Kitchen Island With Garbage Bin

Garbage cans are to be unseen, and unsmelled, and these kitchen islands with garbage bin can accomplish both of those goals. Never again have a stinky garbage can putrefying in the corner, ruining a good meal. Just open the door or slide it out, toss your refuse, then close. And with many models available, there is sure to be one to match your existing kitchen cabinetry.

Best Products

Witkowski Homer Kitchen Cart with Wood Top

Witkowski Homer Kitchen Cart with Wood Top
This pearly, wood-paneled cart will look perfect in a rustic or shabby chic kitchen. The central unit functions as a stylish garbage bin that slides in and out with ease for a quick cleanup. The 41.54'' W x 17.72'' D tropical hardwood countertop will bring a touch of refined elegance to your home.

Adalbero Kitchen Island

Adalbero Kitchen Island
Fans of the industrial interior style will love this heavy-duty unit with its robust fastener design and sleek silver finish. You can easily throw garbage through the eyelet hole to the side of the countertop and into the trash can underneath. The industrial-grade work surface is mark and stain-resistant.

Kitchen Cart with Leaf, Trash Compartment and Spice Rack Natural Brown and White

Kitchen Cart with Leaf, Trash Compartment and Spice Rack Natural Brown and White
This natural-looking kitchen cart will bring a mid-century modern feel to your home. The light, elegant rubberwood finish complements airy rooms and pared-down furnishings, while the built-in, paneled trash cabinet keeps your garbage can hidden from guests. Each drawer features full-extension smooth gliding bearings and can support up to 20 lbs.

Mecor Kitchen Island Cart w/Wood Top, Rolling Utility Trolley on Wheels with Storage Drawer, Shelves and Cabinet (White)

Mecor Kitchen Island Cart w/Wood Top, Rolling Utility Trolley on Wheels with Storage Drawer, Shelves and Cabinet (White)
Those looking for an affordable, multifunctional kitchen cart with a refined, understated design will love this chic unit. You’ll find this unit easy to move around, with its four lockable rubber wheels and lightweight construction. You can also turn the deep central cabinet into a hidden trash compartment or use it for storing small appliances.

Venture Horizon Bedford Kitchen Island With Hidden Trash Bin

Venture Horizon Bedford Kitchen Island With Hidden Trash Bin
Compact design for a functional kitchen island with a built-in garbage bin inside of a compartment. The kitchen island is made out of white-painted wood with oak top and bottom and has three handy shelves for the pantry.

Formal White Kitchen With Blue Island Mullet Cabinet Traditional Kitchen Cleveland

Formal White Kitchen With Blue Island Mullet Cabinet Traditional Kitchen Cleveland
The formal white kitchen with blue island looks so inviting and intriguing. The traditional cabinets and finish makes this interior classic. It's not only very useful, but it's high quality and nicely finishes too.

Kitchen island with garbage bin

A very functional idea for kitchen use. This portable kitchen island feautres solid black legs and a durable wooden frame finished in white color. It features three shelves for accessories, one compartment for trash, one drawer and a quite spacious top.

Our advice Buying Guide

A kitchen island with a garbage bin can be a real asset in a kitchen, especially in one where meals are prepared regularly for a busy and active family. A built-in bin which accommodates dry trash, recycles and wet garbage can save many steps during meal prep.

What are the pros and cons of bins with attached cutting board?

An additional feature offered with some islands is a pull out cutting board with a hole in the middle, positioned directly over the garbage bin. This allows garbage to be swept directly into the bin, preparatory to taking it to the compost or waste receptacle. Only vegetables should be cut directly on this board and directed into the bin. First, because vegetables and raw meat shouldn’t be cut on the same cutting board to avoid cross-contamination. Second, because meat scraps shouldn’t be placed in a compost bin. The attached board presents a third problem which is that cooks who like to chop ingredients on a cutting board and then use the board to carry the ingredients to the pot would be unable to do this. However, it’s convenient to have a board that can be stored out of sight and where vegetable waste can be quickly and easily disposed of in an ecological fashion.

What are the benefits of a pull-out garbage bin?

Single pull-outs can be the perfect way to save space and to make use of those odd places such as the space between the sink cabinet and the refrigerator. The front of the pull-out can be decorated to resemble your other cabinets so that it blends with the rest of the kitchen décor. When closed, no one will know that a trash container is concealed behind that bit of decoration.

And if one hidden bin is good, two is likely to be better. A deep pullout drawer with bins for waste and recycles can make kitchen cleanup a breeze and can keep throwaways out of reach of enterprising pets. Waste can be kept out of sight from unexpected visitors and protected from dogs or cats “researching” the trash for tidbits or toys.

What things to look for in pull-out bins?

Pull out bins work much like a kitchen drawer, so attention should be paid to the same things you would look for in a smoothly operating drawer. The track for the pull-out support should be sturdy, and the drawer part should be built in such a way that it’s removable for easy cleaning. Check to see that the action is easy and doesn’t stick. If the pull-out track is made of wood, it should be rubbed with wax or a bit of bar soap to help keep the wood smooth for easy action.

Fold-down bins are handy for the ends of islands or for oddly positioned locations. They often work on side supports rather like the pull-down deposit slots at the post office. The side supports should be made of sturdy metal that’s unlikely to bend or tear with extended use.


Kitchen island with trash bin

A very solid and functional kitchen island that provides plenty of working space. It includes a drawer for a garbage bin. This wooden drawer includes a white wooden face with a solid metal handle that is practical and decorative.

Kitchen island with garbage bin

A functional and decorative kitchen island with solid wooden frame in white color. It features three small drawers and one lower compartment for a garbage bin. Square top of this island offers a small working space.

Kitchen cart with trash bin

This kitchen island is going to show you how the truly multi-functional piece looks like. In this furniture you will find a lot of free space for storage, offered by several drawers and cabinets. There's also a pull-out drawer with the trash bin, and a built-in microwave nook.

Kitchen island with garbage bin

Kitchen island of wooden materials with a cream-pinkish finish. It has pillared corners with bun feet and a rectangular brown top. It's equipped with 2 size-varied drawers, a 2-door cabinet and a tilted door cabinet (for a bin) with round pulls.

Kitchen island with trash storage

Step-by-step instruction how to construct a cottage country stylized side opened trash bin, painted dark green and topped with natural wood butcher block. Thanks to smart construction, the bin is hidden yet easily accessible.

Kitchen island with garbage storage

Storage table with pull-out trash, brown wicker baskets and cutting board made of blanched wood. It will play its role the best in dressing room (to storage clothes) or children's bedroom (to storage toys).

Kitchen cart with trash bin home garden compare prices

Kitchen Cart With Trash Bin – Home & Garden – Compare Prices

Kitchen island trash bins upper kitchen cabinet converted to

Kitchen Island Trash Bins – Upper kitchen cabinet converted to ...

Block top kitchen cart with trash bin modern kitchen trash

... Block Top Kitchen Cart with Trash Bin modern-kitchen-trash-cans

Tilt out trash bin 1

Tilt Out Trash Bin

Kitchen island trash 1

Space saving, but very practical kitchen island with a storage compartment and garbage bin. Brown and white colors of this island look very good in any kitchen decor. This island offers a practical, rectangular top and two additional storage shelves.

Kitchen trash can storage

Kitchen Trash Can Storage

Granite top kitchen work station food prep cart island w

Granite Top Kitchen Work Station Food Prep Cart Island w Trash Storage

Trash bin pantry white from


Kitchen island with trash bin 1

An interesting idea for placing a kitchen sorter on the island-on the countertop, there is a cover from the basket,which we use from the top,and not as usual by opening the cabinet door undercounter. The kitchen island with garbage bin was made of walnut wood.

Hide kitchen trash can

This convenient recycling center is going to help you with sorting your trash. Constructed of wood and painted in white, the unit has 1 cabinet with trash bins, 2 storage drawers, and a nicely-polished top.

Butcher block island with trash bin

This cleverly designed kitchen island is not only stylish, but also practical, containing a garbage bin positioned inside. White wooden body is combined with a refined, granite countertop.

Kitchen trash can storage

This small pantry is much more than only a nice decoration for you kitchen. It's also quite functional. It features a hidden place for a trash bin that can be conveniently pulled out. The top is covered by a solid butcher block, and there are also 3 small drawers for storing cutlery.

Kitchen rubbish bin drawers

Combine functionalities and buy an elegant, non-porous and white kitchen island with garbage bin, which surfaces contain up to 13 o/o pre-consumer recycled content. It fits to any kitchen.

Maple wood double kitchen garbage bin trash can recycling bin

... Maple Wood Double Kitchen Garbage Bin | Trash Can | Recycling Bin

Nordic Sunrise Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top

Nordic Sunrise Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top

Butcher block with trash bin

This kitchen island is a solid wooden construction in a neutral white color. It offers a functional drawer with a garbage bin and it also includes a sink bowl. Simplicity and functionality are the main features of this kitchen item.

Trash bin 1

Trash Bin

Garbage hutch

Kitchen island with cabinets in various sizes and garbage bin on the base. Construction is made of wood. Top has large usable surface. Functional solution for any kitchen as needed.

Kitchen island with trash bin 2

kitchen island with trash bin

Kitchen island trash

kitchen island trash

Hidden garbage can

Kitchen cabinet with garbage bin on the base. It has drawer for storing needed accessories. It is made of wood in two shades. Functional design for any kitchen as needed.

Butcher block bin

Traditional setup for a compact dining area made with the use of a small kitchen island made out of black-painted oak wood with an unpainted and polished top, as well as two matching barstools with leather seat cushions.

Kitchen table tilt out trash can cabinet kitchen cabinet trash

kitchen table. Tilt out trash can cabinet. Kitchen cabinet trash ...

Kitchen island with trash can

Combine functionalities and buy a kitchen cart with garbage can. The white color is classic and fits to any style and decor. It features the long top, casters, three shelves and one drawer for your kitchen accessories.

Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Restaurant Food Pantry Butcher Block Garbage Trash Bin Storage Cart Stand White

Brylanehome country kitchen pull out trash can

Brylanehome Country Kitchen Pull-Out Trash Can

Kitchen garbage storage

Modern mechanisms used in kitchen furniture allow for an innovative and comfortable arrangement and a new quality of practicality. This cherry wooden kitchen island with garbage bin has a built-in cupboard, especially for the trash can.

Trash bin storage cabinet

Are you looking for nicely finished, high quality and functional storage cabinet for potatoes or bread? We've got something special for you! It's a fantastic garbage bin option to any kitchen.

Venture horizon butcher block top kitchen cart with trash bin

Venture Horizon Butcher Block Top Kitchen Cart with Trash Bin

Southern enterprises atg trash bin storage table kitchen cart

Southern Enterprises ATG Trash Bin Storage Table Kitchen Cart

Trash bin with foldout door eclectic kitchen trash cans

Trash Bin with foldout door eclectic-kitchen-trash-cans

Chelsea home sandra kitchen island with trash bin drawer

Chelsea Home Sandra Kitchen Island with Trash Bin Drawer

Garbage storage cabinet

Islands with the Pivot Storage System. Mounted below the counter. They can be knife block, utensil holder, or garbage bin.

Kitchen cart trash bin

love this cutting board OVER the trash can. Only thing - wish some part was removeable so you could take it with you to the pot. Hmm, guess you could just use another cutting board on top - but that sort of defeats the purpose. Will re-think when I get o

Kitchen cart with garbage bin

kitchen islands with compost recycle garbage bins - - Yahoo Image Search Results

Kitchen trash can storage cabinet

Build a wooden trash can holder to hide the trash. Build it so that the top can be used for decor! Paint it with a distressed finish.

Hidden trash bin

Add a contemporary touch to your kitchen with this cuisine cart. A black finish with a cherry top completes this two-cabinet cart.