Sunburst Wall Hanging

In case you think that such style would fit into your house well, you can take all the time that you want and see which one of these models appeals to you most. It is really a rare thing to be able to pick from among so many nice looking and practical options.

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Circles Sunburst Wall Mirror

Circles Sunburst Wall Mirror
Very modern in style mirror. Its central part is a mirror tile in a circular shape. From it there radiate decorative elements. These are simple, metal bars decorated with delicate beads. The whole is doing a remarkable impression.

Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror

Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror
It is a very elegant and very decorative mirror that is excellent, both as an object of utility and decorative. Styling reminiscent of the sun. The central circle is just a mirror tile, and metal rods that extend from it are its rays.

Marinda Mirror

Marinda Mirror
Starburst mirror featuring round centre with beautiful, large frame comprised of metal 'rays' - they have gold finish, so the whole looks like sun. A striking must-have for an elegant topping of in any room.

Emporia Mirror

Emporia Mirror
Who wouldn't want to go for the lovely starburst mirror like this one? Thanks to the silver finish it will work in either your living room or even the bathroom and it ensures a nice way for the light to fill the room.

Sunburst wall hanging

Hang this over anything. It will make the room. Bedroom, living room, etc. Biddy Craft

Sunburst wall hanging 18

Tired of your wall being two-dimensional? Go into the third dimension with these clever flowers. Cluster them in one area or and scatter them for a unique effect.

Sunburst wall hanging

Love the gold metal sunburst mirror I purchased at HomeGoods and installed over this TV

Silver sunburst mirrors 1

Wall hanging mirror with round surface and durable metal frame in sunburst stylization. Gold finish of this frame plays aesthetic role in any interior design. This small mirror looks good on the wall with many other decorations.

Large sunburst mirror

An eye-catching round classic wall mirror having a circular frame with a raised edge. It’s adorned with beading and several dozens length-varied pointy rods manufactured of metal with an elegant silvery finish.

Sunburst wall hanging 16

DIY Broken Mirror Sunburst Wall Hanging @theresa marshallé India #TRESSplitRemedy #SplitEnds

Sunburst wall hanging 15

70s brutalist styled sunburst wall hanging by WoodBrassClass, $349.99

Sunburst wall hanging 1

A great way to open up a room is with a beautiful mirror. Mirrors can brighten up the dullest of rooms and add instant style. Hang one above your sofa, bed, in your entry, or at the end of a hallway.

Sunburst wall hanging

Sunburst mirror with round centre and rectangular mirrored 'rays' surrounding the focal element. Each element features beveled edge. The mirror is wall-hanged. Appliable in bathroom or anywhere indoors as a wall decoration.

Sunburst wall hanging 1

If you thought that the sunburst wall hanging mirror could only fit your living room or entryway then prepare to be amazed, as this piece beautifully accentuates your bedroom, while keeping it immensely stylish and utterly fashionable.

Sunburst wall hanging

I'm always on the hunt for the right vintage sectional. Love the light and the plants as well.

Sunburst wall hanging 2

Love the painted chest with two tones of the beige paint.

Wall hanging headboards 1


Sunburst wall hanging

$22.95 each - Petite Gold Burst Wall Decor. This would look great above the console table too.

Twos company sunburst wall mirror

Two's Company Sunburst Wall Mirror

Sunburst wall hanging

DIY Sunburst Mirror - with some tweaking. Just need to hang it on the wall.

Sunburst wall hanging

Wall mirror that represents a very attractive sunburst theme. Its round surface is surrounded by a durable metal frame in stylish gold finish. This mirror is useful and it also decorates different indoors.

Sunburst wall hanging

striped walls, shelf with wine glasses, etc. for the dining room

A very dramatic entryway in gold black and yellow

A very dramatic entryway in gold, black and yellow.

Sunburst wall hanging

If you love original wall decorations, but you aren't very rich, you can buy this original wall art. It is hand-made of various metal elements covered with gold paint. It will be fit especially to minimalistic living room.

Large silver sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirrors always bring in a warm, sunny atmosphere to the house. This collection of bronze mirrors features handmade products, which will fit into both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Sunburst wall hanging 3

Using foil tape to create artwork. If I can find some foil tape, I'll give this a shot.

Silver sunburst mirrors

Black dining room. Note the 3 centerpieces. Nice touch when your table is long...and chandelier hangs.

Sunburst wall hanging

Very cool starburst mirror DIY and a lot less than buying one!

Sunburst wall hanging

Materials Needed: mirror with flat frame edge 150 pieces branches or twigs glue sticks glue gun painter’s tape yardstick hacksaw or other saw sandpaper sheet of paper spray primer spray paint hanging hardware

Sunburst wall hanging

DIY Mirror Projects Wood shims (4 packs of 42 count, 12″ long shims, and 8 packs of 14 count, 8″ long shims from Lowes) Wood glue Gorilla glue Round mirror Gold spray paint Thin plywood sheet for backing Hanging hardware

Hanging wall fireplace

DIY:: Charming Mantel With Four dollar Goodwill Shutters (Great Tutorial)

Sunburst wall hanging

Tips on decorating headboard space above the bed.. ie: folding screen, why didn't I think of that?! Good image heavy post!

Wall sconce covers 2

HOUSE TOUR PART 1: MY BEDROOM/ diy pelemt box Bungalow M.

Sunburst wall hanging 1

DIY Sunburst Mirror. OMG via 10 Affordable Hacks for the Hottest Interior Trends via @domainehome

Sunburst wall hanging 4

I'm pretty sure I saw a pack of shims laying around my dad's house. I'm sure he won't miss them. In all honesty, I think this would look awesome on the front of my house!

Sunburst wall hanging 6

diy bookpage wreath... the tutorial is kind of hilarious- roll & glue, roll & glue, repeat 350 times. sounds like we should have a wreath making party?!

Sunburst wall hanging 7

Stained Glass Wall Art "Sunset"

Wood starburst mirror 11

DIY Sunburst Mirror...making it this weekend!! And adding some paint to it, too!!!!!

Sunburst wall hanging 8

Little Bow Wall Hook in Shelves & Hooks - Ordered

Sunburst wall hanging 9

Detail of the denim sunburst wallhanging. She says: "I simply cut old denim jeans into small rectangular pieces of all different sizes. Then I began to sew then one by one onto a fabric backing."

Sunburst wall hanging 10

Sunburst Wall Hanging on

Sunburst wall hanging 11

Midcentury Sunburst Wall Hanging - pretty sure we had this in my childhood home

Sunburst wall hanging

My DIY take on this: dowel rods glued to mirror. Rope/cording glued to edge of mirror to hide end of rods. Cover mirror portion only. Spray paint gold , let dry. Attach wall mount to back of mirror and hang.... I'm thinking that's a savings upwards of $

Sunburst wall hanging 12

Crown Sunburst Mirror | Ballard Designs

Sunburst wall hanging 13

1216 - Sunburst Wall Hanging Mirror #Traditional

Saw this lovely sunburst wire wall art piece at i

saw this lovely sunburst wire wall art piece at — I love ...

Sunburst wall hanging 14

Sunburst Clock George Nelson, 1949

Sunburst wall hanging 1

How to make a decorative mirror out of cereal boxes! Cool, who would of thought of this one!

Sunburst wall hanging 17

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Metal Wall Mirror

Metal Wall Mirror