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We've all seen this standard style door knockers on all doors attached to ancient homes. That's not what you want for your home, but you still want to doorknocker. Well you're in luck. Because we have contemporary door knockers for your modern style home that will make people know as soon as they see your door you have no love for the past or the styles of classic antiquity.

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Ring Door Knocker

Ring Door Knocker

Functional door knocker with modern design. It is ring-shaped, and is used on the exterior of doors as an alternative to a doorbell. It showcases a perfect balance of style and function. Sturdy and durable.

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Bronze snake door knocker

Bronze snake door knocker

Nowadays, people don’t have door knocker - it is out-of-date and most of people use door bell. If you are original and you like vintage style you can use this old-fashioned solid door knocker in a shape of snake.

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Contemporary door knocker

With this modern door knocker, your front door will be beautifully accentuated and equipped with a long-lasting piece of stainless steel. It's all covered in a silver finish and characterized by a streamlined design. Mounting hardware included.

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Contemporary stepped square door knocker door handles

Contemporary Stepped Square Door Knocker | Door Handles

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Contemporary door knockers 2

This modern, originally designed door knocker is an example of contemporary design in household articles. It's made from bronze, includes a strike plate and 1-3/4" mounting bolts, that can be cut down for installation.

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Door knockers for sale

The handmade stone doorknocker. It is an unique accessory for a house-warming. Each of them looks different, because are made by one-of-a-kind river find. The stone could be also substitute with another natural material to add the door some urban chic view.

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Customer reviews 1

Customer Reviews

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Contemporary door knockers

Impressively made in a modern style door knocker is a great style and perfect finish, which is at the same time functional. The whole is finished in polished nickel is elegant and looks great on the door.

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Contemporary door knocker 5

Contemporary Door Knocker

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Contemporary door knockers 4

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Contemporary Door Knockers

Buying Guide

There's something that has to be said about the impression contemporary door knockers makes upon guests as they walk upon your stoop. Not only does it best describe your home's character but it also adds a valuable focal point to your front door. Just about every culture worldwide carries their own regional variations and traditions regarding this functional detail, and the options available today are broader and offer more expression than ever. For those who are looking for contemporary door knockers, there are a variety of styles and finishes for every budget.

You'll find that aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel are the most hardwearing materials for contemporary door knockers. Your best recourse is balancing price with the quality and overall look of the piece. In doing so, you'll find one that best fits your taste and the design you'd like.

Keep in mind that, just like anything else, you'll be getting what you pay for regarding door knockers if you select something inexpensive. Those that run on the cheaper end of the spectrum tend to lack in quality and durability, thus having an effect on their appearance and lifespan. For example, if you find an inexpensive pewter door knocker, it could be poorly forged and experience cracking or breakage.

It isn't uncommon for those who are styling with contemporary door knockers to be misled into believing they're plain or feature lackluster designs. However, when your home features a contemporary design, these door knockers are the perfect addition. In addition to being available in a broad range of shapes and finishes, you'll find that these door knockers add a bit of personality to your front door. Not only will you have a style featured that goes beyond that of the traditional animal head or ornamental antique design, but your front door will also feature clean lines and a unique appearance. Contemporary door knockers are available in satin and polished chrome as well as polished brass, each finish lending a crisp, modern feel to the knocker.

Under most circumstances, your contemporary door knockers will come with either a door mount or surface mount kit. You'll find that the surface mount kit is used primarily for those who have wooden doors. The recommendation for those who have other kinds of doors is to use the through the door mounting kit. You'll need a basic set of tools including an electric drill, bits, screwdriver, level, ruler, socket wrench (or small crescent wrench), and a hacksaw.

You'll be measuring to the center of the door and between four and five feet up from the floor to determine where to place the door knocker. You may find the best measurement is approximately 4.5" from the floor. Once you've found the measurement, it's a simple as drilling the holes, bolting in the screws, and tightening them down. If the screws are too long, you may have to shorten them with the hacksaw. Most contemporary door knockers come with installation instructions.

Best Ideas

Contemporary door knockers 14

Stone Door Knocker - but I like this one too. So contemporary and yet prehistoric!

Stainless steel door knocker in satin finish

stainless steel door knocker in satin finish

Satin chrome door knocker

Wanna step out of the crowd? With this contemporary door knowcker it is possible! This beautiful and moder style silver chrome door knocker looks ideal against dark wooden doors, as much as white, big gates.

Modern door knocker more

Modern door knocker More

Contemporary door knockers 3

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Modern door knocker 2

modern door knocker

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Modern contemporary polished chrome belgravia door knocker bc26

Modern Contemporary Polished Chrome Belgravia Door Knocker BC26)

Stone door knocker

Add something charming and just oozing with fun for your interior with some help from this amazing rabbit door knocker. It offers a brass structure to ensure durability and the sublime, detailed finish.

Modern door knockers

modern door knockers

Contemporary door knockers 1

... Design Pendulum Door Knocker - Desu Design modern-windows-and-doors

Home depot door knocker

Irreplaceable utility combined with good craftsmanship - created this bronze pendulum door knocker.It has contemporary look and it may help your visitors to let you know in an ancient way, that they have come to visit you. They will feel like on a royal court.

Contemporary door knockers becoming a more common choice

Contemporary Door Knockers Becoming a More Common Choice

Jv2 contemporary door knocker 1

JV2 Contemporary Door Knocker