Tree Cat Condo

Does your cat like such things? We can assume that yes so it might be worth to check the available cat trees that are shown on this site. Discover all these models, all the sizes, shapes and designs, to choose the one most appropriate for your house. What do you think?

Best Products

1 Bed Wine Crate Cat Condo With Cat

1 Bed Wine Crate Cat Condo With Cat
Cat tree made from recycled wine crate. It is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Received many positive recommendations from customers for functionality and neutral design.

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree
Lady and sir cats, we have something for you! This cat tree has a solid wood construction and is perfect for every size of a kitty - for these bigger and smaller ones. It is worth highlighting that this piece has been made in the USA - for an American quality!

Tree cat condo

The attractive design of this cat tree is an excellent way to provide a great place to play with pets. Beautiful construction and effective execution make the whole look perfect in any decor of the interior.

Tree cat condo 1

Splendid ideas for having a cat tree inside your home, so your furry friend could have a more active life. Here are various types to choose from, depending on your preferences, number of cats, and home decor.

Cat playhouse plans

Eye-catching large contemporary cat trees composed of real braided tree branches with a natural finish. Some of them are equipped with rectangular bases and size-varied shelves covered in beige carpeted fabric.

How to build a cat condo

A bunch of ingenious cat tree ideas! Some wannabe designers thought that a cat tree should literally resemble tree, and here are the effects. These look pretty cool! Wood construction is besides perfect for scratching!

Diy cat playhouse

A charming innovative cat tree built of wooden materials and featuring incorporated a branchy tree with green leaves of silk. A lovely condo with a gable roof and shelves in 4 tiers have a natural finish and covering of light beige carpeted fabric.

Our advice Buying Guide

What are the best materials for a tree cat condo?

A tree cat condo is a fun apparatus for your cat to play and nap on, especially if you have a small home with limited space for them to exercise. The best materials for tree cat condos are durable, sturdy, and visually appealing. You’ll also want to make the cat tree out of material that your cat enjoys scratching so it can cut its claws on something other than your furniture.

The most popular materials for a cat tree are sisal rope, cardboard, carpet fabric, or wood. These are all surfaces that are safe for your cat to spend time on and that it will enjoy scratching or rubbing its head on. Carpet and rope will be the best choices if you want your cat to spend time on the tree scratching.

A fun addition to a cat tree is to include tree branches among tiered wooden platforms, giving your cat something more exciting to navigate.

How tall is a tree cat condo?

With options between 2’-10’ tall, a tree cat condo is a lovely addition to your pet’s play area. Cat condos vary in measurements, with some that reach ceiling height. For a shorter option that fits in a small play space, consider carpeted cat condos measuring between 24”-50”. These condos feature carpet-covered perches for your cat to sleep, jump, and climb on.

If you have more space, your cats are sure to enjoy cat condos that are made to resemble actual trees. These units are made of wood and have branches, perches, and leaves for your cats to explore. Most tree-inspired cat homes are 48”-96” tall; however, there are options that reach closer to 144”. These taller condos are great for outdoor play areas or homes with high ceilings.


Kitty condo plans

A cool traditional cat tree crafted of wood and sisal rope. It's built of a square base, height-varied round posts wrapped in a rope and having fixed size and shape-varied shelves, a basket and 2 condos.

Make a cat condo

This tree cat condo constitutes a fabulous proposition for all cats owners. If you have several of them, now everyone will have his own little flat, neighbouring to the others. All gracefully adorned, creating a shabby chic appeal.

How to make a cat condo

My cats are hard to be pleased (most cat owners should know what I mean) but I bet they'd be happy with this opulent cat tree. Many shelves, hammocks and peek-a-boo booths, let alone scratching posts, make it just perfect.

Make cat condo

Wouldn't that be neat? They'd have fun with that.

Climb cat trees condos perches hauspanther

CLIMB – Cat Trees, Condos & Perches — hauspanther

Diy cat tree ideas

DIY cat tree ideas

Diy cat apartment storage and play area

DIY Cat Apartment, Storage and Play Area

Tree cat condo 11

This cat tree condo resembles well a real tree, with its several branches, each offering different possibilities for your cat. Two of them are finished with a board to rest and sleep, one with sisal string to scratch and sharpen the paws.

Cat condo diy

A simple but cool and aesthetic cat tree created of a tall contemporary bookcase of white-finished wooden materials. It has a rectilinear open front body and several rectangular shelves (with cutout holes) covered with black carpet fabric.

Genius maybe this would keep them off the entertainment center

Genius! Maybe this would keep them off the entertainment center and counter Tricia's Cat Playground Ideas

Cat scratching posts cat trees condos custom play furniture and

Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Trees, Condos, Custom Play Furniture and ...

Tree cat condo 5

This huge tree cat condo is an absolutely adorable item, designed to accommodate several cats at one time. Its grey and green surface is covered with in-soft-in-touch plush finish, creating a comfy place to rest.

This elegant wall mounted cat tree from designer pet products

This elegant wall-mounted cat tree from Designer Pet Products comes in a set of two pieces — one with an opening for a cat to explore and another that is closed off, so the cat cannot enter. This is a great place for small plants or books. Cats can rest

Cat trees plans

A lovely proposition for all cat owners. This 4-tiered cat condo actually resembles faithfully a real tree. It comprises three parts, the middle one with various shelves to lay and surrounding two, short trees.

They look so adorable please check out my website thanks

They look so adorable. Please check out my website thanks.

Cat tree design ideas simple diy cat furniture 3

Cat Tree Design Ideas, Simple DIY Cat Furniture

How to build a cat condo at home

Make sure that your cat always has plenty of room to climb and move around, while at the same time provide them with the perfect scratching post with this cool cat tree. It offers four shelves for even better and more functional use.

Tree cat condo

A tree cat condo in this case really means this is a tree! Instead of a plush or jute stick standing with shelves for climbing - this time the shaft of presented here cat condo is made of a strong branch of light wood, as also shelves made of birch wood.

Reading cat mobel multi functional shelving cat tree

This is a very modern tree cat condo, but as you see it has completely different as usual construction. It is mixed with a contemporary wooden bookcase with asymmetrical and geometrical shelves. Finished in natural veneer it presents Scandinavian style.

Cat tree building plans

Always ensure a truly convenient and fun setting for your beloved cats with this amazing tree cat condo. It offers a strong wood base of the structure for years of use and can be upholstered in the soft, warm material.

Building a cat condo

Cats tree. Well, aparently not exclusively for cats - this doggie knows how to relax properly. A tree cat condo is dedicated for cats, as it provides relax platforms and scratching posts, but smaller dogs can benefit as well.

Tree cat condo 7

Now this could be easily made no? Cat Climbing Tower by TrendyCat Design

Tree cat condo 2

A cute tree for your cute meowing friend to be able to jump and rest in style. It is constructed of hardwood, and covered with durable rug for scratching. It comes with 3 platforms, and a square flat base for stability.

Tree cat condo 4

Handcrafted Fantasy Cat Furniture disguise your cat scratcher as a tree - love it

Tree cat condo 1

A great example of the so-called "catification". Designed so to create the cat the best conditions to jump, run and practice his agility, the interior is equipped with a set of cleverly-designed white shelves. One of them features this adorable bed.

Cool cat forest kitty hallow cat tree build a forest

... cool cat forest kitty hallow cat tree build a forest for your cat

Large cat tree furniture cat condos 1

The enormous cat playground with multiple condos. If you have more than two cats, you should provide them enough place to play and hide. Maybe this cat tree is really big, but guarantees a good entertainment for your kitty.

Cat castle plans

One would think that cats outside will have a great time in themselves, so many trees and scratching places. But if your cat would feel at ease only at home, you can combine its upholstered scratching stages with the bark of the tree creating a tree cat condo.

Cat tower 1

cat tower

Reader pet projects outdoor cat tree

Reader Pet Projects - Outdoor Cat Tree

Diy cat condos

This uniquely designed tree cat condo constitutes a homemade proposition for all cat owners. Hand-painted, it enchants with its adorable paintings, adorning the vibrant, pistachio green background,

Cat condo building plans

This tree cat condo constitutes a perfect spot for your cat to rest and play. Easy to assemble on one's own, it features 5 levels, developing cat's agility and offering a comfy relax at the top of his kingdom.

Cool cat tree plans free cat tree plans

Cool Cat Tree Plans: Free Cat Tree Plans

Outdoor cat houses it might be a good way to

A cute outdoor house for your energetic cats that will have a real blast while jumping all over the high-pitched roof. The house is built from sturdy wood planks, offering 3 cut out holes for easy access, and 1 large deck underneath the whole structure.

Cat climber plans

6 Free Plans For Cat Tree

Tree cat condo 14

PetPals 42" Cat Tree

Cat gym plans

If you have can, you should buy this tower made of wooden shelves and scratchers. It isn't very tall, so it is dedicated for kittens. This item doesn't stake a lot of place and it will be incredible fun to year pet.

Build a cat condo

This beautiful tree cat condo your cats would love. It looks cute and attract a lot of attention of your guests Made of good quality materials that provide good level of stability. White color would compose excellent in any room design.

New cat condos 42 premeire cat climber cat tree

New Cat Condos 42" Premeire Cat Climber Cat Tree

Cool cat playhouse

DIY Cat Tower | 60" New Cat Tree / Cat Condo / Cat Furniture Scratcher- Beige in Pet ...

Family cat 53 condo cat tree with sky lookout

Family Cat 53" Condo Cat Tree with Sky Lookout

Here you go bob villa build yourself a cedar cat

Here you go Bob Villa build yourself a Cedar Cat House - Condo Complex :)

The Sebastian 65" Modern Cat Tree

The Sebastian 65" Modern Cat Tree