Large Round Wood Mirror

These large round wood mirrors are stylish, fashionable, and so well made, you will be shocked at how affordable they are. Take a look at what we have to offer, and imagine where a mirror like these would go in your home. Perhaps the bedroom, or replacing your bathroom mirror to enhance that space. You are sure to find a place, and love every time you look at it.

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Round Wooden Mirror

Round Wooden Mirror
An excellent piece to accentuate contemporary entryways, hallways, dens, and offices. This round mirror features a sturdy frame, crafted from various size wooden pieces. The round glass mirror sits firmly inside the frame.

Oriole Round Wood Wall Mirror

Oriole Round Wood Wall Mirror
An excellent piece to accentuate contemporary interiors. This round mirror features a black wood grain veneer, round frame that holds a fog-free, beveled glass mirror. It can be quickly mounted on the wall.

Dual Sided Wall Mount Halo Lighted Mirror

Dual Sided Wall Mount Halo Lighted Mirror
Lighted wall mounted round mirror with two sides: regular mirror on one side and magnifying one on the other. When you want a perfect make-up even at the most hectic mornings, this mirror is a must-have.

Large round wood mirror 2

Usually you wouldn't pick thick cracked wood for a mirror frame, but this oval wood mirror looks surprisingly handsome! I'd see a fine inspiration for rustic stylized bathroom on this picture. I'd put more wooden accessories here, though.

Large round wood mirror 1

This large round wooden mirror will bring elegance and class wherever it'll appear. A glamorous addition to traditional living rooms or bedrooms. Evokes associations with the classical English style.

Large round wood mirror

If you’re looking for a rustic touch in your contemporary living room or any room for that matter, why not cover it with some old, reclaimed wood! This may not sound like a great idea, but it actually looks quite nice.

Large round wood mirror 1

Being a beautiful rustic accent, that will embellish any decor this large round wall mirror measures 32 inches diameter. Crafted from solid and beautiful mango wood.

Our advice Buying Guide

When a room is full of rectangle furniture, a large round wood mirror is just the decorating shape the help add interest to an otherwise dull design scheme. Not only does this accent feature bring movement and draw light through the room but it also has a large size that helps bring necessary contrasts the rest of the large furniture pieces aren't able to achieve. One of the most significant benefits of having a large round wood mirror in a room is its variety of elements, accents, and options. In this guide, we're going to discuss them to help you decide which mirror is best for your rooms.

How to use large mirrors to make your space look bigger?

When hanging a mirror in a small room, it has a way of making it look more substantial. You'll find this is especially true when hanging a large mirror. Hang these mirrors over beds, couches, and fireplaces as a way of bringing attention toward these areas. The mirror will simultaneously reflect whatever is happening on the other side of the room, as well. In doing so, it will create a grander illusion of area.

Their reflection of light helps enhance the furniture in your rooms, as well. When hanging a large mirror so it's facing a set of cabinetry or dresser, the light will bounce off their surfaces. The same happens when you place a large round wood mirror at the end of a narrow hallway. The light bouncing through the hall will illuminate off the mirror, brighten up the area, and make it appear larger.

What styles of wooden mirror frames are there?

Sometimes wood does mean rustic styles, especially when you can see the wood grains, knots, and irregularities in the pieces. However, a wooden mirror frame can take on a myriad of design options including:

  • Traditional: these frames feature elegant curves, rich tones, and thick accents. Some of these frames have paint while others are the original wood's finish.
  • Contemporary: rather than finding a simple round edge, it isn't uncommon to see some of these designs to include wood pieces featuring different sizes crafted together to punctuate the style of this large round wood mirror.
  • Vintage: reminiscent of yesteryear, these wooden mirror frames have gold gilding, ornamentation, and opulence, unlike their standard counterparts.
  • Modern: the clean lines and minimalist design of these wooden frames lend themselves well to those seeking something that's nearly frameless for their modern designs.

How big should a round mirror be?

One of the best things about decorating with mirrors is, you can never go too big. The main reason is that they will always be beneficial for tricking the eye. The one thing to be careful of, however, is to avoid a frame that dominates the mirror if you’re attempting to create more space with its illumination. If you’re already working in a spacious area, it matters less. Because round mirrors make a statement, you’re looking for something that’s a balance between their reflective surface and the beauty of their frame.


Large round wood mirror 15

Large round Mirror with Wood Frame

48 large round wood mirror

48" large round wood mirror

Large round wood mirror

Matthew Williams Designed Solid Wood Wall Mirror

Large round wood mirror 7

Like the idea of suspending an object you like in a 3 dimensional round "frame"

Round wood mirrors

Big Sky Vacation Home - Len Cotsovolos and LC²Design

Large round barn wood mirror

Large round barn wood mirror

Round wooden mirror

Rustic design for an austere-looking wall mirror with a small structure, perfect for compact living spaces. The frame of the wall mirror is made out of dark walnut wood, and the top of the piece has a metal ring for hanging.

Large round driftwood mirror

Wall mounting mirror for all kinds of interiors according to taste. It is mounted on richly decorated frame. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Traditional form and timeless style.

Large wooden mirror

A pretty though quite simple large traditional wall mirror of quality bevelled glass. It has a rather narrow round frame manufactured of wood with a finish in nice-looking shades of light and mid brown.

Large dark wood mirror

Incredible! huge round mirror. love it.

Large wood mirror

Wood paneled powder room

Johnson Wall  Mirror

Johnson Wall Mirror

Large round wood mirror 19

Large Frame Ridged Round Wood WALL MIRROR Aged Red 32"D Salado

Large round wooden mirror

Add style to any wall with this circular convex glass mirror | Occa-Home

Large round wood mirror 3

I've had this picture ripped out of a mag and on my inspiration board for two years.

Large round wooden mirror image 6

Large Round Wooden Mirror image 6

Wood round convex mirror large 1


Round wooden mirror by privilege us 164 99 original 200

Round Wooden Mirror by Privilege ~ US$164.99 (Original: $200.00) 3'' D x 35'' diameter Wood / glass

Large round barn wood mirror 1

Large round barn wood mirror

Howard Elliott Collection 63029 Largo Round Mirror, 16-Inch, Mother of Pearl

Big wooden mirror

Carved Wood Large Round Mirror | M&S

Loughlin round wood wall mirror large 34 2

Loughlin Round Wood Wall Mirror Large 34"

Large round wood mirror 27

Guest Powder Room Mirror: Brentwood Wood and Brass Mirror. Small and Large

Large round wood mirror 14

antique vanity with mirror 1920 | VINTAGE DECO STYLE WOOD VANITY DESK ROUND MIRROR 1920s Completed

Large round wood mirror 10

scandinavian + modern bohemian design | velvet moon studio + shop redesign

Large round wood mirror 3

Grey and Scout | Interior Inspiration: BEACH HOUSE

Parlane large round carved wood mirror at

Parlane Large round carved wood mirror- at

Large round wood mirror 3

... Gold Mirror Wall Large Vintage Round Framed Baroque Ornate Wood Wooden

Home driftwood large round driftwood mirror lattice

Home ~ driftwood ~ large round driftwood mirror - lattice

Large round wood mirror 6

Large Round Wood Mirror 118cm

Round large mirrors

A stunning captain's mirror that is just the most suitable and simple yet elegant choice for your interior. Thanks to the neutral looks it will work wonders for your bathroom or even the entryway.

Round mirrors for walls 4

Amazing home decoration. This large wooden frame holds eight round mirrors and six smaller ones in other shape. This combination looks very interesting in the house. White frame finish matches any room design.

Round wooden mirror cross trunk

Round Wooden Mirror - Cross Trunk

To da loos large round mirrors in the bathroom my

To da loos: Large round mirrors in the bathroom - my latest obsession

Large round wood mirror 24

Seaside Chic | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV

Large round wood mirror 12

Spaces Fireplace Hearth

Large round wood mirror 2

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Cane rimmed round mirror homes homedecorators livingroomideas

Cane-Rimmed Round Mirror #Homes #HomeDecorators #LivingRoomIdeas

Large round wood mirror 25

Carved Wood Large Round Mirror

Privilege International 63428 Reclaimed Leaner Mirror, Vintage

Jeremiah round wood mirror

Jeremiah" Round Wood Mirror

Howard Elliott 14198 Lilly Mirror

20 photo of large round wooden mirrors

20 Photo of Large Round Wooden Mirrors