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30 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas: Charming, Cozy, Classy

The most unapologetically feminine decor or a more subtle nod to this delicate style? Whatever you prefer, let's plan the right shabby chic bathroom for your vision.

When thinking of shabby chic decor, we tend to picture harmonious living room furniture and an abundance of ornamental items. Perhaps even a white bedroom with floral wallpaper and flowy bed skirts.

In reality, this feminine interior style can work just as well in bathrooms! With their soft tones, lived-in feel, and mixture of vintage and traditional elements, shabby chic bathrooms offer lots of possibilities. 

From your bathtub to wall colors and feminine accents, it's all about planning the right decor for your space and preferences. To get you started, our interior design experts have found a variety of inspiring shabby chic bathroom ideas.

1. You can never have too much white in a shabby chic bathroom

White shabby chic bathroom decor
Durham Designs & Consulting, LLC

White is also the most popular color in bathrooms. This already makes shabby chic decor an even more suitable choice for this space!

This delicate interior style almost always relies on white as a base. However, it doesn’t have to end there. You can take this nostalgic and relaxing vibe to the next level by including white furniture and items, too.

This will also make smaller bathrooms appear larger.

2. Pastel colors are ideal, too

Bathroom section in pastel colors
Naked Kitchens

White is the shabby chic color par excellence, but it’ll work even better with pastels.

You can also use them more heavily to homage this style if you aren’t a fan of big white spaces.

Some of the most popular shabby chic pastel hues are pink, light-blue, mint green, lavender, beige, and yellow.

3. Create a delicate palette

Curated bathroom section in a shabby chic style
House of Chais

For the best shabby chic results, forget about overly saturated hues and dark colors like black.

Instead, combine white, pastels, and muted tones to create a charming palette.

Golden accents like in this stylish example wouldn’t look out of place, either. They’ll especially stand out against white backgrounds.

4. It’s ok: you can still experiment with colors

Colorful take on shabby chic interiors
Scout Design Studio

You shouldn’t force yourself to like white or pale walls if you prefer brighter environments!

For example, this bathroom steals the scene with its extremely colorful walls and hypnotizing patterns.

Still, its shabby chic inspiration is clear through other elements. The furniture and wall tiles are white, and the cupboard doors more decorative.

5. Choose marble

Bathroom with wallpaper and marble countertops
Whittney Parkinson

By now, you’ve probably already guessed why. After all, marble involves the most popular shabby chic color: white.

Plus, it’ll add a sense of sophistication to your space. From countertops to floors and even shower walls, you can find different ways of introducing it based on your bathroom’s layout (and your budget).

6. Liven it up through your floor…

Shabby chic bathroom with a colorful floor
White and Sands Design Build

This is another excellent idea to create a balanced and charming result.

If you’re planning on using white for your walls and ceiling, introduce some color through your tiles.

For example, this geometric pattern adds a modern twist to this shabby chic bathroom. It also grabs your attention without ruining the relaxing and airy ambiance created by the white walls.

7. … and wall tiles

White bathroom with decorative wall tiles
LS Studio

You could also use the same trick but… the other way around!

Choose white floors and furniture. Then, energize your shabby chic bathroom with some colorful wall tiles.

Having them across your entire walls could be a little overwhelming, though. So, we recommend sticking to one section, leaving the rest white or in the same color as your tiles.

8. Choose harmonious lines

Vintage shabby chic bathroom idea
Improveit! Home Remodeling

Another handy way of introducing a shabby chic vibe in your bathroom is to opt for decorative designs.

Mirrors with harmonious lines like in this example, cabinets with recessed panels, wood carvings… Make your bathroom pieces as ornate as the items in your living room!

9. Include some floral patterns

Retro shabby chic bathroom with decorative items
Unique Homestays

Flowers are another shabby chic staple. You might be thinking of living room curtains or patterned bedsheets, but you can add them to your bathroom, too!

As you can see in this vintage example, wallpaper is an excellent starting point. Other ideas for your floral patterns are wall tiles, rugs, and shower curtains.

And don’t forget about smaller accents, of course. How about some floral towels?

10. Play with pink

White and pink shabby chic bathroom idea
NEVA Architecture Intérieure - Interior Design

Delicate, feminine, and perfect with white! Pink is one of the most popular colors in shabby chic palettes, so you might want to include it.

How? By painting your walls in that hue, choosing pink floor tiles, or sticking to smaller sections like in this example.

Alternatively, you can decide to use pink as an accent color instead. For instance, choose pink towels, soap dispensers, and wall decor.

11. Add some actual flowers

Freestanding bathtub with an ottoman
Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

We’ve looked at patterns, but your floral inspiration doesn’t have to end there.

In fact, what better way to breathe some life into your bathroom than with fresh flowers? They’d introduce some color, complement your palette, and add to this style’s feminine inspiration.

Display them on your window sill, main countertop, or on a tray to create a curated arrangement.

12. Wood will work wonders

Cozy bathroom with wooden furniture
Creative Surfaces Countertops & Tile

Rather than metal, plastic, or laminate, natural wood is the best material in shabby chic homes.

So, choose furniture that showcases its unique veins. Even better if it involves an aged and withered finish!

You can achieve a similar shabby chic effect with painted wooden furniture (white in particular) in a distressed style.

13. Recessed panels are very shabby chic

Lampert Lumber

Forget about the clean and streamlined designs of contemporary bathrooms!

To really embrace this feminine style, look for decorative accents like cabinets with recessed panels.

Other ornamental ideas for your bathroom furniture are elaborate drawer handles, cabriole legs, and wood carvings.

14. Decorate your open shelves

Bathroom with wall shelves and blue walls
Wheatland Custom Cabinetry & Woodwork

Shabby chic settings include quite a few decorative items. That’s easy to achieve in living rooms and bedrooms, but what about bathrooms?

A handy solution is open shelves. While you should mainly consider them for functional items (like storing towels), you can always display some decorative ones, too.

For example, you could add candles, frames, glass jars for storage, vases, dried flower compositions, and plants.

15. You could even have a chandelier

Luxurious bathroom with a freestanding tub and chandelier
Dorye Brown Interiors

Chandeliers aren’t just for living rooms and bedrooms!

It’s easy to forget about bathroom lights until the end… and then just opt for the most functional opinion. In reality, that’s a massive missed opportunity.

If you want to focus on the ornamental side of shabby chic decor, elevate its style with a chandelier. Be sure to look for a design with curved arms and plenty of decorative details.

16. Make your shabby chic bathroom more sophisticated

Opulent shabby chic bathroom idea
Pleasant View Construction

Put the ‘chic’ in shabby chic with some bathroom decor that oozes luxury.

An elegant freestanding tub is a must, of course. You can then add a chandelier, some draping curtains, decorative furniture, and more eye-catching items like in this example.

17. Fill up those walls

Shabby chic bathroom with pink walls and frames
The Bath Showcase

Framed photos and artwork aren’t just for the living room!

To add to this decorative style, you can’t leave your entire bathroom walls bare.

Instead, fill them with prints, photos, artwork, and crafty compositions. You could either opt for a couple of larger items or showcase an entire collection like in this hypnotizing example.

18. Use glass to keep it airy

White bathroom with a glass section
Angelica Henry Design

Elements like room dividers or dark curtains can make your bathroom look a bit smaller. So, how do you achieve the opposite effect?

Easy. Paint your walls white, and use large mirrors and windows to emphasize their brightness.

You can also rely on glass panels rather than opaque options (for example, through an open shower). That way, they won’t affect your room’s visual flow.

19. Make your mirrors decorative

Elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub and mirror
Soucie Horner, Ltd.

You have two main options when it comes to mirrors in shabby chic bathrooms.

Start with a more functional one above your sink but in a design that includes a harmonious shape and frame. Then, if you have enough room, hang up a much bigger and taller mirror like in this example.

This means you can get even more creative with an opulent frame that involves unusual shapes or wood carvings.

20. Add some ornate curtains

Heidi Pribell Interiors

Curtains are an excellent spot to showcase your shabby chic inspiration.

Start with the right colors, especially white or pastel tones. You could also do with a delicate pattern like a floral design.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, some options might be more convenient than others (for example, valances or shades). If you can, however, introduce a flowy design like in this stunning bathroom.

21. Treat yourself to a freestanding bathtub

Bathroom with a freestanding bathtub
Design Group Three

If you have enough room for it, do it! This is probably the most shabby chic fixture you can add to your bathroom.

Freestanding bathtubs are charming, decorative, and come with nostalgic vintage vibes.

Rather than a simple design, however, scout for an ornate option like this example. Specifically, look for harmonious shapes and elaborate legs.

22. Think beyond practicality

Black and white bathroom decor
The Plumbery

Of course, you need your bathroom to be functional. However, the difference between shabby chic interiors and more contemporary options is that it doesn’t end there.

Once you’ve added your more practical pieces, you want to spoil yourself with decorative and ornate elements, too.

As well as small items, consider larger ideas like this accent chair.

23. Opt for pastel walls

Shabby chic bathroom idea with pink walls
Loveland Dahl Decorative Kitchen & Bath Showroom

Much like this adorable pink example, pastel walls will instantly convey your shabby chic inspiration.

You can also use them to make your white furniture and fixtures pop.

To homage this style even further, make your walls extremely decorative, too. As well as ornamental pieces, how about some paneled sections?

24. Don’t forget about towels

Bathroom with a freestanding tub
Lawrence Allan Inc.

We’re sure you wouldn’t forget to buy them. We just mean: choose them wisely so they can complement your shabby chic inspiration!

White towels are the most versatile with this style, but don’t stick to plain designs. Look for ruffles or lace trims.

Embroidered towels are another popular choice in shabby chic bathrooms. They’ll also allow you to reinforce your accent color or introduce a floral motif.

25. Have a separate shower room

Functional bathroom with a shower room
SkB Architects

While freestanding tubs are ideal in shabby chic bathrooms, you might prefer the practicality of showers.

In that case, how about spoiling yourself with a wet room or walk-in design?

It’d add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom, making you feel like you’re always vacationing in a five-star hotel.

26. Choose x-shaped panels

Decorative shabby chic bathroom furniture
Tamsin Design Group

As well as classic recessed panels, you can look for bathroom furniture that incorporates this shape (or combines the two!).

Cupboard doors, glass sections… X-shaped elements are guaranteed to add a more familiar and traditional touch to your bathroom.

At the same time, their ornate design will complement this decorative interior style, too.

27. Elevate your style with functional elements, too

Bathroom countertop with decorative designs
JMH Architecture

So, you’ve got some decorative furniture, patterned curtains, and a white freestanding tub. Now, complement your shabby chic bathroom by choosing your functional everyday items really carefully.

In fact, just because they’re utilitarian it doesn’t mean they can’t be decorative!

Soap dispensers, scented sticks, robe hooks, storage baskets… Look for ornate designs and harmonious shapes. These small but tasteful details can really tie your entire shabby chic bathroom decor together.

28. Add some metallic accents

Shabby chic bathtub and decor
Steven Allen Designs, LLC

This is another stylish idea to complement your mostly white shabby chic palette. Metallic accents can easily add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom.

Some popular spots for them are faucets, mirror frames, towel racks, and drawer handles. However, you can find your own way of incorporating them, too. For instance, what do you think of the ornate legs of this tub?

29. Include some wall lights

Bathroom section with wall sconces
Maison & Co.

Chandeliers aside, your smaller lighting fixtures can help you reinforce your shabby chic decor even more.

Plus, they’d mean that you won’t always have to rely on a huge overhead light. Basically, you can create a more relaxing ambiance, perhaps when you’re enjoying a long bath.

So, focus on the most decorative wall sconces, but be sure to add a few pretty candles, too.

30. Create a shabby chic bathroom to pamper yourself

Luxurious and spacious shabby chic bathroom idea
Giffin & Crane General Contractors

If space and budget are the least of your concerns, turn your bathroom into that of a Hollywood star.

This example ticks all the boxes. A freestanding tub right in the middle, plenty of countertop space, a chandelier, a separate shower room, and even a comfy nook by the window.

You can then use smaller items to decorate it or spoil yourself even further, like this bathtub tray with a candle.

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