Backpack With Insulated Compartment


For a picnic, a hike, or a camping trip deep into the woods, bringing food can be a chore, because food storage is often bulky and cumbersome. That problem has been solved by this line of backpacks with insulated compartments. Now, take that soup, coffee or whatever needs to be served while hot, and it will still be edible and quite warm when you reach your destination.

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Our Picks

Computer Backpack

Computer Backpack

It is a computer backpack that has got a grey color and is made of solid materials and fabrics. If you looking for a great laptop backpack, you need to choose this one. It fits to any style and is great.

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Extra Spacious Backpack with a Cooler

Extra Spacious Backpack with a Cooler

A backpack that is worth looking at if you are planning a family trip into the forest, or just a regular hiking trip during your active vacation. This backpack not only has an ample amount of space, together with tiny, specialized compartments and exterior pockets, but it also has a built-in cooler, featuring insulated foam material which keeps your food fresh and your beverages cold while traveling across the land.

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Dakine Women's Jewel Backpack

Choose a backpack that will truly become the perfect option for all those hikes and longer journeys, since it comes with the insulated compartment and is lightweight for easier and more comfortable use.

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Spacious Backpack With a Cooler and Two Place Settings

Spacious Backpack With a Cooler and Two Place Settings

If you’re looking for a handy backpack to take with you on a family hiking trip or a field vacation, take a look at this one with two place settings, which is sure to turn out to be useful and convenient. The backpack is easy to carry and does not strain your back while at it. Not only does it look stylish, but it also provides a handful of functional compartments, most of which are dedicated to holding a specific set of items.

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Coffee and Picnic Backpack with a Cooler for Two

Coffee and Picnic Backpack with a Cooler for Two

This picnic backpack is a perfect choice for people who like to take some snacks and drinks with them on a hiking trip, but do not want to carry a bulky picnic basket with them. The backpack holds enough space to accommodate for all necessities for not only one, but two people at the same time. It is also equipped with a built-in coffee service, which will allow you to sit down comfortably on a blanket with a fresh cup of coffee.

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The pumpkin patch turismo picnic basket

The pumpkin patch turismo picnic basket

If you are a fan of outdoor activities like picnics or campings, you need to have a deluxe picnic basket with two insulated compartments and a water bottle. It's solid, functional and made of khaki fabric.

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Picnic Time Turismo Cooler

Two separate insulated interior compartments concealed interior pockets for hiding different items or a reinforced base for water bottle. These are only some of the features of this incredibly practical backpack.

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1600 cubic inch pack with 100 oz 2 liter pressurized

1600 cubic inch pack with 100 oz (2 Liter) pressurized water system. Molle attachment point. Insulated Tube. 500D Cordura. Two large stowage compartments with separate, insulated compartment for Geigerrig Hydration Engine. Back ventilation. Compression st

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Backpack with insulated compartment 3

Easily the coolest backpack in the world! Has everything needed for a romantic picnic. Two person picnic set. Features a zip open large insulated storage compartment, padded adjustable backpack straps, insulated wine bottle holder to make it special, 47"

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Backpack with insulated compartment 2

The DC Kewler Backpack is much, much more than a regular backpack. The Kewler has you covered with an insulated main compartment that keeps those, uh, sodas nice and cool.

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Backpack With Insulated Compartment

Buying Guide

Backpacks with an insulated compartment are not just for camping or hiking. They can also be diaper bags or lunch bags. The insulated compartment helps keeps cold foods cold, or even hot foods hot while protecting other goods and gear from food spills.

A backpack with an insulated compartment can have a lot of different uses. It can make your solitary lunch more pleasant and more healthful, or it can facilitate sharing. With an insulated compartment, you don’t have to worry as much about formula or breastmilk getting too warm and spoiling, and a cool drink can be just the thing for your workout. The handy backpack arrangement leaves your hands free to carry other things or to help manage youngsters or even dog walking.

The Basic Backpack for Picnics

No more trying to trundle a cooler or carry a picnic basket over rocky ground to reach that perfect location with the great view for your picnic. An insulated inner compartment holds the food, while a zip-down outer compartment can hold up to a service for four. An insulated bottle holder on one side will keep the wine or soda cool and not too shaken up, while a holder on the other side provides a home for the picnic blanket.

A diaper bag backpack

Whether you are walking, jogging, biking or just going to the grocery store, babies require a lot of gear – diapers, bottles, prepared formula or thawing breast milk, juice, and chewable foods for older babies and toddlers. By making your diaper bag a backpack, you can carry all of the stuff and still have your arms – or your front, if you are babywearing – available to care for your child. Those same backpacks can remain a viable utility well into the years when your child starts school as a way to keep tissues, clothing changes, wet wipes and snacks available at need.

Fitness backpack

Snug your electrolyte laced drinking water into the mesh compartment, and snack into the insulated bottom compartment of a backpack intended for walkers, joggers or runners. Nothing to flap or bounce, everything secure and you can make your weight training part of the exercise session begin heavy and end light as you swig on healthy hydration.

School backpack

You can cater to picky eaters, special diets, and more by providing a healthy, home-made meal for your child, spouse or self. A common arrangement is a zippered bottom compartment that can hold ice or a freezer pack, and an upper compartment for chilled food such as a sandwich, a piece of hard cheese, some vegetable sticks and a piece of fruit. Side compartments can hold drinks safely upright and away from the food to minimize the likelihood of spills.

Best Ideas

Thermal backpack

This handy backpack is a combination of durable material and functionality. Practical zip pockets and a small purse attached to the bag will prove to be an excellent way to travel around the city. Attractive color catches the eye.

Kalencom heavenly dots diaper backpack chocolate blue by kalencom 79

Kalencom Heavenly Dots Diaper Backpack, Chocolate/Blue by Kalencom. $79.41. Insulated exterior bottle pocket. Zippered. Feeding compartment. Access to interior from top and side. Zip down changing station with large diaper changer pad. Outside gathered po

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