Wooden Bassinet Rocker


Taking the bassinet game old-school, we give you a more sturdy, more handsome, wood rocking bassinet. These are both classic and modern in design and function. They are made by master woodworkers and have all the features you want in your perfect bassinet for your bundle of joy. See our collection and find your next wood rocking bassinet.

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Our Picks

Handmade Wooden Bassinet Rocker

Handmade Wooden Bassinet Rocker

Having a combination Moses basket and bassinet rocker is a great way to soothe your baby to sleep, while allowing easy transport from one room to another. The handwoven Moses basket fits into the handmade wooden bassinet rocker base to provide a safe and secure area for babies to rest.

Designer Advice:

We love this combination basket and bassinet rocker base. It is made from woven elephant grass and natural wood to provide an elegant yet rustic element to the room. Measuring just over 30 inches long and 18 inches wide, you’ll have plenty of room for your newborn infant.

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Simplistic Classic Wooden Bassinet

Simplistic Classic Wooden Bassinet

Complete with a mattress, this simplistic yet stylish wooden bassinet is the perfect place for your baby to nap. Offering a spacious 39 by 19 inches of sleeping space, this bassinet rocker can support babies up to 35 pounds. It’s available in six colorations to fit into any nursery or bedroom.

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Elegant Arched Rocking Bassinet

Elegant Arched Rocking Bassinet

Sweet Pea Baby

Measuring 38 inches long and 22 inches wide, this elegant arched rocking bassinet is the perfect place for your little one to sleep. Able to support babies up to 30 pounds, you’ll find your baby falls asleep fast with the gentle rocking motion of this wooden bassinet.

$114.71 $207.99

Designer Advice:

We love the arch-top shapes on either end of this bassinet. It offers a gentle touch of style to the nursery room while serving as a practical piece of furniture. You’ll be able to choose this bassinet in one of three colors including white, gray, and pastel pink.  

Antique Style Wooden Rocking Bassinet

Antique Style Wooden Rocking Bassinet

Orbelle Trading

Similar to the styles of rocking bassinet that have been passed down from mother to daughter, this antique style piece of furniture can make a great addition to your nursery. Able to support babies up to 35 pounds, this natural pine bassinet includes a 1 inch thick mattress pad for baby’s comfort.


Open Slat Wooden Cradle Rocker

Open Slat Wooden Cradle Rocker

Dream On Me

Created with ventilation in mind, this open-slat wooden cradle rocker has no solid walls to prevent airflow. Your baby will stay at a comfortable temperature throughout their slumber. Measuring 38 inches long and 22 inches wide, you’ll find plenty of room for the baby to stretch out on the included slumber pad.

Designer Advice:

This cradle rocker is available in five colors to help it blend into your nursery or bedroom. You’ll be able to choose from white and storm gray for a lighter approach, cherry and espresso for darker touches, or simply enjoy the natural medium golden wood tone.

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Eye Catching Wood Bassinet Rocker Glider

Eye Catching Wood Bassinet Rocker Glider

Harriet Bee

When you want something a little more elegant and eye-catching in the nursery, this attractive 30 inch long and 22 inch wide wooden bassinet gliding rocker is a great choice. Made to provide a soothing rocking motion for babies with a smooth gliding action, while safely supporting infants up to 30 pounds.

$85.27 $158.08

Antique Handmade Wooden Rocking Cradle

Antique Handmade Wooden Rocking Cradle

Made from 100% pine wood, this antique rocking cradle is a stunning piece of furniture that can also double as a usable cradle in the nursery. Measuring just over 35 inches long and 29 inches wide, your baby will feel snug and secure in this vintage rocking cradle.

Designer Advice:

We absolutely love the elegant features on this handmade antique cradle. The dovetail joints, stylish contoured molding, eye-catching sculpted rails, and well sanded cutout handles all bring to mind true Scandinavian craftsmanship that can fit into any nursery or bedroom perfectly. 

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Rustic Wood Bassinet Rocking Cradle

Rustic Wood Bassinet Rocking Cradle

If you’re searching for a cradle that blends in well with rustic cabin and charming farmhouse decor, look no further. This wooden rocking cradle is perfect for bringing a touch of rustic charm to any room of your home. Measuring 52 inches long and 35 inches wide, this cradle makes a stunning decoration as well as a usable piece of furniture.

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Wooden Bassinet Rocker

Buying Guide

Expectant parents are tasked with a near endless list of items to purchase in preparation for the arrival of their little one. Cradles and bassinets are one such example.

Understanding the differences in products to find the most suitable ones possible can be overwhelming. To help you make one of the most critical decisions – what your newborn baby will sleep in – we’ve created this helpful guide for how to choose cradles & bassinets.

Cradles look similar to a box and are often made of wood. They have been used for centuries for holding sleeping babies. Classic designs sit low to the ground with rounded rockers on the bottom for rocking the baby to sleep. Contemporary cradle designs feature hammock or padded styles in and sit higher from the ground. They have many styles, features, and options available.

Typically, bassinets resemble a basket that sits upon a raised base. They allow a parent to reach over from the side easily to tend the baby inside. They have many styles, features, and options available. As with the cradle, they also have various options from which to choose.

  • Storage – Some bassinets come with storage underneath for easy reach of diapers, wipes, and clothes.
  • Portability – wheels, castors, and lift-and-go models allow you to move about from room to room.
  • Auto-Movement – battery or electric mechanism vibrate or rock the cradle or bassinet to soothe the baby.
  • Multi-functional – co-sleepers have a drop-side that allows access to the baby when secured to the side of the bed. Some units transform into a changing station when the infant is not sleeping.
  • Canopy & Cover – in sunny rooms or if you are using outdoors, a stiff cover or canopy can block sun and light from disturbing baby.
  • Sounds, Lights, & Toys – many of the upgraded units come with music, nature sounds, lights, and soft mobile toys to soothe the baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents allow babies to sleep close by them in the same room for the first six months. Both cradles and bassinets provide the perfect option to enable the baby to sleep alongside the parent’s bed without sleeping the bed with them.

However, to ensure maximum safety, always buy certified products and avoid those that have been in the family for generations, because chances are it isn’t meeting today’s safety standards.

Certified items must meet the standards set by ASTM International, such as the maximum 2 3/8 inches allowed for slat spacing. Also, check for product recalls frequently.

Both cradles and bassinets are used to give newborn babies a safe place to sleep but on to the point where they are ready to move safely to their crib. While the manufacturer will have a weight and age range for their specific product, most cradles and bassinets suggest a limit of between 15 to 20 pounds. Of course, some babies will reach developmental milestones physically well before the weight limit, such as rolling over and need to be moved to a crib for safety reasons.

As with the weight limit, manufacturers will offer suggested age limits for their cradle and bassinet products. The typical age suggestion by leading pediatric groups is 4 to 6 months or until the baby starts to roll over or wiggle about on their own. Bassinets are prone to tipping over, so it is best to move the baby to the crib as soon as it appears they are at risk. This is one of the downsides to purchasing a cradle or bassinet, they only provide a short period of use for the child’s life.

  • Smaller than a crib and easier to situate in the parent’s bedroom.
  • Easier to move around the house than a crib.
  • Newborns seem comforted by snug spaces mimicking the womb.
  • Bassinets are convenient for postpartum moms easing the need to bend over and pick the baby up.
  • Both cradle and bassinet cost less than a crib.

You’ll find cradles and bassinets made of wood or plastic with quilted fabric or netted sides and metal bases. The most popular ones with parents and experts today are bassinets with open netting on all sides of the sleeping compartment to allow airflow and to cut down on suffocation risk – no matter which you choose. Check to make sure the product you select is made of non-flammable, non-toxic materials to keep baby safe.

When searching for the perfect cradle or bassinet, you’ll find they come in a range of baby-related themes such as animals, angels, hearts, and nursery rhymes. As well as the popular nature-based Scandinavian products in organic materials and light colors. Lastly, there are always those cradles and bassinets fashioned to fit in with the parent’s décor in traditional, modern, and other décor styles.

Some cradles and bassinets come with mattresses, and some do not. Either way, the mattress your baby is to sleep on must be supportive. And need to be supported by the base from edge to edge on all sides with no dips or wrinkles. Make sure the sheet and mattress fit snugly against all edges of the cradle or bassinet. It should be no more than 1 ½ inches thick and relatively hard to avoid suffocation.

For the most basic cradle or bassinet, prices begin at around $30 and run well beyond $350 for high-quality models with an expansive array of features and options. If you plan to use the cradle or bassinet for other children you will be adding to your growing family, you may justify a higher priced model. However, keep in mind if you are using for only 4 to 6 months, you may want to spend a comparable amount.

You’ll find cradles and bassinets made of wood or plastic with quilted fabric or netted sides and metal bases. The most popular ones with parents and experts today are bassinets with open netting on all sides of the sleeping compartment to allow airflow and to cut down on suffocation risk—no matter which you choose. Check to make sure the product you select is made of non-flammable, non-toxic materials to keep baby safe.

  • Ideal sleeping spot for newborn babies.
  • Perfect for allowing small babies to sleep in the parent’s room in the first months of life.
  • They range in cost for basic models $30 to high-end models $350 and more.
  • Make sure the cradle or bassinet mattress fits snugly along edges with no dips or wrinkles to avoid suffocation risk.

Best Ideas

Rocker bassinet

Simple yet elegant in its classy design, this rocker bassinet will prove to be the safest and most reasonable choice for your child, letting them rest and sleep comfortably, while you don't have to worry.

Ga Ga Cradle

Ga Ga Cradle

This is made in the traditional style rocking bed / crib is a wonderful piece of furniture for your toddler. Lovingly carved details give the whole a extraordinary character. Give your little one a convenient and comfortable night's sleep.

Wooden rocking cradle

Why couldn't i find this when Logan was little

Eddie Bauer Rocking Wood Bassinet

Eddie Bauer Rocking Wood Bassinet

An absolutely lovely bassinet, designed to complement your house. Featuring an easy-to-remove machine washable bedding, a functional storage shelf to keep all of the baby items nearby and a classic white canopy and skirt, which will add style to almost every nursery decor.

Rocking Cradle

Rocking Cradle

Attractive traditional cradle for up to 20-pound newborns. It's of glossy white-finished wood and is equipped with a slumber pad. It can be used stationary thanks to a side locking pin. Sides, arched both a headboard and a footboard are slatted-up.

Dondola Cradle

Dondola Cradle

Wood rocking bassinet 6

Dondola Cradle in Natural Wood by Sorelle -

Wood cradles baby

Rocker Cradle Wood Plans

Eberle Rocking Cradle with Mattress

Eberle Rocking Cradle with Mattress

Made of light New Zealand pine with ornate moldings, this rocking cradle is an elegant first bed for your little one. The cradle rocks softly to lull your baby to sleep in minutes but includes motion locking features if you'd prefer it not to rock. This beautiful cradle is also perfect for displaying antique dolls. The maker also plants a tree for every cradle they sell, so you'll feel great about your choice of purchase.

Love the top part of this bassinet i would maybe

Love the top part of this bassinet. I would maybe change the clouds to a sun. The way the base is constructed, it does not allow it to be rocked.

Solid wood baby cradle

awesome! goes from rocking chair attached to bassinet, to crib, to toddler bed, to day bed! LOVE IT!

Wood rocking bassinet 2

Elegant, traditional rocking bassinet crafted with care from high quality wood and ornamented with subtle carvings here and there. Classical design makes this cradle be a true adornment of any nursery room.

Eddie bauer wood bassinet

Wooden rocking basket that features an interesting brown finish. Its sleeping area provides softness and safety to a small child. Rocking stand is also very solid, so the whole construction provides good support.

Rocking bassinets

Children's cradles are usually made of walnut wood, so it happened in this case too. Bright, solid construction of wood rocking bassinet- it will wrap and lull your baby to sleep in the first months of life.

Wooden bassinet rocker

Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet love love love can't wait to put my muffin in it!

Sorelle Sorelle Sterling Cradle - Merlot

Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet

Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet

Antique wood baby bed rocking crib

Antique Wood Baby Bed / Rocking Crib

Vintage bamboo rattan baby basket bassinet rocker

Vintage Bamboo & Rattan Baby Basket Bassinet Rocker ...

Large baby cradle cedar wood wooden bassinet rocking rocker 1

Large Baby Cradle Cedar Wood Wooden Bassinet Rocking Rocker

Dorel juvenile group recalls eddie bauer rocking wood

Dorel Juvenile Group Recalls Eddie Bauer Rocking Wood ...

Ingenuity foldaway rocking wood bassinet wallace

Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet - Wallace ...

Ingenuity foldaway rocking wood bassinet wallace 1

Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Wood Bassinet - Wallace ...

Ingenuity wood foldaway rocking bassinet classic wallace

Ingenuity Wood FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Classic - Wallace ...