal for a bedroom with white, pink, grey, or light blue painted walls.

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Collapsible Changing Table

Collapsible Changing Table

What we like: It’s got 3 storage compartments

What we don’t like: The fact that it is only available in gray

Not so good for: Very compact bedrooms

Perfect for: Rooms with limited storage

When it comes to changing table ideas for small spaces, this one should always be in the top 3. That’s because it has 3 reliable storage compartments which make it perfect for small spaces that are short on storage and it’s very stable too, thanks to its heavy-duty lockable wheels.

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Fold Down Changing Table With Baskets

Fold Down Changing Table With Baskets

What we like: It’s well-made from high-quality components like Oxford cloth and steel pipes

What we don’t like: Not many color choices

Not so good for: It’s not the sturdiest changing table

Perfect for: Adding extra storage space to a nursery

This changing table is at a reasonable height and is fully adjustable, which means no more backaches from changing diapers. It comes with 2 baskets for all of your diaper-changing needs and it’s quite a stylish changing table that’ll look cute anywhere you place it. The only downside is that this table might buckle sometimes so you have to be mindful of that when using it.

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Gray Thickened Steel Portable Baby Changing Table

Gray Thickened Steel Portable Baby Changing Table

What we like: It’s free from BPAs, lead, mercury, and phthalates

What we don’t like: It might be too large for smaller rooms

Not so good for: Any color scheme that might clash with its grey color

Perfect for: Rooms with a minimalist design

Complete with a large basket and a hamper, this foldable changing table is just what you need to add more convenience to your life. It’s constructed from safe and sturdy materials and it comes with four closed sides to keep the baby in place while you change their diaper.

There’s also a clothes rail and a bottom shelf as well as a water-resistant and easy-to-clean changing pad.

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Plush Portable Changing Table

Plush Portable Changing Table

What we like: It’s multifunctional

What we don’t like: Its versatile design is not practical for all baby rooms

Not so good for: Use on the go

Perfect for: People who prefer changing tables that can be used for many purposes

This uniquely designed table is an all-in-one baby changing station that can be wheeled in and out of the bedroom safely with its sturdy wheels. It also comes with a changing pad that has a waterproof topper.

Ideally, you would want to keep this changing table in the bathroom and just wheel it into the bedroom when you want to change the baby’s diaper. An undercarriage tray also makes this foldable baby changing table the best place for storing bath and changing accessories.

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Folding Baby Changing Table

Buying Guide

Irrespective of what you might have read on parenting forums or heard from your friends, a changing table offers a much better surface to change those messy diapers. Certainly better than the floor or the bed. No more crouching on your knees or bending at the waist. The Real Diaper Association says that a baby will run through 6000 diapers in the first couple of years of their life. That’s a lot of crouching folks.

A changing table keeps the baby safe and the mommy comfortable. More importantly, it has integrated storage shelves to keep all the baby’s essentials handy. And when it’s collapsible, it folds away and neatly tucks into a corner when not in use.

Here are some of the factors that matter when you look for collapsible changing tables.

Collapsible changing tables usually have metal frames with a fabric surface. Look for a heavy duty steel frame with non-slip legs that stays stable and adheres to the ground.

Aluminum frames are lighter than steel but are not as stable as you’d like them to be. Wooden and plastic frames can be aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective as compared to metal ones.

Irrespective of what material you choose, the table must feel sturdy when the foldable frame is locked into position. Even the slightest wobble indicates a weak frame. Skedaddle.

Are there any sharp edges or gaps in the frame? These increase the risk of injury.

Even better, look for child-safe foam padding on all metallic surfaces irrespective of whether they are sharp or not. It must have a roll-off barrier or a raised edge on all four sides, somewhat like a guardrail that protects the infant from rolling off the table. The roll-off barrier must be at least 3-inches tall according to JPMA/ASTM.

Buy tables that comply with these safety standards.

Look for restraint straps and harnesses to secure your baby to the table when you change the diaper.

Collapsible dressing tables vary in height. Some can be low as 30-34 inches whereas others can be as high as 42 inches. Select one that’s proportionate to your height. You might also want to consider investing in furniture straps that allow you to secure the table to furniture pieces.

You will be needing nappies, diaper-rash ointments, wipes, clothes, lotions and whatnot when you are performing diaper duties. So, a table with multiple storage pockets or shelves will keep everything within arm’s reach. This avoids the need to keep the baby unattended to fetch things in the middle of a diaper change.

Some tables have small pockets for quick-access things and a large tray in a bottom layer to store the bulkier accessories. Others have multiple tiers. Select one that works best for you.

The changing pad on the table must be thick, padded and soft to the touch. It is typically made of vinyl and can be wiped clean with a cloth after use. But if your child is allergic to vinyl, then you can always buy one made of a natural fabric, like cotton.

Last but not least, check whether it’s easy to fold the table after use. Tables with an X-frame are usually easier to fold than ones which have a cumbersome mechanism. These have a locking mechanism that needs to be disengaged and a gentle push collapses the frame.

Check the dimensions of the table when folded and ensure that you have enough space to store it.

Best Ideas

Collapsible changing table 6

An IKEA collapsible changing table with a neat and attractive design. The stands are made from metal tapered with rubber at the ends to prevent noise while using. Its black fabric is comfy and comfortable and won’t get stained easily. A perfect choice for any mother.

Collapsible baby changing table

An aesthetic contemporary foldable changing table for babies. It's made of durable glossy white plastic. It has 2 X-shaped legs, a rectangular bottom shelf and a top with raised flared edges (shorter ones are gently arched).

Collapsible changing table 3

This collapsible changing table is one of the best you can find. Made from hardwood, it’s definitely going to stand the test of time. It also has a wooden base upon which the softest fabric is laid. The table comes with storage space beneath it.

Collapsible changing table 4

Collapsible changing table that makes changing your baby's diapers and dressing up the baby very easy. It’s made from sturdy wood and strong fabric to help support your baby's weight. It also has a storage space underneath to help keep spare diapers and other baby materials.

Collapsible changing table

Change table that allows for problem free diaper change. This collapsible construction includes a white frame made of wood. Changing area made of white fabric is safe and comfortable for young children.

Collapsible changing table 8

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