Unique Modern Dog Crates

When you think of dog crates, the mind goes to the old, boxy style made of steel and giving your pet the look of a prisoner. Not so with these unique dog crates. With an added attention to personality, eclectic taste, and swagger, these unique dog crates are not just functional, but very stylish, and can make your dog feel like they have their own happy space, not an imposing steel cage.

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Modern dog cage

This unique, decorative dog crate will let your puppy feel like a rockstar. Its new cool mansion features a solid, dark espresso finish with contemporary-looking windows and of course a big, softly-cushioned bed.

Creative dog crate ideas

Enchanting with its round, bubble shape and snowy white finish, these dog crates create a unique set for your puppies. An ideal shabby chic or glamour accent for the decor.

The co op pet home black

The Co Op Pet Home Black
A gorgeous bed for your barking friend, designed for indoors. Made is shape of a large dome, the bed features geometric steel wire construction with a flat base for stability. Includes a very soft cushion, wrapped in a durable lime fabric.

Cool dog crate

This unique dog crate enchants with its ornamental, openwork construction, referring a bit to the oriental way of adorning. Ideal gift for all distinguished pupils and their owners.

Cool dog crates

Dog crate made of metal wires. Dedicated to medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Know the term beautiful dog crate sounds like an oxymoron

know the term “beautiful dog crate” sounds like an oxymoron, but ...

Nice looking dog crates

Privacy for a dog is its natural law, as his safety is important too- and that the unique dog crate, that provides these two things is not ugly. A wooden gray, bedside table with a wooden dog grating, will allow him to sleep in the middle on a soft cushion.

Our advice Buying Guide

When your pooch deserves something nicer than the standard metal dog crate, it's time to start thinking creatively. You don't have to make your dog a crate, although that's a possibility, but you may need to think outside the box and come up with ideas for a different crate and design. To help you make the right design, let's consider some of the unique designs already out there which you could purchase or take inspiration from.

What are the most unique designs of dog crates?

Dome dog crate

This resembles the standard cube shaped dog crates made from metal, but is more interesting and homely and certainly has a unique style. Rather than having a straight top, the ceiling of the crate is shaped like a rounded dome. Not only does this make it more approachable and comfortable for your pet, but it looks more appealing when inside the home too. You can put blankets and cushions inside the crate for your dog, and you can choose to opt for a door on hinges which can be closed, or no door at all to allow your pet to roam freely in and out.

Castle shaped dog crate

If you've got the budget and the space for a dog castle, this is definitely a beautiful and unique style to consider. Made from bricks and wooden beams, this design is often too large to fit inside the home and is therefore designed to be kept in the garden. For small dogs, however, you can buy indoor versions of the castle-shaped crate. The outdoor versions are roughly 10x6 square feet, so it's a good idea to measure your garden to ensure that you have both the space and also suitable ground. There may be more than one section of the castle crate, making it ideal for homes with more than one dog.

TV cabinet dog crate

When you have small and compact areas, finding ways to save some space with a pet isn't easy at all. One of the ways you can save space and kill two birds with one stone is by thinking of the different furniture items which could have more than one use. While a TV cabinet is most often used to store DVDs, magazines and other TV-related items, there's no reason why you can't use this extra space as a home for your dog. The hollow cabinet is sturdy enough for your TV, and your dog will be able to enter and exit from one side of the furniture. You may see similar styles for bedside cabinets too, which are ideal for small dogs who enjoy being in their owner's bedroom.

How to make a unique dog crate?

You can buy pieces of furniture and wooden crates and upcycle them to make a lovely home for your pet. Wooden crates can be painted, decoupaged and placed together to make a dog crate in a size of your choice. This is a great design if you need a dog crate inside the home and you have rustic décor or a cottage home. Dog cushions and other padded items are the ideal way to add some extra color to a plain crate and make it more comfortable.



How to disguise a dog crate

Always ensure that your puppy is safe, while you need to tend to other responsibilities with the amazing dog crate, shaped like an oval for more room and comfort. It looks unique and will only add to your space.

Attractive dog crate

The indoor dog's cage with the unique cover imitating the human's residence. I don't know what's the reason of using the crates - the constuction supporting the cover will look better and is better for animals.

Unique dog crates

Unique Dog Crates

Unique dog kennels

A place where the calmness of your dog meets with functionality and fashion. An elegant table for us - a unique dog crate bed. The round shape, semi-open is made of metal and has beautifully carved openings that form the composition.

Beautiful dog crates

If your dog is your apple of the eye - instead of a simple hut you invest in a dog's unique crates: a palace. A miniature of a luxury villa, it will make him feel special. Beige walls, turrets and red tiles. Hacienda for a Spanish-style dog.

Creative dog crates

A stylish dog crate that is also a piece of furniture. It's a cocktail table with a dog bed inside. It features a decorative pattern at the sides and a modern design. It will be a pretty accent of your living room.

Unique dog crates

Playpen dedicated to your pets, especially cats or little dogs. It can be used during training or when you must do something important in your home and you can't look after your pet. It is made of wood and metal.

Dog beds made from pallets

A unique combination of a comfortable bed for you and a cozy crate for your barking friend. Wooden construction makes the whole very sturdy and stylish, featuring two king size beds and one built-in metal crate underneath.

Cool dog furniture

Oval end table combined with a dog crate. Cutout details provide proper ventilation inside. The front opens, door alike. Glass insert in the top surface for contemporary accent. Comes in white or espresso brown.

Cute dog cages

High daybed, bench or loveseat can be combined with a unique modern dog crate. Use space wisely! Such a dog kennel becomes an integral part of an interior, which appears in result as well-planned and making use of space.

Cute dog crates

This dog house is far from ordinary. It makes your interior go... medieval. A castle for a dog? Why not! Surprise your guests - and please your dog or cat - with this unique fantasy themed custom dog crate.

Fancy dog crate

A small dog house - the unique dog crate such as in fairy tales owned by all heroes. Wooden, pine wood with a very light color. The sloping roof and open front, from which a soft red pillow emerges, will make dog dreams pleasant.

Unique dog crate

Unique dog crate made mostly of aluminium, designed as rear SUV insert. All the hardware, including latches, hinges etc., is heavy duty commercial grade stainless steel. All welded construction minimizes vibration noise.

Unique fancy designer dog houses designer dog beds celebrity dog

Unique Fancy Designer Dog Houses | Designer Dog Beds-Celebrity Dog Beds-Pet Accessories and Furnishings ...

Stairs for dogs

Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed - An innovative bunk-bed for multiple pets; great for the city life, but also very functional and fun for any home. A set of three stairs, with a textured surface on each. One of the most unique and beautiful products on the pet

Crown Pet Crate End Table

Crown Pet Crate End Table
The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Dog crate ideas

A cool contemporary dog crate built of a traditional wire metal crate (with low legs) enclosed by panels (with decorative designs) of resistant dark brown resin wicker. The crate has flow-through ventilation and an in and out opened door.

Unique dog crates

This functional dog crate keeps Fido at bay—and makes a great end ...

Dog furniture sale 1

Stylish Dog Crates – So Your Cute And Furry Friend Can Become Part Of The Family

Awesome dog crates

check out that dog house

Designer crate features

Designer Crate Features:

Fancy dog crates

This unique interior stylization includes cabinets with special dog crates in lower areas. These crates include soft mattresses and standard doors with metal handles. Wooden construction of these crates is durable and finished in white color.

Designer crate features 2

Designer Crate Features:

Custom aluminum dog crates made by brian johnson 715 417

Custom Aluminum Dog Crates made by Brian Johnson 715-417-0446 or email ...

Puppy cage dog crates pens carriers_2508 jpg


Unique dog crates

A beautiful home for your beloved dog that you can place inside your own. Crafted of sturdy wood, it has a two-toned off-white and walnut finish, with 2 storage drawers and a dog house underneath, equipped with 2 lattice wire panel doors.

Repurposed console dog retreata luxury bed for by twobirdsstudio 115

Repurposed Console Dog RetreatA Luxury Bed For by TwoBirdsStudio, $115.00

Unique dog boxes

Tiny House Giant Journey and Deek ~ click on photo for more ~

Wood dog crate 1

Wood Dog Crate

Entry 11

This created with ingenuity dog area built in the mudroom closet is perfect example of interesting space use. It would amaze not only your pet but also your family and buddies. Children would love it as well as your dog.

Custom dog kennel in stock now

Custom Dog Kennel- In-stock now

Dog cage table

... Products › Amish Custom Built Colonial Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Cute dog kennels

Unique Dog Houses | Outdoor Pet Solutions - Painted Custom Dog Houses

TownHaus Designer Pet Crate

TownHaus Designer Pet Crate
Pet crate end table. This furniture perfectly combines a regular end table with a pet crate. This interior is properly ventilated and may be used as a den for dogs or cats or may even serve as a litter box. The top is a regular end table on which you may place a lamp or a cup of tea.

Aire designer color series wire dog crate cozy blue dog

Aire Designer Color Series Wire Dog Crate - Cozy Blue Dog Ke- Dog

Merry products dog crate with wooden cover

... Dog Crate with Wooden Cover – Wood Dog Crate and Indoor Dog Crates

Custom dog crates for home

Building a kennel for your doggy at home doesn't require a special piece of furniture. You can use the old dresser and change the standard doors for crates. It provides your dog the perfect place to have a rest.

Unique dog crates 1

wine crate dog toy box handcrafted from authentic wooden wine boxes by - $195.00 #dogtoybox

Attractive dog crates

I would use more mesh - not so prison like; but this is a very unique dog crate disguise!

Fancy dog cages

bike with flowers and dogs in a crate in amsterdam holland

Dog kennels 1

Dog Kennels :

DenHaus Mahogany TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Small