Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture

Well, these look intriguing, don’t you think so? These dog crates are not only useful but also look well, as evidenced by the collection presented below. If you want to decide on one of them, make sure to spend here all the time that you want and tell us about your choice.

Best Products

Habitat ‘n Home™ InnPlace™ Pet Crate End Table

Habitat ‘n Home™ InnPlace™ Pet Crate End Table
This practical cage for animals can serve also features a small table, footrest or stool. Made from durable material is stable and robust and it looks very elegant. Your dog will be pleased.

Handcrafted custom luxury dog crate

Handcrafted custom luxury dog crate
A graceful crate which is also a piece of furniture. It's a wooden construction made for two dogs. The piece features mesh doors and holes in the top, which can be used for giving the dogs some snacks.

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate
This modern side table in a kennel in one is the perfect solution for your home. Blend beautifully with modern wystrojemn interior, and the metal structure with finesse cutouts and a comfortable seat inside, the interior adds a wonderful character.

Bingo Dog Crate

Bingo Dog Crate
This modest dog crate is also the stylish side table. Beautifully executed perfectly fit into contemporary interior. Practical crate allows the pet to rest, is airy and very comfortable, and the interior is very spacious.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Indoor Wooden Wire Kennel

Indoor Wooden Wire Kennel
This sensational kennel for use inside is the perfect solution for your pet. It has two openings through which the dog can freely go in and out. It's done very tastefully, which has made fits into interior design.

Berkshire Comfort End Table Pet Crate

Berkshire Comfort End Table Pet Crate
his practical grating kennel and end table in one is an excellent multi-purpose solution for you and your pet. Beautifully finished perfectly fit into any interior decor. Practically closed allows multiple solutions and applications.

Our advice Buying Guide

Furniture dog crates are a win-win for both pet and parent. It allows you the luxury of keeping your crate-trained pet inside your home without the crate looking unkempt in your luxe living room interiors.

And it allows your pet to stay relaxed and joyful as they get their own personal space, while staying within the house, where it's warmer and safer. Most importantly, dog crates that look like furniture also bring in some added functionality to the house.

If you are looking for one best suited for your home, then here are some factors to consider while shopping.

The types of dog crate furniture are there?

Depending on the size of your pet, you can choose from a crate that looks like a small end table or one that looks like a large center table.

  • End table styled crates are usually made of solid wood or MDF and available in a bevy of finishes to match most décor themes. The sides can be enclosed or left open allowing the pet to keep a watcheye on the proceedings.
  • Some end table crates also have lockable casters and can be wheeled into other parts of the house, doubling up as coffee tables or drinks carts during parties.
  • Collapsible furniture crates have a removable top and can be collapsed into a dog gate, keeping the dog contained to one part of the room when you have to rush outside for an errand or two.
  • Designer dog crate furniture can be made to look like almost any furniture in your home.

What's the best material for dog crates that look like furniture?

Solid wood is the best choice for dog crates that look like furniture. They are sturdy, safe and extremely durable. But these crates tend to be heavy. Not to mention that the price isn’t cheap either.

MDF is cheaper and can be stained to look just like wood. But if you have a large boisterous dog, then they can do some serious damage to MDF crates, which tend to be flimsy.

Metal crates with a wooden top are a middle ground between the two. These crates offer the durability of metal and the aesthetics of wood. In this case, check the quality of the wooden top. It must be sealed to prevent stains and damage.

How to determine the right size of the crate?

At the end of the day, it’s a crate after all. And all the rules that one considers while buying a dog crate apply.

  • Measure the dog from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Add two to four inches to this to determine the ideal depth of the crate.
  • Likewise, measure the dog from the topmost tip of their head to their toes. Add six inches to this number to determine the ideal height for the crate.
  • Now measure the room where you will be placing the crate. Because it is designed to look like furniture, you get some leeway with placement.

The most ideal place for an end table is next to a sofa. A center table styled crate can be placed anywhere in the room. The crate must have a removable pan in the bottom for easy cleaning. Last but not the least, wide doors that allow the dog easy access in and out of the crate are highly recommended.


Pet Crate End Table II

Pet Crate End Table II
This stylish and practical furniture is a combination of an end table and a pet crate. Use the top as a regular table and the bottom part as the area for your pet. The pet lounge is spacious and can locked with a latch for extra security.

Cij sale barbie doll furniture bedroom

Cij sale barbie doll furniture bedroom
Posh ideas for dog beds. One of them is an imitation of a twin bed with a canopy and curtains in a zebra pattern while the other one is a miniature of a sofa with decorative cushions. Your dog will feel really special with this pieces.

Solid Wood Pet Crate

Solid Wood Pet Crate
This sturdy cage for a pet home is a great solution if you want to close your pet in bezpicznym and convenient location. It has a lockable door, and is made of solid and durable wood.

Modern dog crate furniture

This designer dog crate combines a comfy place for your dog with a smooth space to sit or put something on the top. Enclosed with solid, smooth-looking wood, properly brushed and sanded, it has an eye-pleasing contemporary appeal.

Dog crates that look like furniture

The dog den is often located in the central part of the apartment-it is worth good design and to have many functions,such as a bed and a coffee table.Made of wood in the form of a table,with a dog's nest inside. It is possible to close it with a metal grate.

Dog crates that look like furniture

Practical and decorative element of furniture. It features a solid rectangular black top and four storage drawers. Its lower part includes a dog crate with two doors and soft cushion that provide comfort and safety for a dog.

Fancy dog crates furniture

Dog crate with a lot of drawers and cabinets for storing needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. Designed for medium and large sized dogs. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Luxury mahogany pet residence dog crate frontgate

Luxury Mahogany Pet Residence Dog Crate - Frontgate

Dog kennels that look like furniture 3

Great dog crates which can be successfully displayed at home as they look like a piece of furniture. It's actually a kind of a classy, wooden table with a crate at the bottom for your dog. It appears in different sizes.

Eicrate modern dog crate

eiCrate - Modern Dog Crate

Dog crates that look like furniture 9

Been looking for dog crates that look like furniture recently - I don't have enough space to house a regular dog crate. This dog crate was combined with console table that even has some drawers for storage.

Large dog crate table

What is better than a coffee table but a coffee table that allows you keep your pet close to you. This amazing design consists a coffee table and a comfortable space for your pet, either a closed space or open.

Cheap dog crates that look like furniture 5

cheap dog crates that look like furniture

Pet residence

A wonderful option for owners of a few dogs. It's a type of an indoor dog kennel, which is also a piece of furniture. The construction is divided into several, cozy sections while the top might be used as a storage area.

Hidden dog crate furniture

hidden dog crate furniture

Furniture pet crates 1

Wooden backless bench made of maple wood in neutral white finish. It provides comfort of sitting for two or even three people. Its lower part includes two dog crates with sliding doors and metal handles.

Dog crate furniture giving a fresh look to a basic

Dog Crate Furniture: Giving a Fresh Look To a Basic Item

Dog kennels that look like furniture 1

cheap dog crates that look like furniture

Dog crates that look like furniture 2

A dog's lair, which could also play the decoration role. The construction is very strong, so it could also play the role of the coffee table or an ottoman. If you would like to keep your animal in place it is equipped with the sliding door.

Dog crates that look like furniture

A nice set of dog cages, made out of different shades of wood to give them a unique, colorful appearance. Great to put up in your living room, bound to blend in perfectly with other traditional furniture.

Fancy dog crates 1

Crate Cover...this is less expensive than buying the crates that look like furniture.

Modern dog crates that look more like sophisticated furniture than486

Modern Dog Crates That Look More Like Sophisticated Furniture Than486

Dog crates that look like furniture 2

Vintage design for an old-fashioned dog bed cover made to resemble a traditional linen cabinet with actual working drawers on top. The side of the cover has a hole for the dog to enter, and inside of the cover lies a dog bed.

Nice dog crate

This collection of dog crates represents well the contemporary trends in design, creating a sophisticated furniture that can enhance the value of your decor. It can serve smoothly as a bedside table or a display table for your belongings.

Dog crates that look like furniture 7

ash dog crate our wooden dog crate is easy to use and will look ...

Dog crate solid wood crate furniture orvis

Dog Crate / Solid Wood Crate Furniture -- Orvis

Homemade dog kennels for sale

Your dog - will be sleeping from now on like a real lord, in his own wooden mansion - painted in pastel blue color. Presented dog furniture for sale, has a solid wooden construction, based on a stable ractangulare ground in black and white style.

Modern dog crates 1

Doggie Bed. I wonder if Ace would curl up inside of something like this.

Dog crates that look like furniture

This multi-functional piece of furniture in a shape of cylinder is must-have in the majority of houses. It is made of metal and it can be used simultaneously as a coffee table and bed for your pet, especially cat or little dog.

Classic pet beds diners

Classic Pet Beds & Diners

Dog kennels that look like furniture 2

dog crates that look like furniture | Wood Table Top Crate Cover, Dog ...

Classic pet beds handmade furniture style dog crate 4

Classic Pet Beds Handmade Furniture-Style Dog Crate

Dog furniture sale

Amazing idea for a cute refurbished dog seats, fitted underneath old, upcycled end tables with a primitive coat of paint and a very rustic, austere look. The colourful upholstery gives them a vibrant look.

Dog crates that look like furniture 10

Decorative Dog Crate DenHaus ZH-X ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate

Home amish made log wood dog crate end table

Home » Amish Made Log Wood Dog Crate End Table

Amish Made Wood Dog Crate Medium Oak Wood

If you are looking for a practical kennel for your pet, and at the same time you want to make your interiors look stylish, this end table with a crate for dogs is an excellent option. Made with the beautiful oak wood is durable and very elegant.

Furniture pet crates

A heirloom quality collection of indoor pet enclosures - available in a few sizes, suitable for many breeds of dogs. Classical crown molding and mid brown finish contribute to elegant style - I'd willingly use these as end tables.

Crates are great tools for raising puppies rehabbing injured dogs

Crates are great tools for raising puppies, rehabbing injured dogs or ...

Dog crate furniture uk

dog crates that look like furniture | Wood Table Top Crate Cover, Dog Containment | ... | Furniture Re-Do's

Pet crate table

Pet Crate Table

Deluxe Pet Crate I

Deluxe Pet Crate I

Fancy dog crate

dog crates that look like furniture | Solid Wood Dog Log Corner Crate

Casual home wooden pet crate dog crates that look like

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate | Dog Crates That Look Like ...