Extra Long Bolster Pillow

Extra long bolster pillows are cylindrical pillows that are the width of your bed. They are especially useful when sitting up in bed to read or watch TV. And they make excellent body pillows. They came in many fabrics, and a list of sizes to match your needs. A wonderful and useful addition to your sleeping area. Check out this collection to get an idea which bolster pillow you might want.

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Extra long bolster pillow

With this extra long bolster pillow, your king size bed will be even snazzier and more comfortable. Designed of quality, navy blue fabric with a hint of black, the pillow boasts of geometric trellis pattern.

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Contemporary pillows are no longer square and squat. They can be a form of a long roll in the most elaborate patterns, just like those geometrical zigzags in beige and black. Extra long bolster pillow was made of polyester with an admixture of cotton.

ROLL Long Bolster

ROLL Long Bolster

Decorative pillows 35

Decorative Pillows
Having the length of 63 cm, this extra long bolster pillow can be a perfect addition to one's bedding. Its universal white design will correspond well to your set of pillows and linens.

Teen Bean Body Pillow Kapok Fill and Pillowcase

Versatile body pillow for people seeking more comfort than classic pillow provide. Fit to your body and reduces lower back strain. Cylindrical shape is perfect for for a good nights sleep. You can also use it as a leg or hip support.

Queen size bolster pillow

Do not let your neck hurt - by investing in this simple extra long roller bolster pillow, which has a soft finish of 100% polyester and is hyper-hemorrhaging. White allows versatility. It has extremely decorative functions if you add to this some funny cover.

What are the long pillows called

Designed for king size beds, this extra long bolster pillow comprises beautiful Navy blue and white (with a hint of black) geometric trellis pattern. It will add elegance and a fresh energy to any bedroom decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Extra long bolster pillows are perfectly shaped to provide shoulder and neck support, which means they are a must-have for people who suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Furthermore, bolster pillows are excellent for daybeds and leather sofas as they don't slip and fall to the ground unlike square or throw pillows.

What types of bolster pillow filling are there?

When choosing between different extra long bolster pillows, your pillow filling choices are the following:

  • Natural - Natural filling consists of high-quality feathers, so they can be expensive. However, a natural filling for a bolster translates to breathability and more comfort. Take note: due to the material's properties, a natural filling is not recommended for an individual who suffers from respiratory allergies.
  • Synthetic - Synthetic filling is hypoallergenic, which means it is perfect for people who have allergies. There are different varieties of synthetic filling, namely microfiber, memory foam, silk, and latex among others. They're also of high quality like natural filling.
  • Microfiber - A bolster that is filled with microfiber has a material that's highly breathable. Microfiber is designed to imitate the properties of natural filling. It contains elements that regulate temperature, meaning it will offer you with a peaceful night's sleep.
  • Memory Foam - Memory foam bolster pillows provide the most support as it molds to a neck and head's contours. It is ideal for individuals suffering back and neck pain.
  • Silk - A bolster filled with a hundred percent silk offers a luxurious feel. The material is also hypoallergenic, and it makes for an excellent choice for people with allergies. Dense and firm, a silk-filled pillow offers great support to aid you sleep at night.
  • Silk and Polyester - Pillows filled with a mix of polyester and silk don't have any problem retaining their shape. They provide medium support, are machine washable, and are naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Latex - A bolster pillow protected with a microfiber cover and filled with latex can last a very long time. It features an advanced airflow system, which means it's highly breathable. It is also capable of offering excellent neck and back support.

What things to take into consideration when buying extra long bolster pillows?

Check the extra long bolster pillow's warranty - There should be a warranty provided against flattening. But, you need to remember that a warranty can affect a pillow's price.

  • Money-back guarantee - A pillow's manufacturer should offer a guarantee on a product's quality to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Quality - You would want a high-quality bolster to support your body weight and last a long time as well. Most high-quality pillows are handmade or hand sewn, but they're usually expensive.
  • Your special needs - There are bolster pillows that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of users. For example, there are people who require specialty pillows for their allergies. The best pillow for you if you have an allergy is one that's filled and covered with materials that are capable of keeping away mites and dust. If you snore, choose a bolster that will ensure your airway is not compressed while you sleep.


Home bounce back bolster pillow 6ft with free pillow case

Home / Bounce Back BOLSTER PILLOW (6ft) with free pillow case!!!

Xtra large bolster pillow

Xtra Large Bolster Pillow

Long bolster pillow

Long pillow for bedroom, living room and others interiors as needed. Roll shape provides support for the cervical and lumbar spine. It is covered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams.

Twill decorative pillow pillow cover small bolster white review

... Twill Decorative Pillow Pillow Cover - Small Bolster White Review

Newpoint 100-Percent Cotton 6 by 16 Neckroll Pillow Pairs, White

Comfy modern pillow in the shape of a cylinder. Its cover is made of durable white washable cotton filled with anti-allergenic polyester fibre. It has therapeutic properties helpful for persons suffering from allergy, neck or back pains.

Extra long pillows

Snoozing or falling into a winter sleep - our spine, our dreams and health need a comfortable cushion and a bed of aesthetic addition such as this white extra long bolster pillow with simple form and anti-allergic feathers inside.

Velvet in new gray grand size 8x30 bolster pillow includes

VELVET in NEW GRAY grand size 8x30 bolster pillow includes insert ...

Large bolster pillows body pillows

Large Bolster Pillows / Body Pillows

Extra long lumbar pillow

A chic long traditional bolster pillow for queen beds. It's filled with polyester fibres. Its elegant sham is of high quality fabric in grey tones. It features delicate a bit lighter floral patterns and wide edging.

Extra long bolster neck roll pillow for 1

Extra Long Bolster Neck Roll Pillow For
Comfortable and fashionable, this bolster pillow is machine-washable and wrapped in a removable cover beautified with distinctive pattern. It's lightweight and durable, and it can also work very well as a decorative pillow for your sofa.

Extra long african mudcloth lumbar

Extra Long African Mudcloth Lumbar
Excellently made long bolster pillow is a beautiful African style accent, which will check for any modern, modern decor. Beautiful details captivate, and attractive color scheme makes the stunt take on the character.

Long bolster


Cylindrical pillow

With this bolster pillow you are getting a machine-washable decoration, wrapped in a beautifully-patterned cover. It's lightweight, durable, and comfortable, and it can also work very well as a decorative pillow for your sofa.

Bolster Pillow

Bolster Pillow

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Extra-Long Versailles Bolster Pillow with Tassels, 9" x 36"

A long Versailles bolster pillow. It’s great for traditional houses, because of its rich finish and highly detailed decoration. The material is soft and pleasant in touch. Certainly a great addition for a sofa or couch.

Extra long bolster pillow

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and a high quality headboard? This one has got the lovely floral pattern, which brings the fresh romantic twist to your bedroom.

Long vintage patchwork pillow cushion

Long Vintage Patchwork Pillow Cushion
Unique bed cover is made from a stunning array of contermporary fabrics. The fabrics include lots of genuine vintage pieces in rich and bright tones of golden yellow, mustard and chocolate brown. The backing is made with strong deep orange cotton.

What are long pillows called

Long Vintage Patchwork Pillow / Cushion Cover - Extra long bolster style oblong - Contemporary Bold Florals Purple Green Blue. £37.50,

Sweet Potato Swizzle Yellow Rectangular Bolster Pillow, Grey

Extra long african mudcloth lumbar pillow 4 foot bolster pillow

Extra long African mudcloth lumbar pillow, 4 foot bolster pillow ...

Needles Solid Twill Bolster Pillows (Set of 2)

Needles Solid Twill Bolster Pillows (Set of 2)

Italian floral print bolster pillow bedding linen blue and green

Italian Floral Print Bolster Pillow, Bedding, Linen, Blue and Green

In ivory white daybed si ze 8x30 bolster pillow includes

... in ivory/ white Daybed si ze 8x30 bolster pillow includes insert

Extra long tribal lumbar pillow indigo 4

Extra Long Tribal Lumbar Pillow Indigo 4
Handmade with attention to details, this extra long 12" x 48" bolster pillow has a front designed of vintage Hmong indigo textile and backing made from Cream solid linen. The cover is serged at seams and equipped with an invisible zipper closure.

Long pillow gray bolster pillow gray and citrine pillow cover

Long Pillow, Gray Bolster Pillow, Gray and Citrine pillow cover ...

Duvet quilt cover set pavilion all sizes

Duvet / Quilt Cover Set - Pavilion - ALL SIZES

Palmer Bolster

Palmer Bolster

What is a long pillow called

Made to Order- Handmade 1960s Vintage Inspired Smocked Decorative Extra Long 32" Bolster Hot Pink Fuschia Bridal Satin. $112.00 USD,

Detail shabby french embroidered long bolster pillow with ruffle

Detail Shabby French Embroidered Long Bolster Pillow with Ruffle

YogaAccessories (TM) Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

Comfortable and fashionable, those bolster pillows are machine-washable and wrapped in a 100% cotton cover. Each bolster allows you to personalize its size by adding or removing cotton batting. Measurements: 25" L x 3" H x 6" W.

Long bolster pillow cover

Custom Pillow for Charlotte extra long bolster by madebylisajane, £82.00

Microsuede Bolster Pillow (Set of 2)

Microsuede Bolster Pillow (Set of 2)
It is a set of two pillows in the shape of a cylinder. Both are very nice and gentle. They have a bright color. They are soft and pleasant to the touch. Pillows well suited for relaxation and fun. Just check them out.

Custom order long patchwork pillow

Custom Order Long Patchwork Pillow
Long pillow for spine support on the bed, sofa and more. It is covered with nice touch fabric and decorated with patchwork pattern. Clear colors add freshness and modernity to any interior.

6" Diameter Deluxe Oversized Massage Table 25" Full Bolster

And other colors floral loomed design fabric long bolster pillow

... and other colors floral loomed design fabric long bolster Pillow 11x28

Round bolster pillow

With this bolster pillow you are getting a machine-washable decoration, wrapped in a beautifully-patterned cover. It's lightweight, durable, and comfortable, and it can also work very well as a decorative pillow for your sofa.

Extra long bolster neck roll pillow for

Extra Long Bolster Neck Roll Pillow For
A very large bolster pillow, to guarantee perfect rest or sleep. Green colour and floral pattern are great to improve the frame of mind, soothe nerves and to create a calm atmosphere. Be it a short nap or long sleep, this pillow will be great.

Yellow chevron zig zag bolster pillow

Yellow Chevron Zig Zag Bolster Pillow
If you like to have your head higher while sleeping, ths extra long bolster pillow will be a handy addition to your bedroom. Stylishly finished in a white and gold chevron pattern.

Yoga bolster yoga bolsters are pillows that can support your

yoga bolster yoga bolsters are pillows that can support your

Round bolster cushion

Black Half Round Bolster Pillow Massage Tattoo Spa by BestMassage. $17.95. 28" Long and 6" Diameter. Handle on the side for easy carry. Great for professional and in house use. Leather cover with high density foam. This BestMassage premium half round bols

This is the kind of pillow im talking about often

THIS is the kind of pillow I'm talking about, often found at your ...

Long patchwork pillow cushion cover extra long bolster style 2

Long Patchwork Pillow / Cushion Cover - Extra long bolster style ...