Portable Folding Tables


Having an easy to fold, and easy to transport table can make life so much easier. With these portable folding tables, take your table with you anywhere you need a flat surface for work or play. Picnics, job sites, or anywhere, a light, durable, easy to set-up table will give you the freedom to bring your own, just in case there isn't one available when you get there.

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Our Picks

Folding Table

Folding Table

This folding table is ADA-compliant with a height-adjustable frame. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is large enough to seat four people. Stable feet with caps on the end make it slip-proof and rounded corners maximize safety. Made of white plastic resin, it’s weather-resistant and durable.

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Portable tables 1

This small yet beautiful table can be easily folded for transport or storage, thanks to its functional construction. It has 2 pair of natural wood legs that can be hidden inside of the durable metal top.

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Wood Folding Table

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Diy portable table

Boasting of functionality and aesthetic looks, this utility table can be quite a practical solution around the house. Includes a cutting board top with a drop leaf, 1 open shelf, 3 storage drawers with metal pull-handles, and a set of caster wheels for easy mobility.

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How to make a foldable table

Portable camp set consisting of a table and 4 stools. Construction is made of wood. Stools are covered with fabric and finished with striped pattern. It folds flat for easy storage.

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Winsome Wood Single TV Tables, Rectangular, Natural, Set of 4

Set of four foldable TV tables made of sturdy solid wood. Additionally, the set features natural finish, and thanks to the fact that the tables are foldable, it can be easily stores when it's not used.

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Bamboo Open Folding Table

This functional table can be easily folded for space-saving storage and convenient transport. Features durable bamboo construction, with a slatted tabletop, crisscrossed legs, sturdy leg braces, and PU based oil finish.

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Alpharetta Portable Folding Dining Table

Alpharetta Portable Folding Dining Table

The perfect piece for family game night, this gorgeous wooden folding table sits 29” high when assembled and folds down to the size of a chess set. You can set it up in seconds, and it has a diamond-shaped base for stability. Available in three stunning natural wood finishes, this table folds down easily using zinc hinges and is capable of seating up to four people.

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28" Circular Folding Table

28" Circular Folding Table

Ideal for family camping trips, this circular folding table with four built-in mesh cup holders is portable and convenient. There is a second layer below the tabletop that provides extra space for storage. Featuring a secure, X-shape base, you can fold this table into a sleek tote bag with handles when it’s not in use.

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Resin Multi Purpose Table 4'

Multi purpose resin table that has been made with endurance and sturdiness in mind. White top is scratch- and split-resistant, what's more it has rounded corners for safety and usage convenience. The four-legged base is collapsible.

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Portable Folding Tables

Buying Guide

Dress up a portable folding table by getting creative. A simple way to make it appear more attractive is by adding a cover, such as a full, flowing tablecloth or table skirt to cover the surface and legs. Buy one or sew your own custom piece, picking out the fabric and colors suited to where you are placing it. A tablecloth can help portable folding tables blend with the surroundings or make it a focal point in the room.

Another way to dress up your folding table is by painting it. Spray paint is a great option, especially for the legs of the table. Since this is where you see the most scrapes and dings, adding color can give it a uniform appearance. Try a contrasting metallic color, or go bold with glossy black or red. You can also paint the tabletop a solid color or get creative with a mosaic or other design.

For holidays or other events, add colorful cloth coverings and pretty centerpieces. If you plan on eating a meal here, set out stylish place settings for each guest. By adding beautiful arrangements, no one will even know they are sitting at a portable folding table.

Portable folding tables are a staple in every home because of their versatility. If you need a desk, it doesn’t matter where you are - a folding table can be precisely what you need. Make sure that the folding table that you plan to use as a desk is a good height - around 30-35” from the floor, instead of one of the taller variants; this will help you have the proper ergonomics as you sit at it.

It might be helpful, too, to pack a few pads for the bases of the table legs along with your folding table, so you can level out the table even if the floor in your temporary office space is uneven.

There are a few ways to make portable folding tables more stable, resulting in an extension of the table's life and leading to a reduction in accidents. So here's how to secure your folding table in a few steps:

  • Examine the underside of the table and establish which components need to be stabilized.
  • Using a slotted screwdriver, tighten the screws securing the mounting brackets to the table bottom. An adjustable plier or wrench is also essential in tightening the bolts under the table.
  • Some screws may need to be stripped and replaced. If the new screws don't fit exactly into the holes, use a thread sealant in the holes and then insert the screws or bolts.
  • Lastly, tighten all screws, bolts, and nuts linked to the leg assemblies. These steps will help keep your folding table stabilized as often as you need to use it.

Best Ideas

Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk

Foldable work and laptop desk made of solid ashwood. Thanks to the sturdy wooden construction the desk is very durable and long-lasting. When it's folded the desk doesn't take much space and can be easily stored.

Adams Mfg./Patio Furn. 8500-07-3731 Quik-Fold Folding Patio Table

It folds when you need it, it is also light - adapted to the needs of moving it. Lightly, simply made of wood portable folding table, it has been enriched with a fashionable fuchsia color, which makes it the most interesting element during a camper tour.

Aluminum Portable Picnic 34" Rectangular Folding Table

Aluminum Portable Picnic 34" Rectangular Folding Table

The ideal camping picnic table, this piece folds down to a compact profile you can travel with. At 34” W and with a weight capacity of 200 lbs., you can seat four people comfortably around the aluminum table. The chairs are conveniently attached to the frame, and there’s a hole in the center for a beach umbrella to protect your family from the sun.

Portable folding tables 11

Small, portable folding table with classic design: slats on top, foldable X base on bottom. The legs are joined with screws so that the table stands firmly. Constructed by a talented blogger. DIY TV tray table.

Portable folding tables 3

How often do we meet with not very encouraging stylistics in garden sets, with portable folding tables. Useful even when camping. This set has an industrial style, in the colors of brown and piercing yellow, based on a metal black frame.

Portable tables 7

Space-saving design for a compact dining table made to resemble a trunk suitcase when folded. The folding dining table is covered in brown-colored felt with legs made out of manufactured wood in a white color.

Portable folding desk

A fantastic table that is lightweight, functional, portable, and easy to fold and unfold. Designed of cardboard, the table works like a charm, offering a large top and stabile base, and a fabric strap for easy carrying.

5pc TV Table Set, Rectangular

With this 5-piece TV table set you get the maximum convenience for commercial or home use, since you get four folding TV tables and matching storage stand that all sport a sleek, modern look. They come with the solid beechwood construction with the rich, black finish.

Winsome Wood TV Table Set, Walnut

A TV table set that is versatile enough to be used either for entertaining or everyday. The solid beachwood construction ensures that you will have a maintenance-free piece of furniture at your home and the set comes with as many as four tables and one storage rack!

Bamboo Round Folding Table

It is a beautiful round folding table that has got a bamboo construction and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has got a contemporary design and it fits to modern style and décor.

Bamboo folding tables 2

This bamboo convertible table is an ultralight garden proposition. Easily folded for convenient transport and space saving. Constitutes durable bamboo construction, with a slatted tabletop.

Flash Furniture Square Granite White Plastic Folding Table, 27-Inch

Highly functional commercial grade square folding table that can be used as for temporary seating or home decor. It features a durable stain resistant blow molded top and sturdy frame. The blow molded top requires low maintenance and cleans easily.

Duralight HDPE Personal Folding Table, 30-Inch, White Granite

Personal folding table with 43mm thick heavy duty blow-mold top that is impact-resistant, waterproof, stain-resistant and cleans easily. Stable stands are made are made from strong rust proof 25mm steel tubes with powder coating.

OfficeMax Folding Table, 48" x 24", White

This element is a table that offers a very durable metal frame. It has got a folding construction and a very solid plastic top that is good for heavy-duty applications. This type of table assures a space-saving storage when not in use.