Cat Carriers With Wheels

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Roll around your kitty in a cat carrier with wheels. Need to take the cat to the vet, but carrying it is too much for your arms? Roll kitty, roll. These are also fantastic for taking your cat on trips. Just load up the kitty, roll them through an airport or into a hotel, and they will enjoy the ride, happy not to be frightened by all the strangers milling about. Pick your cat carrier with wheels from our huge collection.

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Updated 20/10/2022
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Double Compartment Cat Carrier With Wheels

Double Compartment Cat Carrier With Wheels


What We Like: Two separate compartments

What We Don’t Like: Handle only on one side

Not So Great For: Use in compact vehicles

Perfect For: Families with two cats

Cats don’t always get along well in confined spaces, which can make carrying two cats in the same carrier challenging. But this innovative carrier has two separate compartments to carry two cats simultaneously. Both compartments are spacious, with mesh windows for ventilation and zippered doors that are secure and easy to use.

The compartments are attached to four sturdy cat carrier wheels, and the carrier can be pulled using a push button retractable telescoping handle. This is the perfect carrier if you have two cats that you want to travel with but have trouble relaxing in the same small space.  

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Gray Backpack Cat Carrier With Wheels

Gray Backpack Cat Carrier With Wheels

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Versatile with wheels and carrying straps

What We Don’t Like: Only two wheels

Not So Great For: Cats over 18 lbs.

Perfect For: Day trips, vacations, hiking trips

Thanks to its multifunctional design, this cat carrier with wheels can be pulled, carried, or worn like a backpack. It has a telescopic handle and two durable plastic wheels, excellent for pulling the carrier over even surfaces. It has a handle on top for quick one-handed carrying and comfortable, lumbar-supported backpack straps.

The versatility of this carrier allows you to take your cat with you anywhere. You can explore nature or travel to far-off destinations, and your cat will be comfortable and able to enjoy the scenery through the three transparent mesh ventilation windows. Versatile and comfortable for your cat, this is an excellent cat carrier on wheels. 

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Cat Carrier With Detachable Wheels

Cat Carrier With Detachable Wheels

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Telescoping handle, swivel wheels

What We Don’t Like: Larger than other carriers

Not So Great For: Not suitable for airline travel

Perfect for: Large or multiple cats

With its creative, chic design, this is one of the most versatile cat carriers on wheels. It is shaped like a duffle bag and can be carried using the straps on top, or you can attach the four 360° pivoting wheels and the telescoping handle and pull it like a suitcase.

This case is larger than others, making it unsuitable for airline travel but great ideal for road trips. It has ample space for your cat to move around and can even comfortably hold two small cats. It has breathable mesh panels on the front, back, sides, and top for excellent airflow to help your cat regulate its temperature, ensuring it is comfortable for the duration of the trip.  

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Airline Approved Wheeled Cat Carrier

Airline Approved Wheeled Cat Carrier

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Approved for use in an airplane cabin

What We Don’t Like: No backpack straps

Not So Great For: Daily use

Perfect For: Travel carriage

This attractive wheeled cat carrier is convenient to use and airline-approved. You can safely use the carrier in an airplane cabin as a homey, comfortable space for your cat to relax during the flight. The carrier has 270° of mesh windows so your cat can look around and not become frightened by their surroundings.

The carrier is also collapsible to just 2’’ thick for easy storage when not in use and crafted from durable polyester and plastic that can stand up to the rigors of airplane travel. You can use this carrier on domestic or international flights as an excellent cat carrier on wheels in the UK, France, Japan, or Brazil.  

$64.99 $114.99

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Airy Foldable Cat Carrier With Wheels

Airy Foldable Cat Carrier With Wheels


What We Like: Soft Oxford cloth lining

What We Don’t Like: Only three windows

Not So Great For: Large or heavy cats

Perfect For: Walks, hikes, or spending time outdoors

A uniquely comfortable pet carrier with wheels, this carrier is the perfect place for your cat to relax. It is made of soft, cat-claw-friendly polyester Oxford cloth that won’t scratch or irritate your cat, and the doors are opened with durable zippers that stand up to repeated use.

The carrier has extra features for your comfort, including storage pockets for ID cards or pet information, top and side entry to help you get more hesitant cats in the carrier, and a removable, washable pet pad to keep the carrier hygienically clean. This carrier is one of the best on the market for both cat and pet parent comfort.

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Cat Carriers With Wheels

Buying Guide

Cats usually don’t like a change of environment if they are used to the home and moving them around can be very distressing. This is why you need to make sure that your cats are as comfortable as possible on the road. Cat carriers with wheels are designed to make sure of this. They will help you move the cats around with ease and deliver a new level of comfort that makes your cat feel at home anywhere.

People will buy cat carriers for a number of reasons. But most of the time, it’s all about traveling. Everyone wants to move with their cats with ease and that’s where the carriers come in. But the type of carrier you choose is determined by the travel needs you have. For example, if you’re simply looking for a carrier to take your cat to the vet every now and then, simple average designs will do. However, in case you travel by plane a lot, there are cat carriers that are specifically designed for this purpose.

The weight of your cat plays a central role in choosing a carrier. As you shop around you will realize that carriers come in different sizes. There are some designed for smaller kitties while others are big enough for bigger cats. You must make sure that the carrier is big enough to carry your cat as comfortably as possible. The size may also play a part in mobility, especially if we’re talking about cat carriers designed for air travel.

The carrier’s weight is also an important consideration. For people who will be traveling a lot, the last thing you want is a heavy carrier that’s very difficult to move. But in case you have a bigger cat you may not have another choice but to choose a bigger and heavier carrier.

Bundling two or more cats in one carrier won’t do. For many pet owners, the idea of putting two cats in one carrier may look like the perfect solution. After all, there’s nothing easier as moving two or three cats on a cat carrier. But this is not feasible. The purpose of cat carriers with wheels is to also make sure that your cats are calm and comfortable for the duration of the travel.

The best place to buy would probably be your local pet store. You can check out varieties on offer and pick something that suits your cat. You may also shop online but buying it physically does help you determine what works best for you.

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Cat carriers with wheels

Pet carrier combined with stroll - recommended for elderly people who can't carry a heavy bag with them. The carrier has large wheels, adjustable, conveniently arched handle and doors that open easily.

Cat carrier with wheels

This chic double pet carrier will facilitate your travels with your beloved quadrupeds. It offers space for two cats, which thanks to wheels installment can be moved really smoothly.

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Cat carriers wheels

cat carriers wheels

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Nice..ZÜCA Pet Carrier is not only a rolling bag,it's a way of life,The aluminum external ZÜCA Sport frame doubles as a mobile seat for pet owners alloy frame is light yet the seat rated to hold up to 300 lbs, the carrier is easily secured in your car

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A rolling cat carrier that will help you travel with your pet easily. It features wheels and a long strap. It comes in a standard, black color. It has a net on the side so that your cat can look around while travelling.

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