Metal Birds Wall Art


Show how much you love birds with some of this metal birds wall art. In robins and wrens, in blue jays to sparrows, your fine feathered friends will be represented in style and dignity with a metal depiction in your home. See them everyday, even when they aren't around due to migration or weather. If birds make you smile, then metal birds wall art is for you.

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Birds In Flight Metal Wall Decor - Set Of 3

If you loves nature, this metal wall decoration is dedicated special for you. It can used both in the garden to decorate fence and in your home to the wall. It is covered of turquoise paint. Birds looks very realistic.

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Bronze bird wall art

Bronze bird wall art

A very attractive product that updates any room decor. It is ideal for rooms with large empty walls. This decoration has got a tree branch stylization, so it is perfect for people who like natural accents.

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Handcrafted flock of metal flying birds wall art

Handcrafted Flock of Metal Flying Birds Wall Art

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60s mid century modern metal birds on a

60s mid century modern metal birds on a

This charming wall art with a bird motif on the branch is a beautiful way to diversify the decor of every interior. The metal-based design is durable and beautifully presented on the wall. Attractive colors and finishes are captivating.

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Bird metal art

Wall art that includes metal, natural looking accents with tree branch and bird themes. These multi-color birds feature solid and classic square frames. They are made of metal that is resistant to excessive wear.

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Metal birds wall art 2

This gorgeous wall art for outdoors is designed in a shape of a 3-storey fountain with birds sitting on it and drinking water. The decoration is made of sturdy steel, and covered in an all-weather, dark bronze powdercoat.

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Cardinal and bird friends metal wall hanging

Cardinal and Bird Friends Metal Wall Hanging

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Peacock metal wall art

Add style, beauty and decor to your apartment with this bird wall art. It is wall hanging and has a metal construction, which looks rustic. Great for bedroom, entryway and drawing room.

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Metal wall art birds in flight

... wall hook rack brown view now jungle birds triptych wall art set of

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Wall art metal wall art vintage shabby chic flock of

... Wall Art ›› Metal Wall Art Vintage Shabby Chic Flock Of Birds

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Metal Birds Wall Art

Buying Guide

Decorating your interiors or gardens with metal-birds-wall-art is an excellent way of honoring these animal's majestic beauty. Not only are you bringing modern elegance to your spaces, but you're also brightening the areas with the introduction of metal. The first step is determining the right bird for your metal wall decor. Then, you can pay homage to these majestic creatures.

Choosing the best metal is a priority for this art piece, and you'll find the options are considerable. For example, you could select painted metal finished or those that look eclectic with one that's rusted. Other finishes include black iron, copper, iridescent metal, and aluminum. Choosing your materials will depend on the rest of the room’s theme. For example, if you’re room has a traditional or farmhouse style, using copper or black iron would be excellent choices. Because this wall art is made from metal, there’s no worry about them breaking down over time in comparison to other kinds of wall art.

With the introduction of metal-birds-wall-art, you're drawing the eye to a focal point in the room and pulling it together. In addition to making your home or garden space more inviting, you're creating beautiful and unique accents. Choose painted pieces as a way of introducing more color into the area. Select metals with extra shine as a way of brightening up spaces. You can also bring in pieces with acrylic beads or other design elements to add extra flair to your living spaces.

If you’re decorating your interior space, one of the best places to hang metal birds wall art is above the fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, then another option is hanging it at eye-level above your sofa. If you’re decorating your patio or garden space, hang it at eye level above your most substantial piece of furniture.

If you select a piece of oversized metal birds wall art, it typically measures around 100 cm or larger. Therefore, it's critical that you measure the space before purchasing a piece to ensure it will fit. Average sized wall decor typically measures between 60 to 70 cm. Small wall decor will measure between 45 and 59 cm. So, it's essential to take measurements before making your decisions to ensure you're making the right purchases.

If you're purchasing a small piece of wall art, the prices could vary from under $25.00 to over $50.00. If you're purchasing an average sized piece of wall decor, the prices could range between $40.00 and over $100.00. For those who would like to purchase oversized pieces of wall decor, the prices could range from around $100.00 to over $300.00.

Best Ideas

Bird metal wall art

This wall art includes attractive metal birds for indoor and outdoor use. It looks very nice on fences, doors and walls. These metal birds are also resistant to many negative factors like impact damage or weather conditions.

Contemporary metal wall art sunset birds

Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Sunset Birds"

Unusual metal wall art

This colourful set of 6-birds on a wire metal wall decor will add a lovely accent to any kind of interior. This gorgeous piece catches the attention also with its turquoise metal frame.

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See more products in this category.

Metal birdcage wall art

clay relief tiles | Nickel Songbird or Quail Bas Relief Tile Your Choice of One (4 x 4)

Leaves and bird metal wall art

Leaves and Bird Metal Wall Art

Peacock Wall Art Plaque Metal Hook Hanger Jeweled Decor Bird Feathers Turquoise

Peacock Wall Art Plaque Metal Hook Hanger Jeweled Decor Bird Feathers Turquoise

This metal wall art in the form of a peacock looks very attractive. It includes good looking turquoise among other colors. Metal construction of this decoration not only looks nice, but it is also resistant to ageing.

Metal tree with birds wall art

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Cranes At Water Metal Wall Decor

Birds metal wall art birds metal wall sculpture

Birds Metal Wall Art Birds metal wall sculpture

Metal bird and branch wall art 1

Metal Bird And Branch Wall Art

Crane quintet wall art decor


Metal bird wall decor

This wall sculpture is a beautiful stylization of a peacock. It includes natural colors of these birds and looks very interesting in any interior design. This hanging metal element is resistant to wear, damage and ageing.

Floral metal wall art 25

Wonderful contemporary wall arts of metal with pearl shimmer. They have rectangular frames with wide top and bottom parts adorned with openwork intricate floral designs. Flowers with leaves and scrolled stems are in the centre.