Best Outdoor Holiday Decorations

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Demon of the Night Vampire Bat Statue

Demon of the Night Vampire Bat Statue

Take your Halloween decor to the next level with this spooky vampire bat with red frightening eyes. This intricately detailed bat is sure to terrify your neighborhood and guests.

Featuring a realistic hand-painted black body hanging upside down, your visitors may even mistake this wall-mounted bat for a real one. Its durable resin design can last for the next Halloweens to come. Simply hang on a wall, a fence, or a tree to create a scary ambiance.

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Glory to God Wooden Figurine

Glory to God Wooden Figurine

Colorful and well-painted, this outdoor display is the perfect addition during Christmas celebrations and festivities. With an overall dimension of 32'' H x 24" W x 0.37'' D, it’s large enough to make an eye-catching statement and features intricate details that instantly elevates your front yard.

Made of high-quality and sturdy Baltic plywood, this figurine can withstand various weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and sunshine with its weather-, rust-, and UV-resistant features.

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Round Ornament Scene Lighted Display

Round Ornament Scene Lighted Display

Let your entire neighborhood know that it’s the time for joyful festivities with these large Christmas ornaments. They’re brightly colored, can light up, and serve as a cheery centerpiece for your front yard.

They’re easy to set up, only taking seconds to self-inflate, and can easily be deflated when it’s time to store them away. Pair these ornaments with smaller holiday decors in the background for a visually appealing layout.

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Outdoor/Indoor Christmas Grazing Reindeer Lighted Display

Outdoor/Indoor Christmas Grazing Reindeer Lighted Display

If you’re looking for an elegant holiday decor to impress your family and friends during the festive season, this lighted reindeer is the right choice.

Nicely constructed with soft glow lights to illuminate the setting, it can be displayed indoors and outdoors and features a sturdy iron frame to keep it standing straight, and a rattan body that adds charms to the whole layout. Take your Christmas decors to the next level by adding fairy lights in the background.

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Christmas Inflatable Snowman

Christmas Inflatable Snowman

Upgrade your outdoor holiday decorations with this 8” inflatable snowman. Setting him up doesn’t require much effort since he can inflate on his own when plugged in and can easily deflate when Christmas is over.

This snowman features lights that make this display even more charming in the evening, a weather-resistant construction that can withstand winter conditions, and stakes and ropes to keep him standing firm and upright. Make your home festive and welcoming by placing it beside your main door.

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Pine Sleigh Lighted Display

Pine Sleigh Lighted Display

Glittery and elegant, this holiday lighted display makes a great addition to any table, window sill, and outdoor surface all through the holidays.

With an overall dimension of 14" H x 10" W x 10" D, this festive piece doesn’t take up much space and fits perfectly in smaller spaces. It features a timer that automatically switches the lights on and off and realistic branches covered with warm lights that brightens up the area.

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Unicorn Inflatable

Unicorn Inflatable

This festive inflatable unicorn is perfect for adding a fun and joyous touch to your interior or exterior holiday decors. It can be placed indoors to welcome your guests or out on your front yard to delight your neighborhood and passerby.

It’s easy to set up, stands 4” tall, illuminates when plugged in, and features ground stakes and ropes to keep the unicorn standing firm when inflated.

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32" Lighted Waving Santa and Rudolph Christmas Lighted Display

32" Lighted Waving Santa and Rudolph Christmas Lighted Display

Merry with an inviting charm, this waving Santa and Rudolph holiday decoration looks best when displayed in the front yard to greet your visitors during the cheerful seasons.

It features 65 warm white lights that are pre-lit, making your outdoor area bright and festive at night, and ground stakes and a stand to keep the freestanding display upright. Pair with a Clarice the reindeer lighted display to complete the Christmassy layout.

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Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable

Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable

This Santa Claus on a sleigh display makes an attention-grabbing statement that is sure to thrill your neighborhood and guests.

With an overall dimension of 4' 7'' H x 7' 11'' W x 3' 7'' D, this mesmerizing display is large but easy to set up since it self-inflates once plugged in and can easily deflate for storage. It features built-in lights that can illuminate your yard at night, creating a fun and cheery setting for everyone to admire.

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2 Piece Elf Pulling Wagon Lighted Display Set

2 Piece Elf Pulling Wagon Lighted Display Set

Cute and delightful, this 2-piece elf display adds a welcoming touch to your outdoor area during the Christmas season.

Featuring a wire frame wrapped in tinsel fabric, this endearing display remains firm during the wintertime, has 100 warm white lights that brighten up the setting, and showcases an elf pulling a wagon full of presents, perfect for families with kids to get them excited for Christmas eve.

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Best Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Buying Guide

Every year, millions of families adorn their homes with Christmas lights, statues, inflatables, and other seasonal decorations. There are dozens of traditional characters and designs to choose from, and new materials and features allow the decorations to last for years.

Here's what to look for when choosing your outdoor Christmas decorations.

The choice of Christmas decorations is huge. You can join in on the much-loved Christmas tradition with a simple display or invest in dozens of decorations to entertain your family and friends. Here are the most popular choices:

Christmas light strings

Light strings are a standard addition to front yards in the winter. Although some are simple lines, some have dangling icicle shapes or unique bulb shapes. They add an ethereal feeling to any yard, especially when there is snow on the ground.

Light-up decorations

Light-up Christmas decorations are a great way to make your display visible at night. This includes figures that are made of plastic or wire with lights inside. Look for figures with LED lights for maximum brightness and energy efficiency.


Statues are good for porches or other well-lit areas. They include traditional Santa Claus and elf statues, snowmen, candy canes, Nativity scenes, and more. They can be paired with a spotlight to improve visibility.


Inflatables are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and generally feature cute and funny designs and are often inexpensive to purchase. They do not always stand upright in high wind, but they can be very durable. Some include an air blower, while others require the blower to be purchased separately.

Door murals

Front door and garage door murals make a huge statement and can be reused year after year. They are designed to fit over the door without interfering with its operation, so you can attach it once at the beginning of winter and then remove it after Christmas.

Light projectors

LED and laser light projectors can add even more charm to an outdoor display. Projectors can put moving snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and other cute designs on the side of your house without the need for labor-intensive, time-consuming installation.

Many shapes and characters allow you to express your love of Christmas and spread joy throughout the holiday season.

  • Christmas trees can be highly customized with ornaments and colored lights for a one-of-a-kind decoration.

  • Small wreaths and stars make a great addition to porches and balconies.

  • Santa Claus and reindeer figures are perfect for neighborhoods with lots of children.

  • Light-up snowflakes are great for hanging from trees or the front porch.

  • Snowmen and nutcrackers are classic staples that are an easily recognizable and whimsical addition to traditional or country homes.

  • Nativity scenes are a great way to remind everyone of the religious reason for the season.

  • Less-traditional designs, like penguins and giant Christmas ornaments, make great additions to themed displays.

Since there are many Christmas decoration designs, try to stick to a single theme for a more cohesive outdoor display.


Traditional outdoor Christmas decorations include nativity scenes, wreaths, trees, and Santa statues. Look for Santas and nativity figures with realistic faces, white Christmas lights, and a large wreath to hang on the front door. A traditional wooden sleigh for Santa can make the front yard stand out.

Traditional designs look great in front of any style of house but work especially well with classic brick or colonial homes. Try to include colors like forest green, red, gold, and white to bring cheer to your front yard. Place small lights along the driveway and front walk to guide guests to your door.


Colorful characters in cartoon designs can bring your yard to life. If you have children or grandchildren, work with them to pick out decorations like snowmen, candy canes, and cartoon reindeer.

Although white Christmas lights look good in any yard, contemporary Christmas décor can use colored lights for a more multifaceted look. If your house has white brick or siding on the front, place your most colorful décor directly in front for a charming pop of color. Get an LED or laser light projector to add snow or other animations to the display.

For a family-friendly adventure, try creating a theme around a location or character. Try a North Pole theme with elves, gift boxes, and a sleigh. Snowmen and giant light-up snowflakes create a more general winter wonderland theme.


Minimalist Christmas décor relies heavily on string lights and simple lighted wire displays. A minimalist display could include one or two lighted wireframes with color-coordinated string lights over the outline of the house. A colored spotlight over the house and driveway can help set the mood.

Blue is an excellent color for a minimalist display, as it creates a winter atmosphere without having to rely on traditional Christmas symbols. However, green and white lights can also set a festive mood.

The optimal size for your decorations depends on the size of your yard. Homes with large front yards can use almost any decoration. If you have a small front yard, decorations more than 36" high may start to overwhelm the space or block windows.

If you live somewhere subject to high winds and snowstorms, remember that large and lightweight decorations can be blown around and become hazards. Make sure to properly secure decorations or bring them inside the garage if the weather calls for bad storms.

  • Wireframe light displays are very durable, reusable, and are an excellent choice for all environments. These displays are usually inexpensive.

  • Resin, including polystone resin, can be made to look like stone or wood and is very tough. Resin statues and figures last for decades if cared for properly, so they make fantastic heirloom sets.

  • Inflatables can be durable if they are made of weather-resistant polyester. Make sure to get a blower and electrical cords that are also weather-resistant for outdoor use.

  • Polypropylene is a strong plastic that holds up well in winter cold and snow. It makes an excellent material for lighted snowflakes and other decorations that uses transparent plastic.

  • The house itself is a great place to put Christmas lights. They can make even small homes look magical and are well worth the time and energy to put up.

  • Put a wreath or door mural on your front door to welcome guests and consider a garage door mural to make your house really pop.

  • Garlands and weatherproof plastic bows make great additions to porch railings, window planters, and balconies.

  • For an even more impressive display, put a Santa and reindeer display or a light-up angel on the roof. The added dimension to your display will wow the neighbors and create great Christmas memories for years to come.

Outdoor Christmas decorations are designed to be waterproof and safe to use outside. Buy decorations that have cords that are rated for outdoor use and use protective boxes or wrapping for added safety. Indoor decorations should never be used outdoors since their electronics are not weather-resistant.

Take care when placing decorations on the roof. Read manufacturer instructions carefully, as some wireframes may be too heavy for safe rooftop use. Never place anything near a chimney or vent. Inflatables should never be set on rooftops, as they can get caught in the wind and blow away.

Decorating townhouses or apartments can be a challenge, but there are plenty of options for you – light-up decorations like string lights and garlands can be hung on a balcony or window planters. Coordinate with neighbors to create an immersive wonderland in the front yard of the apartment block.

Also, look for small statues, bows, and plastic candy canes that can be placed on front porches. If your porch is well-covered, you won't need to worry about rain or snow damaging the finish.

  • Outdoor Christmas decorations include string lights, light-up statues and wireframes, inflatables, door murals, light projectors, and much more.
  • Lighted decorations are convenient for nighttime use, but non-lighted decorations can still be used with a spotlight.
  • Think outside the box for Christmas decorations. In addition to traditional figures like Santa Claus and the Nativity, look for snowmen and penguins.
  • Decorations are available in traditional and cartoon-inspired designs. Try to stick to one theme when constructing a yard display. You can also try a minimalist display that relies mainly on lights and colors to set a mood.
  • Decorations should be large enough to catch the eye, but not large enough to be a hazard if they blow away. Also, be careful not to block front windows with tall displays.
  • Outdoor Christmas decorations are safe when used as directed. Only buy outdoor-rated, weather-resistant decor. Never use indoor Christmas decorations outside.
  • Avoid placing heavy items on rooftops and keep all decor away from chimneys and vents.
  • Townhouses and apartments can still get in on the fun. Look for small decorations that can be attached to balconies or window planters, or that can be placed on front doors and porches.