Wooden Dog Gate

Letting your pooch have free reign of the house when you’re out is risky-business, especially in their earlier years. Wooden dog gates are a trusted way of keeping your pup out of unwanted places (and trouble), and provide a more spacious alternative to a crate.

There are more styles of pet gates out there than you may think! To help you pick the right one, consider the size of your dog to make sure they can’t jump over or squeeze beneath the gate. Looking for something temporary or portable? Then a free-standing style will do the trick. Otherwise, a wall-mounted design provides a sturdy and more permanent option. Check out our suggestions!

Freestanding Wooden Dog Gate with Support Feet

Freestanding Wooden Dog Gate with Support Feet

Worried about your hyperactive canine chewing your furniture to pieces? Freestanding wooden dog gates are a popular solution amongst dog owners, particularly where versatility and portability are a priority. Light-weight and foldable, they can be easily moved around the house, packed into the car, or compactly stored away when not in use.

If you’re worried about your mischievous pup knocking the gate over, look for a model with attached support feet for added balance and solidity. 

Wall Mounted Solid Dog Gate

Wall Mounted Solid Dog Gate

Tired of chasing your naughty dog down the stairs? Some pups just never learn their lesson, so a wall-mounted solid wood dog gate is a great choice if you need a more permanent solution. Easy-to-install in any doorway or staircase, wall-mounted designs are ideal for the more boisterous furry characters, as there’s no chance of them being knocked down.

Make sure to measure the width of the space you wish to install your wall-mounted gate before purchasing. And, particularly if you are planning on installing it at the top of the stairs, opt for a design without a step-over bar, for obvious safety reasons! 

Tall Wood Dog Gate Indoor

Tall Wood Dog Gate Indoor

Whether you’re the owner of a large hound, furry high jumper or four-legged escape artist, an extra-tall wooden dog gate is what you need. Standard pet gates vary between 20 to 32 inches high, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. Gates with a height of 36 inches are regarded as extra-tall, and that extra bit of height will help prevent even the most lively of dogs from escaping!

To help you choose the correct height for your pet gate, take into consideration both the height and sprightliness of your canine.

Decorative Wooden Pet Gate

Decorative Wooden Pet Gate

Looking for a dog gate that’s not a complete eye-sore? One of the benefits of wooden pet gates is that they come in a variety of styles, colors and designs to suit every decor. Aesthetics aside, small decorative details, like this example, also have the added benefit of being more challenging to chew through!

Some wooden gates are heavier and harder to manipulate than others. Be sure to pick one that can be easily handled by all household members.

$149.99 $159.95

Walk Through Wooden Door Gate for Dogs

Walk Through Wooden Door Gate for Dogs

For paw-rents who need easy, fluid access between gated spaces, a walk-through wooden pet gate is a great option. One-handed latch systems allow you to open the gate with ease and walk from room to room, without the hassle of having to take the gate down or re-adjust it into place each time.

Some walk-through gates come with other handy features such as an auto-close hinge, so you don’t have to worry about guests or kids forgetting to close the gate behind them.

Wooden Expandable Accordion Dog Gate

Wooden Expandable Accordion Dog Gate

Do you have unusually wide or narrow hallways or doorways? Expandable dog gates have a versatile design that easily expand and contract to accommodate a range of widths. The accordion-style is particularly practical for tight spaces as, when contracted, it occupies minimum space for easy maneuverability, and compact storage when not in use.

Make sure to measure your dog’s chest before purchasing and installing a suspended gate to ensure they can’t pass underneath it. 

Freestanding Foldable Wooden Dog Gate

Freestanding Foldable Wooden Dog Gate

From pet gate, to room divider or dog pen, freestanding foldable wooden dog gates provide infinite ways of keeping your fur-iend from wreaking havoc whilst you’re out! Flexible 360-degree hinges allow you to bend it into the shape you like and easily fold it flat for convenient storage.

Gates with wide wooden slats provide your dogs some pawsonal space, without making them feel as though they are completely cut-off from the home. 

Pressure Mounted Wooden Door Gate for Dogs

Pressure Mounted Wooden Door Gate for Dogs

Looking for a sturdy yet temporary pet gate whilst your pup is in training? Pressure mounted wooden door gates provide a secure alternative to its wall-mounted counterpart, without the need to drill or screw. The rubber stoppers allow the gate to stay securely in place, without damaging wall surfaces, making them particularly ideal for renters.

Pressure fitted gates are ideal for smaller breeds, or larger dogs that aren’t boisterous or prone to jumping up.

Mesh and Wood Dog Gate

Mesh and Wood Dog Gate

Have you got a young pup who’s going through teething? You may opt for a dog gate with a wooden frame and strong wire mesh panels that will prevent him from eating his way through your furniture, walls and even the gate itself! Plus, there’s no chance of even the smallest puppies escaping through any gaps.

Consider how you want to use the gate. Perhaps you just want to block off a room or corridor, or maybe you want to be able to create a play pen too; in which case you will need a gate with a minimum of four hinged panels that can be maneuvered into the desired shape. 


Eco Friendly Bamboo Solid Dog Gate

Eco Friendly Bamboo Solid Dog Gate

Bamboo dog gates provide an eco-friendly way to restrict your pooch’s access between rooms. A renewable resource, bamboo provides a solid, durable and stylish structure. Some eco-conscious designs combine wood with other recycled materials, such as plastic. These gates are just as sturdy and practical as solid wood pet gates.

If you’re planning on using the gate in different parts of the house, opt for a design with a customizable width that can be adjusted to fit different sized doorways and hallways. 

Our advice Buying Guide

You may think your home is your pet's safe haven, but there are actually hidden dangers that lurk everywhere from common house plants, electrical cords, human food, children toys to household cleaners and trash. The list can go on and on.

Fortunately, you can make use of an effective tool, an indoor wood pet gate, in keeping your precious pet away from harmful situations. Wooden pet gates for indoor use are designed not just to protect your cat or dog, but also to blend or complement your home's interiors.

What types of wood pet gates are there?

Below is a rundown of the common types of wooden pet gates. The size of your dog, the intended location of the gate, and your dog's temperament will affect the type of gate that you need.

  • Freestanding - A freestanding wooden pet date is designed to stand up on its own. There are models attached with "feet" that ensure they are kept upright. Others also have a folded accordion design. Freestanding units are the best choices for small homes and apartments.
  • Pressure Mounted - These adjustable wooden pet gates are both highly stable and flexible. They are capable of adjusting to a doorway's size and they are held in place via pressure against the two sides of their openings. They're available in all sizes and they can open up to 82 inches. There's a limit to the size of the opening to ensure the unit is stable.
  • Hardware Mounted - A hardware mounted wooden pet gate is similar to a pressure mounted unit. The only difference between the two is how they are held in place. For the hardware mounted variety, it makes use of hardware. It's to be mounted using screws, but it's the most stable kind of pet gate you will be able to purchase. It is suitable in a place where you want the gate to be installed permanently or for a long period of time. It may come with a swinging door component so humans find it easy to get through.

What's the best quality pet gate out there?

If you want a high-quality gate that you'll be able to use for years to come, you should splurge a bit on your best option which would be heavy finished types of wood. With just about all the things available for purchase, you get what you're willing to pay for – yes, even pet gates. Of course, we are not saying you should sell a liver to get a good wooden pet gate, but in this case, you really get what you pay for.

Since there are tens of thousands of wooden pet gates available online, you need to know what to look for in a unit to get the best tool for your pet.


Indoor Pet Fence Free Standing Walk Over Panel Wood Folding Gate Barrier Dog Cat

Indoor Pet Fence Free Standing Walk Over Panel Wood Folding Gate Barrier Dog Cat
This practical foldable wooden panel gate is the perfect solution for a home with pets and small children. Robust construction provides strength and safety, and when not needed it can be easily folded.

Tall Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate

Tall Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate
If you want to prevent your dog from entering restricted areas, you should definitely think about this Tall Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate. With eco-friendly Rubberwood craftsmanship, non-marking rubber feet, and resistance to tipping; the gate is a must-have for messy 4-legged critters.

Wood Walk Thru Door Dog Gate Expand 9 Ft Extra Long Fence Zig Zag Indoor Pen

Wood Walk Thru Door Dog Gate Expand 9 Ft Extra Long Fence Zig Zag Indoor Pen
A practical portable gate for limitation pet areas both indoor and outdoor. It's constructed of several vertically slatted wooden panels finished in brown. Panel and door hinges as well as a deadlock are of metal.

Eucalyptus indoor outdoor weather resistant sliding pet gate dog gate

Eucalyptus indoor outdoor weather resistant sliding pet gate dog gate
Most importantly, the wooden pet indoor gate, presented in the picture - is very easy to assemble. Hardwood is resistant to all weather. Finished with oil, it has a slender décor shape with narrow rungs.

Paws on the patio laurel pet gate in white

Paws on the patio laurel pet gate in white
This stunning pet gate will provide your interior with everything it needs when it comes to safety thanks to the durable and strong structure that will withstand even the bigger animals with ease.

Universal Free-Standing Pet Gate

Universal Free-Standing Pet Gate
This Pet Gate in Cherry Finish is characterized by solid-wood and triple hinge construction. The gate is free-standing, foldable and portable, consisted of double jointed hinges, allowing you to set the gate either in a 'Z' shape or 'C' shape.

Wood dog gate 5

Easy to install and durable, this indoor dog gate is going to help you keep your barking critter within a limited area. The gate is crafted of sturdy wood, and works on two metal hinges with a nice powder-coating.

Dog gates wooden

Simple wooden construction and functionality make this dog gate a perfect solution for any home. Beautiful finish and warm shade of wood bring to the decor a cozy character and perfect for any decor.

Pink baby gate

The practical, versatile and liquid dog gate made of wood in a white finish is a stylish piece of furniture perfect for any interior. Robust mounting, handy grip, and neutral styling create a sensational whole.

Dog gates amazon

Pet gate is a great detail for the home where pets live. Made of solid wood model finished with a charming motif of dog paws and looked beautifully functional. Foldable construction makes easy use. The whole is finished in a dark shade.

Wood pet gates 2

Animals can find themselves everywhere - and push everywhere. In order not to interfere in the kitchen - you can use a wooden pet gates to separate the room from each other. They can also be decorations like those full-curled patterns, white pet double doors.

Pet barrier for home

This ornate indoor gate is one of the most unique pet gates ever. Its wrought iron, openwork construction enabled to create an intricate form, enchanting with its curves and volutes.

Dog gates wooden 7

Wooden element that provides protection and neutral stylization in the house. This gate protects children from falling down the stairs. It can also prevent animals from access to areas that are forbidden to them.

Designer Angle Mount Wood Safeway Baby/Pet Gate - Oak Finish

The design inspired by a flush-mounted gate will prove to be a safety secret for your child. Thanks to this, this young explorer will not find himself on the stairs without care. Wood pet or child gate indoor was made of wood, it can be mounted at any angle.

Wood pet gates indoor 1

Happily there's no slightest need to buy a separate doog crate and dog gate: this two-in-one accessory transforms easily to a dog pen after serving as a dividing panel. Its construction relies on tight grain reclaimed wood.

Free standing wood pet gate

Opt for a durable and strong pet gate for your household and choose this amazing piece that will fold easily and provide you with a ton of needed functionality for when you need to separate your pet to keep it safe.

Amazon dog gate

Sometimes, you just have to keep your pet locked, there is no other way around it. Check out this wooden pet gate, for indoor purposes. It doesn’t stand out from the rest of the design at all. Wooden, durable and contemporary beauty!

Free standing wood pet gate used in smaller doorway

Free Standing Wood Pet Gate used in smaller doorway

Indoor pet fence

Crafted of durable Eucalyptus wood, this gate is tightly sealed, keeping your dog away from unwanted areas. It has double slide doors with stable feet and stylish arches, and works smoothly as a charm.

Indoor fence

An aesthetic and practical full convertible indoor gate intended for dogs. It's made of wood with a warm brown finish and features vertically slatted walls. Hinges and a deadbolt (at the top) are of metal.

Stand alone dog gate

Dog gate mounted on steel frame and covered with mesh. Suitable for medium and large sized pets. Functional design for any interior as needed. Received a lot of very good reviews from customers.

Wooden dog gates

Pallets stairs gate

Indoor dog fence

This freestanding pet gate is the perfect solution for any home. The simple construction of wood and metal wire is durable, stylish and elegant. Simple assembly lets you use it in many ways and then easily store it.

Details about new indoor pet dog expandable swing gate fence

Details about New Indoor Pet / Dog Expandable Swing Gate / Fence