Bird Cage Divider


If you love our winged friends, but don't want them interacting for mating or aggression reasons, and only have room for one bird cage, then you are in luck. We give you a series of bird cage dividers. In this collection, you can find the right divider to match your bird cage, no matter what the design. Keep those loveable songbirds safe and happy. Install a divider.

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Our Picks

M5123d double bird cage with center divider dimensions 51 x

m5123d double bird cage with center divider dimensions 51 x 23 x 63 ...

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Extra Large Flight Bird Cage

Extra Large Flight Bird Cage

This portable, wheeled shelter for your birds adds a smartly constructed piece to your home and lets you provide your birds with enough space to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay, while the steel and plastic construction proves to be strong and reliable.

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Bird cage divider 3

The birdcage is made of strong metal and is quite resistant to rust and corrosion. It has a polished finish with the base having six stands to support it from falling. The birdcage also comes with horizontal supports where the birds can perch.

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Bird cages with dividers

This wonderful cockatoo cage is a perfect option for your interior, letting you opt for something big and sturdy enough to provide enough space for your pet and ensure ultimate safety and comfort, while the style adds to the vintage appeal of your home instantly.

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Colorful painted birdhouse

Colorful painted birdhouse

Bird house made of wood and finished with pastel colors. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition to each outdoor place.

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Rusty Rooster Birdhouse

Rusty Rooster Birdhouse

Charming freestanding bird shelter made of cypress wood hand-painted in green. It has copper roofs and clean out hole. A vent turret has a finial in a form of small iron rooster. The entire construction is weatherproof. Mounted with a peg to a pole.

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Oct-Avian Birdhouse

Oct-Avian Birdhouse

Charming weatherproof bird shelter made of cypress wood hand-painted in white. It has a mellow-copper roof which is removable to easy cleaning. A roof has a finial in a form of small sphera. Mounted on a post.

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Flutterbye Butterfly House

Flutterbye Butterfly House

Butterfly house including 30 inches high garden stake. It's made of solid cypress wood, which provides sturdy and durable construction. Additionally, it features cottage style with hipped roof tops with authentic corner boards and slotted front.

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Fairytale Cottage Hanging Bird House

Fairytale Cottage Hanging Bird House

Introduce a magical mood to your outdoor decor with this charming wooden bird house, ready to be immediately hanged at your window. The house features front door, spacious enough for a bird to enter. Its design and detailed finish is really lovely!

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Wren-in-the-wind Birdhouse

Wren-in-the-wind Birdhouse

It is a lovely and pretty birdhouse that is available in many color options to choose. It is handcrafted and has got a solid wood construction. It is a great addition to your garden.

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Bird Cage Divider

Buying Guide

You may love your pet birds, but they don't always love each other. To keep the ornery ones from attacking and fighting their cage mates, use a bird cage divider. In addition to aiding safety, it’s a space saver because you don't have to buy separate cages. If you’re buying your first pet now, thinking that you might want more, consider buying one of these units.

When purchasing a bird cage divider, remember that birds need ample room. Avians that are unnaturally confined might exhibit problems in behavior such as biting, screaming and plucking their feathers. Make sure that the unit you purchase does the following:

  • Gives the birds space to fully extend their wings and move crest and long tails without hitting the bars
  • Adheres to the guidelines for bar safety
  • Offers a layout that also permits the placement of perches, toys, and bowls

Pet experts suggest the approximate sizes for individual sections of a bird cage divider based on the size of the bird. These authorities also have recommendations for the bars, which prevent birds from escaping. If they are not spaced properly, however, they can trap and harm the pets. Larger birds also need horizontal bars instead of vertical ones so they can climb.

The minimum cage size for small birds like parakeets is 18 inches wide x 18 inches long x 24 inches high. Space bars should be 1/2 inch apart. Budgerigars (parakeets) require cage sections that are at least 18 inches wide x 18 inches long x 24 inches high with bars 1/2 inch apart. African gray parrots need an enclosure that’s at least 24 inches wide x 36 inches long x 48 inches high with bar spacing of 3/4 inch to 1 inch. Give cockatiels a cage that's at a minimum l20 inches wide x 20 inches long x 24 inches high with bar spacing between 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch.

Most bird cage dividers are traditional box-like structures made of metal. Depending on the style, can hold two, four or eight birds. One off-white structure looks like a house rather than the typical birdcage divider. It's two stories with a double-domed structure with arched doors on top and a room with curtains on the bottom level.

If you want to fill a particular living space with nature's beauty, get a light-colored aviary. Furnish it with ladders and the hanging accessories your birds enjoy. This pet showcase is sure to lift your spirits when you're down. Place it in the enclosed porch, living room, den or anyplace you want to enjoy it and awe your guests.

While you're shopping for a bird cage divider, you might want to get something for the wild birds in your yard too. Look for companion houses of wood in the shape of a moose and a bear or a cylindrical white structure topped by a garnet-colored roof.

Best Ideas

Bird cage divider 21

A birdcage built to stand the test of time. The cage was manufactured from metal and has a polished finish to make it more resistant to rust and corrosion. It has a divider that segregates the cage into two halves with each half having two bowls to feed the birds.

Bird cage divider 10

This metal birdcage has a very simple a d elegant design. It’s made from metal and has a polished black color to prevent rust. It has a divider which forms two sections of the cage. Each section of the cage has two bowls for feeding the birds. There are also horizontal supports for the birds to perch on. It can only be mounted on walls and surfaces.

Bird cage divider 13

Upgrade your breeding set-up with this smart 6 Unit Breeder Cage from A & E Cage Company. Featuring 3 removable dividers for up to 6 separate cages, will be perfect for your birds and give them ample space to "spread their wings". Includes stand with 4 ea

Bird cage divider 11

Split-level house cage. It has a center divider that can be taken out to use as one large cage (which is what I would do) or you can leave it in if you have two birds. I like that the top of the larger cage opens up to a perch and there's a "play stand" o

Bird cage divider 16

The Double Macaw Bird Cage with removable Divider from A & E Cage Company will provide your birds with ample space to "spread their wings".

Voltrega cynthia divider bird cage in white

Voltrega Cynthia Divider Bird Cage in White

Bird cage with divider 1

Fanciful Victorian Polychrome Tiered Birdcage, late 19th century, in the form of a gabled house, the upper tier with elaborately modeled double doors to each side, the interior divided into three sections, separated by spindled doors, fitted with swings,

Square top bird cage with divider

Square Top Bird Cage with Divider

Triple stackers breeding bird cage 6 in 1 parrot cage

Triple Stackers Breeding Bird Cage 6 in 1 Parrot Cage ...

Bird big kahuna with divider bird cage 80 x 40

Bird | Big Kahuna with Divider Bird Cage - 80” X 40” X 79 ...

Set of 4 bird cage stackable finch budgie canary aviary

Set of 4 Bird Cage Stackable Finch Budgie Canary Aviary ...

Bird cage large white double macaw parrot slide out

BIRD CAGE Large White Double Macaw Parrot Slide Out ...

195cm pet twin double bird cage parrot cockatoo aviary

195cm Pet Twin Double Bird Cage Parrot Cockatoo Aviary ...

Bird cage large black double macaw parrot slide out

BIRD CAGE Large Black Double Macaw Parrot Slide Out ...