Over Recliner Table

When Roald Dahl wrote Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he did so in a shed, sitting on an aging recliner, on an over recliner table. The original table for him was a simple piece of wood, but it still applies. Let out your inner storyteller, or maybe just pay some bills, on one of these over recliner tables.

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Framed Side Table

Framed Side Table
This kind of product is a side table designed for use in modern indoors. It features a durable wooden top with a solid metal base. Its overall size is 16"w x 16"d x 24"h, so it is a space saving piece of furniture.

End Table

End Table
This is very nice end table. Interesting and original shape ideally suited to a wide variety of arrangements. The table is practical and very useful. The simplicity of line makes it at the same time very elegant and refined.

Our best deals on recliners

Our best deals on recliners
Make your self comfortable with this wonderful set of recliner chair and ottoman. Made from soft leather seat and back seat will give you best support and release stress and muscle tension. Just sit and relax.

Large Barrel Table with Circles and Removable Glass Top

Large Barrel Table with Circles and Removable Glass Top
This beautiful table has a very stylish design and will be your decor's new attraction. Interlaced circle designs and rubbed bronze finish make this table look spectacular. The table features a glass top, which can be removed for easily cleaning.

Universal adjustable table

Universal Adjustable Table

Over recliner table 1

This new over armchair table offers a modern and ergonomically shaped laminated teak table top, which will prove easy to clean and which can be easily titled to enable users to read, making for the most practical option out there.

Over recliner table

This recliner set offers comfort and functionality. A massive white recliner attached firmly to a wooden base with folding table. Makes an ideal proposition for your office, when you want to work or read comfortably.

Our advice Buying Guide

Over recliner tables offer comfort and convenience for patients, the disabled, and the elderly to allow them to carry on a number of activities from a recliner, a chair with an armrest, and/or a bed. They are made with sturdy, reliable construction, and they come in a wide range of designs, features, colors, and finishes to suit the individual needs of users.

To ensure you get the best one for you or your loved one, here are the crucial aspects that require consideration:

What height mechanisms are there for over recliner tables?

  • Pin and Ratchet - This type of mechanism makes use of a pin in keeping the table at a specific height. With this style of adjustment, you would not adjust the table’s height too often. It's designed to keep a desk at the height that makes you comfortable while sitting and working.
  • Crank - A crank system can be seen with most economical over recliner tables as it only makes use of a lever that needs manual rotation in raising and lowering the height of the table. Most times, a table’s crank is removable, so you don’t have to concern yourself of a knob protruding and getting in the way. The problem with the system is a person's arm will get tired from rotating the crank if adjustments are made often.
  • Electric - An electric system offers smooth height adjustments. However, the adjustment is slow; about two inches a second. The electric type has a motor so it may get a bit noisy.
  • Gas Cylinder - A gas cylinder over recliner table offers the fastest mechanism for height adjustment. Although presets are not an option, the desk does not make use of electricity which means you don’t have to find a plug nearby. It has the technology that’s used with most office chairs. A pneumatic cylinder supplies the push that is needed in raising and lowering the desk. It is pretty quiet but it’s less precise with the height adjustments compared to other options.
  • Counterbalance - The counterbalance adjustment system is the most expensive, so it makes an over recliner table costlier. However, the mechanism is the most innovative; it works through springs that are adjustable to move the table upwards and downwards quickly and seamlessly. When you see it in action, it is like a knife cutting through butter! What's more, a counterbalance table is totally silent. It is, however, heavier compared to other desks with other types of mechanisms.

How to measure for an over recliner table?

If you don’t want an over recliner table that has a height adjustment feature, you can opt for fixed ones. However, you need to make sure that it’s at least 29” tall. It shouldn’t be taller than 34” to offer a comfortable use to the user. As for knee clearance, it must extend for 19 inches or more under the table.

When it comes to over recliner tables, you must take special note of a table’s dimensions. If you can’t find a table that matches with the recliner that you have, then try looking into a custom table.


Over recliner table

Laptop table made of wood and metal. It has tilt and height adjustment function. Handy gadget for each home. Simple form and contemporary design.

Over recliner table

Here is a kidney shaped over recliner table. It has been designed, offering also adjustable heights. You can put your arms in a comfortable and non-invasive way. Top made of course of friendly pine wood.

Over recliner table 3

What a wonderful, handy mobile desk. Perfect for any study room, or whenever you want to work outside of it, with a plenty of place for a laptop and a mouse. The wheels make it extremely easy to move around.

Over recliner table 4

A smart solution for all, who love to spend time on their recliners. This over recliner table will allow you to fully enjoy your leisure time, with no fear about your devices or any meals.

Over bed and and over chair table

Over Bed and and Over Chair Table

Post over chair table

Post Over Chair Table

Daleside over chair table

Daleside Over Chair Table

New over chair table for riser recliner left hand side13085l

NEW - Over Chair Table For Riser Recliner - Left Hand Side13085L

Desk wrap table tray sitting recliner reading work craft sofa

... -Desk-Wrap-Table-Tray-Sitting-Recliner-Reading-Work-Craft-Sofa-Laptop

Laptop no more hunched back sit back relax enjoy your

laptop no more hunched back sit back relax enjoy your laptop

Swing away table without cupholder rotates 360 easily accessible

SWING-AWAY TABLE (without cupholder): Rotates 360°. Easily accessible ...

Image of economy over chair table

Image of Economy Over Chair Table

Lambright lazy relaxor lite swivel wall hugger recliner 1

Lambright Lazy Relaxor Lite Swivel Wall Hugger Recliner

Swivel tray table

Swivel Tray Table

Availability view latest stock list

Availability : View Latest Stock List

Drop Arm Care Recliner with Nylon Casters Color: Royal Blue, Style: TB133, Heat, Massage , IV Pole at Left Rear

EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table

A practical, height adjustable TV tray that locks in place for flat or angled use over furniture. Its base is made of tubular metal, and it supports a beveled edge wood top. Measurements: 23 1/2" long x 16" wide.

The lounge tek lounge book laptop stand

The Lounge-Tek Lounge-Book laptop stand

Able Life  Able Tray

This type of product is a special tray designed for use with sofas and armchairs. It has got a special handle that assures support and balance for sitting and standing motion. It height adjusts on the level of 26-32 inches.

Tru fit overbed table with storage compartment

Tru-Fit Overbed Table with Storage Compartment

Reclining overbed table height adjustable on casters bit001a bi

Reclining overbed table / height-adjustable / on casters BIT001A BI ...

Lambright lazy relaxor swivel wall hugger recliner

Lambright Lazy Relaxor Swivel Wall Hugger Recliner

Recliner side table

Enjoy hands free viewing and recline in comfort as you create endless viewing angles with Easy Browser Stand for iPad. You can watch movies, catch up with news, follow recipes, browse books and magazines, play games and puzzles, shop online, or stay in to

Over chair table

Over Chair Table

Tray Top End Table

Tray Top End Table

Fjords ulstein swing recliner

Fjords Ulstein Swing Recliner

Over recliner table 2

Halston Leather Recliner - Putty

Adjustable laptop desk

Flash Furniture Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Table Item # X2360 • for home, office, school or small presentations • use in your favorite recliner or over the bed • height-adjustable steel frame • easy angle adjustment • notebook and readi

Over recliner table 21

Rehadapt FloorStand Art.-Nr. 17.1050 Rollable upright mount for the positioning of electronic communication devices. ($985.00) Rollable upright mount for the positioning of electronic communication devices. Low ground clearance for positioning devices, es

Over recliner table 1

Solid wood end table with industrial accents (see the metal hardware). Meant to be set over a recliner, this shelved table boasts with practical features - an important addition to its unprecedented style.

Over recliner table 1

Non tilt overbed or over recliner table with an adjustable height and rolling base is very practical for home, commercial or even medical applications. Its smooth top provides space for snacks, drinks, TV remotes, etc.

Flash Furniture Angle and Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Table with Cherry Top

This handy laptop table is a simple height-adjustable leg structure. Practical tabletop and wheels make the use of it very pleasant. This simple furniture is an ideal for small spaces. The tabletop has special anti-falling blocks.

Over recliner table 6

Bieffe Boby Original White Artist's Taboret is in the permanent collection at MOMA and I so want one in my own permanent collection! The most useful single bit of furniture one can choose for desk side, craft or sewing table side or even recliner-side for

Arlington cocktail table by catnapper 402 79 over 50 independently

Arlington Cocktail Table by Catnapper. $402.79. Over 50 independently active coils per seat for uniform luxurious seating. Coil system encased in foam and fiber for long lasting shape and comfort. Steel Tech Reclining features an exclusive reclining mecha

Mouse over large image for a closer look 3

Mouse over large image for a closer look

Over recliner table

Eurostar. London to Brussels in 2hrs, then a quick 40min regional train across to Brugge, or London to Paris in just over 2hr30min. You'll find me in Standard / Business Premier - Extra Wide, Reclining seats, Full table service, UK and EU Power outlets, a

Over recliner table 5

Another perfect little vignette. I am gaga over that mirror. Whoever gets that is one lucky duck. Mirror $299.99, Lane velvet recliner $399.99, silver table $99.99. I'll take all of it! #homegoodsobsessed

Over recliner table

You can go for premium ($19), which gets you an oversized leather chair and side table, or spring for premium plus ($29), which means a plush leather recliner, pillow, blanket and complimentary popcorn. Each premium plus seat is also wired with a button t

Mouse over large image for a closer look 5

Mouse over large image for a closer look

Over recliner table 24

The Hendon is a traditional leather look executive armchair with a stylish button tufted backrest and stylish chrome arms with matching base. It features a reclining function with tension control and a gas lift height adjustment. The arm height on this ch

Over recliner table 4

Shop for Best Home Furnishings Three-Way Recliner, 4LW50, and other Living Room Chairs at Best Home Furnishings - IFRAME in Ferdinand, IN. Envelope arm, pull over back, box cushion with double knife-edge welt are all features of the Cady three-way recline

Over recliner table 8

Arlington End Table by Catnapper. $328.67. Over 50 independently active coils per seat for uniform luxurious seating. Individually pocketed coils for a quiet seating experience. Coil system encased in foam and fiber for long lasting shape and comfort. Com

Over recliner table 20

Over The Rainbow is a two bedroom two bath log cabin located in the beautiful Hidden Springs Resort, just minutes from Dollywood and Splash Country. All on one level, the living room features a sofa sleeper and recliner facing the stone fireplace, TV, VC