Wooden Folding Tv Trays


Eat while watching TV and do it in style, with wooden folding TV trays. Not the old fashioned metal style that get dingy and rust over time, these wooden trays are sturdy, made of solid materials, and can hold whatever you need to use it for. Maybe a simple laptop desk for small projects, or somewhere to build a small puzzle. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Set of 4 vintage mid century faux wood

Set of 4 vintage mid century faux wood

A set of four mid-century faux wood TV trays that come with the rolling carts. The excellent vintage condition goes hand in hand with practical use and ample amounts of style and elegance beyond comprehension.

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Kiara TV Tray Table with Stand (Set of 4)

Kiara TV Tray Table with Stand (Set of 4)

It is a set that includes four TV tray tables with stand. It is available in two colors: natural and espresso. This set is perfect for small spaces and made of 100-percent wood. It can be used everywhere.

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Lucca 5 Piece Table TV Set with Handle

Lucca 5 Piece Table TV Set with Handle

Foldable TV set; each piece has an X-shaped base made of wood and MDF top. The tables are easy to move around thanks to cut-out table, and their tops are large enough to accommodate many things, from snacks to laptop.

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Tv trays 10

TV Trays

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Tv tray diy

An amazing wooden flower table, which can be used smoothly as a TV tray. Original, enchanting design, along with solid construction make this project an interesting proposition, that will delight for years.

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Vintage wooden folding table wood tv tray table

Vintage Wooden Folding Table / Wood TV Tray Table

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Tv tray table plans

Multi-functional vintage little tray table. It is movable and made of wood. This useful piece of furniture can be used as a coffee table or stand for not big TV set. It will plays its role perfectly in living room or in the garden.

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Kenian coastal chic end table

Kenian coastal chic end table

This simple product is an end table that has got a tray top. Its construction based on wood, wicker and rattan is solid and provides a touch of natural stylization into the house. The overall size of this table is 25" H x 24" W x 16" D.

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Wooden folding tv trays 7

Minimalist folding tray with a large rectangular shaped top and a foldable base. The piece is made from wood and comes in a glossed dark brown finish for epic style. Its large countertop should be perfect for magazines, devices, and servings in your living room.

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Folding dinner tray

love this, can easily be made with an old tv tray bottom and a new (or old) tray for the top. i think an old wooden coke crate would be cool

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Wooden Folding Tv Trays

Buying Guide

Folding TV trays can make family entertainment nights more convenient, allowing you to share a meal comfortably with loved ones while bonding over a series or movie. But the rest of the time, it might feel like your trays are just collecting dust. With a bit of creativity, you can transform them into multi-functional furniture pieces for your home.

Wooden folding TV trays can double as an end table for your living room since it’s the perfect height for easy access from the couch. Decorate it with a lamp, picture frame, or a candle to add warmth and elegance to your home without investing in a new table.

A folding TV tray can also make a beautiful beverage station for displaying your fanciest liquors and crystal decanters. Place the station beneath an art piece on the wall that complements your folding tray’s colors for an effortless statement piece that will make you a popular host.

You can even bring your TV folding tray outdoors and spruce up your porch. Use the table for summer days when you need a snack table for outdoor gatherings, or place it against the wall of your house and decorate it with a potted plant, creating a makeshift seating area. If you have a wooden folding TV tray ensure that it is treated and sealed before using it outdoors to prevent moisture damage.

Most wooden folding TV trays are easy to put away. When finished with one, fold down the one side and position them back in their base stand. While not all stands or folding mechanisms are the same for these portable trays, rarely are they difficult to fold and store.

If you have just one tray, simply fold down the collapsible side and tuck the tray, creating a streamlined piece of furniture to store in closets, under the bed, or against the wall out of the way. The legs may be squared or come in an X-shape and lock in place when in use. Occasionally these mechanisms will stick, requiring you to use a little more force to get the fold started.

If you have a set of wooden folding TV trays, you’ll most likely have a simple base to store them in whenever not in use. Fold the tray down to its smallest size and hang on the base, or slide into the base depending on its design.

To prevent water stains from forming on wooden folding TV trays, one of the best things to do to protect the wood is to apply a layer of a protective finish. Various finishes can be used that are extremely effective, including varnish and lacquer. In addition, most wooden TV tray models already come with a sealant pre-applied, making the piece resistant to staining and preventing water rings.

If your wooden folding TV tray does form water stains, there are ways you can remove them from your furniture. First, mix equal amounts of olive oil and vinegar into a small bowl. Next, use a soft cloth and apply it to the water stain, wiping in the direction of the wood grain until you have removed the stain completely. This mixture is multi-functional, with the vinegar helping to remove the stain, and the olive oil acts as a furniture polish.

Best Ideas

Fold up tv trays

Innovative folding TV trays designed to bring excellent functionality into any space. The pieces offer a compact top, surrounded by rope to hold all your stuff. It comes with a portable and highly foldable base too, making the tray extremely versatile in small spaces.

Folding tray table wood

High-quality folding trays constructed from wood for extra durability. The pieces are also compact and offer a large countertop for small items. The folding base means that they can be put away in storage when not in use.

Wooden folding tv trays 5

Bring a touch of vibrant color into your spaces with these foldable TV Trays. The trays are constructed from wood but are finished with a mix of vibrant colors that will add life to your living room. They are sturdy as well and come in a compact design.

Mid century modern scheibe wood tv trays folding tables full

... -Mid-Century-Modern-SCHEIBE-Wood-TV-Trays-Folding-Tables-Full-Set

Country Style Wood TV Tables in Natural - Set of 4

This piece of furniture is a small table that represents a country style in the house. It has got a durable wooden construction with a natural look. This folding table does not require plenty of storage space.

Wooden folding tv trays 6

Vintage style folding tray made from wood and featuring intricate detailing at the top. The piece is finished in a neutral dark gray to compliment your décor. It comes in a counter height design to make it easier for you to access stuff on it anytime.

Wooden tv set

Lewisville Love: T.V. trays become Chess board & Art piece

Foldable tv trays

barn wood coffee table. Tabletop set on top of 2 wooden TV trays? Hmmm...

Cheap tv trays

This wooden folding side table distinguishes itself with beautiful teal paint. Because of its mobility, it beats usual TV tray when it comes to functionality. Due to its color, it adds much warmth and liveliness to the interior.

Diy tv tray table

Red wooden folding breakfast tray is perfect for breakfast in bed or TV dinners. A constant bestseller since its introduction in 2006, the wooden tray is updated in a bright red colour and has folding legs for easy storage.

Wooden table trays

Vintage Wooden Folding Table / Wood TV Tray Table Etsy PineSpringsCottage

Wooden folding tv trays 1

The diamond pattern is the most important feature of this wooden envelope table.White paint and tapes were used to create it.Later yellow colors were added. Wooden folding tv trays-is very functional and chic with its black elements on the top and white base.

Wooden folding tv trays 2

Minimalistic, folding dark wooden TV or computer tray table with intersection legs and flat, massive top. Ideal as your new bedroom decor, where you can also keep your computer or a mug of morning coffee.

Wooden folding tv trays

This wooden TV tray will surprise you with its functionality. Due to its convertibleness, it can easily transform into a cool compartment. A solid wooden construction, that can be endurable for years.