Foam Pool Floats

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Be it for summer or during warm days, foam pool floats offer a comfortable experience, allowing you to rest and relax to your heart’s content. Compared to inflatables, they are always ready to use and come equipped with different methods of portability. They also provide the perfect support for your body, and some are even integrated with cup holders for your cocktails or beverages. So take the plunge and choose from these selections of foam floats from our team of designers.

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Updated 14/11/2022
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Flat Pool Float

Flat Pool Float

Robelle Industries Inc.Toys

Perfect for summer lounging, these foam pool floats for adults are a sure favorite. Each piece is crafted from a soft closed-cell foam covered in vinyl. It comes in your choice of bold summer colors. 

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Floating Pool Mat

Floating Pool Mat


The perfect place to lounge this summer, these foam floats are durable and comfortable. Made from quality closed cell XPE Foam that fits up to five people. Secure it to a dock with the tether attachment. 

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Foam Lounger Float

Foam Lounger Float


Chase the sun with these pool foam floats. These are an eye catcher with their white and blue stripes and molded U-frame and Pontoon style. The materials are UV-resistant and chemical resistant which add to their durability. 

Designer Advice:

Easy to assemble and hard-wearing, this is a well-loved piece that offers the perfect relaxation for hours. While it is UV protected, it is recommended to store it away from direct sun when not in use. The material used for the cover has the potential to disintegrate, like most materials would, especially under brutal sun rays. 

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Sling Float

Sling Float

Big Joe

These foam pool floats are perfect for your summer swimming. With their quick drying mesh fabrics and patented beads, they are safe and stylish. They come in vibrant designs, with built-in seats and convenient drink holders. 

$31.5 $36.99

Designer Advice:

The perfect summertime companion since they’re easy to lug around and are compact. Not only are they great for relaxing, but they are also recommended for water exercises and rehabilitation workouts. Whether used forward or backwards, these pool floats are comfortable and easy to move around in in the water. Offered in eight colorways.

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Chair Pool Float

Chair Pool Float

This foam pool float follows a bean bag chair design. Its striped or solid color upholstery is stain-resistant and perfect for the warm summer aesthetic. The piece is filled with polystyrene beans for good buoyancy.

Designer Advice:

Whether within the pool or outside of it, this pool float provides a great spot to lounge into. Because of its height, it might be challenging to sit on it while you’re already in the water. It’s recommended to put it in the pool and access it from the edge of the deck. Perfect for those who likes to read while in the water.

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Foam Pool Floats

Buying Guide

Closed-cell foam pool floats are made of the same stuff that is used to create water noodles (which are a type of pool float), yoga mats, portable rafts and much more. The difference between closed cell foam floats and other types of floats is that it is created using a special process that creates tiny, distinct cells within the plastic. It is usually done by putting the plastic into a gas such as nitrogen and then adding high pressure.

The advantages of closed-cell foam pool floats are many. The biggest one, however, is that they will not deflate if they are snagged or punctured – unlike some types of flotation devices or rubber rafts. This means that your kid’s water wings or other flotation devices aren’t going to deflate and leave your darling sinking.

Even if everything else comes apart, that foam pool float is still going to keep its buoyancy. The second advantage is that it is easy for manufacturers to shape this stuff into flotation devices or toys that can increase everyone’s pleasure in a day at the lake. Pool noodles and fold-up swimming docks are just two examples of the many uses for closed cell foam pool floats.

You don’t have to inflate closed cell foam pool floats. If you’ve ever arrived at the beach only to discover that the electronic charge portal on your vehicle has given up the ghost, then you know exactly how delightful it is having a water toy that doesn’t have to be inflated. With these toys, you won’t find yourself sitting in the hot sun while your darling child dances around chanting, “Hurry, hurry,” as you huff and puff trying to get their favorite swim toy inflated.

Except in pool floats, closed-cell foam has a number of very important uses, including:

  • Life-Saving Rings Buoys. Closed-cell foam is ideal for creating life-saving rings. Since the stuff won’t deflate and is amazingly buoyant, as soon as you can get one under a panicky swimmer then at least half your troubles are over because this stuff just will not go down. That unsinkable property also makes this stuff a shoo-in for safety marker supports and buoys. It wears well, too, making it through several seasons before needing replacement.

  • Life Jackets. If you love boating, then closed-cell foam is your friend. Boats and life jackets are two things that go together, and when the life jacket is made from closed-cell foam, “man overboard” isn’t nearly as panicky a thing as it might be. There was once a young couple who took their two-year-old with them on a float trip. Of course, their canoe turned over and everything in it took a dunking including the baby. Fortunately, he was wearing a closed foam life vest and went bobbing downstream where he was quickly recovered by some fishermen. His parents were terrified and panicked, but he was happy as a little fish having gone for a good swim and having made some new friends.

Best Ideas

Closed cell foam pool floats 9

Designed to provide full body support, the closed cell foam pool float ensures early unsinkable buoyancy. Thick and durable, will allow you to roll one of its sides to have a nice headrest while taking pleasurable sunbaths.

Foam floats for pools 4

A foam pool float! All white, with a large palm tree print that immediately brings a holiday mood around. It's ultrasoft and saddle shaped for additional comfort of use. Vinyl coated foam construction makes it permanently buoyant.

Foam swim floats

With this water hammock you will be floating on the surface without worrying of hitting rock bottom. The hammock is lightweight, equipped with floatation pods on both sides to support your sitting position, and has a bright yellow design.

Baja II Lounge Folding Foam Pool Float (Bronze)

Who said you can't combine spending fun time in the pool with sunbathing and relaxing in your favorite chair? This foam pool float is the perfect solution, providing you with a way to lie in your swimming pool and just jump into the water whenever you want.

Ultra Sunsation® Pool Float

Ultra Sunsation® Pool Float

A wonderful pool float that will help you get the highest possible comfort and let you enjoy the nice weather in the pool, while sunbathing. It won't sink or deflate and the vinyl coating is durable and extremely easy to clean.

Foam pool floats

A comfy contemporary floating mattress made of excellently buoyant closed cell foam in a colour of greenish seawater. It has a soft surface, a roll headrest. It's lightweight and doesn't require inflation.

Closed cell foam pool floats

Supersized and closed cell foam pool float that will give you an extra comfortable space to have a sunbath in your garden swimming pool. It also has a shape that makes it easier to have a comfort and it even has a "pillow".

Foam water floats

This closed cell foam pool float constitutes a perfect addition to one's swimming pool. Available in various colour finishes, it will be an enchanting proposition both for children and adults.

Sharper image vinyl dipped pool float

Sharper image vinyl dipped pool float

Swim at the pool, without hair getting wet, with a book and drink in hand. It is possible on this blue inflatable closed cell foam pool floats mattress made of vinyl material and flexible PVC foam. Resistant to chlorine and sun, triple coated and very stable.

Fab Foam Fabric Pool Float

Fab Foam Fabric Pool Float

Pool float in the traditional form. It is made of recycled granulated closed cell foam. It is easy to clean and repels water. Suitable for 1 person. Provides comfort and relaxation on the pool.

TRC Recreation Sunsation Pool Float

This vinyl coated, smooth foam constitutes a great option for an afternoon chill out at the pool. Thick, yet soft surface will allow you to float smoothly around the pool, enjoying a drink or a book.

Foam pool rafts

Like to take sunbaths in the middle of a swimming pool? Thanks to this floating pool lounge, you don't have to worry about sinking or tipping over. The lounge has a comfy back, streamlined armrests, and two built-in cup holders for your fancy palm drinks.

Foam pool float

For everyone, who loves to take sunbaths while floating on the pool's surface, this this cell foam and vinyl coated pool float will be a great choice. it has a roll pillow for extra buoyancy in the head area, and weighs only 8 lbs.

Poolmaster 70758 Soft Tropic Comfort Foam Mat - Lime Green

The closed-cell foam with vinyl coating construction allows superior floatation and comfort, while the durable and crack-resistant finish provides a perfect choice for years of relaxing and resting in your pool on a sunny day.

Cheap floats for sale

Is there anything cooler from an afternoon relax in the pool? This unique pool float will let you smoothly float around the water surface, enjoying your drink or favourite book.

Floating foam pool mats

A comfy modern floating mattress for 1 person. It is manufactured of nice-looking vivid blue closed-cell foam which is nice to the touch and very lightweight thus easy to handle. It has a loop headrest.

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