Large Gold Sunburst Mirror

Often, a mirror is just a reflective surface to check your look. But sometimes, it is a work of art, a centerpiece for a wall, and a gorgeous addition to your home decor. If that is the mirror you seek, look no further than the large, gold sunburst mirror available in this extensive collection. They are big and heavy and will not only reflect you, by your style.

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Large sunburst mirror made in vienna

Large sunburst mirror made in vienna
Round mirror with sunburst theme. Frame is made of metal with gold finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Large gold leaf sunburst mirror

Large gold leaf sunburst mirror
Not only does this mirror look truly unique and like the one-of-a-kind piece that it is, it will also make for the most suitable choice for your household to simply shine with style, appeal and utter elegance with its sunburst shape.

Safavieh Marinda Sunburst Gold Mirror

Safavieh Marinda Sunburst Gold Mirror
A touch of class, solidity and style in the house. This is a very interesting piece of equipment that decorates indoors and plays a functional role. This mirror is made of glass, iron and wood, so the whole construction is solid and looks attractive.

Axton Sunburst Mirror

Axton Sunburst Mirror
This beautiful wall decoration with mirror-like sun, it is an excellent idea to give the interior a unique character. Stylish finish with iron, wood and glass mirror is perfect. Reshape its interior in a simple way.

Zaha Wall Mirror

Zaha Wall Mirror
If you're a fan of modern and intriguing decorations, this amazing and stylish wall mirror is gonna be a perfect match for you! Check it out and enjoy its extraordinary design and the highest quality.

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirror
Beautiful framed bathroom vanity mirror. Round plastic frame with sun-like rays, finished in antique silver. Smooth mirror surface. Great for bathroom but also a perfect statement piece in any room.

Antique sunburst mirror

For the days when the sun doesn't shine.

Our advice Buying Guide

Where to hang a large gold sunburst mirror?

Interested in knowing where to hang a large gold sunburst mirror? The factors to consider here are where you want a focal point, and where the light falls naturally in your home. While it might sound lovely and romantic to hang a sunburst mirror in the direct line of sunlight, in reality this will end up blinding you for several hours each day and could even pose a hazard! We recommend hanging your sunburst mirror near the line of natural light but not directly in it for best results.

Secondly, you’re going to want to hang your mirror in a place where it’s the focal point of the room - because it will naturally take dominance over any other decor! Because of this, you’ll want to surround the mirror with minimal, natural furniture and accompanying decorations.

What wall colors will match a gold sunburst mirror?

The wall colors that best match a gold sunburst mirror are those that provide a contrast. The contrast makes it easier to tell the time and ensures the clock stands out. A gold sunburst mirror will therefore be most at home on walls with darker and bolder colors including black, blue, dark brown and dark gray. Lighter neutral colors such as a white or gray wall can work as well.


Large gold sunburst mirror 5

White sideboard with large ring pulls gold details sunburst mirror Greg Natale

Large gold sunburst mirror

What a gorgeous design for an elegant, sophisticated living room with an assortment of classy, pretty decorations, such as the wonderful, starburst mirror that also acts as an amazing wall décor. Breathtaking!

Large gold sunburst mirror 5


Large gold sunburst mirror 2

Just beautiful - soothing colors and a large starburst mirror

Large gold sunburst mirror 7

love, love the floating credenza

Large sunburst mirror

Two tone is anything but boring in this green and gold space.

Large gold sunburst mirror

Gilt and glamour - well, kind of, but still a large sunburst mirror in gold is a fine option to emblazon a wall that would be otherwise blank and dull. This dramatic sun mirror has a classic round center and regular gold rays.

Large sunburst mirror 1

Large mirror that features a very durable and decorarive frame. This frame represents a nice sunburst theme. Round mirror shape looks very interesting in any design. This practical mirror is also decorative.

Gold sun mirror

This gold sunburst mirror is a delighting DIY project, which will add an elegant, eclectic ambiance to any kind of interior, both the contemporary, as well as traditional interiors.

Modern sunburst mirror 8

The popularity of sunburst mirrors is at the end of the 19th century, and they have also begun to be used more and more often in the design of private interiors. This golden enormous example of a round mirror is decorated with sun rays that resemble leaves.

Large gold sunburst mirror 11

A mirrored fire wall not only opens the entire room but can also cast dancing flames about by placing a mirror on the opposite facing wall ;)

Huge 54 x 31 sunburst by christopher guy from convex

Huge (54" x 31") sunburst by Christopher Guy. From convex center beam 36 gold-finished, hand-carved mahogany rays

Large gold sunburst mirror 13

Global Views Sunburst Mirror in Nickel (also available in gold)

Large Gold Leaf Sunburst Wall Mirror Beveled XL Hammered Metal

Gold sun mirror

The decorative motif of the sun has already appeared in medieval religious art-but it is not necessary to identify it with the monstrance when gold sun mirror is a fashionable addition to contemporary interiors. Wooden long rays and small mirror in the middle.

Large gold sunburst mirror 12

Modern, playful & dramatic mirror for front entry - Gold Leaf Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst wall

Round mirror with sunburst theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Large gold sunburst mirror 1

Suzanne Kasler D'or Sunburst Mirror | Ballard Designs

Large gold sunburst mirror 2

Sunburst mirrors always create a positive, sunny atmosphere inside. This one, handcrafted by artisans in India, provides also unique quality. It is made of MDF with gold finish. Has 23.5" dia and weighs 6.61 lbs.

Black sunburst mirror 14

Attractive and durable mirror with round surface. Its metal sunburst themed frame is finished in gold color. This type of mirror plays practical role in the house and it can also be used as an universal wall decoration.

Large gold sunburst mirror 2

AT HOME ARKANSAS Here’s another beauty of a bedroom, courtesy of At Home Arkansas. It’s the bedroom of Interior Designer Cynthia Smiley. Notice how Cynthia uses textures to perfection. I also love how effortlessly she mixes styles in this room, jus

Cleopatra Antique Gold Leaf Sunburst Loop Iron Wall Mirror Large 48"

Large french mid century sunburst mirror in gold and silver

Large French mid century sunburst mirror in gold and silver- 36" image ...

Large gold sunburst mirror 3

Of course metals mix: "Silver and gold, silver and gold. Mean so much more when I see silver and gold decorations on ev'ry Christmas tree." Thank you Mr. Snowman.

Black sunburst mirror 3

An eye-catching round contemporary wall mirror of bevelled glass. It features a circular sunlike frame adorned with grooving and numerous length-varied beams. It is manufactured of glossy black material.

Gold starburst wall mirror sunburst steampunk colored circles 15 5

gold Starburst WALL MIRROR Sunburst steampunk colored circles 15.5 in ...

Large gold sunburst mirror

Crown Sunburst Mirror from Ballard for $299

Black sunburst mirror 7

It doesn't have to be associated with the church and the monstrance - but simply with the secular sunshine in the room. A sunburst mirror inspired by our biggest star - the sun, has metal, gold or silver radius around the round mirror panel.

Large gold sunburst mirror 1

With its gold finish and sunburst shape, this wall mirror will be a refined accent for any elegant interior. Coresponding perfectly well with the gray dresser and cylinder glass vase, it will create a cosy corner in any bedroom.

Antique gold sunburst mirror

antique gold sunburst mirror

Metal sunburst mirror

... Convex Starburst Wall Mirror Antiqued Gold Leaf Metal Sunburst New

Large gold sunburst mirror 1

LARGE 35 1/2" Round Wooden Sunburst Mirror The actual mirror is 11" in diameter. The mirror can be removed for cleaning or replacement. This Sunburst is new, not old and has a Mid-Century Antique HOLLYWOOD REGENCY STYLE. This Sunburts is Gold in color and

Large sunburst mirror

No wood starburst mirror around, but want one? Like DIY ideas? Combine one with another. Dark staining applied to a carved frame will be just an icing on the cake, and the large round mirror is ready.

Starburst mirror large

Being a great material for such project, plastic will let create very unusual shapes of the mirror, apart from being a cheap material as well. It will add brightness and a contemporary appeal to any kind of space.

Sunburst mirror 99

Sunburst Mirror

Antique gold sunburst mirror

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Large gold sunburst mirror 10

Pearl & Gold Round Mirror. Opposite of the sunburst.

Gold sunburst mirror 3

Gold Sunburst Mirror

Gold sun mirror

Shabby look for an antique decorative sunburst mirror with a distinctive, old-fashioned look. The gorgeous, wall-mounted mirror is fitted with a thick frame made out of painted brass metal with a golden coat.

Sunburst mirror large

Large Antique Gold Leila Sunburst Mirror | World Market

Large gold sunburst mirror 4

damask beige wall paper, white matching chairs, pedistool side tables, large rose arrangement, gold curtains, sunburst mirror

Antique gold sunburst mirror 1

Antique Gold Sunburst Mirror