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If it's finally time to do some urban farming, then one of these chicken coops for sale is a great first purchase. Input the appropriate quantity of chickens for the size of the coop you choose, and before you know it, you will be eating organic eggs for breakfast. And these coops have a caged off area for the chickens to roam about and stretch their legs.

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Updated 20/10/2022
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Chicken Coop with Waterproof Cover

Chicken Coop with Waterproof Cover

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Walk-in contact space

What We Don’t Like: One level

Perfect For: Backyards, balconies

Not So Good For: Ventilated nesting

This spacious coop is excellent for raising chickens, ducks, and geese outdoors. Featuring a walk-in contact space for children to interact with their pets, this coop encourages kids to get to know their animal friends. Its lightweight design lets you reposition the coop as you wish: move your flock to better pastures or place the coop on your balcony for a play space for your other pets.

This walk-in chicken coop for sale offers protection from the elements and predators. Its iron structure has an anti-rust coating that prevents wear, and the protective cover keeps your pets safe from rain, wind, and UV rays. Four-door openings make it easy to feed your pets from any direction.  

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Green Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Green Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Archie & Oscar™

What We Like: Miniature home design

What We Don’t Like: Only one color is available

Perfect For: Large outdoor spaces

Not So Good For: Small spaces like balconies

If you’re looking for big chicken coops for sale, this large coop was designed to be a true home for your feathered friends with an elevated main house, nesting box, large enclosed run, and planting area for growing flowers. Its asphalt roof covering protects your pets from the elements, allowing them to enjoy the ample room available for socialization and exercise.

This coop has all the security features you need--lockable doors, X-shaped frames, and strong, galvanized mesh--without looking like a cage or pen. Its muted green color coordinates with the grass and trees in your backyard, so the coop will blend with rather than overwhelm your outdoor areas.  

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Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Sol 72 Outdoor™

What We Like: Dual-ventilated nesting boxes

What We Don’t Like: Assembly required

Perfect For: Large outdoor spaces

Not So Good For: Small spaces, balconies

Amaze your neighborhood and pamper your chickens with one of the fanciest large chicken coops for sale. With twin ventilated nesting boxes, windowed doors, ramps between enclosures, and protective fencing, up to six chickens or other pets can enjoy this spacious 25.6 ft² coop.

Built of natural, weatherized fir with a warm brown finish, this two-level coop is a stylish addition to a spacious backyard or outdoor space. Make sure to pick your perfect spot in advance since this coop’s heavy weight can make it harder to reposition later.  

$374.99 $429.99

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Wood Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Wood Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Archie & Oscar™

What We Like: Easy-clean removable trays

What We Don’t Like: Small run

Perfect For: Smaller outdoor spaces

Not So Good For: Many pets

This cozy coop has all the features of a larger coop in a more compact, efficient design. Complete with a nesting box, removable roof, divider, and ramped chicken run, this coop provides one-stop comfort and entertainment for your birds. If you’ve got a feathered diva on your hands, soothe them with the coop’s private sleep space, the perfect place to recuperate.

This chicken coop makes cleaning easy and convenient, featuring a pull-out tray that allows you to clear away droppings and other messes without bothering your birds. Its weather-resistant design also ensures that your chickens have a dry spot to roost without getting their features wet.  

$249.99 $305.99

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Walk In Chicken Run

Walk In Chicken Run

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Large chicken run

What We Don’t Like: Fewer features

Perfect For: Multiple pets

Not So Food For: No nesting boxes

If you want to get to know your feathered friends while ensuring they have adequate space to exercise and enjoy fresh air, walk-in chicken coops for sale are a smart option. This roomy 59.7 ft² coup gives your pets the freedom of movement they need to thrive and has protective features to ensure their safety and your peace of mind while they graze. With its single, locked door, you can easily control every entry and exit.

Keep in mind that while this pen offers space and protection, it doesn’t have some of the helpful features of other coops, like pull-out trays for cleaning, ramps, or roosting bars.  

$440 $377

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Functional Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Functional Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Charming pitched roof design

What We Don’t Like: Smaller chicken run

Perfect For: Back or side yards

Not So Good For: Paved spaces

This indoor-outdoor coup is as stylish as it is functional. Despite its smaller square footage (19.9ft²), this coop features a nesting box, chicken ramp and run, and ladder that lets your pets easily move from their cozy enclosure to the mesh outdoor space. Its two-tiered design allows multiple chickens to get their eight hours of sleep in the comfort of a private resting space.

This coop doesn’t skip on security: fabricated with weather-resistant fir wood and wire fencing, your pets can enjoy the open air without the temptation to stray. Its removable trays also make cleaning a breeze, so you can ensure a germ-free environment for your birds.  

$209.99 $293.99

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Chicken Coops For Sale

Buying Guide

A flock of well-groomed hens loitering in urban yards no longer invites freakish glares from neighbors. That’s because backyard chicken farms have gone mainstream. Everybody who has a wee bit of experience (or not) and interest in breeding chicken, are diving head over heels into it.

And why not? Who wouldn’t like a daily supply of farm-fresh eggs right in their backyards? But before you take the bait and go chicken shopping, consider the bare essentials that you need to grow a flock of happy and healthy birds.

Among the gazillions of chicken growing paraphernalia that stock supermarket aisles, the coop is undoubtedly, the most important one. A good coop will keep your flock happy, protected and make it easier for you to collect eggs. A nasty one, on the other hand, will be reduced to a rundown pile of cheap lumber in a few months.

Here’s some help for first time chicken coop shoppers.

The term ‘Chicken coop’ somehow makes it sound like it’s everything you need to safely grow chickens. Sadly, that’s not the case. The coop is the place where the chickens will roost (at night), eat, drink and lay eggs. The rest of the time will be spent foraging in the chicken run or in the garden.

While chicken droppings provide natural manure for your lawn and they peck off critters, letting chickens run amok in the garden is not recommended. Hence, if you are planning to buy a new coop, buy one with an attached chicken run. Else, just use temporary nets or stakes to keep them contained to an area.

Are you planning to breed egg laying chicken or meat birds?

Egg laying chicken need at least 1 ½ square feet of space per bird inside the coop and at least 8 feet of space per bird in the run. Bantams need less space whereas larger birds will need more.

Premade chicken coops will be advertised with a maximum number of birds that can be housed in it. As a rule of thumb, house at least one bird lesser than what’s advertised.

Chickens are on every predator’s wishlist. And both, the coop and the run need to be safe from raccoons, hawks, dogs, coyotes, owls, foxes and dogs.

However, most mass-produced chicken coops for sale don’t cut the mustard when it comes to durability and security. If you aren’t looking for a custom build yet, you can pick one off the shelves and reinforce it to make it secure for the bids.

Look for coops made of solid wood that has been weather treated. Good quality wood won't swell when it rains or shrink in the heat. The vents and windows might be covered with chicken wire. Remove this and install a stronger gauge hardware cloth. It will make it impossible for raccoons to reach in.

The coop itself should be raised off the ground as it makes it impossible for skunks and dogs to burrow their way in. If it’s not raised, then you can easily make a frame and place it on it.

  • The chicken coop must have at least one nesting box for every three birds. The nesting boxes should be in a dark and well-ventilated part of the coop.
  • The perches, where the birds roost every night should be positioned above the nesting boxes. The average perch space for each bird is 30 cms.
  • Look for easy access doors to the inside of the coop and to the nesting boxes. Egg collection should be easy. Not a chore you start to hate.

Best Ideas

Large chicken coops for sale 1

Have plenty of spare space in your backyard and have no idea what to do with it? Why not invest in a chicken coop - if you have some spare time to take care of it, it is sure to bring back profits.

Cheap chicken runs for sale

9x21' walk in chicken coop and run. This is a great design. It offers protection from winds and predators (especially if solid side walls were a bit higher) and it is well ventilated.

Pawhut chicken coop

This pawhut chicken coop will allow you to move freely.Contains multiple roosting poles and also has plenty of space to make the animals feel comfortable and secure. The whole is made of pine tree and metal grid. The ramp is another facilitation.

Free Range Hutch / Nest

Free Range Hutch / Nest

This free range hutch / nest is made of fir wood. It is a very safe area for your hens. It has got a great design and it is perfect for your chickens. You will be surprised how amazing this nest is.

Chicken coops for sale 2

A professional chicken coop where you can easily walk in. It's a large wooden construction with special boxes where your hens can comfortably lay eggs. Made of solid wood, it's a durable piece that will serve for long years.

Inexpensive chicken coops for sale

Large Chicken Coops for Sale - Cheap Backyard Coops

Chicken coops for sale 12

Chicken Coops For Sale

Pawhut chicken coop 1

Add this chicken coop to your garden to ensure that your hens are always safe and you can simply enjoy the nice day without adding an extra amount of work. It comes with the easy access for cleaning as well and offers plenty of space.

Chicken coop sales 6

Why said you chicken coop has to be boring, when you can opt for a truly rustic and beautiful design that will not only prove its immense functionality, but at the same time add a certain amount of visual appeal to your interior.

Cute chicken coops for sale

Small Chicken Coops For Sale | Favorites: Backyard Chicken Coops for Small Flocks by Janet Hall

Small chicken coops for sale our coops are designed for

Small Chicken Coops For Sale | our coops are designed for easy access for cleaning feeding watering ...

Urban homesteading essentials

Urban homesteading essentials

A professional chicken coop, which is characterized by an elegant and functional wooden structure. It looks like a miniature of a house with a meshed bottom part and a roofed upper part, where hens can lay eggs.

Chicken coops for sale 7

inside chicken coop pics | Chicken Coops Lancaster PA | Chicken Coops for Sale

Chicken coops for sale 4

Loyola Chicken Coop. For those who are lucky enough to have their own chickens.

Chan Chicken Coop with Chicken Run For Up To 2 Chickens

Chan Chicken Coop with Chicken Run For Up To 2 Chickens

A compact grey wooden chicken coop is just the thing for backyard chicken raising. With infinite possibilities for extensions and multiple layers suitable for different animals, the ramp attachment is designed especially for chickens to nest. Weather resistant and a sturdy wooden frame for durability.

Auggie Deluxe Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Auggie Deluxe Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

This natural wood hutch is perfect as either a chicken coop or for smaller furry friends. Up to two chickens can nest and enjoy the grass in the backyard in this solid, weather resistant model. The classic design is compact and durable.

Aosom Llc Pawhut 122 Deluxe Wooden Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop With Double Outdoor Runs

Aosom Llc Pawhut 122 Deluxe Wooden Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop With Double Outdoor Runs

Carrots - what do rabbits like more? Or perhaps they like more their own cottages, pawhut coops, equipped with a living room and catwalk. This is made from recycled grooved wood. Green roof adds charm, also protects against the wacky weather.

Chicken coops for sale in pa

Any Prepper has probably thought about building a chicken coop. By building a chicken coop, you’ll be able to raise chickens and harvest their eggs and meat. Their droppings can also be used as fertilizer or be sold off as such. It’s easy to see why a

Chicken coops for sale 1

Easy Inexpensive Chicken Coops | Chicken Coops for Sale | Chicken Coops UK | Cheap Chicken Coops | Home ...

Chicken coops for sale

A wonderful option for your chickens to have all the safety they would need - this coop sports a design with enough space to make them live comfortably and have a healthy lifestyle that will benefit both them and you.

Chicken coop sales

An interesting DIY-created arched chicken coop having a metal frame of an old trampoline frame. It has supports and a door of casual natural wooden planks, walls of metal mesh, a hen-house with a shed roof, nests, porches, feeders and a ladder.

Chicken tractor for sale 1

A solid chicken tractor with a cage. This mobile solution is made on the basis of durable materials. It is safe for animals and protects them from different forms of outside danger. The whole construction is finished in red color.

Large chicken coops backyard chicken coops for sale

Large Chicken Coops | Backyard Chicken Coops For Sale

Craftsman 4x6 chicken coop up to 15 chickens

Craftsman 4x6 Chicken Coop (up to 15 chickens)