Metal Leaf Wall Hanging

Metal is a pretty common medium for art. And for fans of the fall, metal leaf wall hanging art decor pieces can be an amazing way to showcase your style, while giving you a contemporary artisting notion for your walls. Take a look at all of our metal leaf wall hanging art options in this eclectic collection. We might have the style that you want for your wall.

Best Ideas

A pair of gold floral flower and leaf metal wall

A Pair Of Gold Floral Flower And Leaf Metal Wall Art Hanging Relief Plaques
A glamorous example of wall decoration. Gold, metal flowers, intricately combined to create an ornamental masterpiece. Shall add some prestige and class to every kind of living rooms or bedrooms. It has the overall size9” W x 3” D x 15.75” H.

Vintage metal leaf wall hanging

Vintage Metal Leaf Wall Hanging

Leaf metal art

Leaf is a symbol of health, strength and gain through industry - invite the metal leaf wall hanging decoration to your home. Glimmering vines shining with a finish in gold - are perfect solution for wal art decoration.

Metal wall art leaves 1

Gotta love <3 this metal wall art: a lifelike branch with leaves, cast out of metal + finished natural tones, a bit bronze, some brass, even gold, maybe... Wall mounted 3D art! Sculpture look and quality. How classy is that?!

Copper leaves wall art

Very interesting wall scone that goes with the monserata leaf hanging light. Metal brown leaf that gives subtle, warm light from the light of an built-in light bulb. Could be used as normal light substitute.

Vintage leaf metal wall hanging brass

Vintage Leaf Metal Wall Hanging Brass
A charming and subtle decoration of your wall. These are hand made maple leaves made of brass and copper. This unusual wall sculpture features an ethereal character and it's an interesting alternative for a traditional painting.

Metal Floral Petals Wall Lamp

Add charm to a hall or stairwell with a floral wall lamp. The blossom is the upturned cup lampshade. The graceful copper tone tube stem connects the lamp to stylized limbs decorated with delicate copper leaves. Perfect for brightening your walls.

Copper maple leaf stem set of 2 wall hanging

Copper Maple Leaf Stem Set of 2 Wall Hanging

Lacquered leaf metal tree wall decor set 2

Lacquered Leaf Metal Tree Wall Decor Set 2

Metal leaf wall hanging 4

A charming contemporary DIY-made wall decoration of colourful fallen leaves coated with clear acrylic sealer and painted in doodled patterns. They're attached to walls with mounting putty so are easy to removing and rearranging.

Original textured abstract painting on

Original Textured Abstract Painting On
Modern wall art. This picture is stuck on metal a surface, but it looks like painted on canvas. It is abstract masterpiece, but due to warm colors, it makes impression of fire. It will be ideal to modern interior.

Metal leaf wall hanging 1

A charming and unique wall decoration. It's a hand-made wall sculpture that was crafted from metal. It is in a form of a leafy tree that was painted in different shades of gold. This idea proves that simple solutions are often the most powerful.

Metal leaf wall hanging 27

Metal Tulips, S/3 This set of decorative wall art is made of hand forged metal finished in antiqued gold leaf with a charcoal gray wash. Sizes: Sm-10x27x4, Lg-20x27x4

Metal wall sculpture leaves

A unique wall decoration that can be a good alternative for a traditional painting. It's a collection of ginko leaves made of metal. This unique wall sculpture will create an unusual appearance of your wall.

Metal Wall Art Decor Leaf Accents Set of 4

Metal leaf wall hanging 2

Wall art in the shape of leaves. It is completely made of metal with gloss finish. Elegant accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Copper metal art yellow orange red

Copper Metal Art Yellow Orange Red
This Metal leaf wall hanging constitutes a lovely wall decoration, which shall enchant not only nature lovers. A handmade project, using mainly copper, constitutes a great option to hang above fireplace.

Vintage gold copper colored metal leaf

Vintage Gold Copper Colored Metal Leaf
Wall art in the shape of leaves. It is completely made of metal with antique finish. Elegant accent for each room. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Metal wall art stunning glossy pastel leaves wall decor sculpture

Metal-Wall-Art-Stunning-Glossy-Pastel-Leaves-Wall-Decor-Sculpture-1200 ...

Sera Wall Décor

Sera Wall Décor

Metro Elite Tree Wall Décor

Metro Elite Tree Wall Décor

Another great find on zulily metal leaf wall decor zulilyfinds

Another great find on #zulily! Metal Leaf Wall Decor #zulilyfinds

Leaf Boutique Decorative Metal Wall Art

Desford Leaf Wall Décor

Desford Leaf Wall Décor
Add some sophisticated, artistic feel to your interior with this leaf wall decor. It features three stems and thinner branches with beautiful shiny brown and blue leaves along their lengths and at the tips. This piece looks delicate, but is very solid.

Metal leaf wall hanging 26

Ginkgo Leaf Wall Candleholder Set

Fire dancer dmb wall hanging metal

Fire Dancer Dmb Wall Hanging Metal
An attention-grabbing contemporary wall art entirely made of metal. It has the form of a dancer dancing with fire expressed by incomplete circles. It has a multi-colour finish in prevalent red and blue tones.

Metal leaf wall hanging 15

Rooster Kitchen Metal Wall Art

Leaf wall hanging this wonderful handmade chromed metal palm leaf

... leaf wall hanging this wonderful handmade chromed metal palm leaf wall

Decor with this simple but elegant metal leaf wall decor

... decor with this simple but elegant metal leaf wall decor. It displays

Stratton home leaves metal wall decor

Stratton Home Leaves Metal Wall Decor

Metal leaf wall hanging 28


Metal art wall hangings

Draw interest to your decor with wall art slim and graceful. You'll notice the subtle variations of color that play along the feathers and create a stunning appearance. A great choice for sophisticated interiors.

Metal leaf wall hanging 24

Autumn Floral Metal Leaf Art Wall Swag By Collections Etc $19.99 (20% OFF)

Iron Leaf Decorative Wall Hook Sm - Black Metal

Metal leaf wall hanging


Metal leaf wall hanging

... Floral Fall Leaf Leaves Harvest Metal Swag Accent Wall Art Decor

Metal leaf wall hanging 1


Mirrored Floral Petals Wall Decor

Doris Heart Wall Décor

Doris Heart Wall Décor
Small additions to the house decor reveal master's of the house attention to details that complete his home. This beautiful heart shape wall art is easily mountable using 2 hooks and will subtly complement your bathroom or bedroom.

Metal leaf wall hanging 31

Original Large ABSTRACT Contemporary Fine Art Gold Textured Modern Palette Knife Metallic Impasto Painting by Susanna 48x24

Metal leaf wall hanging 23

Wine holder, I've also seen this for multiple bottles that you can hang from a wall hook or ceiling hook.

Telecaster style guitar with music and

Telecaster Style Guitar With Music And
An eye-catching modern wall decor crafted of quality black-coated stainless steel. It has the form of a vertically arranged electric guitar against an S-curved tapering stave with quavers and treble clefs.

Metal leaf wall hanging 25

Copper leaf wall hanging £45.00

Coffee cups kitchen home decor metal

Coffee Cups Kitchen Home Decor Metal
Metal artistic elements for wall hanging. These stylish decorations feature attractive coffee cups theme. They are not only very attractive, but they also feature resistance to wear and damage caused by different factors.

Metal leaf wall hanging 29

Bring the potent power of Ganesh to your zen decor with our white metal Ganesh in leaf wall hanging! Known to remove obstacles, he is a patron of arts and sciences, and god of intellect and wisdom.

‘Aspen Triptych’ by Metal Art Studio Painting Print Plaque

‘Aspen Triptych’ by Metal Art Studio Painting Print Plaque
This beautiful set of images is impressive and perfectly executed art. The elegant birch trees are a great decorative element for modern interior, which gives extraordinary and very stylish atmosphere.

Silver leaves

Silver Leaves

Live laugh love metal wall art

A wonderful set of decorative wall hangings. They are made of metal and were hand curved. They feature beautiful flowery patterns in earthy colors and subtly gloss finish. They will give your wall a truly impressive look.

White metal wall art

Wooden crib in white color that matches many kinds of modern indoors. This crib is paired with a dresser based on white wooden frame. Dresser of this type offers six wooden drawers in neutral, but stylish black finish.

Fall wall hanging art quilt discharge dye and metallic by

Fall Wall Hanging Art Quilt Discharge Dye and Metallic by LyndiArt,