Modern Wall Mirrors Decorative

How about buying one of these wall mirrors? If you are not yet convinced to buy one of them, take all the time that you want to, after which you will have a much better idea about the available choice. Can you share your impressions with us, in the end?

Round Decorative Wall Mirror

Round Decorative Wall Mirror

$136.99 $210

Round Decorative Wall Mirror

Ivy Bronx

$136.99 $210

What We Like: Unique decorative style

What We Don’t Like: Small mirror surface

Not So Good For: Spaces that call for full-body mirrors

Perfect For: An accent piece in living or dining rooms

This chic modern wall mirror makes an excellent addition to any contemporary-styled room. The decorative design of the mirror features intertwining circles, allowing it to function as an elegant accent piece in living or dining rooms or as a stylish bathroom mirror. While the mirror is best suited for contemporary-style rooms, its minimalistic construction provides versatility, allowing it to fit the look of various decor styles, from transitional to Hollywood Regency.

The mirror’s frame is made of iron, while the mirror is clear glass, providing long-lasting durability. The mirror offers a wooden backing to prevent damage to the wall, and the entire mirror weighs just 20 lbs., making it simple to install or move.

Wooden Wall Mirror Decor

Wooden Wall Mirror Decor

$186.99 $193.99

Wooden Wall Mirror Decor

Loon Peak®

$186.99 $193.99

What We Like: Versatile design

What We Don’t Like: Heavy construction; needs wall studs for installation

Not So Good For: Bedrooms or walk-in closets

Perfect For: An accent piece in an entry or hallway

This ovular, natural-style wall mirror is a versatile addition to any style home. Surrounded by a stylish corrugated-wood adornment, the mirror can be positioned vertically or horizontally depending on your wall space available.

Vertically, the mirror serves as a room-expanding accent piece, well-suited for entryways, halls, and living rooms. Horizontally, the piece can be used to add intrigue and disperse light to areas like kitchens, dining rooms, and stairways. The piece's stylistic design is also versatile, making the mirror suitable for contemporary, natural, and rustic spaces.

Oval Rubber Wall Mirror

Oval Rubber Wall Mirror


Oval Rubber Wall Mirror



Beautiful in its simplicity, this oval mirror with its black frame is perfect as an end of the hall accent or as a Feng Shui mirror in any desired indoor location. It is available in several sizes, and it can be hung either horizontally or vertically. The mirror reflects without distortion. The frame is black rubber, giving an unexpected element to this mirror. It also gives an added amount of durability and buffering against bumps.

Decorative Mirror For Wall

Decorative Mirror For Wall

$205.99 $316.99

Decorative Mirror For Wall

Wrought Studio™

$205.99 $316.99

What We Like: Irregular asymmetrical design

What We Don’t Like: No wall protection

Not So Good For: Small spaces

Perfect For: A focus piece in a contemporary living room

This modern wall mirror design for living rooms is an eye-catching conversation starter for your guests. Designed with an irregular, rounded triangle-style mirror adorned with a black wood surrounding, this contemporary piece will make your living room feel bigger and more modern.

While the piece is best suited for rooms with a contemporary style, its straightforward wood decoration makes it a worthwhile addition to rooms of any type. The triangle shape of the mirror also makes it versatile, allowing you to angle it to accent your room’s decor. The mirror comes with detailed instructions and all the mounting tools you’ll need to install it.

Cathedral Style Mirror

Cathedral Style Mirror

$364.99 $428.34

Cathedral Style Mirror

Rosalind Wheeler

$364.99 $428.34

What we like: Dramatic appeal

What we don’t like: Heavy and requires several supports for stability

Not so great for: Small spaces

Perfect for: Farmhouse, bohemian, rustic, and vintage-inspired interiors

More than just a functional piece, this accent wall mirror features a cathedral window-inspired design for an industrial look with ample visual impact in your space. This generously sized mirror is framed in dark bronze metal, with tons of shine that complement any décor style. Its windowpane overlay and generous size make it a dramatic focal point.

This is a heavy piece that requires durable hooks for mounting. We recommend placing this in your foyer for an impressive entryway. Or you can place it on top of the fireplace mantel to give your living room an attractive conversation piece. Its vintage look also makes it the perfect piece for creating dreamy vignettes during holiday seasons. 

Large Wall Mirror For Living Room

Large Wall Mirror For Living Room

$179.99 $345

Large Wall Mirror For Living Room

Kelly Clarkson Home

$179.99 $345

What We Like: Thin, window-like frame

What We Don’t Like: Heavy and difficult to transport

Not So Good For: A bathroom mirror

Perfect For: Living and dining rooms

Α decorative wall mirror for your living room can add a stunning finishing touch to your space and reflect the natural light to make the area appear bigger. This modern mirror is constructed with a segmented arched design, making it appear like a window, so it is excellent for poorly lit areas of your home, like hallways or under-the-stair nooks.

The mirror’s modern yet versatile frame can be used in various rooms, including dens, living rooms, and hallways. The frame even comes with a welded hanging ring for simple installation and storage.

Slender Framed Wall Mirror

Slender Framed Wall Mirror

$69.99 $72.99

Slender Framed Wall Mirror


$69.99 $72.99

What we like: Contemporary look, good price point

What we don’t like: Welded mounting support appears flimsy

Not so great for: A focal point for main areas of the house

Perfect for: Vanity, bathroom, and powder rooms

This simple wall mirror subtly transforms any space in the home. Its clean-lined frame strikes a classic silhouette and features a metal frame. The smooth round silhouette offers maximum visual clarity in any room. Available in ten sizes and six color options.

For its installation, you might want to consider reinforcing it with monkey hooks since the wall mirrors are heavy. Ideal for damp spaces such as the bathroom and powder room. You can also place this item as an accent to your bedroom, positioned on top of a low console cabinet or on the vanity table. 

Modern Mirror Wall Decor

Modern Mirror Wall Decor

$59.99 $131.99

Modern Mirror Wall Decor

Corrigan Studio®

$59.99 $131.99

What We Like: Bold sunray design

What We Don’t Like: Need a set for larger rooms

Not So Good For: A focus piece in a large room

Perfect For: A complementary accent piece

This contemporary wall mirror decor piece is a perfect accent mirror for smaller spaces. The mirror is designed with a keyhole hanger attachment to simplify hanging and positioning, and the entire item weighs just over 2 lbs. This portability makes it great for dorms and rental apartments.

Constructed in a sun-like design, the small, circular mirror in the center can bring attention to walls in tight spaces. Try styling multiple mirrors in a pattern to add interest to larger walls, or use a pair of mirrors to flank a console table or buffet in your dining room or entryway.

Modern Round Wall Mirror

Modern Round Wall Mirror

Modern Round Wall Mirror

What we like: Clean, crisp look

What we don’t like: Rubber frame can be off-putting for some

Not so great for: Narrow walls, since the smallest option is at 24”

Perfect for: All types of interiors

Give your home decor a stylish update with this industrial wall mirror. With a durable rubber frame and integrated mounting hardware, this mirror is easy to install anywhere in the home. Its minimalist design makes it great for any room, while still adding character to the space. A perfect way to add natural light and open up the room.

Available in small, medium, and large and comes in black, gray, white, and charcoal colors. The versatile look of these wall mirrors means that you can use the same design and opt for different sizes according to application. These will give your home a coherent look, especially if that’s what you’re aiming for. Affordable price point.

Round Metal Wall Mirror

Round Metal Wall Mirror

Round Metal Wall Mirror

What we like: Versatile look, wide selection for colors and sizes

What we don’t like: Larger sizes are very heavy

Not so great for: Ultra-modern interiors because of its distressed finish

Perfect for: Contemporary, farmhouse, and transitional interiors

An elegant refresh to your space, this circular wall mirror is crafted from metal with a slender, streamlined frame. Showcasing purposeful paint distressing and a sleek solid finish, it lends your arrangement a vintage appeal. Just lean it up against a bare wall or display it over the mantel for a touch of texture and contrast in the den.

With ten sizes and six frame colors to choose from, you’ll never run out of options with this piece. Since the frame is made of metal, you can expect that the larger variations of this item are substantially heavy. These are best installed by aligning the mirror with the drywall stud to ensure stability. 

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular Wall Mirror

What we like: Good price, lightweight

What we don’t like: Composite frame

Not so great for: Elegant, traditional interiors, and in damp spaces

Perfect for: Apartments, contemporary interiors

A timeless, modern mirror with sharp, clean lines. Simple to install on a wall or door as a solo piece or in a group. Available in peaked and standard frames and five colors to suit contemporary interior styles. Comes in three sizes. Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

The straightforward look of this piece provides versatile applications in different settings. However, since the frame is made of composite material, this might not fare well in damp and wet areas such as the kitchen and in the bathroom. 

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Modern Wall Mirrors Decorative

Buying Guide

Wall mirrors are versatile pieces of decor that not only look great, but can lighten up your room and make it seem much bigger. They're classic items that fit in with any decor and in any room. You can't go wrong with using mirrors as a part of your decor, and here's how.

There are many ways to go about choosing the right mirror for your space. Here are the things you should think about before hanging it up.

How big you go depends on what you want your mirror to do. If the mirror is the main feature, it should be big. In fact, if you have a large wall, make sure you choose a mirror that's big enough to be the showpiece and draw attention.

For instance, if you're hanging the mirror on a large, empty wall in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, make sure it measures between 25 and 31 inches on each side or in diameter for a bold statement.

Mirrors can make small rooms look larger. The reflection and illumination they provide means you don't have to have a large mirror to make a space look larger than it is. Make sure your mirror fits the space and doesn't overpower it.

If you want your mirror to be an accent piece rather than a showpiece, make sure it complements and accentuates your other decor without being overpowering. Simple mirrors without frames are subtle accents that blend well with your other wall art and draw just enough attention to expand the space and make it feel more dynamic. A mirror that is 10 inches or less on each side or in diameter will be ideal.

Your mirror plays a huge role in the ambiance of the room.

  • If you have short ceilings, you may want to elongate your room and create some extra height with a vertical mirror.
  • Square mirrors have sharp corners that are more characteristic of traditional styles.
  • Round mirrors create a softness that is great in bedrooms.
  • You may go for nontraditional geometric shapes if you need something more modern or industrial.

The frame is more indicative of the style of your mirror than the mirror itself.

  • Frameless mirrors have simplistic elegance. They are more versatile because their primary job is to reflect what's in the rest of the room. Without a frame detracting from the mirror itself, you can put a frameless mirror anywhere.
  • Frames make your mirror heavier, so consider what you want to struggle to hang before you decide. Frames can also take up a lot of space, so if you want your mirror to be mostly mirror, choose frameless.

However, if you want to adhere to a specific style, choose a mirror with a frame. Ornate designs can highlight mirrors as showpieces. Carved wood and curled brass draw attention to a focal piece. Simple frames offer more understated elegance but can still fit in with any decor, so you can use them as accent pieces on collage walls or among your other favorite pieces.

Your frame's material is what defines its style. Wall mirrors with wood frames are rustic and elegant. If they're distressed, they make perfect antique farmhouse pieces. Here are some of the most popular frame materials.


Wood frames are rustic and traditional. They look great in farmhouse kitchens, bathrooms, and any other classic decor space. Wood is a sturdy, durable material, so wood-framed mirrors can be heavy, but it's also a great way to protect the glass and ensure it lasts a long time.

Painted wood frames can also add a pop of color. Choose your favorite to offer an accent piece in one of your favorite shades. Or choose a neutral color for some soft elegance. Pastels look great among shabby chic decor.


Metal offers a lot of versatile style. Brass is vintage and looks fantastic in any rustic or Boho chic space. Brass is a vintage style that's coming back, and it's surprisingly affordable. It comes in a variety of shades from dark red or orange to gold.

Aged silver can be rustic or modern. It's simple and understated, so it's the perfect material for an accent piece. However, if you want it to be over the top, choose a silver frame that is more ornate.


Plastic is affordable and can come in a variety of color options. It does not offer as good support for your mirror as wood and metal, but it suffices for small, lightweight mirrors. One Scandi-inspired style that is particularly pleasing is a round mirror in a deep, white plastic frame, hanging on a leather strap.

Putting a small or medium sized round mirror in your dining room can help enhance the formality of the room. It reflects your chandelier, illuminates the space, and gives it a more romantic feel.

In your living room, place the mirror opposite the windows to expand the space, make it brighter, and reflect the plush materials you already have. This makes the space feel much cozier. Your living room likely has the biggest walls in your house, so this is the perfect place to hang a large statement mirror.

Whether you're putting mirrors in the entryway by the front door or the hallway upstairs, it's the perfect way to expand a small space. Placing a mirror in the entryway means you have one last chance to check your hair before you leave. It becomes a functional piece of elegance.

Decorating your hallway walls with pictures of your kids and a few wall mirrors mixed in gives your home personality and original style. It is the perfect way to create a collage wall of everything you love the most.

Bathrooms thrive on wall mirrors because everyone needs a mirror to get ready in the morning. Whether it's shaving or putting on makeup, a mirror is critical. Bathrooms typically have large walls above the sink, so it's the perfect opportunity to choose another statement piece to be the focal point of the room - perfect for sleek, monochrome bathrooms.

However, if your bathroom is far from well-organized and minimalistic, go for a frameless mirror in order not to add to the visual clutter.

The height of your bathroom wall mirror will depend on the height of your sink and faucet and how tall the users are. Mirrors above vanities are generally centered and hung at eye level for most users. Generally, it's 5-10 inches above the sink, unless it interferes with the faucet. If the faucet is tall, hang the mirror 2-3 inches above the tallest part of the faucet. It should be roughly centered in between the lighting and the sink.

Once again, place your wall mirrors opposite windows to make your master bedroom feel much more epic. Mirrors look great above the headboard or above a dresser, so you can catch a glimpse as you dress yourself every morning.

Make sure that when you choose wall mirrors for your bedroom, they offer a muted, relaxing feel that helps you sleep at night rather than stimulating your senses. Wood offers a natural look and a cozy feel suitable for bedrooms, and so does the softness of round mirrors. They can either be frameless or framed in a delicate, light wood or gold-brushed metal frame.

Yes, modern wall mirrors decorative are back in style. However, keep in mind that, depending on how you decide to use them and what model you opt for, they can be the right solution for your house regardless of current trends.

In fact, modern wall mirrors decorative are mainly known for retro and vintage interiors, but you can easily introduce them in more contemporary settings by choosing simpler and more streamlined shapes.

Modern wall mirrors decorative are also a handy opportunity to make a small room feel wider, regardless of a specific décor style or trend.

Modern wall mirrors decorative look fantastic in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even hallways. As long as their frame matches the room’s overall decor, they can work on any wall.

Mirrors should go in the center of a wall or another location that adds balance and visual interest to the overall design. Keep in mind that placing a mirror slightly off-center on a wall may end up looking distracting and throw a room off balance. Measure carefully when placing hooks or nails to hang mirrors on.

Consider hanging mirrors with their centers just below eye level. This way, people can see a little more of their reflection and less of your ceiling or the wall behind them.

When choosing decorative modern wall mirrors, the size, shape and style needs to be considered in order to create a comfortable and inviting living area. The size of the mirror will depend on whether you want it to be the focal point or blend in with a specific space.

For bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, a mirror between 25 to 31 inches is recommended to make a bold statement.

When it comes to shape, rectangular and square options are the most common; however, other shapes such as circular, oval, and even diamond-shaped mirrors can add a quirky touch to any room.

Additionally, the style and color can make a huge impact on the overall decorative impact of your mirror. So if you're going for a simple, streamlined look, a wooden, metal, or plastic frame will do. For a more formal or dramatic appearance, go for an ornate, gilded frame to create a focal point in the room.

Mosaic-style frames can also be eye-catching and fun and eye-catching. When it comes to color, black and white can coordinate with any interior decorating color scheme, while silver and gold frames create a more modern and formal decor setting.

The perfect mirror for you won't be the perfect mirror for anyone else. It's a very personal choice that involves your own preferences and the decor and layout of your home. Shopping for wall mirrors is fun and can enhance any decor in any room.

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Modern large wall mirror

The incredible men’s wardrobe with the exclusive large mirror. Such a big mirror is really needed there is provide enough light and decorate the interior. Using mirrors without frame is a new trend - they are imitating window.

Modern large wall mirror

Large mirror mounted on wooden frame and finished with interesting pattern. Designed for mounting on the wall. Possibility of horizontal and vertical orientation. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

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22 Great Decorative Mirrors for your Home. Reflect the beautiful interior design of your home with decorative mirrors.

Huge wall mirror

Giant mirror mounted in richly decorated frame made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Possibility of horizontal and vertical orientation. Elegant design for the living room, bedroom and more.

Large modern wall mirrors

This large wall mirror always creates a focal point on a wall. This Grand Palais one will fit in smoothly to all traditional, elegant living rooms. It enchants especially with its semicircular top.

Contemporary upholstered chairs

Contemporary setup for an elegant dining room furnished with a long rectangular table made out of dark oak wood with a matching set of three dining chairs, one with armrests, all upholstered in cotton fabric in beige color.

Wells Mirror

Wells Mirror

It is very interesting and extremely decorative mirror that is excellent for the living room or dining room. The mirror was divided into small squares surrounded by frames. This makes really interesting effect.

Quebec Modern Wall Mirror

Quebec Modern Wall Mirror

This modern mirror will delight even the most discerning and demanding users. It is rectangular. Its frame consists of a small square and rectangular mirrors. This composition makes an excellent impression.

Croydon Wall Mirror (Set of 2)

Croydon Wall Mirror (Set of 2)

This Set of 2 Croydon Wall Mirrors is beautified by arabesque style pattern and strengthened by a sturdy metal frame in oil rubbed bronze finish. Each mirror has also a mirrored back allowing shadows and reflections of the frame to entice its users.

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Turquoise Room Ideas: An ornate mirror has a modern edge when painted in bright turquoise. This would make a great DIY project.

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Add beauty to your living room with this contemporary and sophisticated sticker wall clock. It is made of many round cycles and has got a silver finish. Everyone will tell you how pretty it looks on your wall.

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Luxury bathroom soaked in dark colors. A vanity table was replaced with a large floating block of natural wood. Chocolate brown floor tiles blend with dark brown walls. Matte black pendant lamp provides moody lighting.

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Nursery set for girls. It includes a chest with drawers and a changing tray in pink color. This element of furniture is also available with a rectangular mirror that features a nice white frame with decorative carvings.

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