Standing Bike Racks


Laying your bicycle down is a great way to have a trip hazard in your home. So instead why not get a standing bike rack and always know exactly where your bike is and that it's safe. Our collection of standing bike racks is as fetching as they are functional. Take a look and see if we have the standing bike rack you've been looking for to protect your property.

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Bike hanger 01

Bike hanger 01

Why not add a bit of style that is at the same time practical to your space with this amazing and cool bike hanger? It offers a design from the French artist and will keep the bike safe and near the wall to avoid clutter.

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Standing bike rack 1

Bike stand rack for space saving in each home. It is completely made of wood. Includes screw holes for easy mounting. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

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Homemade bike stand

Unusual and very functional standing bike rack is a great way to store your bike at home. Attractive design of wood brings to the decor an engaging style and is an impressive decoration element.

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A non marking rented apartment friendly efficient bike storage rack

a non marking, rented-apartment friendly, efficient bike storage rack. looks simple to make too

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Standing bike rack home

Provide a stylish and yet practical solution for your bikes to be kept in a safe way in your interior with this amazing standing bike rack. It will make for just the perfect storage option for saving up some extra floor space.

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How to make a homemade bike rack

Storing bikes in a small apartment can be veeery challenging sometimes... But not with a practical wall-mounted rack like this. This wooden utility can house 2 bikes at a time. They won't fall off, as they're kept in place with sturdy metal hooks.

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Floor standing bike rack

A sturdy floor-to-ceiling rack that allows you to store your bikes indoors without taking too much of free space. It's crafted of hardwood, thus it's very durable, and well-balanced, able to accommodate two bikes at the same time.

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Pvc pipe bike rack

Omg, sth designed for me... A black bookcase merged with bike stand. Have you ever seen sth like that?? Simple cubic shelves on one side and a tall rack housing one bike at a time on the other side. No back makes the thing more versatile.

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Individual semi vertical bike rack

Individual Semi Vertical Bike Rack

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Standing Bike Racks

Buying Guide

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or you enjoy taking the kids for bike rides during the warmer weather, there are many uses of standing bike racks. Apart from keeping your bikes neatly stored away, there can save space and ensure that the bicycles are in a safe place. Standing bike racks are designed particularly with good storage and space saving in mind, as you can position the bikes on their side or front and take up minimal space in the home, garden or garden. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the perfect items to store your bikes.

Bike racks are available in many different sizes. From a rack which is designed to store just one bike, to a rack made to store up to eight or ten bikes, you’ll be able to find something as small or large as you need. If you intend to buy more bikes in the future, consider whether you want to upgrade the bike rack then or now.

An important point for anyone buying bike storage to consider, you should think about the number of bikes you have. They might not all belong to you personally, as you might be purchasing the stand for you and others to use. If you’re purchasing it for a business or office situation, gather feedback from staff about how many of them cycle to work and how useful they think a bike rack would be. If nobody is likely to use it, you might need to reconsider the size and budget you have set aside.

The most common material used for this item of furniture is metal. Metal is a sturdy and robust material that is easy to look after and can withstand bad weather. Metal is ideal if you intend to keep your bikes stored outside or in a damp or cold environment such as a garage. Another common material which you will find is wood. Wood is often unfinished, and thick and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your bikes. You should consider wooden bike racks if you intend to keep your bikes stored indoors since wood is much less resistant than metal when kept outside.

When buying any furniture, particularly if you are investing a large amount of money in it, you should consider any aftercare and potential problems you may have with it. Bike racks are simple items that do not necessarily require much care after you’ve bought them.

Standing metal bike racks can be easily cared for with a few simple measures. Set yourself a reminder to check on the bikes and the bike rack every month or so. If you have time, take the bikes off the rack and damp dust the bike rack. If you don’t manage to do this every month, you should attempt to clean your bike rack at least every three months.

Best Ideas

Standing bike

Thanks to this floor-to-ceiling rack, you are getting a durable, easy to maintain, and well-balanced place to store your two bikes. The rack is made of premium metal, and it can be adjusted in terms of its height.

Aosom 79" Free Standing Dual Bike Gravity Storage Rack

Bike rack made from pallets

To make the unity take up as little space as possible, it is worth equipping yourself with a solid stand or a bike rack. A standing bike rack can be attached to the wall, creating with the two bicycles an interesting decorative composition.

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