Kitty Litter Box Furniture

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Your litter box doesn't have to be an eyesore, or a stinky problem. We have a collection of furniture that will hid that smelly box, give your cat some privacy, and when a changing is needed, they are easy to access. These furniture pieces are clever and nondescript, so they won't draw attention to what their actual purpose is.

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Updated 09/04/2021
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Kitty litter boxes furniture


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Kitty litter box furniture 1

This unique litter box delights with its stylish, modern design and eco-friendly accent. Its white finish will complement greatly contemporary apartments. A wonderful gift for your cat...and your decor.

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Kitty litter furniture

If you're just looking for a perfect way to hide the litter box then this litter box cabinet will surely help you, making your home easy to transform and providing the high quality design that will catch your guests attention.

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Dog proof cat litter box furniture hr2 jpg 18 sep

dog-proof-cat-litter-box-furniture-HR2.jpg 18-Sep-2013 11:21 129K

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Hidden cat litter box furniture 3

Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture

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Kitty litter box furniture 6

It’s a planter but it’s also a tiny house for your pet - might help with the litter box smell.

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Diy dog proof litter box

Hide your cat's litter box easily and without even trying by opting for this amazing litter box furniture that sports two colors of the finish to better accomodate the rest of your decor and looks like a regular cabinet.

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Kitty litter box furniture 5

Make this for the cat lover in your life! Before & After: Craigslist Cabinet Turned Cat Box

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Cat litter box furniture ikea hol cat litter box furniture

... Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA Hol Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA With

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Mid century modern cat furniture litter 1

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter

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Kitty Litter Box Furniture

Buying Guide

Kitty litter box furniture is the perfect way to conceal the smell of your cat’s litter box and prevent it from becoming an eyesore in your home. Luckily, keeping the inside of the litter box furniture clean is a simple task that requires a small time commitment each week.

The benefit of litter box furniture is that your cat isn’t directly defecating or urinating on that piece, but rather inside a plastic litter box stored within the furniture. This means that while you still need to clean your cat’s litter box daily by scooping out the debris, you can do a general maintenance clean on the furniture piece itself less frequently.

When you’re ready to clean the unit, open it up and remove the plastic litter tray from inside. Using a dustpan and a bristled brush, sweep out any stray litter pieces or clumps that escaped the plastic tray. Then use a lint-free cloth that is dampened with warm water. Wipe the bottom of the furniture pieces where the litter tray was sitting to ensure it’s spotless. Wipe it dry with a towel or dry cloth.

If you want your kitty litter box furniture to fit seamlessly with the rest of your home decor, you can’t go wrong with a piece that resembles an end table or cabinet. This way, you won’t have to deal with an ugly-looking plastic tray filled with litter in plain sight.

The litter box furniture should be easy to access, not only for your cat but also for you, when you need to clean the interior. In this case, a top opening enclosure or a large front door can come in handy.

A ventilation system, such as holes, dual carbon filters, or wooden slats, is also a must-have to keep unpleasant smells from building up.

Keep in mind that the furniture should be spacious enough for your cat and the litter tray to fit in, so your cat can easily adjust to it.

Other features that may prove to be useful are reversible side walls, a surface that doubles as a scratching post, and a foldable design for easy storage.

Best Ideas

Kitty litter furniture 2

It is very easy to hide the unassuming cat litter box. This wooden kitty box furniture has a place to hide the cat litter inside - but it has also a comfortable entrance so that the cat can use it, anytime. Features dark gray color and made of ecological wood.

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