Wooden Indoor Dog Gates

Instead of the usual steel dog gates that, lets face it, are easy to break, maybe it's time to switch it up, and give your pup a gate that has some style. For an aesthetic choice, that gives the feel of an external gate, installing one of these dog gates will give you the benefit of keeping your pooch from wandering, and add an eclectic addition to your home.

Best Products

Barn Wood Baby Or Pet Gate

Barn Wood Baby Or Pet Gate
Constructed of sturdy barnwood in a natural finish, this indoor dog gate is going to keep your four-legged friend in a limited area. The gate operates on two powder-coated hinges and can be secured with a matching lock.

Fitzgerald Dog Gate

Fitzgerald Dog Gate
A heavy duty dog gate. Pressure mounted, made of steel and wood. Black and walnut finish that looks elegant in every interior. Swinging door type. Elegant and well made gate that will keep your pet from going upstairs.

Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate

Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate
This is a freestanding wooden gate that protects the selected room. With the dog will not have access where the owner may not desire, and will be able to walk after all the other rooms. It is safe and useful.

Tall Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate

Tall Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate
If you want to prevent your dog from entering restricted areas, you should definitely think about this Tall Freestanding Wood & Wire Pet Gate. With eco-friendly Rubberwood craftsmanship, non-marking rubber feet, and resistance to tipping; the gate is a must-have for messy 4-legged critters.

Royal Weave Free Standing Dog Gate

Royal Weave Free Standing Dog Gate
A free-standing two-piece dog gate. Designed to be used indoors and to look attractive as not only to prevent your dog(s) from entering unwanted areas but also complement your home decor. Heavy duty, made of steel.

Pet Gate Dog Safety Freestanding Wooden Paw Folding Barrier Fence Indoor Wide

Pet Gate Dog Safety Freestanding Wooden Paw Folding Barrier Fence Indoor Wide
Adorned with an adorable paw motive, this pet gate will be an ideal solution for all dogs' owners to protect them and their pupils from their undesired presence in some areas of the house.

Extra Tall Wood Free-Standing Gate

Extra Tall Wood Free-Standing Gate
This is a special gateway that allows you to protect part of the house before the dog. Setting this gate in the doorway of the room, to which the dog has not come will preserve the rule in practice. It is very usabibiby.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wooden indoor dog gates can help control where Fido or Fifi roams inside your home. You love your pup. You love him or her very, very much, but sometimes having an indoor dog is like having a permanent child. Older dogs are less prone to getting themselves into trouble than puppies (who are certainly like curious children), but there are times when your dog needs to be kept out of certain areas. Often this is for your canine companion’s own safety, not because you are selfish with your possessions or space. Wooden gates are an attractive solution to keeping puppies with an unfortunate taste for literature out of the library or separating a nervous older dog from visiting children.

What are the advantages of accordion dog gates?

Wall-mounted accordion gates can come in cedar or in bamboo. Bamboo has the advantage of being tough, non-splintery, and more renewable than cedar. By securing the gate to the wall, it is less likely to be dislodged by a rambunctious puppy or mechanically skilled toddler. When purchasing, check the size of openings in the expanded gate. Some accordion gates will have openings large enough for a small puppy to get its head caught in the meshes. There is also the chance for pinched paws or fingers. On the plus side, it’s sturdy and is easy to install and easy to use. The clip-on latch allows the gate to be removed and put away when not needed.

What are some of the best designs of dog gates on sale?

The Richell Freestanding Dog Gate

When traveling or visiting, you might not be able to install a permanent dog gate. The Richell freestanding dog gate with side panels can help control your pet at home or away. However, it is noted in the literature that this product might not completely restrain your pet and should therefore not be used in situations where your pet or others might be at risk. While it can help control movement, it should not be used without supervision.

The Logan Expandable Pet Gate

Teach manners and make guests more comfortable with the Logan dog gate. It uses tension to hold it in place, so no screws or drilling required, making it ideal for rentals or for travel. It fits most standard doorways and is ideal for placement between rooms or at the head of stairs. It features a swinging door function and automatic closure if the gate is open more than nine inches. Suitable for both large and small dogs as a training device and has a moderately secure barrier.

The Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Gates

Configurable gates that depend upon wide feet and Z shape placement can be used as free-standing or as wall mounted gates. As free-standing gates, they are reasonably secure but share the problems of other free-standing gates in that a determined puppy or toddler can move them. The Primetime Petz 360 configurable gate can be used as a free-standing gate or as a wall mounted gate. The expansion panels can even allow it to be used as a pet playpen, keeping the four-footed babies from mixing with the two-footed babies – or allowing them to play together under supervision.


Custom indoor gates

If you like the farmhouse or rustic style, you shall also appreciate this stair gate. Ideal to protect from any unfortunate accidents, when you have babies or animals. Finished with smooth, white wooden panels.

Wooden indoor dog gates

A functional indoor gate that is going to protect your child from climbing the stairs or to keep your dog in a limited area. It's made of sturdy wood planks and works on two powder-coated metal hinges.

Interior gates

If you want to keep your dog away from certain rooms, you can always decide on this hardwood gate in an oak finish. Easy to install and durable, it will also work as a gate that you can mount on indoor stairs to protect your little ones from climbing.

Barn door baby gate

The baby gate for safe your kids. The door are cut in half and they have got a traditional latch lock. You need to have it if you've got small children or home pates. It's nicely finished and high quality product.

Dog gates amazon

Pet gate is a great detail for the home where pets live. Made of solid wood model finished with a charming motif of dog paws and looked beautifully functional. Foldable construction makes easy use. The whole is finished in a dark shade.

Indoor fence

An aesthetic and practical full convertible indoor gate intended for dogs. It's made of wood with a warm brown finish and features vertically slatted walls. Hinges and a deadbolt (at the top) are of metal.

Dog fence indoor

Your apartment needs the custom baby and pet gate, for extra safe. This product is nicely finished, high quality and made of durable wood. It can separate two interiors.

Wooden indoor dog gates 1

The baby gate is the must have in any apartment, especially near the stairs. This wooden indoor gate is nicely finished, solid, high quality and provides the elegant style.

Build a dog gate

Custom Made Saloon Style Rustic Barn Door by RusticLuxeBoutique, $200.00

Orvis dog gates

A functional dog gate that will keep your barking critter away from certain rooms in your house. The 48" wide x 28" high gate is adjustable and sturdy, crafted of hardwood in an oak finish, and strengthened with metal hardware.

Dreambaby Nottingham Expandable Wooden Walk Through Gro-Gate

Expandable wooden walk through indoor gate, swinging open in both directions - a boon when a baby or a curious pet is around. Constructed with sturdiness in mind using wood and plastic. Has 2-step slide and lift handle.

Designer Angle Mount Wood Safeway Baby/Pet Gate - Oak Finish

The design inspired by a flush-mounted gate will prove to be a safety secret for your child. Thanks to this, this young explorer will not find himself on the stairs without care. Wood pet or child gate indoor was made of wood, it can be mounted at any angle.

North States Industries Supergate Stairway Swing Gate

Dog gate in simple form. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. It consists of vertically arranged strips. Designed for medium sized pets. Functional design for each home as needed.

Expandable Swing Gate

Expandable Swing Gate

Pet swing gate

LOVE this crate/fence/gate alternative called BOW from Japanese company Replus; it’s so much prettier than metal.

Interior metal gates

This wooden indoor gate can be a great protection for both one's pets and kids - so basically all the most precious family members. Folding construction, representing a traditional, slat design.

Wood dog gate 2

Us this expanding fence in your backyard and enjoy a fine boost of convenience, for when you need to restrain your pet to a certain area to keep it safe and still wouldn't want to downgrade the decor of your household.

Wooden indoor dog gates

By this made of wood dog gate, you can secure some places in front of our pets. The whole is folded and molded into a pleasing to the eye low fence, which makes it look beautiful in every interior design.

Indoor gates

Made of solid wood pet gate is simple construction and functionality on a daily basis. Beautiful artistry, subtle details with flowers motifs and bright colors make a whole that is perfect for any interior design.

Indoor dog fence with gate shop for indoor dog gates

Indoor Dog Fence With Gate Shop for indoor dog gates

Interior pet gates


Gates for indoors

indoor dog gate

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate

Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z, Fold Configurable Gate

A configurable gate for indoor use to keep your dog in a limited area. Wood craftsmanship includes a walk-thru door that allows for easy movement between spaces. It's lightweirght, foldable and easy to use.

Indoor dog fence ideas

Wooden indoor gate for a dog. Its size allows you to safely step over it while keeping your dog enclosed. It’s perfect for times when guests visit you. Beautiful, red wood is great for contemporary houses.

Cheap indoor puppy gates

cheap indoor puppy gates

Hardwood pet gates

Hardwood Pet Gates

Clevr 71" Adjustable Indoor Wood Wooden Pet Fence Gate Free Standing Dog Gate

Adjustable wood & metal wire netting pet fence / free standing indoor gate. Sturdy construction was designed with stability in mind, so the gate is not easy to overturn. Comes in classic wooden finish.

Build indoor dog gate

Not the most beautiful indoor dog gate on Earth... But it's surely better to construct a DIY wooden gate than to use nothing in some situations. Perhaps I'd choose another finish (lacquer?) to beautify this doggy gate a bit.

Gates for pets indoor retractable pet sitter gates extra tall

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Stylish & Secure Wood & Metal Walk Thru Gate

Stylish & Secure Wood & Metal Walk Thru Gate

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Dog gates primetime petz auto close door wood indoor dog

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Indoor white picket fence

Indoor Wooden Dog Gate / Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates -- Orvis

Toe nailed together 2x4 pieces of wood and attached metal

toe-nailed together 2x4 pieces of wood and attached metal screening ...

Swinging dog gate

The white wooden picket fence that can be used both indoor and outdoor. It’s very good at keeping your pets under control, for example when guests come to visit you. It folds and therefore is easy to install or move.

Every dog owner has many objects that ought to be

every dog owner has many objects that ought to be steer clear off dogs ...

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Wire Mesh Wood Pet Gate

Wire Mesh Wood Pet Gate

How to build a pet gate

This is not a sign of hatred for our pet but concern for him and our safety. A wooden indoor dog gate is free-standing and made of solid hardwood. Warm color and the possibility of mounting in any corner of the house.

Gates kids and workmen leave gates open and dogs have

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Interior gate

DIY WOODEN PET CAGE indoor K9 dog or cat pen

Gate free standing adjustable dog gate indoor solid wood construction

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