Outdoor Litter Box Enclosure

Just because your cat is outdoors doesn’t mean they don’t need a sanitary place to go to the bathroom. An outdoor litter box enclosure helps keep your cat safe and comfortable while keeping the rest of your backyard clean.

Outdoor litter boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and the right one for you partly depends on the number of cats you have and the layout of your outdoor space. Some materials are also much more durable than others, and this matters even more if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperature fluctuations. Here are the six best outdoor litter boxes for any property.

GUTINNEEN Feral Cat House with Escape Door Outdoor Enclosure

GUTINNEEN Feral Cat House with Escape Door Outdoor Enclosure

What we like: Two levels and a ramp connecting them for easy access

What we don’t like: Not as much room as expected for a litter box

Although this house is designed for fully outdoor cats, it’s also perfect for indoor/outdoor cats who need a place to play and use the restroom. There is more room for the outside litter box on the second level, where the top easily lifts off to reveal a floor with a ramp built into it.

The multiple access points make it easier for cats to flee from predators if needed. The solid wood construction is durable without compromising aesthetics, so it will look right at home on your patio. It’s also easy to move, thanks to the lockable wheels on each leg.


Elliana Solid Wood Cat House Waterproof Outdoor 2 Floor Villa

Elliana Solid Wood Cat House Waterproof Outdoor 2 Floor Villa

What we like: Two spacious levels protected by cat flaps

What we don’t like: Wood is somewhat thin

With two beautiful color options available, this beautiful cat house is great for discerning cat enthusiasts. The 66 lb. weight limit means it’s appropriate for multi-cat households. The exterior shelves are large enough to help cats climb inside but don’t stick out far enough to break off easily.

The middle roof panel lifts up for easier access to the wide area on the second story. Even though the roof has multiple panels, it’s designed with overlap between the panels to prevent rain leaks. The elevated legs also keep the first story off the ground without creating a tip hazard or compromising the structure’s overall strength.

ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat Shelter with Escape Door Rainproof Outside Kitty House

ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat Shelter with Escape Door Rainproof Outside Kitty House

What we like: Removable floor for easy cleaning

What we don’t like: Only large enough for one litter box

This litter enclosure is a single-story unit, but it has an escape door and an attached flower box to help it blend in better with your yard. The roof lifts up easily for cleaning, and the wall includes a few acrylic-covered peepholes to help you monitor the inside. You can even uncover one of the peepholes to run an electric cable through it for a heating pad if you need to use it as a long-term shelter instead of a litter enclosure.

The shelter’s feet are adjustable to make it easier to use on uneven surfaces. Despite all these features, the shelter is reasonably priced and durable. It’s great for image-conscious households that want an attractive option without having a giant cat house visible.


PawHut 2 Story Solid Wood Cat House Condo Shelter with Sisal Ramp

PawHut 2 Story Solid Wood Cat House Condo Shelter with Sisal Ramp

What we like: Sisal ramp is great for scratching

What we don’t like: Litter box only fits easily on top level for small cats

This stylish cat house is a beautiful addition to any patio and works well for enclosed patios as an outdoor litter box for indoor cats. The contrasting trim and roof colors add lots of charm without taking away from its overall durability. It’s smaller than many other models, but it works perfectly for small cats who prefer cozy spaces.

The roof on the top level is high enough to allow homeowners to slide a thin litter tray into place. This leaves the lower level free to act as a cave-like enclosure for shy cats. Its overall design is similar to a Laskie litter box enclosure, so it’s a popular choice.

Gatsby Outdoor Cat House

Gatsby Outdoor Cat House

What we like: Big enough for multi-cat households

What we don’t like: More expensive than most competitors

This big, beautiful cat house is just over 45” high and 34” long. It has three levels, each of which is large enough even for big domestic cats. It’s sure to provide ample entertainment for your furry family members since there’s room to play in addition to serving as an outdoor cat litter box enclosure.

The window for the top floor swings outward for easy litter box cleaning. If you want to clean the whole unit at once, the large right-side door swings all the way open as well. All the doors can be latched into their closed positions for added safety.

This is a great investment for serious cat owners who plan on having many cats over time. It’s also great if you have a farm where cats help keep mice away.

$299.99 $338.08

PawHut Raised Wooden Pet House for Rabbits, Cats, & Other Small Animals

PawHut Raised Wooden Pet House for Rabbits, Cats, & Other Small Animals

What we like: Inexpensive and charming design

What we don’t like: No-frills and no space for play

The red exterior of this pet house evokes memories of farm life, but it works for an outdoor cat litter box on any kind of property. The strong waterproof roof makes it work great as a waterproof litter box enclosure or just a place for an outdoor cat to stay cozy and warm.

It is elevated off the ground for better insulation and safety but includes a front ramp to allow easier access for older cats who need to use the litter box outside. The front door latches closed if you need to temporarily stop using the pet house or keep other animals out at night.

Although it’s small, it gets the job done well. It’s good for single-cat families who already have plenty of other spaces for their cat to play outdoors. It also works well as a litter box for sunrooms and screened-in porches.

Our advice Buying Guide

Cat lovers will know all too well how many items are needed for our feline friends. One of the most important items you need for your cat is a cat litter box. Without this, you'll end up with lots of messy problems, but many cat owners find that they still have to deal with mess. A cat litter box enclosure is designed to help make it easier for you to look after your cat, and make it more comfortable for your pet.

What are the benefits of cat litter box enclosures?

  • Less mess. You won't have to clean up bits of sand and other mess anymore with an enclosure around the cat litter box. Although you'll still need to clean the mess that is made by your cat within the enclosure, at least you don't need to worry about chasing grains of sand around the kitchen or bathroom. Containing the mess has many benefits, not least that you'll be able to clean up after your pet in much less time than usual!
  • Eliminate odor. You won't manage to completely get rid of any odor that comes from your cat's litter tray, but you'll definitely be able to make a significant difference. With the help of other products which are designed to take away bad smells from your pets, the cat litter enclosure is a great way to keep your home clean.
  • Spacious for your pet. You can even create some extra play space for your cat using some of the cat litter box enclosures which are now on the market. Many of the outdoor enclosures contain different levels and tiers so that your cat can climb around and play with various toys. It's an ideal way to create something fun for your cat and to promote a healthy and adventurous nature in your pet.

How to select the right size of cat litter box enclosure?

Getting the right size is important when it comes to your pet cat. There are small enclosures which are in themselves a cat litter box. This keeps the mess enclosed while being a much smaller item and therefore more suitable for apartments and small houses. Larger enclosures are designed to go around the cat litter box, but can take up a considerable amount of space. Apart from thinking about the space of your home, also take into consideration the size of your cat.

How to help your cat get used to the litter box enclosure?

You may be hesitant to buy a cat litter box enclosure since you're not sure your cat will be used to it. There are many enclosures you can purchase which will allow you to return the product if you are not happy with it after a certain number of days. If you have a good returns policy, you can see whether your cat is comfortable with it over a short period of time. Alternatively, slowly introduce your cat to the enclosure by keeping it away from the cat litter box initially until s/he is used to having something brand new taking up space.


Laskie Litter Box Enclosure

Laskie Litter Box Enclosure
This cat pet house is fun for your cat and keeps the litter box tucked out of sight. Measuring 24” x 32” x 22” it takes up minimal space while still providing enough room for your cat to do its business comfortably. Three steps lead to a top surface area where your cat can have a nap in the sun.

Fason Litter Box Enclosure with Scoop

Fason Litter Box Enclosure with Scoop
This cute litter enclosure keeps your cat’s litter box out of sight while adding a touch of elegance to your living space. White laminated MDF particle board looks modern and a beautiful accent handle is the perfect touch. Odor control is provided through a protection panel on the top.

Burge Litter Box Enclosures

Burge Litter Box Enclosures
This is the perfect litter box enclosure for those seeking a piece that will blend with their rustic decor. The top entry design will keep everyone but your cat out, and the top is fitted with a plush carpet to trap the little grains that will come off your cats feet. Keep your home clean and odor free with this handcrafted box, made in the USA.

Paus bookcase climber for cats w litterbox enclosure

Paus bookcase climber for cats w litterbox enclosure
A splendid piece of furniture for your meowing critters that will be more than satisfied with the gift. The combo offers a litter box enclosure, 1 two-door cabinet for storing necessities, and 3 tiers with cutout holes, so your cat could conveniently enter its sleeping place.

Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

Dome Cleanstep Litter Box
This dome clean step litter box that is available in two colors: brushed nickel and titanium. It helps with tracking litter and keeps things nice and covered. If you want to have a clean floor you need to buy it for your cats.

CatGenie Litter Box

CatGenie Litter Box
This modern and very practical litter box is a great furniture for your pet. Easy to keep clean is very practical and functional. It is an aesthetic and functional as your pet has a place for your needs.

Deluxe kitty cat all in one litter box

Deluxe kitty cat all in one litter box
A practical and attractive piece for all cats out there. It has a convenient feeder, a litter box enclosure, a comfy bed, and sturdy hardwood construction that will last your cat a lifetime.

New Cat Condos Litter Box Enclosure

New Cat Condos Litter Box Enclosure
This is a product created for owners of cats who want to provide the best level of comfort to their four-leged friends. This box enclosure has got a heavy bottom that increases stability. The product is made of wood, laminate wood, carpet, staples, nails and screws.

Designer Cat Litter Box with Flower Cover

Designer Cat Litter Box with Flower Cover
A Japanese person would say that this litter box is truly kawaii! The cute flower cover makes it unusually lovable to have at your place, instead of boring gry boxes you'd usually encounter. It has a one year warranty.

Cat litter box enclosures 1

This great cradle cat litter cradle is an excellent way to add home cats extra space outside your home. Based on a solid frame construction with wooden elements gives you plenty of play space. Your cats will love it.

Cat litter box enclosures

If you want to remove a dirty cat litter box from your home, this is a great solution - going out for a cat is a great way to go. The simple construction of the cage is easy to assemble to the door, allowing the cat to the discreet toilet.

Cat cage with litter box

Cat litter box mounted on comfortable bench. It is made of wood and fitted with metal supports. Received many positive recommendations from customers for elegant design and high quality.

Cat box enclosure

Cat bed fitted with cabinets for storing necessary things. It is made of wood and fitted with soft pillow on the top. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Litter box in garage

Looking for an elegant litter box enclosure for your meowing critter? This is it. Crafted of wood in an espresso finish, the box has 1 cutout hole for easy access and a lift-up lid that reveals two compartments. It can also be used as a stylish bench or a side table.

Cat box enclosures

For all Lord of the Rings enthusiasts out there. If you have a cat, then this litter box enclosure is a must have. Made in shape of a hobbit hole, the litter box has also a Sauron scratching post for more courageous cats.

Outdoor litter tray for cats

IKEA PS lockers hacked for litter box, so cool. Can't forget the casters so they are easy to use.

Outdoor litter box for indoor cats

You would not ever guess that this smart-looking pouffe is actually a self-contained cat litter box with all handful appliances you might need, incl. a set of food and water bowls.

Plastic litter box 4

This DIY project of a cat litter box enchants with its simple, yet very clever design. Crafted from a plastic containter, with handmade hole in the front and a smaller box with litter and bottom foam mat inside.

Diy litter box enclosure

A fabulous enclosure of a cat litter box. It's of synthetic materials, modelled on Hobbit's house, placed inside a mound covered with faux moss, adorned with a chimney and a tree, has a yellow and stony wall, a patio, round windows and an entry.

Covered hidden cat litter box decorative planter pets allmodern

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box - Decorative Planter Pets | AllModern

Outside cat box

With this litter box cabinet your cat is going to have a time of its life. It includes a standard litter pan on the top and bottom, an oversized shelf installed below, cut out holes for easy access, and 2 pair of door with decorative handles.

Litter box outside

What an interesting idea! An Espresso coloured cat litter box disquised as a nice bench. I bought one for our cat, and my wife and I couldn't be happier now that the littler box is gone, and in its place a nice Espresso bench!

Cute cat litter boxes

The plastic litterbox hidden in elegant wooden wardrobe. The interesting way to have such place for your cat even if the living room, without suffering any inconveniences. Easy and comfortable for all sides.

Outdoor litter box enclosure

Crafted of sturdy wood and bathed in white finish, this litter box is suitable for indoor use and can be used as a side table. The front panel is removable for easy cleaning and has a rectangle hole for easy access.

Outdoor cat toilet

Catbox Litter Box Enclosure. Perfect so she doesn't spread litter outside either.

Waterproof outdoor cat litter tray

An elegant and practical addition for an entryway, foyer, or living room. This small litter box enclosure is going to keep all the smells inside, thus keeping your home odor-free. The litter box is made of wood and has a square, cutout hole for a convenient entry.

Cat litter enclosure 1

Cat litter box fitted with double doors. Construction is made of wood. Traditional form and elegant design for the living room and others interiors as needed.

Cat Condo and Litter Box Cabinet

Can condo and litter box. This intelligently designed furniture is a perfect choice for cat owners. The interior may be used as a litter box or pet house with removable carpet. It also features a unique left or right side pet-access panel.

A cat can be a small space dwellers best friend

A cat can be a small space dweller's best friend … but a cat's litter box can be a small space dweller's worst nightmare. Tired of ugly litter boxes sitting out in the middle of the room, we decided to get the scoop on stylish, modern litter boxes and e

Outdoor kitty litter box

Much as we love our cats, no one likes to look at a kitty litter box every day - much less to have it on display to guests. A cat litter box enclosure...

Cat litter box cover 4

Fred's DIY Self Venting Cat Litter Box Project...Love this idea...wonder if the cat would like it though?

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