Free Standing Glass Shelves


Glass shelving is a wonderful way to display anything including books. And if you are in the market for new shelving for your home, free standing glass shelves are a way to go. The shelving is very sturdy, and the glass shelves themselves are thick and tempered, capable of holding plenty weight. Take a look at this collection if you are in the market for freestanding glass shelves.

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And glass shelf unit modern style chrome shelf unit with

and Glass Shelf Unit – modern style chrome shelf unit with 4 glass ...

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Vntg Glass Brass Mirror Curio Table Top Wall Cabinet Display Case Stand Shelves

Vntg Glass Brass Mirror Curio Table Top Wall Cabinet Display Case Stand Shelves

A simple, yet gorgeous book stand with a unique, asymmetrical design made out of a copper frame and glass surfaces. Very modern design with a subtle industrial touch. Bound to spice up your library or living room.

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Free standing frame kits with glass shelves

free standing frame kits with glass shelves

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Free standing black wrought iron glass shelving unit bakers rack

Free Standing Black Wrought Iron Glass Shelving Unit Bakers Rack

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Free standing glass shelves 9

An aesthetic modern free standing open shelving unit having a frame of chromed metal. It's built of 2 tall round posts (on round flat feet) joined by top and bottom bars. It's equipped with 3 rectangular shelves of clear tempered glass.

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Walnut free standing shelving unit with

Walnut free standing shelving unit with

No, it's not a piece of chocolate - but a free standing shelf made of a thick piece of chocolate brown walnut wood. Sanded and impregnated. Two glass slides are placed in two narrow grooves. They are safely resting there and waiting for your decorative items.

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Free standing glass shelves

A simple and minimalistic shelf design. The glass shelves are supported with a solid metal frame. The shelf can stand on its own. The simple design of the shelf gives it its uniqueness. Made with tempered glass, the glass panes of the shelf are stronger than regular glass and are not liable to break easily.

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Gatco 4716 Bleu Glass Shelf, Chrome

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Zenith Studio Accents Wall Shelf, Chrome

Simple but elegantly styled chrome wall shelf made of plated steel and tempered glass shelves. The high polished chrome provides you with open storage with a decorative display. It can be mounted on the wall quite easily to save floor space.

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Double width 3 tier sassafras standing shelf

Double Width 3-Tier Sassafras Standing Shelf

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Free Standing Glass Shelves

Buying Guide

Free standing glass shelves are safe as long as they are all made out of tempered glass. Today, most glass shelves are made from this toughened glass, and it is known to be up to seven times stronger than regular glass.

Tempered glass goes through numerous thermal and chemical treatments, strengthening it for a variety of uses, from shelving to skyscraper windows. In addition, a smoothing and polishing process removes outer perimeter sharpness. So, if you accidentally bump into your free standing glass shelves, you’re not likely to sustain an injury.

As an added assurance, tempered glass shelves, if broken, tend to crumble into granular chunks instead of shattering into sharp shards, minimizing the risk of lacerations.

If you are concerned about your shelves’ safety, place them in a location away from foot traffic, or avoid using them in rooms commonly used by children or pets. You could also opt for a free standing unit with a wide base to provide added stability.

Free standing glass shelves can be anchored to a wall for additional stability if you have concerns about the safety of your shelving unit. How you do this depends on the design of the free standing glass shelves. If the shelves are supported by a wooden or metal frame, you’ll be able to use the same methods for anchoring the unit to the wall as you would with any other shelf.

However, if it’s an open concept unit and you’re looking to secure the glass shelves directly to the wall, you’ll need to obtain fasteners specifically meant to support glass shelving.

There are two common styles of free-standing glass shelves: encased and open. Open glass shelves often include a simple frame, usually made out of a metal such as burnished gold or iron, and thick panes of glass anchored horizontally across the frame.

With encased glass shelves, you’re more likely to see a thicker, framed set of shelves that look a little less like they’re floating. These thicker frames tend to be made of hardwood or a metal, and they sometimes include doors.

Both of these styles of glass shelves are stylish, but encased ones tend to be more traditional, whereas open shelves are more modern.

Best Ideas

Glass wood shelves free standing shelf units wood

Glass & Wood Shelves :: Free Standing Shelf Units, Wood

German art deco bauhaus chrome and glass free standing four

German Art Deco Bauhaus Chrome and Glass Free-Standing, Four-Tier Display Shelf | From a unique collection of antique and modern shelves at

Free standing glass shelves 21

Uniquely designed free standing glass shelves that should be perfect for displaying your collectibles. The shelves come in a neat curved design and are all supported by a sturdy metal frame, each with nonskid rubber stops at the bottom for safety.

Free standing glass display shelves china display racks for sale

free standing Glass Display shelves / China Display Racks for sale

Free standing glass shelves 16


Connor 15" x 36" Free Standing Cabinet

Connor 15" x 36" Free Standing Cabinet

With this neutral-looking yet extremely class free standing cabinet you will find yourself with much more storage space in your bathroom, letting you keep all those cosmetics or towels tucked away safe and away from prying eyes.

Neal 26.5" x 34" Free Standing Cabinet

Neal 26.5" x 34" Free Standing Cabinet

Freestanding cabinet with double glass doors. It is made of wood and mounted on tapered legs. Neutral design for all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Free standing glass shelves

This free standing, large, transparent glass shelf will be perfect addition to the modern apartment. It will be great to use in any room you want - as a fancy stand for decorative items or photo frames.

Glas italia glass shelves 1 modern free standing showcase 1

Glas Italia Glass Shelves #1 Modern Free Standing Showcase

Free standing glass shelves 17

Walnut free standing shelving unit with two glass shelves, matte surface

Standing glass shelves

This free standing curio cabinet distinguishes itself with plain, minimal form, which will for sure enchant the enthusiasts of modern style. This, along with white color and lots of glass, create a neat, nicely-looking piece of furniture.

Free standing glass shelves 3

A pretty-looking modern freestanding all-open shelving unit having a frame of round section metal tubes with fixed horizontal rods for shelves. Rectangular shelves are manufactured of clear tempered glass.

Glass curio cabinet with 8 halogen lights 78 x 40

Glass Curio Cabinet With 8 Halogen Lights, 78 x 40 x 16.5-Inch, Free ...

Free standing glass shelves 3

free standing Glass Display shelves / China Display Racks for sale