Kitty Litter Box Furniture

Do you happen to be looking for something that your cat would enjoy ? If that is so, we invite you to this incredibly diverse compilation of kitty litter boxes and similiar elements. It shouldn’t be surprising that this collection is quite popular and you shouldn’t have too many difficulties with choosing, either.

Kitty litter box furniture 1

This unique litter box delights with its stylish, modern design and eco-friendly accent. Its white finish will compliment greatly contemporary apartments. A wonderful gift for your cat...and your decor.

Kitty litter box furniture 6

It’s a planter but it’s also a tiny house for your pet - might help with the litter box smell.

Kitty litter box furniture 2

ikea hacks cat litter box

Make a dog proof litter box

7 IKEA Hacks Your Cats Will Love | Apartment Therapy

Kitty litter box furniture 34

27 Creative DIY Ways To Hide A Litter Box! There are so many cool ways to hide the litter box. In the idea shown they have a ‘Kitty Door’ on the side but I also imagine you can just take the back of it off.  Litter Box” width=”625″ height=”1

Dog proof cat litter box

A chic solution to a ugly, smelly, problem- your cat's litter box. Hide litter boxes in charming pieces of modern, multifunctional furniture (from IKEA!)

Diy litter box enclosure

Here's how to make a DIY litter box furniture cabinet for your cats to help keep the litter and odors contained!

Kitty litter box furniture 4

Designer Pet Products Catbox Litterbox

Kitty litter box furniture 26

Cat Box Dresser. Top is normal drawers. The bottom had the insides removed, drawers put together and hinged as a door, cat door on the side, cat box inside, and a furnace vent put on back

Hidden cat litter box furniture 3

Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture

Kitty litter box furniture 3

garage+litter+box | ... Ed built so they can get to the litter box but not into the garage

Cat condo from destroyed dresser re purrrr posed feline heaven

Cat Condo from Destroyed Dresser! Re-purrrr-posed feline heaven. :: Hometalk

Kitty litter box furniture 36

Find any existing nook, hang curtains on tension rod to hide litter box

Dog proof cat litter box furniture hr2 jpg 18 sep

dog-proof-cat-litter-box-furniture-HR2.jpg 18-Sep-2013 11:21 129K

Kitty litter boxes furniture


Kitty litter box furniture 17

Another Besta cat litter under the stairs - IKEA Hackers

Kitty litter box furniture 18

Addicted 2 Decorating » Yes, This Really Is A Post About A Cat Litter Box

The best automatic cat litter box hammacher schlemmer

The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box - Hammacher Schlemmer

Diy dog proof litter box

Hide your cat's litter box easily and without even trying by opting for this amazing litter box furniture that sports two colors of the finish to better accomodate the rest of your decor and looks like a regular cabinet.

Kitty litter box furniture

A multi-functional element of home furniture that serves as a small table with square top and lower shelf. The lowest part of this table includes a litter box for cats. The whole element of furniture is finished in neutral white color.

Dog proof litter box diy

Cat litter box designed for small and medium sized pets. Construction is made of wood and finished with grass theme. Neutral and functional design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Dog proof cat litter box furniture

OMG hide that liter box!

Dog proof litter box furniture

The litter box of your little cat is a crucial requirement if you’re a cat owner, but it can look quite embarrassing sometimes, especially when the guests come. Look at this creative, hidden little compartment for litter box storage!

Dog proof cat litter boxes

IKEA Hackers: Cat feeding bar That is such a good idea! I always wondered how to feed one cat out of several a special food w/o anyone else stealing it.

Make litter box furniture

IKEA Hackers: AKURUM Cat Litter Box + EXPEDIT Office Storage

Kitty litter box furniture 9

Never feel shame about your kitty's litter box again. #etsypets

Kitty litter furniture

If you're just looking for a perfect way to hide the litter box then this litter box cabinet will surely help you, making your home easy to transform and providing the high quality design that will catch your guests attention.

Kitty litter box furniture 5

Make this for the cat lover in your life! Before & After: Craigslist Cabinet Turned Cat Box

Kitty litter box furniture 27

DIY Pet Station for Cats: hide kitty litter with cheap, upcycled furniture!

Kitty litter box furniture 21

DIY Kitty Litter Box & Dog Proofing Option! | BestMomsTV

Kitty litter box furniture 7

And this is the first time I've heard of a "Littler Locker" - sounds like another brilliant invention. Similar concept to the diaper pail!! Why have I never heard of these things before!??

Kitty litter box furniture 13

litter box furniture | LitterBoxes-12

Kitty litter box furniture 31

Hide the litterbox with an IKEA Engan cabinet, leaving the drawers out. This one even has a motion sensitive light, for kitties that are afraid of the dark ;) // cat hack

Kitty litter box furniture 19

25 Cool Ways To Hide A Cat Litter Box | DigsDigs

Kitty litter box furniture 10

Booda Dome - seriously the best cat litter box EVER! #cats #kitties #kittens

Cat litter box furniture ikea hol cat litter box furniture

... Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA Hol Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA With

Kitty litter box furniture 28

Make this for your kitty litter box from a second hand dresser and …Smile like a Cheshire cat!

Diy litter box final product diy rubbermaid litterbox flickr photo

diy litter box | Final Product: DIY Rubbermaid Litterbox | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Kitty litter box furniture 33

Cat box home from expedite shelf - copied this idea to keep the dog out of the cat box!

Kitty litter box furniture 25

simple ideas for cat litter boxes

Kitty litter box furniture 32

~Hideaway Cat Litter Box~ I don't have a cat but if I did I would totally copy her and do this and put it n the bathroom like she did

Kitty litter box furniture 30

well, Niko would like this too, but as a cozy spot.....modern cat built-in litter box, Remodelista

Kitty litter box furniture 24

download instructions to make your own cheap simple dog proof cat litter box

How to hide your cats litter box catttyshack i realize

How to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box @catttyshack I realize this wont keep the dogs out but it would take the unplaceable litter box out of site.

Hidden cat litter box 1 jpg


Mid century modern cat furniture litter 1

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter

Copenhagen cat condo

Copenhagen Cat Condo

Furniture litter boxes for cats 2

cat furniture is a wood chest cat litter box cover available in a ...

Cat Toilet Training Kit

Cat Toilet Training Kit
Do you have enough of your cat leaving its messy litter box on the display? With this Cat Toilet Training Kit and useful instructions your cat will be using traditional toilet in no time, without leaving its mess out in the open.

Kitty litter furniture 2

It is very easy to hide the unassuming cat litter box. This wooden kitty box furniture has a place to hide the cat litter inside - but it has also a comfortable entrance so that the cat can use it, anytime. Features dark gray color and made of ecological wood.