Non Inflatable Pool Floats

Relax and luxuriate in a non-inflatable pool float designed for the epitome of leisure. Lay back in a lounge chair with built in cup holders, or float around in a foam tube that lets you get a leg workout while you pad from one side of the pool to the other. You deserve to pamper yourself. Do so by taking in some much needed sun in a non-inflatable pool float.

Best Products

Inflatable pool chairs

Unsinkable sling chair in sky blue - another version of a swimming pool float. Contrary to most pool floats, this swimming accessory is non inflatable. No risk of piercing and sinking, therefore. Check other pool rafts out as well.

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner Pool Lounger

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner Pool Lounger

Aquaria Marquis Swimming Pool Float - Blue

Luxurious, non inflatable and non sinkable pool float in a stylish blue color. Its quilted design with a headrest assures support and comfort on excellent level. Construction of this float is based on ultra-soft, forever buoyant foam.

Non inflatable pool floats 1

The Caribbean floating lounge by Poolmaster adds a comfort and relax into any outdoor area. It features the all weather fabric seating, cup holder, polyform flotation arms and PVC frame.

Super Soft Kool Pool Float and Kool Kan

Super Soft Kool Pool Float and Kool Kan
This super soft pool float will help you relax after the whole day, drifting along the pool. Its soft, comfortable surface will quickly help you mellow out, bringing in a relieve for your back and muscles.

Non inflatable lounges

Non-Inflatable Lounges

Inflatable pool seat for babies

High quality non inflatable pool float with integral pillow. Made entirely of soft, crack-resistant foam coloured blue or aqua. The special Aqua Cell® foam is hypoallergenic and it doesn't fade in the sun.

Our advice Buying Guide

Pool time fun involves a lot of floating and splashing. Non-inflatable pool floats will give you hours of laughs, relaxation and more. New technology has found a way to give you more options than inflatable floating devices and here are a few. Designed to carry your weight on top of the water, the fun just got easier by never needing an air pump at the pool again.

What are the best non-inflatable pool floats available?

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to non-inflatable pool floats. Which one you get will largely depend on the age and weight of the user as well as how you plan to use it and how often you intend to transport it. 

Non-Inflatable Floating Pool Bed

Foam with vinyl coating over a ridged surface will make you feel like you are sleeping on air. These loungers are typically resistant to UV rays so a quick nap could certainly be in order. A comfortable, skid-resistant headrest is a great feature t look for if you care for neck suport. When not in the pool, use it as a yoga or exercise mat.

Extreme Float Water Pad

It's party time and everyone is welcome on a huge 9' x 6' floating fun pad. Triple layer foam and reinforced netting provide superior durability for the gang. Bright colors will light up your floating vessel like a neon sign so you will feel safe on a small lake or pond. When not in use, roll it up like a tube and store away until the next adventure.

Blue Swimming Saddle

It looks like a saddle but is actually a chair that folds up around you when you place it in water and sit in the middle. You can sit and kick your legs, flail your arms or just relax and feel the floating sensation. Typically made of closed cell foam, the saddle also makes a great padded seat on those football bleachers.

Ribbed Pool Noodle

Noodlemania is here! A 46" long noodle is capable of supporting 250 pounds of kids without sinking. The ribbed round 5 1/2" diameter has non-slip ribs all the way around so slipping and sliding is not an option. Triple-dipped vinyl coating is recommended. No pool should be without the noodle that can provide hours of fun for family and friends.

Memory Soft Pool Recliner

Non-inflatable pool floats that provide a pool-safe adjustable recliner is the best invention since sliced bread. Put your music ear buds in and grab your drink. The afternoon has just turned into heaven. An internal steel structure supports the vinyl coated foam that should support up to 200 pounds. Everything from a sitting position to a lying position, and everything in between, will make your day absolutely perfect as you float along the water.

Non-inflatable Float Hammock

A mesh float hammock provides a cool alternative from one that hangs from trees. Inner springs keep it durably in place and additional features such as a headrest for neck and head support will make your purchase an epitome of pool comfort. A 250-pound limit is recommended, and if you want a hammock that you can take easily to other swimming holes, look for one that folds.



Floating pool chairs with cup holders

This non-inflatable floating pool chair can be a best way to experience outdoor relax. You do not have to do anything to enjoy the awesome feel of drifting on the water. Made from durable, non-corrosive PVC frame and stainless steel hardware.

Flex float comfort durability versatility

flex float ≈ ...comfort, durability & versatility...

Non inflatable pool floats

Kick back and relax with this "Texas Rec Pool Pod" that will allow you to easily float on the water surface in your swimming pool. It's non-inflatable and made of quality blue material, supporting your head as well as your whole body.

The Caribbean Floating Lounge

Striped mattress. It is very convenient and extremely comfortable. It is perfect for the beatch. It is the ideal solution to the beach and the pool. It is also very nice. It is white and blue vertical stripes.

Baja Folding Pool Lounger

Baja Folding Pool Lounger

Aqua shell designer pool float

Aqua Shell Designer Pool Float

Non inflatable swimming pool foam float lounge sling chair raft

Non Inflatable Swimming Pool Foam Float Lounge Sling Chair Raft W Cup Holders
Non inflatable swimming pool foam floats that provide comfort to their users. They include practical, round holders for cups. Premium Aqua Cell foam is resistant to negative effect of water and provides safety of use.

Pool Spring Float

Pool Spring Float

Swimline Eva Sunchaser Lounger Seat

If you are looking for a pool partner that will give you an extra flotation for buoyancy and comfort, there you have it. The sling is designed of high density non-sticky foam, and the large arms come with built-in cup holders.

Inflatable pool chair with drinks holder

Made from honey-comb closed cell foam on one side and glossy smooth on the other side, this non-inflatable pool float. Available in white and blue colour variants, each of them measures 72" x 26" x 2"reversible.

Covered U-Seat Inflatable Pool Lounger

Covered U-Seat Inflatable Pool Lounger

Aquaria Maui Sling Chair W/ Cupholders Made With Aqua Cell Foam - Blue 22" Deep

You can relax in the water without using even the strength to stay on the surface. With solution comes foam watler floats. Made with aqua cell foam. You want bring some drink and still stay in the water?Voile!Cupholders are included.Everything in blue color.

Blue Island Water Hammock Pool Float

Blue Island Water Hammock Pool Float
Are you dreaming of an amazing rest and relaxation in your swimming pool? Then, don't hesitate, check out this extraordinary pool float and enjoy the summertime in the most stylish and functional way!

Poolmaster 70732 Aqua Drifter Chaise Lounge

As you know, swimming pool doesn't ask you to swim all the time like a pro, you can sit on pool floats and relax yourself. This bulit-in pillow is made of long-wear woven fabric,weather resistant.It has the trendy white-blue wide stripe, nautical style.

Ultimate Floating Pool Lounger

Ultimate Floating Pool Lounger
A floating pool lounger. Made of vinyl and covered in strong nylon material, finished in blue and dark blue. Durable and comfortable, with arm rests and head rests, includes a drink holder in one of the arm rests.

Lazy Bunz® Pool Float

Lazy Bunz® Pool Float
Pool float made of closed-cell foam. It has a vinyl coating and is easy to clean. Made in the USA. Easily average size adult. It is resistant to harmful weather conditions and UV radiation.

Blow up pool with seats

Don't be scared anymore of water!This noninflatable pool floats - a little, blue swim, ring boat ring tube is your best friend to not drawn in the water. It adapts and stays close to the body,it can not be easily pulled back and will overcome water resistance.

Inflatable floating loungers swimming pool water lounge chairs

Inflatable Floating Loungers, Swimming Pool Water Lounge Chairs

Non inflatable swimming pool float foam seat pad lounge noodle

Non Inflatable Swimming Pool Float Foam Seat Pad Lounge Noodle Blue
Non inflatable pool accessory: an ocean blue aqua cell foam pad shaped as saddle with cutout handles. For those who are not sure of their swimming skills. Also for fun. Appropriate for children and adults.

Sea Window Calypso snorkeling raft

Ultimate Floating Pool Mat

Ultimate Floating Pool Mat
Are you dreaming of a perfect rest and fun in a swimming pool? This amazing and functional floating pool mat is gonna provide you everything you need! Check it out and experience a perfect summer time.

Inflatable raft caribbean island float pool lake ocean

Inflatable Raft Caribbean Island Float Pool Lake Ocean
Let's feel like in the Caribbean in your own pool. The noninflatable pool floats mattress comes out against the comfort with inflatable light-green colors, built-in coolers, a mesh seat and cup holders, or a pull-out canopy.

RAVE Sports Serenity Air Mat Pool Float

With this Air Mat Pool Float your quality pool time is going to be one of the best summer experiences. UV-stabilized 12 gauge PVC, non-yellowing vinyl with frequency welded seams provide impressive durability and comfy body.

SunSoft Inflatable Pool Lounger

SunSoft Inflatable Pool Lounger
Classic inflatable pool lounger in a rectangular shape. Designed for use by one person. It is made of durable vinyl and covered with fabric. It is resistant to scratch and chip. Place to relax at the pool in the garden and more.

Ahh-Qua Lounge 2 Person Pool Float

Ahh-Qua Lounge 2 Person Pool Float
This is an original piece of quipment designed for use in the swimming pool, lake, etc. It is a pool float that offers comfortable space for two people. It is durable and very soft, so it provides the highest level of relaxation.

Sunsoft Circular Inflatable Pool Raft

Sunsoft Circular Inflatable Pool Raft
Fantastic inflatable pool raft designed to provide comfortable and practical relaxing spot. Offers solid and durable construction made quality mesh fabric, sturdy design, and it's easy to transport and set up.

Swimways baby spring float inflatable pool tube raft w sun

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Inflatable Pool Tube Raft w/ Sun Canopy ...

Tie Dye Island Inflatable Pool Toy

Tie Dye Island Inflatable Pool Toy
Inflatable round pool recommended for children over 3 years. It is made of durable vinyl. Dedicated to outdoor use. Received positive recommendations from customers. A great place for children to fun.

Large super deluxe swimming pool inflatable lounger float air mattress


Bimini II Inflatables Pool Lounger

Bimini II Inflatables Pool Lounger
Inflatable pool lounger with a comfortable backrest and armrests. It has an extra cup holder and pocket. It is made of combining vinyl and nylon. It was highly praised by the customers.

SunSoft Island Pool Lounger

SunSoft Island Pool Lounger
Seeking more comfort by your poolside? This comfortable lounger will make a great relax spot both inside and outside the pool. Includes handles and a drainer. It provides pleasant seating place for one adult person.

Inflatable raft caribbean island float pool lake ocean 1

Inflatable Raft Caribbean Island Float Pool Lake Ocean
Floating island oasis with detachable canopy, separate air chambers for backrests, large sundeck for lounging and 8 cup holders for cold drinks. Heavy gauge PVC construction guarantees long-lasting use.

Sun Canopy Baby Inflatable Boat Float for Babies Toddler Floaties Twins Pool

Simple inflatable pool float is an excellent way to have fun in the pool. Attractive colors and lovely details make the child very playful. A small canopy sheds in the sun and beautifully presents itself.

Children Swim Safety Inflatable Kid Baby Swimming Trainer Swimming Ring

Summer Swimming Kids Baby Inflatable Pool Seat Float Boat Sun Canopy Floating Raft Swimming Ring Pink

Summer Swimming Kids Baby Inflatable Pool Seat Float Boat Floating Raft Swimming Ring Yellow Duck

Rock N' Roll Inflatable Pool Lounger

Rock N' Roll Inflatable Pool Lounger
This inflatable deck chair is the perfect way to unwind. Just inflate it and lie down on the water. Deckchairs, gentle rocking and relaxation. Can it be even better? Of course not. Just check it and you love it.

Pvc inflatable water tube round float tube

pvc inflatable water tube/round float tube

Flip Top Multi-Position Inflatable Pool Lounger

Flip Top Multi-Position Inflatable Pool Lounger
Flip top multi-position inflatable pool lounger is designed to provide you with even more comfort while taking a relaxing time on a poolside. It features two-piece center fold and adjustable pillow and can be configured in three ways.

Summer Swimming Kids Baby Inflatable Pool Seat Float Boat Sun Canopy Floating Raft

Floating pool chair floating pool chair products floating pool

Floating Pool Chair, Floating Pool Chair Products, Floating Pool

Rave Tahitian Chaise Inflatable Raft 2014

An inflatable raft in the form of a chaise lounge. Its PVC construction is durable and its inflated haead rest provides good comfort. This raft is also equipped with a cup holder. It is suitable for lakes and swimming pools.

U Inflatables Pool Lounger

U Inflatables Pool Lounger
Inflatable pool deck chair is the perfect way to complete relaxation in a free warm days. You can really have fun, relax. Deckchair is soft and comfortable. It allows you to swim in a comfortable position without fussing about.