Sunflower Arrangements

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Is the sunflower your favorite flower? It is? Well then you know, when they die, they make a mess. But if you still want to have them as part of your internal decor, we have a solution. SIlk sunflowers are wonderful, beautiful, and never shed their petals or seeds. So you get all the greater qualities without the mess. Pretty great compromise.

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Updated 01/03/2023
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Sunflower Glass Jar With LED

Sunflower Glass Jar With LED


This compact sunflower arrangement comes in a clear glass jar along with an LED light strip. It holds three dried, bright yellow sunflowers that are made of faux silk and faux stems. It rests on a rounded wooden base.

Designer Advice:

Add light and decoration to your living spaces with this floral jar. Its rounded base is sturdy, small, and ideal for compact spaces. Because of its glass body, it’s best to put it somewhere safe where it can’t be accidentally tipped over. We suggest using this arrangement as a nightstand decoration, mantelpiece decor, or an accent lighting feature. This sunflower arrangement also makes a great gift.

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Sunflower Display Pot

Sunflower Display Pot


Charming and old-school, this sunflower arrangement looks best in cottage-core and country-style homes. The bright yellow sunflowers are large and made of silk. They come in a white metal mail with the words “Flowers & Garden” in front.

Designer Advice:

These potted artificial sunflowers will make your dining table, coffee table, bookshelf, living room mantle, entryway table, or windowsill look more special. Its organic appearance can brighten up any space with its fresh yellow and white colors. The flowers, decorations, and metal pail are well-built. This arrangement is durable and will keep its refreshing look for years to come.

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Sunflower Candle Holder

Sunflower Candle Holder

August Grove®

This sunflower arrangement can be used to hold candles and is perfect for small dining tables and narrow entryway tables. It comes with a central glass candle holder with artificial yellow sunflowers and leaf additions. The glass has a tinted amber color.

$72.99 $77.99

Designer Advice:

This candle holder with faux sunflowers is the ideal festive decor for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and weddings. It also makes a great centerpiece for outdoor dinners in the summer and works well as a permanent fixture on your mantle. We suggest pairing this arrangement with traditional or country-style decor. The only thing to keep in mind is the delicate and damage-prone glass of the candelabra.

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Crochet Sunflower Bouquet

Crochet Sunflower Bouquet

With these handmade sunflower arrangements, you can decorate your home in as many styles as you like. The flowers come in a bouquet-style arrangement with removable flowers in yellow and green. Get these crochet sunflowers in any quantity and style.

Designer Advice:

If you want to give your home decor a fresh, new look, this bouquet is a great place to start. The sunflowers come with sturdy long stems that remain upright even though they’re crocheted. Meanwhile, the soft material is a charming addition that makes any space feel more welcoming. You can store these in a vase or simply decorate various surfaces in the house with one or several flowers.

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Decorative Sunflower Tray

Decorative Sunflower Tray

This spacious sunflower centerpiece is perfect for sunflower lovers. It comes in a tray packed with artificial sunflowers, eucalyptus, and baby's breath along with a “Hello Sunshine” vinyl sticker on the front. Get it in three styles and five sizes.

Designer Advice:

Bring the sunshine indoors with this cheery sunflower arrangement tray. The rectangular tray is ideal for the window sill, the outer hearth of a fireplace, kitchens, bath spaces, dinner tables, or entryway tables. The flowers are realistic-looking, high-quality, and will last for years. Personalization options make this tray a great add-on for contemporary and classic decor styles.

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Best Ideas

Sunflower Bridal Bouquet Country Twine

Sunflower Bridal Bouquet Country Twine

A simple, yet impressive table arrangement in a country style. It features a charming bunch of artificial sunflowers made of silk. They are nicely displayed in a basic, transparent glass vase. A great idea for a wedding decoration.

Sunflower flower arrangements

Beautiful silk flower arrangements that should bring a natural aura of colorful elegance into any space. The flowers are mostly used as dining table centerpieces but should also provide incredible accent to walls and a beautiful welcoming feeling at the front door.

Vineyard arrangements silk sunflower arrangement ii

Vineyard arrangements silk sunflower arrangement ii

Floral arrangement in clear glass vase. It consists of artificial sunflowers. Adds freshness and elegance to the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Silk sunflower arrangements 2

Silk sunflowers are very beautiful and the fact that they don't shed their petals or seeds is an added advantage. These sunflowers are placed in a clear vase which has pebbles and water at the base.

Silk sunflower arrangements 6

sunflower and purple flower arrangement - good size arrangement for mason jars but with ivory or blue flowers not purple

Silk sunflower arrangements 11

Superb sunflower arrangement set upon a clear glass vase. The flowers look fresh too and come with additional yellow detailing at the bottom. This would be a great conversation starter during dinner times but the arrangement can also be set on the kitchen island to great effect.

Sunflower and rose arrangements

Silk sunflower arrangement with citrus accents in a glass planter. Product: Faux floral arrangementConstruction Mat...

Of 2 artificial sunflower foxtail silk flower arrangement centerpieces

... of 2 Artificial Sunflower Foxtail Silk Flower Arrangement Centerpieces

Spring summer sunflower wreath

Spring Summer Sunflower Wreath

Silk sunflower arrangements 7

Excellent sunflower arrangement set on a beautiful vase. The arrangement also comes with stunning green foliage all round, making it a great option for a centerpiece. The vase is finished in amazing art décor too and it’s rich in vibrant colors.

Silk sunflower arrangements 5

Substitute pink flowers instead of orange.

Large silk floral arrangements

Shield of a sunflower,always follows the sun. We know even the famous Van Gogh sunflowers, but we can have our own floral composition of them.Silk, large artificial sunflower arrangements - are placed in a brown slim ornamental pot, together with green leaves.

Golden Sunflower Arrangement

Golden Sunflower Arrangement

This flower arrangement has been created of faux golden sunflowers. It looks very beautiful and natural despite the fake nature of this piece. The artificial water is kept inside the glass vase to enhance the natural look.

Fall Sunflower Silk Floral Arrangement

Fall Sunflower Silk Floral Arrangement

Such a pretty, colourful arrangement for a window display of flowers! Using an old, vintage watering can as a flower pot is a very creative idea and looks really well too! Such a beautiful, vibrant design.

Sunflower arrangements

sunflower arrangements

Wedding centerpieces with sunflowers

Indian Summer door swag or fall wedding by ForestnShoreNaturals, $68.00

Silk sunflower arrangements 1

Silk sunflower arrangement

Silk flower vase arrangements

Wedding Flowers, Fall wedding centerpiece made of silk flowers in faux pumpkin on Etsy, $75.00

Rustic floral arrangement sunflower silk floral centerpiece rustic

Rustic Floral Arrangement - Sunflower Silk Floral Centerpiece - Rustic ...

Fleur de lis living artificial sunflower thistle floral

Fleur De Lis Living Artificial Sunflower/Thistle Floral ...

Silk sunflower arrangement designed by arcadia floral

Silk sunflower arrangement designed by Arcadia Floral ...

Sunflower silk floral arrangement yellow gold silk sunflowers

Sunflower Silk Floral Arrangement Yellow Gold Silk Sunflowers

Sunflower harvest silk centerpiece

Sunflower Harvest Silk Centerpiece |

Sunflower silk centerpiece for seasonal decorating at petals

Sunflower Silk Centerpiece for Seasonal Decorating at Petals