Black Gold Liner Lamp Shades

For a decorative scheme that includes black and gold, you might want a lampshade that compliments that palette. For you, we have black and gold liner lamp shades. They will go with any darker interior design ideas and for those New Orleans Saints fans, this is what you need to complete your themed areas. See collection for more.

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Black Lamp Shade

Black Lamp Shade
Matte black gold liner lamp shade. Gold lining applied on the shade highlights the glamourous vibe of the midnight black shade. It's meant to impress and ooze elegance. Square bell style is pretty uncommon, too.

Black parchment paper gold liner swag

Black parchment paper gold liner swag
A solid lamp shade with a durable construction based on metal and paper. This handmade item features black and gold finish, so it decorates indoors in a very effective way. The shade is suitable for hanging.

21" Dulcote Empire Lamp Shade

21" Dulcote Empire Lamp Shade
A fashionable table lamp shade that will astonish your home decor with its modern flair and elegant appearance. The 21'' clip-on empire shade is easy to install, and designed of quality black material.

Lite source candelabra shade in black with gold liner

Lite source candelabra shade in black with gold liner
Black gold fiber lamp shade is a breathtaking and elegant element that will change the interior design. The slim and very versatile form will be perfect for many types of lights. Beautiful black delight.

Black gold liner lamp shades 2

If you are looking for elegance, which you provide yourself with a lampshade, you do not need to look far and very sophisticated forms - just a matte black gold liner lampshade, with a simple slightly flared at the bottom form, like an Amish skirt.

Black gold liner lamp shades 1

The stylish combination of gold and black in this phenomenal shade lamp liner is an excellent way to get original decor. Beautiful floral motifs and black lampshade are incredibly elegant and delightful in details.

Black lamp shade silk drum

Black lamp shade silk drum

Our advice Buying Guide

Black gold liner lamp shades are some of the best lighting fixtures for exuding sophistication and classiness. The combination of gold and black is simply alluring to many. As it is a lampshade, that means it provides you with a good lighting source. With such reasons, it's not a big shocker that black gold liner lamp shades are still in demand.

If you are shopping for such kind of lampshade, keep in mind that it's not smart to purchase the first one you see. To increase your chances of finding the "perfect" one for you, you need to sift through a couple of important factors which we will discuss below.

How to determine the right height for lamp shades?

When it comes to choosing the right lampshade, the height is one of the essential factors that you need to get right. Thankfully, there are a couple of general guidelines for you to follow to make the task easier.

One of the rules of thumb to remember is having the right proportions. And, according to such guideline, the height of the lamp should be around one-third of the total height of the lamp's base. For example, if the lamp's base is 30 inches in height, then the lampshade should be around 10 inches.

Another guideline is the eye level rule. This suggests that the most bottom part of the lampshade should not be higher compared to your eye-level when seated. This rule is to make sure that the bulb is sufficiently covered to avoid the uncomfortable glare.

What's the proper width for black gold liner lamp shades?

The first thing you need to do is measure the width of the lamp at its widest point. Then, you just multiply it by two to get the ideal minimum lampshade width.

For example, if the width of the lamp's base at its widest point is 5 inches, then the diameter of the lampshade should be at least 10 inches.

If you ever find yourself in a dilemma between two lampshades, it's better to err on the side of having one that’s too wide.

What shapes of black gold liner lamp shades are there?

Black gold liner lamp shades come in many different shapes, and the right one for you depends mostly on the lamp's base or the look you are trying to achieve. Below are some of the popular shapes of a lampshade.

  • Drum - As the name suggests, this type is cylindrical in shape. It's an excellent choice if your lamp base comes with a retro design.
  • Empire - It comes with a circular opening, but the top is a lot smaller compared to the bottom. The sides are also in a straight line, and not curved or bent. The empire shape typically works well with European or Victorian styles.
  • Bell - A shape that mimics a liberty bell. Bell-shaped lamps are known for their "feminine touch," and they work well with traditionally styled lamp bases.
  • Coolie - It has a shape that is similar to empire, but the bottom opening is much wider that it looks like a Chinese hat. It's an excellent choice if you want something modern or contemporary.


Black gold liner lamp shades 1

Modern lampshades designed to last for ages. The shades feature a matte black top and a superb gold-plated inner lining for an amazing combination of colors. It’s super large too and should be a great fit for all your classic and other vintage-inspired lamps in your home.

Black gold liner lamp shades

Excellent lampshade for your lamps featuring a superb matte black exterior and a gold lining inside for impeccable style. The lamp is designed to offer maximum light reflection and its sturdy design should deliver impeccable service for years. Perfect for a wide range of lamps.

Black gold liner lamp shades

An elegant shade for table lamps, that will spice up your home with classic black accents. The bell shade has a metal frame stylishly wrapped with a quality black fabric. Measurements: 9'' x 16'' x 12''.

Renaissance table lamp with black linen with gold liner shades

Modern lampshade featuring a beautiful metal design. The lampshade has a gold-plated look, touched with black accents, and finished with a matching matte black lampshade. The shade also stands on four thick legs for extra support and comes with stunning art deco detailing as well.

Lampshades come in black only and allow no light to

... lampshades come in black only and allow no light to come through the

Black lamp shades with gold lining

Intriguing, dark drum shade. If you want to enhance your interior with a bit of dramatic, noir atmosphere, such a shade will be great. We already feel as if we entered the Casa Blanca movie!

Short oval black parchment lampshade with gold foil lining

Short Oval Black Parchment Lampshade with Gold Foil Lining

Black coolie paper lamp shadegold foil inside

Black coolie paper lamp shadegold foil inside

Black gold liner lamp shades 1

Gold Lined Black Clip-on 6 Inch Candle Lamp Shade

Black paper floor lamp shade gold foil lining usa american

Black Paper Floor Lamp Shade Gold Foil Lining USA American Made ...

Black gold liner lamp shades

Coolie Silk Black Lamp Shade Soft Sewn In Gold Sateen Fabric Lining 6 ...

Black drum lamp shade gold lining

A very elegant lamp shade designed of a black cotton fabric adorned with gold liner. The drum shade fits many types of table and floor lamps, and creates a truly romantic ambiance in any interrior.

Rectangle lamp shade 10x16 top 11x17 bottom 12 slant height

Rectangle Lamp Shade 10x16 Top, 11x17 Bottom, 12"" Slant Height, Black ...

Classic 33.5" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Classic 33.5" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Black and gold trim paper shade contemporary lamp shades

Black and Gold Trim Paper Shade contemporary-lamp-shades

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Our Top 5 Best Selling Lamps!

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Black parchment gold lined empire lamp shade contemporary lamp shades

Black Parchment Gold-Lined Empire Lamp Shade contemporary-lamp-shades

Black gold liner lamp shades 4

Black With Gold Lining Lamp Shades

Drum lamp shade in black linen fabric with metallic gold

Drum Lamp Shade in Black Linen Fabric with Metallic Gold Lining

Black paper lamp shade

Pagoda shape lamp shade. Black fabric with gold fabric liner.

Lighting table lamps archer gold leaf lamp with black shade

... > Lighting > Table Lamps > Archer Gold Leaf Lamp with Black Shade

Black gold liner lamp shades 6

... Company 6768 Helios 1 Light Table Lamp with Black /Gold liner Shades

Black and gold lamps

Unique table lamp with gold finish. Drum shade is covered with black fabric. Great as night lamp or additional light in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Black with gold lining flared chandelier shade

Black with Gold Lining Flared Chandelier Shade

Lamp shades with gold lining

100_5346 by hi sugarplum!, via Flickr--metallic lined lampshades---way cool

Urbanest Set of 9 Black Parchment Chandelier Lamp Shades with Gold Paper Liner 4-inch, Clip On

Image for damask black 30cm drum with gold inner from

Image for Damask black 30cm drum with Gold Inner from StoreName

Home furnishings lighting shades black gold lined shade

... > Home Furnishings > Lighting > Shades > Black Gold Lined Shade

Small black lamp shades

Antique Brass Lamp The finish is in antique brass but with the kind of texture that looks as if it was hand forged by an artisan---very uncommon today. The shape is also quite interesting and because it isn't necessarily a large lamp, it's actually quite

Black and gold lampshade

One of the most beautiful, modern lighting solution. Black, pendant lamp which has a hybrid lampshade, that combines the traditional box pleat nicely paired with opens. Black is connected with gold liner from the bottom.It gets more evening dramatic light.

10" Dulcote Empire Lamp Shade

10" Dulcote Empire Lamp Shade

Black lampshade with gold lining

Monolith White / Black / Custom Color 24" lamp height, 6" x 6" base, Silk Drum Shade with Gold Liner: 18" diameter, 10" high Lamps/Shades are available in any Benjamin Moore color.

Black gold liner lamp shades 10

Chandelier Shades, Chandelier Lamp Shades

4.8" Bling Glass Lamp Shade

4.8" Bling Glass Lamp Shade

Black silk lamp shade with gold lining

Carchoal black lamp shade of rectangular inverted cut shape for neat traditional style, sewn of high quality shantung fabric, characterized by commercial quality and resistance. Recommended for hotels.

Gold lined lamp shade

Classics will always find its place, in an elegant interior. Traditional combination of black and gold, or silver and white created these antique floor lighting. The high shiny nickel stands are completed at the base of the small pyramid.

Urbanest Set of 6 Black Parchment Chandelier Lamp Shades with Gold Paper Liner 6-inch, Clip On

Shade chandelier lamp shade mini clip on shade 4 fluorescent

... Shade Chandelier Lamp Shade Mini Clip on Shade 4”, Fluorescent Tubes

Gold drum lamp shade

Change something in your home decor. The easiest way is to change the lamp shades. They have got the black and gold finishes to choose, wooden bases in lamps and classic look.

To set of 5 black w gold liner chandelier shade

... to "Set Of 5 Black w Gold Liner Chandelier Shade Mini Drum Shades