Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades

Chandeliers can be lovely, but putting a mini chandelier lamp shade on the individual bulbs, makes it personal. The crystal, the lights, the way it all plays on the items within its glow, all give the chandelier an elegant quality. But most chandeliers are similar. If you want to make your chandelier special, adding these mini chandelier lamp shades will give it that touch that says it is truly yours.

Best Products

5" H Bell Lamp Shade ( Clip On ) in Apricot

5" H Bell Lamp Shade ( Clip On ) in Apricot
These 5” bell-shaped clip on lamp shades come in pairs. Create your preferred symmetrical aesthetic with this lampshade set, and watch as the homestyle stitched floral pattern stands out against the warm cream-colored backdrop when you switch on this lampshade with a standard candelabra bulb.

5" H x 5.5" W Linen Drum Lamp Shade ( Clip On )

5" H x 5.5" W Linen Drum Lamp Shade ( Clip On )
Imbue your home with a modern, simple style with this set of six clip-on lamp shades. These drum-shaped linen shades allow soft, warm light to be the focus of any room. Available in black and gold or cream and white, the glow from these neutrally-colored lamp shades are an elegant finishing touch to any household.

4.5" H Empire Lamp Shade ( Clip On ) in Black/White

4.5" H Empire Lamp Shade ( Clip On ) in Black/White
Made for the wild at heart, this set of nine hardback empire shape lampshades will lend an exotic flavor to any room. Lined in white and recommended for candelabra bulbs, these clip on lamp shades will brighten your life in the boldest way possible.

Set 6 White Cotton Blue Trim Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade 3 X6 X5 Clip

Set 6 White Cotton Blue Trim Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade 3 X6 X5 Clip
A 6 pieces set of mini clip lamp or chandelier shades, in pure white, with blue trims on top and bottom. The hardback empire shaped shades are all cotton. Suitable for maximum 40 watt candelabra bulbs.

Indoor 4 Light White Shade Pendant Chandelier

Indoor 4 Light White Shade Pendant Chandelier
A beautiful, solid and useful element that plays the role of a light fixture. This chandelier has got a white cover that looks interesting in any decor. It requires four 60-watt standard bulbs for a proper work.

Beige fabric 3 light chrome chandelier

Beige fabric 3 light chrome chandelier
It is an element that introduces a touch of retro style into the living room. The hanging lamp has got a beige shade and chrome body. The chain is 39.5 inches long and the fixture is 17.5 inches wide x 12 inches high.

1 Light Mini Chandelier

1 Light Mini Chandelier
It is a very decorative and very adorned chandelier. It is designed for one bulb. The chandelier is an extremely elegant and refined. Its refinement raise additional delicate crystals. Perfect for high interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are shades on chandeliers outdated?

Shades on chandeliers aren’t outdated at all. They allow you to add personality, color, and visual interest to both the chandelier and your space. Besides, mini chandelier shades come in a myriad of designs and styles, so you can always switch it up in case you ever get bored of a shade. You can go for a neutrally-colored lampshade to complement your home decor and swap it out for a bright, patterned one to create an eye-catching focal point when it’s time to refresh your home.

What color should chandelier lampshades be?

The color a lampshade should be ultimately depends on what ambiance you are hoping to achieve within the room. Classic eggshell-colored lampshades provide a warm, soft glow that makes a room feel intimate. Very light lampshades that are true white can help make a windowless room feel bright, cheery, and spacious.

If you’re hoping for a mysterious or romantic atmosphere, a darker lampshade color like black, dark gray, or navy blue is ideal. Less light penetrates through deeply colored lampshades, and this can be beneficial for rooms that are designed to have a darker tone. Dark colors are also effective for mini chandelier lampshades to mute the light emitted from these fixtures to give your space a welcoming glow.

Choosing colorful lampshades like red and blue has a direct effect on the color of light the room receives. For a spa or relaxation area, a blue lampshade might be effective because a cooler, blue light is soothing. A red lampshade is better suited to a bedroom, or office where the rich, warm color of the light can make you feel cozy and secure.

What lampshade gives the most light?

If you're looking to invest in mini chandelier lamp shades, you're probably wondering what lampshades give the most amount of light. The color of your lampshade definitely plays a role in how much light is emitted, and lighter shades or white shades will give off the most amount of light and more balanced lighting.

However, if you would like to create a dramatic look and feel to the room, a dark shade will serve as a statement piece. The fabric of the shade is another factor to consider, and silk shades allow more light through when compared to parchment and textured materials.


Fashion 4 Light Mini Chandelier

Fashion 4 Light Mini Chandelier
The impressive chandelier is made of beautifully cut from plastic crystals. It has four lights in the style candle making are very stylish decorative element of the interior. Let your house looks like a palace.

1 Light Mini Chandelier

1 Light Mini Chandelier
Chandelier featuring shade, construction made of metal as well as crystal and one light. It's beautiful, classic design and style make it a perfect addition to all stylish interiors. The chandelier's wire is 120 inch long.

Mini chandelier lamp shades 1

Small lamp shades suitable for chandelier use. These elements are available in many different shapes and colors, so they meet different requirements of their users. These decorative elements provide protection for light bulbs.

Chandelier mini clip shade 1

These six crystal chandelier lamp shades make for a truly beautiful addition to your home decor and will allow you to illuminate your household smoothly and without any problems, making it look gorgeous.

00760n parchment 3 x 6 x 4 25 torpedo clip

00760N - Parchment 3 x 6 x 4.25, Torpedo Clip, 1/2" Fitter Recess

Mini chandelier lamp shades 2

A charming table lamp with a mini chandelier as a shade. It's made of transparent glass with a subtle, decorative pattern skillfully etched in the glass. The lamp will beautifully sparkle when the light is on.

Mini chandelier lamp shades 2

Modern Lamp Shades For Chandeliers

Chandelier mini clip shade 20

The shining mini chandelier looking like a candle cover. The base was made of silver beads stringed on the silver wire and formed in the cylindical shape. There are also a few pendant Swarovski octagon crystal, which fill up the gaps between the wires.

Mini chandelier lighting 3

If you perhaps don't have enough space to accomodate your regular sized chandelier then these mini ones will look just as charming and take less of your space, while the crystals gently accentuate the interior and let it give off a warm vibe.

Chandelier mini clip shade 10

This chandelier lamp shade looks like a truly breathtaking accent that will suit the nautical themed interior of your household, making it the best option for the clip on shade for your piece and giving it a lot more unique look.

Upgradelights set of six chandelier shades eggshell silk mini shades

Upgradelights Set of Six Chandelier Shades Eggshell Silk Mini Shades Lamp Shade -

These chandelier mini retro square style hardback shades are made

These Chandelier Mini Retro Square style Hardback Shades are made of ...

How to make chandelier shades

This stylish chandelier connect to others styles - modernity and old-fashioned classic. It has simple, glass lampshade and hanging decorations made of silver and glass stylised on crystals. It is perfect to dining room.

How to make a mini chandelier

colors are perfect & I think I like the lamp shades

Chandelier mini clip shade 8

Add these clip on shades to your chandelier and benefit immensely from the upgrade of style and appeal that they have to offer. It sports the punched tin look and structure of the highest quality possible.

Mini gold chandelier

Small chandelier that matches ancient and modern indoor stylizations. This pendant lamp with a cherub theme provides illumination of indoors and it also decorates rooms at day. Its materials are good looking and long lasting.

Belle of the ball designer lace shade mini chandelier

Belle of the Ball Designer Lace Shade Mini Chandelier -

Mini light shades

Over jacuzzi in master bath Belle of the Ball Blue Tile Designer Shade Mini Chandelier

Urbanest 1100255b Scallop Chandelier Mini Shade 6-inch, Clip On, Off White, (Set of 5)

Essentials 3 Light Chateau Mini Chandelier

Essentials 3 Light Chateau Mini Chandelier

White chandelier lamp shades

Belle of the Ball Off-White Designer Shade Mini Chandelier - 15/16 inches wide lamps plus

All products lighting lamps lamp shades 9

all products lighting lamps lamp shades

Chandelier shade mini bell faux leather

Chandelier Shade Mini Bell- Faux Leather

Mini lampshades

Pretty in Pink Chandelier - Lamps Plus great for in the granddaughters room!

Mini chandelier lamp shades

Small lamp shades for chandeliers

Miniature lamp shades

A cascade of clear raindrop shaped crystals make this ceiling pendant look like a flood of light. Simple chrome frame makes the whole more contemporary in appearance. The chandelier is rather small, being though an impressive mini decor accent.

Mini chandelier lamp shades 19

This beautiful chandelier is decorated with 100-percent crystal that captures and reflects the light of the candle bulbs, each resting in a scalloped bobache. This beautiful chandelier is finished with five fabric shades

Fabric chandelier shades 10

Made from the finest quality French textiles, this chandelier shade is a nice choice for your lamp, making it look much more charming and sophisticated and adding ample amounts of warmth to your room.

Mini chandelier lamp shades 12

US $129.20 New in Home & Garden, Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans, Chandeliers & Ceiling Fixtures

White muslin mini chandelier lamp shade

White MUSLIN Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade

Mini chandelier lamp shades 30

A beautiful interior accent: mini chandelier with a cascade of crystal beads of varied shapes, dangling from a silver chrome frame. Classically shaped empire shade is pretty unique thanks to its extraordinary color: sky blue.

Mini chandelier lamp shades 22

Crystorama Lighting Group 5625 5 Light Crystal Chandelier from the Hampton Collection $550

Mini chandelier lamp shades 27

Leaf And Flower Pink And Green Five Light Mini Chandelier With Pearl Flower Pink Chandelie

Drum pendant lighting 28

If I decided to find a chandelier shade that would be comparably charming to this one, I'd probably have to seek for long! The cutest characteristics of this drum pendant lighting is its merry floral pattern inspired by folk art.

Chandelier fabric

The unique chandelier made of two specific parts. First of them is a fabric shade in robin's egg blue color. The second, and more compelling part is a lot of pendant Swarovski crystals shining under the lamp. Beautifully lightens the room.

Small lamp shades for chandeliers homesfeed

Small Lamp Shades For Chandeliers – HomesFeed

Urbanest 1100463c set of 6 chandelier mini lamp shades 5

Urbanest 1100463c Set of 6 Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades 5 ...

Urbanest white cotton w coffee trim chandelier mini lamp

Urbanest White Cotton w/ Coffee Trim Chandelier Mini Lamp ...

10 best ideas of small chandelier lamp shades

10 Best Ideas of Small Chandelier Lamp Shades

Small lamp shades for chandeliers homesfeed 1

Small Lamp Shades For Chandeliers – HomesFeed

Chandelier lamp shades mini burlap lovely chandelier

Chandelier Lamp Shades Mini Burlap : Lovely Chandelier ...

Urbanest chandelier mini lamp shade softback bell silk 3

Urbanest Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade,Softback Bell,Silk,3 ...

Small lamp shades for chandeliers homesfeed 2

Small Lamp Shades For Chandeliers – HomesFeed