Outdoor Cat Playpen

Take those adorable kitties outside and let them romp in an environment you can control, so they don't get into trouble. Outdoor cat playpens will satisfy their curiosity for the outdoors, without allowing them to run off too far and get into mischief. They come in a few sizes and styles to suit, but all are perfect for protecting your adorable bundles of fur.

Best Products

Cat Run Playpen

Cat Run Playpen
A very attractive construction for institutions that want to assure safety for cats. This cat run is also good for private owners. It is made of solid materials that are safe for cats. It also includes a solid mesh in its outside area.

Outdoor Cat Playpen

Outdoor Cat Playpen
It is a playpen for fun for the cat, which can be exposed to fresh air. Thanks to it, the cat can stay some time in the garden, but protected enough, that's not going anywhere. This is big importance, especially if we want our cat to be clean and associated only with the house.

Kittywalk systems gazebo outdoor pet enclosure

Kittywalk systems gazebo outdoor pet enclosure
Made of green mesh outdoor cat playpen is a great solution for domestic cats, who can spend their time outdoors in the open air. A simple form is convenient and very practical because you can take it everywhere.

Penthouse™ Outdoor Pet Playpen

Penthouse™ Outdoor Pet Playpen
It provides a possibility for your indoor cats to experience the outdoors in a safe, control environment. It features three waterproof hammock, has a sturdy metal construction and is suitable for three cats at once.

Kittywalk systems town and country outdoor pet playpen

Kittywalk systems town and country outdoor pet playpen
Cat playpen mounted on metal frame and covered with weather resistant canvas fabric. Designed for outdoor use. Includes travel bag for easy transport. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Kabana Cat Playpen

Kabana Cat Playpen
A very attractive product created for owners of cats. It is a special playpen that assures good and safe outdoor fun or rest for cats. This type of product is based on weatherproof and washable canvas.

Cat Cage/Playpen

Cat Cage/Playpen
A foldable, caged playpen equipped inside with three large plastic shelves covered with brown mat. It has four lockable, removable wheels and two doors with a safe latch closure. It was designed to create a peaceful environment for up to three cats.

Our advice Buying Guide

An outdoor cat playpen can help amuse your mostly indoor cat or kitten while providing an opportunity to get some sun and to nibble some grass. Some outdoor playpens have floors, so not all will allow access to grass or dirt. If your pen does, give careful consideration to where you are setting it up. If possible, select an area where you have control over herbicides, fertilizers or insecticides that might be applied to the grass. Cats are even more susceptible to chemicals than dogs or children, so caution is advised.

What are the benefits of an outdoor cat playpen?

With that said, cats love to be outside. They can chatter at the birds or squirrels while being restrained from catching them. The restraint is good for your cat (fewer chances to catch a disease or pick up a parasite) and good for the wildlife (reduced predation by your household pet.) They get some sun – be sure to keep plenty of water out for your kitty. Some pens afford a barrier against dogs, humans or other cats, but not all cat playpens are sturdy enough to provide such protection. If your cat is not ordinarily an outdoor cat, and if the playpen is a temporary mesh affair, it is a good idea to supervise your cat’s “outies.”

What are the best designs of outdoor cat playpens?

Temporary Tube Run

Looking like a rectangular box with mesh sides, this is an excellent choice for giving your cat some exercise while you are traveling. You can set it up beside your picnic table or at the edge of a parking lot and give kitty a chance to stretch and move about. Most cat carriers are small and cramped for an adult cat. This is not a completely bad thing – the closeness affords better protection in the event of an automobile accident than a more spacious carrier. Add some food, kibble and a litter box, and your kitty can get a chance to have a comfort stop, as well as the rest of the family. Supervision is recommended.

Mesh Play Tent

Take the little mama and her babies or two or three older cats out on the patio in a stylish dome tent of mesh. You and your kitties can take tea on the terrace without it developing into a dash to catch a cat that is heading for trouble. Like the tube run, supervision is a good idea.

Sturdy Wood and Wire Run

A sturdy wood and wire run that is either free-standing or attached to your home makes a more secure place for your cat or kitten to spend some time out of doors. This is a more permanent construction than the folding runs or tents. Depending upon the materials used, your cat might be able to spend some time in this run without direct supervision – especially if it is attached to your house so that kitty can make a fast retreat if necessary.

Outdoor cat playpens afford domestic housecats more freedom than if they have no access to the outside world. At the same time, they provide restraint and – in some cases – protection from larger creatures.


Outdoor cat playpen

Create the play zone for your cats with a lot of attractions, and choose this cat enclosure with wheels and solid wooden construction. It's a fantastic addition to the garden or porch.

Cat pen

With this playpen for outdoors, your cat will have tons of wild fun. Numerous wood platforms are placed on different levels, have different sizes, and are surrounded by a wire lattice frame. Perfect for larger backyards.

Cat pens

cat play pen... If only I lived somewhere where I could build this!

Outdoor cat playpen 1

If you looking for a solid, nicely finished, high quality and comfortable cat playpen, you have to choose this one. This cage is made of solid wooden frame, which brings the solidity to any outdoor. It provides a lot of attractions for your cats.

Cat playpen outdoor

An outdoor cat playpen will give your cat a sense of outdoor freedom, while still preventing him from running away or getting lost somewhere. A convenient solution for one's garden or backyard.

Cat outdoor run

This outdoor cat playpen is designed to provide a variety of entertainment for your cat, providing a space to rest and encouraging to develop its agility and other skills.

Cat pens outdoor

This cage is dedicated for every responsible pet keeper - due to this incredible piece of furniture with special elements intended to climbing, you cat will be safe out-door and he will have incredible fun.

Re outdoor cat pens

Re: Outdoor Cat Pens!

Outdoor cat playpen 1

Attractive mesh form is an excellent way to outdoor cat playpen. The whole design in neutral design will be everywhere, giving domestic cats the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Exotic, colorful accents enliven the whole.

Outdoor playpens

An outdoor playpen for cats and small dogs. Provide a special porch for your pets - let them enjoy the sun and fresh air while ensuring their safety. An easy-to-install cat pen requires minimum effort from you but gives tons of benefits for your furry friends.

Outdoor cat pen

outdoor cat pen

Outdoor pens for cats

Outdoor kittywalk system with net enclosure. Has two entrances and four tiers to relax on. Cats can move within the tiers freely. The playpen has the shape of sconce, so each tier is smaller than the lower one.

Outdoor cat pen

Inside and outside pet crate solution - this sweet pink cat playpen does the job indoors and provides safe enclosure outside. The canopy construction encompasses sunny side and shady side. It collapses easily after removing just a few pins.

Another outdoor cat play pen idea this would work great

Another outdoor cat play pen idea. This would work great for our house ...

Enclosed cat pen for outside our cat house our spoiled

enclosed cat pen for outside | OUR CAT HOUSE. OUR SPOILED HOUSE CATS ...

Cat outdoor playpen

A unique enclosure for your meowing friend, designed for outdoor areas. Thanks to this steel wire enclosure with a sturdy and stable wood base, your cat can roam without worrying about predators.

Purrfect playpen 6

Purrfect Playpen

Camping playpen

Outdoor playpen for cats. Dedicated for whoever wants to ensure cats safety while their outdoor play. Can also protect plants etc from being invaded by cats and other pets. It's light in weight and therefore mobile.

Garden playpen

This outdoor cat playpen offers a great structure for your pet to freely roam around the backyard without you having to worry that your plants will get ruined. It offers plenty of space and a strong, durable construction to match it.

Volunteer outside an cat pen in the garden

Volunteer outside an cat pen in the garden

Indoor outdoor cat enclosures

$300 DIY I know for a fact that those exact cable ties get hard, crack and break when they are left out in the elements. But I'm sure I could figure something else out. :)

Outside playpen

A practical portable 2-door play tunnel for cats. Its foldable frame is of 6 semi-oval supports of metal wires with a rust-resistant green finish. They have short stakes to ram into the ground. A green weatherproof polyester net has white ties.

Cat play pen

Now you can keep your chickens in check, thanks to this outdoor enclosure, characterized by steel wire construction. The structure is very stable and durable, effectively protecting your chickens against dogs and other predators.

Outdoor cat playpen 5

Outdoor Cat Playpen

Outdoor cat enclosures 1

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

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Cat playpen 1

A bit similar to the dog cage, this playpen for cats is an ideal solution when you are leaving for a day or two and don't want to leave the cat without any care. The item comprises a big tent and a tunnel, offering a place to sleep, eat and play.

Cat tents for outside

An outdoor enclosure for cats, designed of a durable green metal frame covered with matching net. The playpen has a tower with two platforms, where your cat can rest without worrying about the rain, thanks to the canvas canopy mounted on top.

Purr fect fence keeps cats safe secure and has minimal

Purr...fect Fence keeps cats safe & secure and has minimal visual ...

Outdoor cat play pen junior 6ft x 9ft 2

Outdoor Cat Play Pen - Junior 6ft x 9ft

Kitty play pen

Kittywalk outdoor cat playpen/ferris wheel

Kitty playpen

Thanks to this outdoor playpen, your beloved cat or pup can now take a relish in beautiful sunny weather, sitting comfly in one place. The playpen is made of durable polyester with mesh windows and roof for good visibility of your small critter, and it's equipped with a large door for easy access.

Pet pens for cats

Pawhut Universal Fit Pet Dog Playpen Exercise Yard Mesh Safety Net Cover -

Camden indoor outdoor pet playpen

Camden Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen

Outside cat playpen

One for Pets Indoor/Outdoor Cat Playpen, Blue One for Pets

Diy outdoor cat tunnel


Cat exercise pen

Lightweight and durable, perfect for travel, will set up anywhere in seconds and then fold away for easy storage. This Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Playpen seems to be a really interesting proposition for all dog owners.

Cat gazebo

Exposing poses your indoor cat to sunlight and the outdoors in a shaded, protected enclosure, this cool outdoor cat playpen is made of Made of rugged water-resistant nylon mesh that protects cats, and supported by a powder-coated steel alloy frame.

Enclosed outdoor cat play area

Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel. Indoor And Outdoor For Cats And Dogs -

X Large 57 Inch Diameter 36½-in Height Octagon Pet Playpen Dog Pup Exercise Pen Canine Train Kennel Pink Mesh Cover Panels Zipper 2 Doors Case Waterproof Portable

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Best Choice Products® Pink 45" Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel 600d Oxford Cloth

Dog cat indoor outdoor play pen cage excercise yard pen

... Dog Cat Indoor Outdoor Play Pen Cage Excercise Yard Pen w/ Case-PINK

PAW Pet Pop-Up Playpen Deluxe with Canvas Carrying Bag