Outdoor Wood Storage

An outdoor storage box made of wood is essential if you live in a climate where the weather can change frequently. Aside from helping to keep firewood clean and dry, an outdoor wood storage box can be used to store many other things, including tools, toys and games, cushions from outdoor furniture, and more, keeping your garden neat and tidy all year round.

We’ve found ten of the best outdoor storage boxes made of wood, to help keep your garden items clean and dry, and keep your yard clutter-free. Outdoor wood storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for every taste and budget here.

Outdoor Storage Box for Wood With Lockable Storage

Outdoor Storage Box for Wood With Lockable Storage

This outdoor firewood storage container provides the perfect place to keep your firewood neat and tidy and protected from the elements. The log storage area features a sloped roof to keep firewood dry, and slatted walls to allow air to properly circulate around the firewood.

On the other side, there is a handy lockable storage compartment with two levels, which is ideal for storing garden tools along with wood-cutting tools that need to be kept under lock and key. This is an ideal solution for families with young children where dangerous tools need to be locked away!

What we like:

●    Lockable storage container

●    Cedarwood construction

●    Sheltered and ventilated area for firewood

What we don’t like:

●    There’s nothing we don’t like.


Outdoor Wood Storage Bench

Outdoor Wood Storage Bench

This outdoor storage bench is crafted from durable Eucalyptus wood for a strong sturdy design that can be left outside all year round. The bench consists of a wooden box with a lid, which also provides a comfortable seating area in your garden. It can comfortably seat two people, with a wide arm on each side along with a backrest for comfort.

This wood outdoor storage box can be used to store pretty much anything that you want to be kept out of the way, such as tools, outdoor seat cushions, outdoor games, and more. The storage container is fully waterproof, so it will keep your belongings safe and dry all year round.

What we like:

●    Provides additional outdoor seating

●    Waterproof storage box

●    Attractive design

What we don’t like:

●    Not lockable

Solid Wood Storage Box

Solid Wood Storage Box

This stunning teak wood storage box will look beautiful on any patio, deck, or lawn. Teak wood is naturally water-resistant, so this storage box can be left outdoors all year round. The stylish design of this solid wood box is ideal for lovers of nautical design and would look fantastic by a pool. It features a curved top, with rope handles at the side which are a lovely detail.

At 61” long, this box can store all of the items you want to keep hidden away, such as tools, gardening equipment, pool toys and games, and more. It’s lockable too, so any items that would be dangerous for small children such as tools or chemicals can be kept under lock and key.

What we like:

●    Stylish nautical design

●    Solid Teakwood

●    Lockable

What we don’t like:

●    There’s nothing we don’t like.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Container

Outdoor Firewood Storage Container

This outdoor firewood storage container is perfect for keeping firewood dry and aired in the colder months. With a sloped roof and ventilated sides, this wooden outdoor firewood storage box will keep your firewood in perfect condition for when you are ready to use it.

It has a separate shelf area for smaller bits of wood and kindling. This outdoor wood box for firewood features an open-fronted design which allows easy access to the wood whilst ensuring it stays protected from the elements.

What we like:

●    Natural timber finish

●    Provides plenty of ventilation for legs

●    Seperate shelf for smaller pieces of wood

What we don’t like:

●    Not lockable.

Solid Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Storage Box

Solid Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Storage Box

This solid Eucalyptus wood outdoor storage box also doubles as a sideboard, making it perfect for use on a patio, deck, or anywhere you spend lots of time socializing outside in your backyard. Eucalyptus is naturally weather-resistant, so this storage box can be left outdoors all year round.

This solid wood outdoor storage box features a storage compartment with double doors for easy access, which can be used to store tools and any other garden equipment. It also has an open middle shelf and a handy table area on top which can be used to place drinks or other items on.

What we like:

●    Ideal for barbeque areas

●    Solid sturdy design

●    Very attractive

What we don’t like:

●    Tricky to assemble.

Solid and Manufactured Wood Outdoor Storage Box

Solid and Manufactured Wood Outdoor Storage Box

This solid and manufactured wood outdoor storage box will make a stylish addition to any outdoor area. With a capacity of 65 gallons, there is plenty of room for all of the outdoor equipment you want to store—from garden toys and games, to pool equipment and even tools, there’s no shortage of space here!

The stylish contemporary design is constructed from Malaysian hardwood which is naturally weather-resistant, and can be left outdoors all year round. This beautiful wooden storage box can also be used as bench seating for when you have extra guests, or you simply want somewhere to perch for a rest on a hot day.

What we like:

●    Large capacity

●    Bench seat top

●    Attractive design

What we don’t like:

●    Can be tricky to assemble.

$174.99 $269.99

Outdoor Solid Wood Storage Box With Aluminum Workbench Top

Outdoor Solid Wood Storage Box With Aluminum Workbench Top

This outdoor solid wood storage box is a practical choice for anyone who loves working in their garden or yard. The storage box features double opening doors, which can be used for safely storing garden tools and other items that you want to be kept hidden out of sight.

It has a metal top that can be used as a workbench or potting station so you can carry out essential garden jobs at the right height. This storage box is made from solid fir wood and is weather-resistant so can be left outdoors all year round.

What we like:

●    Metal workbench top

●    Solid wood construction

●    Suitable for all weathers

What we don’t like:

●    The instructions are difficult to read.

Tall Solid Wood Outdoor Storage Box

Tall Solid Wood Outdoor Storage Box

This tall solid wood outdoor storage box is perfect for storing the taller items in your garden including pool and garden toys, and gardening tools. The attractive design will look great on any patio or deck and is sure to receive compliments from guests.

Since this storage box features a taller design, it’s easy to access without having to bend down, making it a great choice for elderly people or anyone with mobility issues. Shelves provide storage for smaller items, while the larger space at the bottom can be used for larger outdoor equipment.

What we like:

●    Tall vertical design

●    Lockable

●    Built-in shelves

What we don’t like:

●    There’s nothing we don’t like.

Extra Large Solid Wood Outdoor Storage Box

Extra Large Solid Wood Outdoor Storage Box

This extra-large solid wood storage box is perfect for anyone looking to store lots of outdoor cushions or gardening equipment. It has a huge capacity of 255 gallons and is naturally water-resistant, so it can be used outdoors all year round.

The box has a mesh bottom which allows air to circulate through the box, ensuring anything inside stays dry and aired. It also features soft-closing pistons which are a necessity for families with small children, ensuring no fingers get trapped as the box closes.

What we like:

●    Soft closing pistons

●    Ventilated bottom

●    Large capacity

What we don’t like:

●    There’s nothing we don’t like.

Outdoor Wooden Box With Lid

Outdoor Wooden Box With Lid

This stylish outdoor wooden storage box makes a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, providing you with plenty of storage space for your outdoor equipment. It’s made from solid Acacia wood which is naturally water and UV resistant, so it can stay outside on your deck in all weathers.

Louvered paneling on the sides and cut-out details at the top give this stunning deck box a stylish coastal look that is sure to impress.

What we like:

●    Soft closing pistons

●    Stylish coastal-inspired design

●    Solid Acacia wood

What we don’t like:

●    Water-resistant but not 100% waterproof.


Our advice Buying Guide

Storage boxes have many benefits, and whether you need them for outdoor or indoor use, you'll definitely find them useful in some way. When thinking about the type of wooden storage box to buy for outdoors, here are some of the factors which should be taken into consideration.

What to keep in mind when shopping for an outdoor storage box?

Getting an outdoor storage box does not seem like rocket science, but still, there are some factors you need to consider to make the best purchasing decision possible, such as:


This will partly depend on the area in which you live, although almost every area is susceptible to bad weather. The main thing to look out for when buying a wooden box is whether or not it is waterproof. Wooden boxes are generally not very waterproof unless they are painted and coated with varnish, but this is something that you can easily do yourself if you feel it's necessary. Another option is to buy a waterproof cover that you can put over the box – this means you don't have to alter the box itself in any way, but rather just protect it from any wild weather.

The amount of storage

Different people need different levels of storage within their gardens, so you should consider specifically how large a box you need. In order to answer this, you'll need to consider what items you actually want to store in the box. If you don't know what you're going to store yet, take a look at the size of your garden and choose something which is an appropriate size e.g. not so large that it takes up most of your garden but not so small that you can't really fit anything in it. Many people use storage boxes outside for keeping their gardening equipment, but the primary purpose is to store wood that you can use for a fire, whether outdoors or indoors.

Open or closed design

One of the design aspects that you should think about is whether you want it to be open or closed. If you are buying a cover to protect it or you generally have good weather where you live, consider an open design which enables you to easily access the wood whenever you need it without having to unlock the box or open any doors. You should ensure that your garden is safe and secure and that nobody is able to easy get into the box and take the wood.

Space efficiency

The shape of your wooden box is key to saving the maximum amount of space possible. A taller box will still give you enough space to store long pieces of wood while saving the space in your garden so that you have room for other furniture and garden items. For those with a smaller garden, it's definitely possible to buy a storage box for your firewood which fits comfortably in the garden and doesn't take up much room. You can also buy foldable and stackable boxes which is another great way to be effective with the space that you have. As long as the firewood is cut into long pieces and stored upright, a tall outdoor storage box could be ideal for you.


Deck Storage Box

Deck Storage Box
If you store wood, it's only in wood! This is the basic principle. A wooden box made of solid wood from the cypress family, is closed and has a small size, but very capacious. A visible sip of wood is an interesting decoration for the whole outdoor storage box.

Pallet storage crates reclaimed wood

Pallet storage crates reclaimed wood
Add a vintage look and storage option into your home, and choose these three boxes. They are made of reclaimed wood pallets, and they have got the natural finish.

120 Gallon Deck Storage Box

120 Gallon Deck Storage Box
This capacious 120-Gallon Deck Storage Box in Brown & Natural Finish is a perfect choice for outdoor use. Designed of solid cedar wood, the storage box is durable, and resistant to water and weather conditions.

Fairfield Window Box

Fairfield Window Box
A beautiful and magnificent, rectangular-shaped window box which is made from plastic polyethylene material, which makes it both durable and sturdy. It has a clever sub-irrigation water system, which keeps the plants hydrated.

Outdoor Wood Deck Box

Outdoor Wood Deck Box
This practical box for outdoor use is a great way to store small appliances gardening. Excellent workmanship and robust material make it very useful. It is extremely roomy and spacious.

Firewood storage box

Many items from our backyard we would like to collect in one place. E.g in a outdoor storage box made of recycled pine and cedar wood. It is very capacious and handmade.Looks like a large inverted bird feeder. This storage box has a sloping roof.

How to build wooden storage box

The simple and very functional design of this outdoor storage Boxwood is an excellent combination of solder and base and storage space. Elevated platform, roof and impressive form make a great unit.

Outdoor storage box wood

A sturdy and capacious storage shed for outdoors that will help you to keep your tools properly organized and secured. The shed is weather-resistant, made of natural-finished hardwood and reinforced with powder-coated metal hardware.

Outdoor wood storage

A functional and vintage-looking storage box that can be a nice choice for entryways, hallways, bedrooms, and children's rooms. Designed of reclaimed wood pallets, the box has a lift-up hinged lid that offers easy access to the storage compartment.

Outdoor firewood storage

Spacious cedar wood storage bench - when your patio or decks lacks space to store sundries. Inner plywood box, elevated above patio floor on short feet, features outer cedar panels and cedar lid, all with natural finish.

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Firewood storage containers

Cabinet designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Great for storing garden accessories, patio pillows and others needed items. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

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Outdoor firewood storage box

If you are lacking a proper storage box for outdoors, you might want to look at this practical beauty right here. Boasting of slatted design and capacious inside, the box is made of natural wood pallets, with a lift-up hinged lid that leads to the storage area.

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Shackup bikeinabox shed for your ride is a waist height

ShackUp Bikeinabox shed for your ride is a waist-height box with room for two bikes & shelves for all your helmets, pumps, tools etc.

Indoor outdoor storage box made to order by upcycledwoodworks 250

Indoor/ Outdoor Storage Box Made to Order by UpcycledWoodworks, $250.00 39

Bridgewater Teak Storage Box

Bridgewater Teak Storage Box

Keter Woodland Storage Shed

The outdoor storage wooden box, which could be used as a perfect hiding place for pillows or barbecue utensils on your patio. Painted in cream and brown. Looks like classic locker, but it is easy-open on the top.

Firewood storage crates

A simple but practical storage box crafted of unfinished planks of wooden pallets. It has a rectangular frame with an elevated back edge and slanted side edges. A shed roof of transparent plastic framed with wood is secured with a metal chain.

Outdoor firewood box

A simple practical outdoor woodshed made of reclaimed wood with a nice blue finish but a floor which is of unfinished planks. It has an openwork frame, an open front, across slatted sides and a back, sturdy posts and a pent roof.

Fire wood storage box

If you are looking for a durable and well-fitting outdoor storage box for your logs then this piece will surely help, providing plenty of space and coming with the strong, non-leaking top to protect the pieces from rain.

Outdoor wood box 4

Outdoors’ set of two square planter boxes, finely crafted out of stylish cedar wood with a rough finish and an unpainted surface. The boxes come in handy if you don’t have enough space for dirt patches to plant your flowers on.

Plans for firewood storage bing images

If you can afford to make a few square meters in the garden, it is a good idea to designate them as an outdoor storage box.In contrast to traditional grapes pergola, it has a roof. It is made of wood, which coherently fits with this wood for fuel.

Outdoor wood box

Built a firewood rack for 1/2 rick w/ Photo - The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS.

Outdoor wood store

Bench Storage, £280.00

Firewood storage bin

Tool storage for yard tools or a garbage can storage bin can be much taller than the cans with a shelf for recycle box

X 96


Outdoor wood storage box

Outdoor arm chair in industrial style. It is mounted on metal base and reinforced with solid supports. Seat is made of wood and fitted with removable pillows. Perfect as additional seating in the garden, patio and more.

Garden storage wooden box

Storing wood, so needed in our lives, when we love home-made fires - there are many ways. This one is extremely trendy - because connected with woody cabinets, countertops, and grill. Everything finished in white, creates a kitchen outdoor storage box segment.

Garden shed 3

Garden Shed

Outdoor wooden storage boxes with lids

Outdoor storage box made of oak, unlacquered wood with metal lid. It is intended to storage garden tools or other utensils. This type of box in not only useful, but stylish too, so it will be great decorated of your garden.

Outdoor wood box 25

This set of DIY wooden cubics can serve as your new planter boxes. Made with t-111 plywood siding, simple, yet smooth and solid construction, which will add a natural, boho character to your spaces.

Outdoor wood box 1

I've seen a lot of wooden planters, but only this one perfectly fills out the corner of your patio so perfectly. It is easy to do yourself and guarantees that the patio will always be as green as you need.

Outdoor wood box 19

Made entirely from pallets, this raised garden bed can be the place for your seedlings. Simple, yet solid DIY construction, made from cheap, commonly-available resources.

Firewood storage box plans

We need wood in our lives, often at home, so that it never goes out. The warmth of the family atmosphere in front of the house. The wood should be used in a wooden outdoor storage box, with a roof so that it does not absorb moisture.

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Wood pallet log store

A gabled roof greenhouse executed from wood pallets and recycled windows in white frames. Some people have talent for DIY activities... The design is so perfect, and the whole looks as if it were built by a professionalist.

Outdoor wood box 23

Cube planter in rustic style. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal nails. Suitable for medium and large sized plants. Great addition for each room.

Outdoor wooden storage box plans

Help with decorating patio and have privacy

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A grade teak 65 premium pool cushion storage box outdoor



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