Best Crystal Tree Toppers

The topper on your tree is like the cherry on top of the cake - it crowns your effort to make your evergreen the most beautiful Christmas decoration in the world. Give your tree a delicate and refined finishing touch. Crystal tree topper such as these below look as if they were carves from real ice and are sure to sparkle.

Crystal tree toppers 2

It will be the highlight of your Christmas tree. A stunning tree topper made of clear crystal with rhodium-plated accents. The star at the top beautifully sparkles and it can not only decoarte your tree, but also a tabletop.

Crystal tree topper

An attention-grabbing fashionable Christmas tree topper. It's composed of a hexagonal tapered up stem crafted of glossy metallic-finished material and a showy multi-arm star of crystal glass shimmering beautifully in light.

Crystal tree toppers 1

Swarovski christmas tree toppers. Great idea for a nice and luxury gift for your loved ones. Celebrate christmas with this crystal star. It can be also placed as your christmas table decoration ar just as beautiful deco in your bedroom.

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Reserved for kj8888 extra large beveled

Reserved For Kj8888 Extra Large Beveled
Classic Christmas tree topper in the shape of star. Frame is made of metal and covered with clear glass. Traditional form and elegant design.

Crystal christmas tree topper

This lovely crystal tree topper, resembling a snowflake, will enchant everyone who loves Christmas decorations. Wonderfully designed, with big attention to details, will embellish your Christmas tree with its shine and glitter.

Swarovski crystal 843215 rockefeller tree topper shining star

Swarovski Crystal #843215, Rockefeller Tree Topper "Shining Star

Lighted crystal tree topper 2

Lighted Crystal Tree Topper

Christmas tree toppers celebrate christmas with this crystal

Christmas Tree Toppers - Celebrate Christmas with This Crystal ...

Christmas tree topper waterford crystal 10 5 and box

Christmas Tree Topper Waterford Crystal 10.5" and Box

Lighted crystal tree topper 1

Lighted Crystal Tree Topper

Lighted crystal tree topper 3

Lighted Crystal Tree Topper

Swarovski crystal tree

Does your holiday tree lack a final finishing touch? Maybe this clear acrylic tree topper, shaped as a snowflake, will make the look of your Christmas tree sing. Mimicking crystals with pink hue, the topper is unique in many ways.

Stained glass white christmas star tree

Stained Glass White Christmas Star Tree
Hand-made stained glass - it's always a sign of good style. The crystal tree topper in a form of star, perfect for Christmas - is made of opalescent white glass. Were used also: copper foil, solder and wire. Beautiful blue, frosty color for your holidays.

Swarovski tree topper rhodium retired 2005 mib 632784

Swarovski Tree Topper Rhodium Retired 2005 Mib 632784
This beautiful crystal tree topper deriving from Swarovski's collection delights with its intricate design. A part of the "Crystal Seasons" theme group, designed by Elke Kumar, has 6 1/2" or 313 mm high.

Designer: Elke Kumar

Rystal tree toppers and glass christmas tree toppers

rystal Tree Toppers and Glass Christmas tree toppers

Crystal the white gold angel bear 9 5 christmas tree

... Crystal the white / gold angel bear 9.5" Christmas tree topper Retired

Lighted crystal tree topper

Lighted Crystal Tree Topper

Lighted crystal tree topper 4

If you have kids and they love christmas time, this ice crystal tree topper will make their dream of perfect christmas come true. We love the snowflake emblemated shapes inside of its bulp. Christal poetry.

Crystal christmas tree toppers

Bead star - angel topper ~ crystal bead & pearl garland for feather trees.

Crystal tree toppers 12

II think this is Christmas tree perfection.  Tracery Star Tree Topper with Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski tree topper star

glass teardrop Christmas tree

Crystal star christmas tree topper

Swarovski christmas star tree topper. You wanna add sparkle at the top of your christmas tree With this stunning tree topper that features a silver-tone metal star embellished with clear crystals it's gonna look simply amazing.

Crystal tree toppers 15

Crystal Snowflake Bridal Bouquet Aqua Blue by BridalBouquetsbyKy

Finial tree toppers 2

Tree toppers in candle holders. Interesting idea.

Beautiful crystal star christmas tree topper large treetopper display


Swarovski crystal tree topper

Swarovski Crystal Tree Topper

Crystal tree topper star

Sarahs Sweethearts I found my new tree topper, hint hint @Rachel Prashaw @Nancy Dunham

L1000 jpg 5224


Crystal angel tree topper

Metal wire star burst tree topper

Crystal snowflake tree topper

Such a crystal tree can bring happiness at a wedding or festive table.Made of delicate crystals, kept in a silver finish-has shiny, falling twigs, with a subtly and chic appearance.Crystalline beads fall from the silver branches creating a magical atmosphere.

Finial tree topper 1

These wonderfully designed crystal tree toppers embody a beautiful example of an antique style. Their ornamental craft will truly enhance your Christmas celebration with their unique character.

Sterling 10" LED Crystal Star Tree Topper

Wizard of oz tree topper

star french but the pics say it all

Crystal tree toppers 4

crystal beaded Christmas angel

Swarovski christmas tree topper

Table centerpiece plays an important role on the holiday table. When you want to use crystal decorations - manishan wishing tree, it's something for you. It has a white mdf base. Branches are flexible and can be bent in any shape, with a white, snow finish.

Swarovski crystal tree topper


Swarovski silver crystal rockefeller tree topper special

Swarovski Silver Crystal Rockefeller Tree Topper - Special!

Crystal tree garland

Reminiscent of stained glass, this star tree topper is a special treat.

10" Lighted Clear and Silver Crystal Star Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights

12.5" Silver Splendor Mosaic Crystal Christmas Tree Topper

Crystal tree topper 3

crystal tree topper

Swarovski rockefeller tree topper

Ice Crystal Tree Topper - Anthropologie - $48

Crystal tree topper

Christmas Tree Topper Want to try making one of these for my new tree. I have a gold star that we have used for 30 years but is too small now. Maybe it can be incorporated in to a new topper.

13 5 lighted crystal star shaped christmas tree topper clear

... 13.5" Lighted Crystal Star Shaped Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights

8 in. Crystal Angel Tree Topper with Color Changing LED Lights

China jewels angel tree topper

China Jewels Angel Tree Topper

Reflections white led pulsing star tree topper img_8058 jpg


Awesome christmas tree toppers

Awesome Christmas Tree Toppers

5" Star tree Topper polished Pewter plated Rhodium with Austrian Crystals MADE IN USA