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You don't have to spend a fortune for a secure home for your favorite pet. Give them the love and safety they deserve in a cheaper cage and spend the saved money on better food or toys. A domestic animal doesn't care how much you spend on a cage, just that you love them, feed them and give them attention. See this collection for all our cheap animal cages.

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Cheap animal cages

Affordable but highly functional animal cages made of wood with mesh inserts are a great place to have small rodents like mice or hamsters. Several levels allow pets to have plenty of space to run and have fun.

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Cheap animal cages 9

Well-built animal cage featuring two plastic enclosures and a large play area in the middle for your pets. The cage also comes in a white finished wooden frame and fabric carpeting to create that cozy and snugly hideaway for your pets.

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Small Animal Cage

Small Animal Cage

This solid, larga cage is suitable for small animals, like rats or chinchillas and features solid casters and large front door for easy access. It was crafted from a durable metal, with a powder-coated finish.

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Cheap animal cages 4

This animal cage is very cheap and excellent for guinea pig or hamster. It's hand made with slides for easy access on the higher level. So, if you looking for a pet cage, try this one.

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Beautiful guinea pig cage my daughter would love this

Beautiful guinea pig cage. My daughter would love this!

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Cheap cages

You would probably want to know what is going on with your wild cats. You can use a backyard space to construct a cheap animal cage for them.Two heights, also high part to climb the tree. It occupies part of the patio but provides security.

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Corner Ferret Cage

Corner Ferret Cage

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Marshall Folding Mansion for Small Animals

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Cheap animal cages 5

Those long-lasting cages are perfect for breeding various types of rodents, like rabbits, for example. Each cage is stackable and made of strong steel wire, with a door for easy access and a convenient feeder.

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Cheap animal cages 2

Outdoor metal pet cage, appropriate for a small dog. With proper covering, could be used for a large house cat. Allows your indoor pets an opportunity for off-leash outdoor exercise and sunshine. Easy to set up and to move.

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Cheap Animal Cages

Buying Guide

No matter if you're choosing cheap animal cages to help your dog potty train overnight or to house your chickens outdoors, there are a wide variety of options from which to choose. The best part is these cage can feature high-quality materials without high price tags. Because there are many things to take into consideration when picking these cages, we've put a guide together for you to help sort through your options.

When shopping for cheap animal cages, finding the right size is a critical step. Not only are you sizing for the space it will go in, but also for the animal or animals that will go in the cage. Therefore, you have to measure the space, as well as look at the capacity of the unit. If you get something that's too small, then it won't be comfortable. Something that's too big may not fit adequately in the space you have available. Dogs that are in cages or kennels that are too large, too, feel unsafe.

Sometimes we're looking for cheap animal cages for smaller pets. In that case, it's possible to find cages that look like pieces of furniture for small dogs and other small breed animals. For those who plan to use these cages for puppies, be sure to increase its size as the puppy grows to accommodate its size. Otherwise, it's an optimal choice for small breeds who need containment.

When you need to fit dogs that are 48 inches long and weight over 100 pounds, it's possible to find extra large cheap animal cages. They'll accommodate dogs such as Saint Bernards, Great Danes, and German Shepherds because these cages are approximately 54 inches long.

Animals love to climb, explore, and get exercise. So, when selecting cages, be sure they have plenty of ramps, climbers, and places to run around. Many varieties of animals need to keep moving to prevent boredom and stay healthy. The types of cheap animal cages available featuring these details prevent owners from having to worry their animals won’t have enough to do. Examples of these include cages for birds, rats, chameleons, hamsters, reptiles, chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

If you're purchasing the cage as a play space, consider one that easily breaks down when it's not in use. You'll find this is especially convenient when you're setting it up inside. Otherwise, if it's for outdoor use, make sure it can fasten to the ground so animals can't move it, crawl underneath it, or tip it over. Setting up enclosures for animals to play is an excellent way for them to get exercise without feeling limitations. However, these areas must also be safe.

Maintaining the cages will depend on their material construction, as well as the animals they’re housing. For example, if they’re construction is metal, and you’re keeping them outside, you can wash them with soap, water, and a hose. You’ll need to clean them out daily to ensure animal hygiene no matter if they’re indoor or outdoor cages.

Best Ideas

Cheap animal cages 8

Great, cheap cage design. This'll come in handy for cutting costs while trying to get my business started.

Cheap animal cages 16

cheap free chicken cage coop | Large-Walk-in-poultry-chicken-coop-run-dog-house-etc-2-5m-x-2-5m-8ft-x ...

Cheap animal cages 15

home made cheap hamster cages How To Get Cheap Hamster Cages?

Cheap animal cages 32

DIY Rabbit / Bunny Cage for cheap

Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen

Cheap small animal cages

A lovely set of 2 animal cage that can work as luxurious apartments for your cute little hamsters. Each cage is designed of a plastic bin that comes with a matching lid, and a cut out front that is covered with a lattice wire panel.

Indoor cat cages enclosures

If your cat likes doing a mess in your home, why don't equip yourself with this functional outdoor cage? The cage has a convenient entry, a place for your cat to sleep, and enough space not to bore your 4-legged friend out of its mind.

Cheap animal cages 31

Cute and snugly animal cages with various compartments. They are also big enough to accommodate different animals. The pieces have unique foam at the bottom to ensure your pets have excellent comfort. They are supported by a sturdy plastic frame too for extra durability.

Jumbo Small Animal Cage

Jumbo Small Animal Cage

Small animal cage. This protective cage will be a perfect area to stay in for your pet. The cage features casters for easy movement, a deep plastic pan, 2 large doors and 90 day warranty. Made from durable tubular steel and finished in brown.

Cheap animal cages 10

Highly affordable animal cages designed from sturdy all-weather metal. The cages are constructed to accommodate a wide variety of animals, including birds. Perfect for both the farm and the contemporary backyard. The cages are also easy to set up or install.

Cheap animal cages 4

Inexpensive animal cage, good for most small animals. The close mesh wire is resistant to chewing or clawing. Interim shelving provides the opportunity for climbing, good for ferrets, or kittens. Food and water containers are not included, nor are sanitary provisions.

All living things 24 small animal cage white small animal

all living things 24 small animal cage white small animal

Diy fodder system

DIY Fodder System

Cheap animal cages 27

Makes big guinea pig habitats, cheap and safe.