Chicken Coop With Run For Sale

Chickens don't just want to sit around all day. The want to move, get some air, and run around. If you want to raise chickens, the happiest chickens are those who feel free, even when they aren't. And happy chickens produce more eggs. Make you chickens happy with our chicken coops with run collection offerings. It is a good investment, and your chickens will thank you.

Best Products

Chicken coop extension run

The chicken coop with additional run. The construction has been built fully of wood with the addition of fiber reinforced with stainless steel. It guarantees safety but also enough fresh air to walk in comfort.

Chicken coop with run for sale 1

A large chicken run with 2 separate enclosures having 1 door with a latch and 1 little door in a shorter wall. A wooden frame has a natural finish. It has straight posts, full panel bottom parts, walls of metal mesh, a gambrel of wavy green sheets.

Walk in chicken coop for sale

Made from natural bright wood, this collection of chicken coops with runs, constitute a good place to breed your little friends. Offering a spacious coup, they will have enough space to naturally grow.

Chicken Coop with Chicken run

Chicken Coop with Chicken run
This beautiful hen house is the perfect place for of various poultry. It has an indoor part of the roof and large sized enclosure for the chickens. Protects birds against intruders, giving them the freedom and convenience.

Chicken coop with run for sale

Chicken coop with run for any outdoor place as needed. Construction is made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Simple form and functional design.

Chicken coop with run for sale

Made from solid, bright wood panels, this backyard chicken coop wth run offers comfortable space to breed your animals. It comprises a nesting box along with a square, considerably large run.

Chicken coop with run 1

This natural, large chicken coop with a run is the best you can give to your chickens. The coop at the back is so lovely and charming with all the subtle details, like windows or small front doors for chickens.

Our advice Buying Guide

Buying a chicken coop with run seems like a no-brainer decision. That’s until you realize that the fancy-looking coop that you bought online makes it almost impossible for a person your size to gather the eggs.

Maybe the doors open in such an awkward angle that you find it extremely difficult to clean. Or in a worst case scenario, it’s so flimsy that even a slight gust sends it crashing halfway across the yard.

There’s more to a chicken coop than a cage and a play area for your chicken. Here are some important tips to consider while shopping for coops with runs.

What to correctly determine chicken coop capacity?

When buying off the shelf, don’t rely on the maximum number. For example, if there are coops that are advertised with a capacity of 4-6 hens, 4 is more likely a realistic number than the latter.

A lot of times, homeowners tend to miscalculate the number of chickens they want and end up buying a small coop. A little extra space never hurts. So always buy a coop that can accommodate a few extra chicken than what your current flock size is. This way, you can always expand your flock if need be. Provided you have enough room in your lawn to accommodate the coop and aren’t restricted by city ordinances.

How big a coop should you buy?

A fully grown bird needs at least 4 square feet of space to move freely. A bantam need at least 2. Whereas the average space needed for a full grown chicken to roost and sleep is about 11-12”.

Keep this ballpark number in mind when you shop for coops because cramming more chicken into a coop than it can house results in frequent fights and unruly behavior. Add the space needed for the run to this.

How to best access the chicken coop?

Once your flock starts laying, you will be accessing the coop almost every day to collect eggs. Make sure that there’s an integrated nesting box that can be accessed from the outside. Less disturbance to the birds while you can get the eggs without crouching inside the coop.

Having said that, you will need to go inside the coop every now and then for a scrub and wash. Look for door or a roof that opens wide and allows you easy access to the inside.  Most of the parts, like the nesting box, pull out trays should be easily removable for cleaning.

How to make sure the chicken coop is safe?

The run should be protected with hardware mesh. Chicken wire is too flimsy and can easily be gnawed through. Your chickens are under perpetual threat for urban predators like coyotes, badgers, opossums, and large birds of prey. Therefore, both the coop and the run needs to be safe and secure.

Some predators will try to dig their way into the coop. You might want to consider a layer of buried wire around the coop to keep the diggers out. Another option is to buy a coop that’s raised off the floor.

Both the coop as well as the nesting boxes should have strong latches and locks. Galvanized iron is your best bet.

What are the ventilation requirements for chicken coops?

Ensure that the coop has at least two ventilation points because depending on the size of the flock, the ammonia levels in the coop can quickly escalate to unsafe levels.

When it comes to buying a chicken coop with run for sale, it's function over form. Never get swayed with the design no matter how fancy it looks.





Poultry runs for sale

A spacious and secure chicken coop. This chicken coop is structured like a playground for your poultry. Apart from the chicken house, there's a lot of space for your chicken to roam freely and you don't have to worry about them getting lost. This is the best choice for any poultry farmer.

Chicken coops and runs for sale 3

Perfect housing for that pet Henny Penny. Sturdy off-the-ground house for sleeping and egg-laying, with a narrow extendible run for daytime exercise and scratching. A hatch at the back makes the nest box accessible from outside the hutch.

Chicken coops and henhouses for sale

Chicken Coops and Henhouses for sale

Terrace Poultry Hutch

Terrace Poultry Hutch
The Terrace Poultry Hutch is crafted from rot-resistant, fir wood, with the capacious interior. The hutch can fit in up to 6 birds. It has handy storage areas, fenced runs, and two screen windows. Durable structure allows to place the hutch outside as well.

The eggplant chicken coop

A high class chicken cop, which looks really professionally. One part is a large, meshed structure where you hens might eat and spend their time during the day. The other part is a small, purple house where chickens sleep and lay eggs.

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

Chicken Coop with Chicken Run
If you're looking for extraordinary practical and convenient solutions for your chicken farm, this unique and functional chicken coop with chicken run might perfectly fulfill all of your expectations and needs.

Used chicken coop for sale

Vintage, old-fashioned design for a large, long outdoors’ chicken coop made out of light wood with fenced walls, so you can easily see the chickens. The coop has a waterproof roof, preventing it from flooding during the rain.

Movable chicken coops for sale

If you want to sent your chickens on a trip, you can do this with this mobile chicken coop. It's designed in shape of a lovely cottage with glass-paneled windows, ample storage space, and an outdoor cage with a wooden ramp and a cutout hole for easy access.

Purple chicken coop

Large walk in chicken coop with run. Wooden hen house with mesh walls and two compartments: one with mesh roof lets sunlight in, while the corrugated steel apex roof protects from rain and provides water drainage.

Chicken coop with run 16

This small chicken coop with run is a stylish wooden construction, that combines smoothly a place to breed your chickens with a greenery spot on its top. Made from natural, densely grained wood.

House chicken coops chicken hen houses chicken coops for sale

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Fontana Chicken Barn

Fontana Chicken Barn
Eco-friendly chicken barn that may house up to four adult chickens. It boasts durable and non-toxic construction built out of recycled materials. The roof of the barn is removable, and the plastic door may be folded down.

Extended Family Hen House Starter Kit

Extended Family Hen House Starter Kit
This fancy Extended Family Hen House Starter KIT can be a nice addition to your garden. Manufactured mostly from plywood panels, this solid construction includes One NightGuard Solar device for proper protection against predators.

Extra large chicken coop with run

Made from bright wooden boards, this charming chicken coop will be absolutely enough to comprise your several broilers. Its nicely carved shape resembles a real, full-size house.

Chicken house for sale

Large Chicken Coop For Sale Jumbo chicken house coop for

Devon hen house with run

Devon Hen House with Run

Chicken coop with walk in run

What an amazing place these chickens live in! Complete with everthing - grassy areas that they can't ruin, runs, a babbling brook, and gorgeous places to nest-complete with quilts hanging for ambiance!

Chicken Ranch

Chicken Ranch
This chicken cottage is just the ideal combination of a safe hen house and the full size free range pasture pen, making for a true must-have piece if you're looking for a place to keep your chickens safe and sound.

Backyard Charm Open Air Hutch

Backyard Charm Open Air Hutch
A hutch for fowl with nest sides and roof, with white ladder ramp and a cozy nesting house inside. The product promises longevity and decent functionality. These are sure to be accomplished thanks to solid wood construction and easy access.

Chicken runs for sale uk


Chicken coop with run

Chickencoop with windows, steps and enclosure. Henhouse is made of wood and covered of purple paint. Enclosure is secured of net. This chickencoop will play its role perfectly in the garden of small cottage house.

Chicken Coop with Lockable Nesting Box and Storage

Chicken Coop with Lockable Nesting Box and Storage
Large, nicely styled chicken house, simple to be assembled (instructions provided). The doors of a nesting and storage box are lockable. The frame is constructed of wood in natural, light finish, which contrasts with burgundy red roof.

Red Barn Chicken Coop

Red Barn Chicken Coop
This large chicken coop provides ample living space for your hens while at the same time remaining compact enough to fit in an urban farm environment. Its numerous features will surely fulfil your needs and the finish adds an modern edge.

Chicken coop with run 25

This chicken coop with run embodies style and practicality. Being a great example of handmade constructions, it is solid and well-designed, enchanting with light-weight, cool and clean design.

Hen Chicken Coop

Hen Chicken Coop
A hen chicken coop with a chicken run, so that your hens could roam freely with the ample amounts of space, while at the same time providing them shelter from predators and a quiet, safe space to rest.

Chicken run for sale used

Silkie Chickens

Chick N Cottage Chicken Coop

Chick N Cottage Chicken Coop
It is a chick N cottage chicken coop that is accommodates up to two chickens. It makes a safe space for protecting your hens. You will be impressed how great this chicken coop is. You need to have it.

Chicken coop with run 3

Chicken coop for each outdoor place as needed. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Extreme Hen Chicken Run

Extreme Hen Chicken Run
This extreme hen chicken coop has got a nesting box, ramp and roosting bar. It is made for protect your chickens. It measures 30.12 inches high by 55.12 inches wide by 37.99 inches deep.

Chicken Fort Run

Chicken Fort Run
Made of solid wood construction and durable mesh chicken fort run is the perfect solution for your small hodolli poultry. It fits between 6 and 8 chickens.It allows free and safe use of green grass.

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Small Hen House Starter Kit

Small Hen House Starter Kit
This Small Hen House Starter Kit is simply perfect for those who just began their journey through the poultry land. The coop is set on four sturdy legs along with a useful ladder and door with a lock. Nice choice for gardens and backyards.

Trixie Outdoor Chicken Run with Mesh Cover

Trixie Outdoor Chicken Run with Mesh Cover
Practical run cover intended for 2 standard size chickens or ducks. It's rectangular frame is made of pine wood with a glazed light brown finish. A cover has hinged both a roof and a door, a sliding door, meshy metal sides.

Trixie Chicken Coop

Trixie Chicken Coop
It is a chicken coop that has got a solid wood construction, two doors, weatherproof finish inside and out, glazed pine color and removable divider. You will be impressed how solid and high quality this product is.

Red Barn Large Chicken Coop

Red Barn Large Chicken Coop
This large chicken coop is a truly functional piece, offering your hens lots of living space, while still remaining compact enough to fit in any urban farm environment and combining safety and security.

The Farm House Poultry Chicken Coop with Nesting Box

The Farm House Poultry Chicken Coop with Nesting Box
It is a chicken coop coupled with the rundown for hens. The whole structure is made of wood and surrounded by a special mesh to keep the hens did not escape. Chicken coop is so organized that the chickens have enough space to live and running.

Chicken doorstop 8

A cool traditional rustic style doorstop in the form of a simplified hen. It's handmade of durable off-white fabric with colourful additions in prevalent reds and yellows with floral patterns. It's heavily stuffed with different materials.

Anchor the buttontastic cheeky chicken

Anchor The Buttontastic Cheeky Chicken
Made in the form of chicken doorstop is a beautiful combination of materials, decorative buttons, and color. The whole looks great in every decor and delights with details. The interior with this item is gaining functionality.

Chicken doorstop 23

Functional and attractive doorstop in the form of chicken. This multi-color element not only decorates indoors, but it also protects doors and walls from damage caused by impact. It also saves plenty of space.

Free Range Hutch / Nest

Free Range Hutch / Nest
This free range hutch / nest is made of fir wood. It is a very safe area for your hens. It has got a great design and it is perfect for your chickens. You will be surprised how amazing this nest is.

Decka the cheeky chicken doorstop 1

Decka The Cheeky Chicken Doorstop
The colorful accessories is the best way to revitalise the boring apartment. The cheeky chicken is a little (6 inches big) friend, who protects the door from slamming. Looks sweet and also very useful.

Chicken Door Stop 8.3 X 9.8"

Functional and charming item resembling a chicken, designed for versatility and durability. Can be used as a door stopper, a decoration, or even as a gift. Great looking product made with quality materials.

Cooksmart Door Stop, Chicken

Durable door stopper resembling a toy chicken made of 100-percent cotton with 100-percent polyester filling. This great item provides a cute way of accessorising your home, whilst still being practical.