Wood Rocking Horse

There is something truly nostalgic about a wood rocking horse. The memory of rocking for hours is burned into our fondest memories. The technology hasn't changed, but the traditional feel of these updated rocking horse designs will inspire you to give those memories to your children. Check out our collection of fun and unique all-wood rocking horses. Your little ones will love them.

Best Products

Handmade vintage wooden rocking horse

Handmade vintage wooden rocking horse
That horse rocks! A toy for your child, made of solid warm wood is also hanmade!Great rocking horse has a knotted yarn tail and vinyl ears. It seems to me that he would stole the heart of every child.

Personalized mod toddler rocking horse

Personalized mod toddler rocking horse
Trying to find a special and unique gift for the kids? We suggest you to choose this personalized mod toddler rocking horse, with organic safe natural wood construction. It brings a lot of fun!

Rocking Horse Wooden Toy Kids Toy Safe

Rocking Horse Wooden Toy Kids Toy Safe
Being a universal gift and a source of entertainment for every child, this wooden rocking horse enchants with its bright, natural appeal. Densely grained wood only emphasizes the effect.

Handmade wooden rocking horse

Handmade wooden rocking horse
This wood rocking horse enchants with its handmade construction, being a perfect gift for one's baby. The construction uses an enchanting, bright wood with natural grainings exposed.

Rocking horse hand painted wooden modern

Rocking horse hand painted wooden modern
Find a toy that looks beautiful and brings so much fun. This rocking horse boasts dependable wooden construction, updated design and exceptionally cheerful coloring scheme using gray, blue and lime green.

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse
This beautiful rocking horse offers hours of good healthy play time for your children and is made by hand with top grade hardwood. It is built to last for years, so your child can enjoy it throughout childhood.

Wooden rocking horse plans

Now you can surpirse your little ones with those beautiful rocking horses that will make their playtime much more enjoyable. Each horse is crafted of sturdy wood, has a comfy saddle, 2 small handles, and well-shaped rockers for easy motion.

Our advice Buying Guide

No matter if it's a brand new piece of furniture or if it's one that's been restored, there's something magical about a child receiving their first wood rocking horse. While some of those that experience restoration date back more than 100 years, it's possible to find ones that are new with just as much charm and details. Selecting one that's just right for your child may seem overwhelming, so we're going to help you sort through those details. In doing so, your child will have a wood rocking horse they can pass from generation to generation, create childhood memories with, and tell heartwarming stories about in the future.

What Are the Average Wooden Rocking Horse Measurements?

When shopping for wooden rocking horses, you'll find that they're available in many sizes according to age. Their height measurements are taken from the floor and upward toward their ears. For example, if you're purchasing for a toddler aged ten months to five years old, you could buy a wooden rocking horse that ranges between 17" to 27" high. If you're purchasing a wooden rocking horse for children between the ages three and eight years old, you could purchase one that ranges between 29.5" and 43" high.

What Are the Safety Considerations For Wooden Rocking Horses?

While we would all love our child to have a vintage wooden rocking horse, some of them have been known to tip over when their riders get excited. However, the newer and more modern designs feature anti-tip rockers that help keep children safe while they're riding. It goes without saying that parental supervision is ultimately the best recourse regarding the safety of a child on a wooden rocking horse. However, the implementation of such designs is a significant plus as well. If the seat doesn’t come with padding, consider adding something with grip to help your child avoid slipping.

How to Decorate with Wooden Rocking Horses?

Even though your child will likely drag their rocking horse around and play with it wherever they'd like, it's best for it to have a safe starting point. Decorating with wooden rocking horses not only add charm to a child's bedroom but they also are a beautiful accent to the corners of dens and living rooms where children love to play. Be sure to place the rocking horse away from walls and other furniture that may experience damage. If your child is prone to toppling over, avoid putting the rocking horse near furniture with corners.

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Rocking Horses?

Cleaning a wooden rocking horse is done with a damp cloth that's been dipped in a solution of warm water that's been mixed with a mild detergent. If you're cleaning a vintage rocking horse, don't rub too vigorously or you'll damage the paint or other finishes. Avoid using furniture polish because the surface will become too slippery when your child is playing. Don't let the wood's surface become too wet because it will cause damage to the wood. Because wooden rocking horses are constructed from hardwoods including ash, cherry, and oak, they’ll last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.


Diy rocking horse

This picture shows a stylish and durable rocking horse with the whole construction based on wood. Its neutral colors look very attractive anywhere and its additional holders for hands and legs provide safety.

Free wooden rocking horse plans

A beautiful, handmade piece that will be a charming decoration of your lawn as well as it wil be a great fun for the kids. It's a handcrafted with great precision, wooden rocking elephant in a large size.

Wood rocking horse plans

Rocking horse in traditional form. It is made of wood and fitted with carefully profiled seat. Charming accent for each kid's room. Perfect gift idea.

Wood rocking horse

The rocking horse would give unforgettable fun for your kids and help in the development of your children imagination skills. It is made of high-quality would that would assure high durability and this toy would survive even very intensive usage.

Rocking horse plan

Rocking Horse Plan

Antique rocking horse with wheels

Quick n' Easy Heirloom Rocking Horse Wood Toy Plan Set. Love to make this one day.

Wood rocking horse 1

This lovely animal rocking horse with bear motif is a perfect combination of charming furniture and toys for the baby. The whole is extremely impressive, reliable and durable. The ideal solution for any interior.

Woodworking plans rocking horse

Being always a good gift idea for a toddler, this rocking horse enchants with its classic, wooden finish. Densely grained, bright wood emphasizes the natural character of the item.

Wood rocking horse pattern pictures

Wood Rocking Horse Pattern pictures

Animal rocking horse 3

Rocking animals in vintage style. It is made of wood in two shades. Neutral design for boys and girls. Excellent gift idea.

Wooden motorcycle rocking horse 1

A lovely though simple traditional rocking horse for children. It's entirely crafted of white-finished wood. It has 3 legs and a flat seat with a low backrest. Footrests and handles are of round unfinished rods.

Building a classic rocking horse plans

A charming very realistic traditional rocking horse hand-crafted of quality oakwood with a hand-stained and hand-polished finish in light browns. It has elegant realistic tack, a long mane and a tail, showy heavily bowed rockers.

Wooden motorcycle rocking horse

A lovely retro rocking motorcycle crafted of wooden materials with a finish in brown tones. It's modelled on old motorcycles. It has a a sturdy frame with a flat seat, convenient footrests and handles.

Solid oak rocking horse

The figure of a horse based on arched poles, not only that it looks very interesting, it also provides entertainment in the form of regular rocking. This wood rocking horse has a very realistic brown silhouette, based on traditional wooden poles.

All artifact images interpretive information and website text 1

All artifact images, interpretive information, and website text

Grow-With-Me Wooden Rocking Horse with Removeable Safety Surround on the Seat

Have you had a wooden rocking horse when you were a kid? I had, and I recall it more than well. Here's my recent amazon finding: an eco-friendly rubberwood rocking horse with red and black detailing. Rubber stoppers prevent the risk of tipping over.

Tori foldable rocking horse by plan toys via apartmenttherapy every

Tori Foldable Rocking Horse by Plan Toys via apartmenttherapy: Every parent should be conscious of what you're bringing into your home for your kids to play with, but if you live in a small home the size of a toy can be a deal breaker. Mostly, I limit the

Rocking horse wooden 4

rocking horse wooden

Wooden rocking horse kit

Surprise your children with this fantastic toy that rocks! Crafted of fine wood in natural finish, the rocking horse comes with a beautiful silhouette, small handles, a shapely saddle, and well-profiled rockers for easy motion.

Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Merrilegs Rocking Horse

Wood rocking horse

This wooden toy for children is an attractive rocking horse. Its solid construction assures fun, comfort and safety for kids. This unfinished rocking horse looks good and anyone can paint it with attractive colors.

Wood rocking horse kit

A rocking horse on the one hand, a canoe on the other, this beautifully designed item will let your child personate native Americans, who flew down the rivers of Mississippi and Missouri.

Chester polished wood rocking horse

Chester Polished Wood Rocking Horse

Kidkraft Derby Rocking Horse

Not ashamed of the fact that im already consumed by

Not ashamed of the fact that I'm already consumed by the search for the perfect rocking horse

Rocking horse woodworking plans

One Rockin' Horse, including cutting diagram, materials list, full sized pattern, etc. Perfect for Granddad!

Modernize a timeless classic vintage wood rocking horse before after

Modernize a timeless classic! Vintage wood rocking horse, before & after!

Unfinished rocking horse

Rocking horses can stimulate the imagination of a child - it can become a fairy-tale princess on a horse. Today it is not a horse, but the wooden plane in a rocking form strengthens the dream of a pilot's career. Bujana, also made in wood by Amish.

Amish wooden rocking horse

White horse painted by hand vintage wooden rocking

Stuffed animal rocking horse 2

Plush rocking horses and other animals. These products provide comfortable and safe fun for children. Their seats are firm, but also comfortable. Wooden bases are resistant to wear caused by frequent use.

Plans for rocking horse

rocking horse MUSTANG by sixay furniture - premium solid wood design furniture

Small vintage and more for decoration but might work nice

Small, vintage, and more for decoration, but might work nice in our small nursery!

Wooden rocking horse kits

Wooden Rocking Horse - C02 - eco friendly toy

Stuffed rocking horse

Amazing antique design for a classic rocking horse, bound to give your home a unique, vintage look. Perfect to put up in your kids’ bedroom for them to play or even as a decoration in your living room!

Sirch olga rocking horse 1

Sirch Olga Rocking horse

Up to 33 off medium rocking horse solid wood amish

Up to 33% Off Medium Rocking Horse | Solid Wood Amish ...

Best rocking horses for toddlers homesfeed

Best Rocking Horses For Toddlers – HomesFeed

Wooden rocking horse with padded seat

Wooden Rocking Horse with Padded Seat

Wooden rocking horse 1

Wooden Rocking Horse

Unique amish toddler kids medium rocking horse solid oak

Unique Amish Toddler Kids Medium Rocking Horse Solid Oak ...

Large wooden rocking horse usa handmade toddler toy amish

LARGE WOODEN ROCKING HORSE USA Handmade Toddler Toy Amish ...

Wooden heart painted rocking horse

Wooden Heart Painted Rocking Horse

Kids rocking horse toy wooden wood amish toddler new ebay

Kids Rocking Horse Toy Wooden Wood Amish Toddler New | eBay