Pet Grooming Tubs

It can be a hassle to wash your pet at home, especially if all you have to work with is the same bathtub you and your family share. With a pet grooming tub, pet hair won't clog your bathroom drain, and your pet has a safe and secure space to get clean. WIth many models available, it won't be a problem matching your pet grooming tub with your decorative choices, or your pets personality.

Best Products

Stainless Steel Dog Bathtub and Grooming Tub

Stainless Steel Dog Bathtub and Grooming Tub
Keep your pet looking their best with this large, portable, stainless steel tub. It contains a back-splash and 2-side splashes, keeping clean-ups to a minimum. In addition to an elevated floor, tub height is fully adjustable for your comfort as well. Features include an attachable hose with a high-pressure showerhead, a gentle slope to drain water away with ease, and a convenient built-in rack to hold shampoos and other supplies.

Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub

Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub
If you are a pet groomer, this tub will work for clients of all sizes and breeds. Large-breed dog owners will also find this 58'' H x 50'' W x 28'' D tub incredibly convenient. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this long-lasting tub includes a ramp for easy access and a locking sliding door to keep water inside once the bath begins.

Master Equipment Polypro Dog Grooming Tub

Master Equipment Polypro Dog Grooming Tub
Thanks to this portable dog bath and grooming station, your pet will be clean as a whistle, at all times. The station includes a shampoo bottle holder, adjustable legs, removable door for easy entry, and high density polyethylene construction. Lightweight, resistant to rust and tarnish.

Westmont basement laundry room chicago

Westmont basement laundry room chicago
Traditional and cozy setup for a laundry room with a dog bath made out of white-painted steel and empty space underneath for storage. The dog bath has a handy set of stairs leading to it, which allows the dog to easily reach the bath.

Eclectic laundry room eclectic laundry room philadelphia

Eclectic laundry room eclectic laundry room philadelphia
An elegant contemporary dog bathtub crafted of stone tiles in grey shades. It has a rectangular basin and a high-profiled backsplash with taps. A bathtub is placed over storage cabinets (with full doors) of white finished wood.

Pet grooming tubs

Wash your dog in special dog washing station, with steps and high quality tub. It's not only for commercial use, you can add it into your apartment or outdoor space.

Grooming tubs

The simple construction of this pet grooming tub is an excellent solution for dog owners. The comfortable form allows for a comfortable bathing of the pet, and he will be equally satisfied. Attractive colors add charm.

Our advice Buying Guide

Grooming can be a dreadful experience for dogs but it doesn't have to be if owners make sure bath time is fun for them. Buying your dog a pet grooming tub is the first step to turning bathing into a pleasurable experience rather than a painful one. After all, it's your way of pampering your pet and spending quality time with it. To know how to choose the right pet grooming tub, keep on reading.

How to pick the right size pet grooming tub?

A pet grooming tub should be of the correct size to place a dog in it. If it's too small for your dog, it won't be able to stay put which will result in a mess with all the water being spilled and splashed.

To determine the size of the pet grooming tub that your dog needs, measure your pet's height and length. The height of the tub must be enough to secure your pet in it. If your dog will still grow, find its adult measurements online. That should be your reference when choosing a pet grooming tub or else you'll find yourself buying a bigger tub because your dog has overgrown the one it used before.

Remember that your priority is getting the right tub size. Additional features and aesthetics should come second. There's no point in getting a beautiful pet grooming tub if you won't be able to use it to bathe your dog.

What's the price range for pet grooming tubs?

Pet grooming tubs can cost as low as $50 each or as high as $1,500. Because the price bracket is so wide, it's now time for you to decide on how much you want to spend. If you'll be using a pet grooming tub often to bathe several dogs, you'd want one that can withstand constant and rough use as dogs can scratch on it. Large dogs also need a more durable tub that can carry their weight.

If the budget that you've set allows or if you please, get a bigger and wider bathtub so your dog can swim in it. You can also add toys so your pet can play while it’s being groomed. This will ensure that its bathing time becomes a fun swimming experience. Most of us treat our pets as family members, so we can assume that you'd also be willing to spend more for the comfort of your pet.

What are pet grooming tubs crafted from?

  • Pet grooming tubs can be made of different materials. The most common are made of plastic, stainless steel, and fiberglass reinforced plastic. They are preferred by dog owners and professional groomers because they're less likely to leak.
  • The high-quality, well-performing, and long-lasting pet grooming tubs are made of stainless steel, but they come with a heavy price tag. This is what you'd prefer if you have a dog grooming business or several dogs to bathe at a time.

Pets are active, and they love getting messy and grubby. This will require a thorough 'rub and scrub' and some work on your part as the dog owner. Because you've read our guide on how to choose pet grooming tubs, we're confident that you will get the tub that's right for you and your pet's grooming needs.


Dog bath tub

Pet grooming tubs have to be properly designed to be easy to clean, and this one is exactly like that. Seamless, without any cracks or dents, from the tub to the bottom of the stairs, it's convenient and practical.

Pet grooming tubs 2

Washing space (Hannah S. Ostroff/ WYDaily)

Dog grooming tub

This large dog bath is characterized by fiberglass construction, and a convenient ramp that leads straight to the tub. Inside, there is a shower, and enough place to put a shampoo and other cosmetics.

Pet grooming tubs 1

This shower pan on a raised platform is designed to make grooming and washing your pet much easier. It looks truly elegant and will become a piece that grants immense convenience and functionality for your household.

Pet bathtub

Grooming tubs for pets. These elements of equipment are suitable for home and commercial locations. They are resistant to damage caused by animals and they assure the best possible comfort and safety for them.

Dog wash tub

A functional solution for companies that provide dog grooming services. This kind of bath features a rectangular shape and a stylish white color. It is safe for dogs and resistant to many negative factors.

Dog grooming tubs

This bath tub was upgraded to serve efficiently as a dog grooming tub and incorporated in blue and tan decored bathroom. Note the pull out steps: they might be neatly hidden under the tub or help your dog climb into the bath.

Dog tub

Practical advice how to make most use a large garage. For example, one can install 2 sinks for cleaning gardening tools or built a dog bathing area. A tub is cased with grey-painted plywood. There are stairs for a pet and a storage underneath.

Master Equipment Poly Pro Lift Grooming Tub, Blue

If you have dogs, you know that they love getting dirty. Giving a bath to your pet can be easier due to this violet dog's bathtub made of plastic. This type of equipment will be very useful in dog groomer's salon.

Tub idea kind of cool

Tub idea - kind of cool

Dog grooming tubs with vintage design 1

Dog Grooming Tubs with vintage design

Dog wash tubs for sale

Not all dogs are willing to cooperate during washing, so I consider this dog wash station amazing - makes the often troublesome task of dog washing far easier. For big dogs and their owners, it's a huge facility.

Dog bathtub

If you are looking for a comfortable bath for your pet, this pet grooming tube is the perfect solution. Made in the form of a massive chest will allow you to bathe a dog comfortably. Unique output and comfortable hose will make the job fun.

Portable dog bath

This pet grooming tub will be a practical addition not only to the veterinary offices, but also for the private, home use. A convenient place, both for you and your dog, when you can freely groom your best friend.

Grooming tub

This modern washing station for grooming dogs can be a lifesaver, when fighting with your pet to be clean and odor free. The whole is easy in use and made of quality metal, thus it will ensure you a pleasant and durable usage.

Home dog wash station

How To Build A Dog Wash Station |

Dog tubs

Grooming salon ideas, Google images. Love the walk around tubs with built in ramps and hv dryers at each tub

Pet wash station

This large tub is suitable for pet grooming. Its polypropylene construction is durable and resistant to water or damage caused by animals. It includes a sink and four legs that assure the best possible stability.

Master Equipment Encompass Grooming Tub, Ivory

Your tubs are fantastic people love the white cleanliness ease

Your tubs are fantastic! People love the white, cleanliness, ease of ...

Dog washing station love the steps up very helpful with

Dog Washing Station- love the steps up, very helpful with bigger dogs

Dog bathtubs

Dog Spa Design | 19 Photos of the Dog Grooming Tubs

Dog grooming bath tubs

Repurposed old bathtub

Dog wash basin

Pet grooming tub for residential and commercial premises. Suitable for small and medium sized pets.

Elevated dog bath

The dog is the man's best friend. So let's take care of your beloved pet and buy him some items that will make him feel comfortable - like a ceramic pet grooming tub on a raised platform, convenient for us, small size but the practical execution.

Diy dog wash station

Groom-Pro Pet Tub is a dog wash and grooming station in one!

Swivel ramp tristar vet

Swivel Ramp | TriStar Vet

Repinned dog wash

-Repinned- Dog wash.

Dog grooming tubs for sale

Pet grooming tub for residential and commercial premises. It is made of high quality stainless steel. Simple form and functional design.

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Lucias premium pets on daniel island offers a self serve

Lucia's Premium Pets on Daniel Island offers a Self-Serve Dog Wash station. All you need to bring is your dog!

Dog wash sink

$300.00 - Dog Grooming TUB custom built

Dog room this is awesome whats funny is that this

Dog Room - this is awesome. What's funny is that this person's dog room is bigger than my one bathroom.

Pet grooming pup tub


Bathtub for dogs

dog washing station, id love it if it was raised so you didn't have to bend down

Dog wash station

A nicely-looking kitchen set that is going to transform your kitchen into a contemporary state of art. The set offers many spacious shelves, with all hidden behind panel doors with decorative knobs. There are also 2 drawers, perfect for storing cutlery and dishrags.

Pooch pawlor dog grooming because your dog deserves the best

... Pooch Pawlor Dog Grooming – because your dog deserves the best

45 degree sides bathing tub

45 Degree Sides Bathing Tub

Dog bathing tubs

Adorable approach to a cute pet grooming tub, made out of plastic in a pink colour with dog paw prints on the side. The grooming tub is fitted with a compartment for storing cosmetics and bar on top for leashing dogs.

Portable pet bath

A large outdoor dog grooming tub that is solid and stable thanks to its four gray legs. The tub area is green and very solid. It provides comfort and safety to a dog, so the grooming process will be much easier.

Diy dog grooming station

horse trough tub & wash tub sink w/ galvalume backsplash (notice the overhead shower pipe) - cool!

Groom-Pro Pet Tub™ Grooming Station

Groom-Pro Pet Tub™ Grooming Station

Dog bath i want to build this into our next

Dog bath! I want to build this into our next home!