Outdoor Wall Clock And Thermometer

An attractive and functional ornament for your outdoor areas, that will look perfect in a garden, we give you the outdoor analog wall clock and thermometer. Know the time when out raking leaves, and know the temperature before you go out of the house without the proper attire. These outdoor wall clocks with thermometers are lifesavers. And they are quite handsome.

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Iana indooroutdoor wall clock thermometer

Iana indooroutdoor wall clock thermometer
Wall clock & thermometer combo. Can be hanged either indoor or out. Displays temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees, and pleases eyes with vintage wrought iron scrollwork. Pretty, charming and retro. 3in1.

Springfield Precision Instruments Thermometer Wall Clock

Springfield Precision Instruments Thermometer Wall Clock
Aesthetic retro thermometer-clock with a weatherproof black metal casing and a 2-side white dial. It has black Arabic numerals and hands. It's 1 AA battery-operated and measures the Fahrenheit scale. It's wall-mounted on a triangle-shaped arm.

The playful patio pinecone outdoor wall clock thermometer

The playful patio pinecone outdoor wall clock thermometer
Decorate your home facade with an essential bronze colored wall clock dedicated for outdoor use. Roman numerals dial encircles the unique center detailing depicting pinecones and green pine needles creating a backdrop for gilt hands.

The secret garden rameau outdoor wall clock thermometer

The secret garden rameau outdoor wall clock thermometer
Beautiful outdor wall clock, with a thermometer seems to get caught by a branch with a bird by chance. It is not only functional when you left the phone at home, and can't check the hour. But it is also durable thanks to the distressed metal finish.

Springfield Precision Instruments 15.5" Thermometer Wall Clock

Springfield Precision Instruments 15.5" Thermometer Wall Clock
Multifunctional clock with an additional thermometer shield. Frame is decorated with a mosaic with sea theme. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of durable resin. Received positive recommendations from customers.

Two sided rustic charleston clock thermometer

Two sided rustic charleston clock thermometer
This is an interesting element that can be useful, but it can also play the role of a retro decoration in any home. This clock/thermometer brings the antique style into the room, but it can be also used outdoors.

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer

This fancy looking and original outdoor free standing clock and thermometer is an awesome piece of art and very convenient device as well. Perfect if you own beautiful home garden and look for something to improve its impression.

Our advice Buying Guide

Where to best place outdoor wall clock and thermometer?

Placing an outdoor wall clock and thermometer on a patio, near a pool, or another exterior location will help you keep track of time without having to go back inside when you're enjoying the outdoors or lounging by the pool area.

As a rule of thumb, hang your outdoor wall clock higher than the tallest normal obstruction so that it is visible for all to see. People should not be craning their necks to check the time, so walk around the outdoor area to determine the best possible location and height for your clock, which is basically eye level for most people. 

To get accurate temperature reading from your outdoor clock and thermometer, do not place it in the direct sunlight. Shaded area, for example under a canopy, is a good option. Locating the thermometer in a covered area to protect it from elements, e.g. snow, hail etc. is a good idea too, as they may influence the temperature reading.  


Outdoor clocks thermometers

Keeping track of time and temperature is not a waste of time if it is done in such natural circumstances. On a large outdoor wall clock and thermometer, which on one leg, in brown finish presents its round shield in a traditional style.

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer

An amazing piece for outdoor areas. This two-sided clock has a built-in thermometer, and it swivels on a scrolled arm attached to the matching wall bracket. Also features a side latch for easy battery access, and a white dial with Roman numerals and black metal hands.

Uma enterprises 35424 metal outdoor clock thermometer 9 by 30

: UMA Enterprises 35424 Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 9 by 30-Inch : Wall Clocks : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 1

Happy people do not count the time? You better count on a good watch. Even if you are outside, on outdoor wall clock powered with sun.

It contains also a thermometer and what is important is really decorative.

UMA Enterprises 35418 Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 11 by 26-Inch

Elegant, slightly vintage inspired outdoor weather station with clock (Roman numerals), thermometer and hygrometer - all elements are waterproof. Open square frames feature ring detail. This accessory is wall mounted.

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer

This outdoor wall clock with thermometer evokes associations with classic models known from the 19th century. It features also a thermometer. Black numerals and indicators are juxtaposed to a beige clockface.

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Two sided clock thermometer with wall bracket 1

Two-Sided Clock & Thermometer with Wall Bracket

Oxford outdoor clock

An indoor and outdoor set of utilities made in a vintage style, meant to be placed on a wall. The set includes a retro clock on the top as well as a thermometer on the bottom, and its frame is made out of wrought iron.

Loved this at the store must buy this handsomely oversized

LOVED THIS AT THE STORE!!!!!!! MUST BUY!!!!!!! This handsomely oversized Metal Sun Outdoor Wall Clock by Sterling & Noble is a great addition to any décor. Features Roman numerals, hygrometer, and thermometer

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer

Outdoor Clocks photos

Outdoor standing clocks

The outdoor clock has got the decorative and functional role in the house. It is made for outdoor use, and has got the brown finish, rectangular shape and thermometer.

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 3

just love sitting out on the patio in the summer. The patio is a big ...

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 9

outdoor clock with thermometer makes a great gift!

Outdoor free standing clock

Dreamlike wall clock with antique finish. It is mounted on metal frame. Includes clock and thermometer. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Outdoor clock on stand

Outdoor clock with functional thermometer made of recycled paper in rectangular shape and black color. This clock is a functional and decorative accessory for both indoor and outdoor applications. It includes white Arabic numbers.

Solar garden clocks and thermometers

The effective combination of the clock and the thermometer in this wall-mounted clock is an excellent solution. The wicker frame adds an overall pleasing look, and the circular dial of the clock is very glamorous and expressive.

High quality outdoor thermometer

The beautiful rustic styling of this glamorous clock with wall thermometer is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The outdoor wall clock is beautifully presented outside the house, and bring an exciting atmosphere.

Benzara 35416 21 inch w x 14 inch h metal

Benzara 35416 21 inch W x 14 inch H Metal Outdor Clock with Thermometers

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 2

Look what I found on #zulily! Vertical Metal Outdoor Wall Clock & Thermometer #zulilyfinds

Solar outdoor clock

Trade your hard-to-read sundial for an ornate metal wall clock. Decorated with a bird-and-twig motif, the twin dials of the Love Birds indoor/outdoor clock and thermometer tell both the time and temperature, about $59; bellacor.com, pretty. Not sure I wa

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer

Outdoor Wall Clock And Thermometer

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 2

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Wall clock thermometer

A gorgeous outdoor clock. Both the image of the dog, as well as the letters, are detailed and explicit. It comes equipped with a thermometer. It’s made from aluminium, and as such offers top-notch durability.

Deco 79 35417 Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 17 by 14-Inch

Oxford outdoor clock with thermometer frontgate

Oxford Outdoor Clock with Thermometer. Frontgate

Taylor taylor springfield precision instruments 14 thermometer wall clock

Taylor Taylor Springfield Precision Instruments 14" Thermometer Wall Clock

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 15

Two Sided Charleston Clock/Thermometer Wall Clock by Infinity Instruments

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 10

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wall Hanging Twelve Hour Clock with Slate Border

AcuRite 01061 24-Inch Patina Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

Poolmaster 52605 12" Clock/Thermometer/ Hygrometer - Black

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 2

Solstice Thermometer Wall Clock, Brookstone

Solar powered outdoor clock

Eco Outdoor Wall Clock And Thermometer

Outdoor clocks on a stand

Colors of the Sea Glass Wall Clock

Infinity instruments two sided charleston clock thermometer wayfair

Infinity Instruments Two Sided Charleston Clock Thermometer | Wayfair

Deco 79 35416 Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 21 by 14-Inch

This super versatile metal clock for external use contains the three discs measuring - temperature, hygrometer and clock. Made of iron is extremely durable and majestically cut decorating, make an impression.

How about garden clocks or thermometers as a gift idea

How about garden clocks or thermometers as a gift idea?

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 12


Large wall clocks oversize wall clocks

Large wall clocks | Oversize wall clocks

Wall clocks outdoor clocks wall decoration mantle clocks

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Oversize outdoor wall clock with thermometer from wm spray painted

oversize outdoor wall clock with thermometer from WM spray painted a shade darker than our house color on backside of house

La Crosse Technology WS-9611U-IT Wireless Sun/Moon Forecast Station with Oscar Outlook

This wireless clock displays many details that you may find helpful when deciding what to wear; apart from time and date, it displays indoor and outdoor temperature, it forecasts weather (15 icons!) and calculates sun rise & set.

Outdoor standing clock

A lovely and practical decoration for outdoors, that will be shining with its blooming chrysanthemum design, every month. Made of durable yellow plastic, the clock has Arabic numerals and a second hand, and it's as accurate as its built-in thermometer.