Finial Tree Toppers


Many people don't know what a Finial tree topper is, even though you have probably seen hundreds. And we aren't going to spoil the surprise. What we can tell you is they are lovely, timeless, and should be handled with care. These Finial tree toppers are the kind of thing you can hand down to your kids for nostalgic memories of past Christmas joy.

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Our Picks

Starburst Finial Tree Topper

Starburst Finial Tree Topper

Mercury Row®

Made of plastic, this starburst finial tree topper is finished with silver or champagne glitter. Each stem is attached to a center point with springs so the dabra dances with movement. The tree topper is 16" tall and 14" wide. 

$39.99 $59.99

Designer Advice:

If your tree stands on a rotating base, you'll notice a gentle movement in the tree topper due to the spring construction. The delicate nature of this finial dabra needs to be carefully stored when not in use. Each stem folds down to create one long column. Keep the original shipping sleeve, or get one that measures 20" long by 5" wide. 

Santa Klaus Finial Dabra

Santa Klaus Finial Dabra

Old World Christmas

Made from German blown glass, this festive Santa Klaus finial tree topper stands 12" high. Each tree topper is hand painted with exquisite detail. It measures 3.5 in circumference and weighs less than one pound. A gold glitter stem fits over the top branch.


Designer Advice:

The vibrant colors on this finial dabra are Christmas tradition at its best. The red and green Santa stands on top of a rich blue tree ornament with gold detailing and white stars. This can set the color scheme for the rest of your Christmas tree decorations. You can also incorporate rich plums, purples, oranges, and greens to round out the color palette.

Angel Finial Tree Topper

Angel Finial Tree Topper

JJ's Holiday Gifts Ltd.

The wings on this Christmas tree finial are charged with fiber optics, powered by plugging into an electrical outlet. They change colors from red to blue, green, purple and yellow. The angel measures 18" tall and is 10" wide by 5" deep. Its dress is handmade with lots of details.

$119.99 $199.99

Designer Advice:

With rich costuming details, the turquoise peacock feathers contrast with crimson and purple on this lovely angel Christmas tree finial. An unusual Christmas detail of feathers and wings can be repeated in the rest of the ornaments on your tree. Take a cue from the swirling gold tulle ribbons on the dabra and wrap some extra ribbons throughout your ornaments.

Animated Finial Tree Topper

Animated Finial Tree Topper

Mr. Christmas

This beautiful finial tree topper easily attaches to any tree with a simple mount that uses straps to hug the center trunk. Plug the finial dabra into the AC adaptor, and you can see the carousel rotate on the top of your Christmas tree.

$72.99 $89.99

Designer Advice:

At 20" tall, this Christmas tree finial makes a statement on top of your tree. Four reindeer figures rotate under a red and green carousel top and set a North Pole theme on this tree. Add Santa Klaus ornaments along with red and green ones. Candy canes, wrapped gift boxes, and a red sack also contribute to the theme.

Sterling Silver Finial Tree Topper

Sterling Silver Finial Tree Topper

Hand-made with sterling silver, this finial tree topper is trimmed with 14k yellow gold filigree. The sheets of silver are rolled into a weighted cone to make the body, and a silver globe to make the head. It measures 6.75" tall by 4" wide. 

Designer Advice:

This gorgeous finial d'arbre sets the stage for a rich Christmas decor. To keep the look of your tree simple but luxurious, use only gold and silver tree ornaments. Place strings of miniature white lights deep within the tree, and drape a generous amount of tinsel on the tips of the branches. Set a gold and silver fabric tree skirt around the base of the tree for a final touch.  

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12" Tall Finial Tree Topper

12" Tall Finial Tree Topper

The Holiday Aisle®

Available in aqua, gold, lime green, red and silver, this Christmas tree finial is made from lightweight plastic and weighs 1.7 lbs. Darker-toned swirls decorate the outside of the finial dabra, and extra glitter is sprinkled on top. 

$46.99 $51.99

Electric Angel Finial Tree Topper

Electric Angel Finial Tree Topper

The Holiday Aisle®

A hidden clip secures this gold finial dabra to the top of a Christmas tree. Metal scrolls with stamped stars make the frame of the tree topper, while white panels shine with iridescent light when it is plugged into an electric outlet. Stands 11" tall by 8" wide and 3.75" deep.


White Snowflake Finial Tree Topper

White Snowflake Finial Tree Topper

Northlight Seasonal

Clear mini lights illuminate this Christmas tree finial. A plug with one end connector lets you stack multiple lighted items together. It's not recommended to exceed 210 watts. A 3.5" by 1" cone fits over the top central branch to hold the tree topper upright.


Dove Finial Tree Topper

Dove Finial Tree Topper

The Holiday Aisle®

This finial tree topper is made from pure wool felt and hand-crafted into the shape of a dove holding an olive branch in its beak. The dove measures 9.5" by 4.92". A cavity under the bird's belly provides a place to set the dabra on top.

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Champagne Gold Finial Tree Topper

Champagne Gold Finial Tree Topper

Regency International

Ten LED lights are woven through this finial tree topper's red and champagne gold fabric. Comes with a UL-certified plug-in. The angel measures 16" high by 8" wide and 16" deep and holds two lighted stars in her hands. 

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Finial Tree Toppers

Buying Guide

Finial tree toppers are decorative, crowning ornaments placed at the top of a Christmas tree. These colorful tree toppers appear to look like exclamation points and are usually made of glass.

The first finial tree topper appeared at the end of the 19th century. German-made, these hand-blown glass finials soon became the most popular tree toppers at Christmas time, even surpassing angels and stars.

The common crystal design includes an extended fragile point at the top and beautifully combined colors throughout. Many contain motifs of differing designs, including leaves. Vintage examples, however, are solid colors like silver and appear as stacked, indented spheres on top of one another.

Finial tree toppers can match your decor by using a similar color scheme, being made out of the same material, or even by having similar shapes incorporated into it. For example, if you have a constellation theme in your living room, a glittery star as your finial can tie in to what you already have while accentuating your Christmas theme. More minimalist versions might be shapes made of natural wood, and more art deco versions might be glittery gold or silver. Check to see what themes already exist in your home’s decorations before purchasing your finial tree topper to help craft a cohesive look.

Best Ideas

Finial tree toppers 1

The stunning final tree toppers made of silvered glass are the most spectacular finish of the Christmas decoration. Beautiful form and unique decoration create a single whole, which delights.

Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Top Topper Ornament Finial Spire Lot 6 Atomic Decor

Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Top Topper Ornament Finial Spire Lot 6 Atomic Decor

With those gorgeous Christmas tree toppers, your home will be oozing with warmth and cheerful atmosphere. There are several toppers available - each with festive colors, detailed design and pretty embellishments.

Glass christmas tree topper

This gorgeous nineteen-inch tree topper appears to have four balls of graduated sizes stacked one atop the other. The balls are decorated with a green network adorned with colorful light bulbs. The attaching cone-shaped and pointed finical are glittering gold.

1950s christmas tree topper with box

1950s christmas tree topper with box

This beautiful turquoise tree topper is a vintage masterpiece, straight from the 1950's. Two-tiered with a mercury glass top, it will delight its fabulous condition, having withstood successfully the test of time.

Early Years Glass Multi-color Finial Tree Topper Set OF 2

This set includes two attractive tree toppers designed for use with christmas trees. This is a multi-color product that measures 13.9 x 8.6 x 4 inches. It looks very attractive in different interior stylizations.

Finial Tree Topper Ornament

Finial Tree Topper Ornament

Charming tree topper consisting of 3 bullets and picket. It is made of durable and scratch resistant PVC. It finished on glossy effect and richly decorated with sophisticated ornaments. Charming accent in Christmas style.

All the trimmings christmas decoration 14 finial

All The Trimmings Christmas Decoration, 14 Finial

18 copper finial tree topper print wanelo tweet share pin

... 18 copper finial tree topper print wanelo tweet share pin it email

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Vintage christmas tree topper

This retro Christmas tree topper constitutes a great proposition for all who dreams about the white, charming Christmas, like the ones we used to know. Vibrant, colourful finishing features a combination of turquoise, red, blue and yellow.

Vintage mercury glass ornaments silver tree topper by lavendergardencottag

Vintage Mercury Glass Ornaments Silver Tree Topper by LavenderGardenCottag

Green christmas tree topper finial 64 99 more trees ornaments

green christmas tree topper finial $ 64 99 more trees ornaments xmas ...

Pack of 4 Vibrant Shiny Red Glass Finial Christmas Tree Toppers 20.5"

It is a pack that includes four vibrant shiny red glass finial Christmas tree toppers. They have got an unique ribbed design. They can be used as a table decorations too.

Gold Finial Christmas Tree Topper

It is a Christmas tree topper that has got a gold finish, high-end ornaments and glass construction. This product is hand made and high quality. Everyone will tell you how perfect this decoration is.

Meadowbrook farm blue christmas

Meadowbrook Farm: blue christmas

13" Exquisite Matte Silver Glittered Finial Christmas Tree Topper

With this beautiful Christmas Tree Topper your tree will be as gorgeous as never before. The whole topper is made of glass, thoroughly detailed, and covered in a silver color with matte finish. Easy to install.

Nutcracker tree top christmas tree topper

Nutcracker Tree Top, Christmas Tree Topper

Club Pack of 6 12"H Early Years Glass Nostalgic Santa and Snowman Christmas Tree Toppers

It is a club pack that includes six early years nostalgic Santa and snowman Christmas tree toppers. They have got a glass construction, red finish and beautiful details. They can be used as a table decoration.

15.5" David Strand Designs Glass Faberge Santa Finial Noel Christmas Tree Topper

Add beauty and style to your living room with this amazing David Strand designs glass Faberge Santa finial noel Christmas tree topper. It has got a red and gold finish and beautiful details.

Inge Glas Christmas Tree Topper "Starry Night Finial" 1-091-09

It is a Christmas tree topper that is made of glass and has got a "Starry night finial" motif. The red finish with gold details adds Christmas style to any home. You need to have it.

Inge Glas Silver Finial Christmas Tree Topper "Silver Reflections" 1-113-08

It is an Inge glass silver finial Christmas tree topper "Silver reflections' that is a fantastic decoration for your Christmas tree. It adds style and beauty to any room in your home. It can be used as a table decoration.

Red carpet rollout finial tree topper dillards

Red Carpet Rollout Finial Tree Topper #Dillards

Blown glass tree topper


David Strand Kurt Adler Glass Verdant Village Finial Treetop, 16.1-Inch

It is a David Strand Kurt Adler glass verdant village finial treetop with beautiful details and high quality. It adds Christmas style to any home. You will be impressed how great it looks in your home.