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Bike racks are a quick, space-saving solution for garages, small homes or apartments, and backyards. Whether you need to keep a bike with a broken kickstand upright or are looking to free up some floor space, there are many bike racks available to choose from. Explore the best available freestanding bike racks on the market to find the most suitable option for your needs.

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Updated 30/08/2022
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Basic Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack
Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack
Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack
Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack
Customer Photo
Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack
Customer Photo
Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack
Customer Photo

Basic Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack

Wayfair Basics®

What We Like: Simple design

What We Don’t Like: Can only hold 60 lbs.

Not So Great For: Heavy bikes

Perfect For: Lightweight bikes

This simple wall-leaning bike rack keeps two bikes upright and off the ground and comes with an optional wall hook for extra stability. Since the arms of the bike rack can be adjusted to fit the bikes’ crossbars, it can hold almost any bike, regardless of the model (touring, mountain, road, BMX) or the type of tires it uses.

Though the rack is designed to fit two adult bikes, it can’t hold as much weight as some other bike racks: it has a maximum weight limit of 60 lbs. Owners of heavier bikes may choose to put their helmet on the upper arm instead, turning it into an individual bike rack.

$44.99 $70.04

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Floor to Ceiling Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack

Floor to Ceiling Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack

What We Like: Sturdy and freely placeable

What We Don’t Like: Doesn’t fit high ceilings

Not So Great For: Bikes with low crossbars

Perfect For: Places tight on space

This height-adjustable floor-to-ceiling bike rack makes it possible to store multiple bikes vertically, even without a nearby wall. The top can be raised between 71” (5.9’) to 115” (9.6’) tall, approximately standard ceiling height. Once you’ve adjusted the bike rack’s height, you can let the tension hold the rack in place or secure it to the ceiling with a bolt to prevent it from falling over.

The bike rack holds bikes by gripping the crossbar so that it can store almost any bike regardless of size or tire type. However, you may need an adapter for bikes with low crossbars, like women’s bikes.

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Outdoor Floor Bike Rack

Outdoor Floor Bike Rack

What We Like: No assembly is needed

What We Don’t Like: Not very wide

Not So Great For: Two adults

Perfect For: Households with kids

Anyone can quickly roll their bike into place with this pre-assembled bike rack. Designed to hold two bikes, this indoor or outdoor bike rack can sit on the floor of your garage or the pavement outside, has adjustable arms for various tire sizes, and can be easily moved or transported elsewhere thanks to its low weight.

While the rack’s overall size is adjustable, this particular rack is better suited for smaller-sized children’s bikes. Even when fully extended, the space between the wheel holders is relatively narrow; you would have to back one adult bike into the rack to prevent the handlebars from colliding.

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Bike Rack with Storage Unit

Bike Rack with Storage Unit

What We Like: Convenient multipurpose storage

What We Don’t Like: Potentially difficult assembly

Not So Great For: Individual bikers tight on space

Perfect For: Well-rounded athletes

This bike rack provides storage for more than just your bike. The lower segment is built to hold three bikes: two bikes parked with their handlebars facing the basket and one with the handlebars facing away.

A shiny metal basket above the bike rack serves as a storage unit for elbow pads, knee pads, or other sports gear, while hooks on the side of the basket make hanging up bike helmets or sports bags quick and easy. It’s an excellent choice for a garage full of loose sports equipment.

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Portable Floor Bike Rack
2 Bike Rack Floor Stand Freestanding Bike Rack
2 Bike Rack Floor Stand Freestanding Bike Rack

Portable Floor Bike Rack

WFX Utility™

What We Like: Easy to use

What We Don’t Like: Vague assembly instructions

Not So Great For: Fat-tire bikes

Perfect For: Standard bikes

This simple floor bike rack allows you to park two bikes in the same direction or facing opposite directions, depending on how you assemble it. While the bike rack’s arms aren’t wide enough to park mountain bikes or other fat-tire bikes, standard-sized child and adult bikes fit inside the arms easily.

The rack is also lightweight, so it’s easy to move around or take with you on a casual biking trip or a trip to the park.

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Modern Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack

Modern Freestanding Vertical Bike Rack

What We Like: Modern yet minimal design

What We Don’t Like: Sometimes tricky to hang a second bike

Not So Great For: Heavy or large bikes

Perfect For: Lightweight bikes

This silver bike rack can be easily leaned against the wall with plenty of space left for the bikes, thanks to a bend in the top of the frame. Rubber grips on the feet keep the rack from slipping and falling, but if you’re concerned about it being knocked over, it also comes with an optional wall hook for an added measure of security.

The design can hold two bikes off the ground, regardless of utility or tire thickness: it holds bikes by the crossbar rather than the tires, and the height-adjustable arms allow for easy storage of bikes with non-standard crossbars.  

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Free Standing Bike Rack

Buying Guide

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or you enjoy taking the kids for bike rides during the warmer weather, there are many uses of standing bike racks. Apart from keeping your bikes neatly stored away, there can save space and ensure that the bicycles are in a safe place. Standing bike racks are designed particularly with good storage and space saving in mind, as you can position the bikes on their side or front and take up minimal space in the home, garden or garden. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the perfect items to store your bikes.

Bike racks are available in many different sizes. From a rack which is designed to store just one bike, to a rack made to store up to eight or ten bikes, you’ll be able to find something as small or large as you need. If you intend to buy more bikes in the future, consider whether you want to upgrade the bike rack then or now.

An important point for anyone buying bike storage to consider, you should think about the number of bikes you have. They might not all belong to you personally, as you might be purchasing the stand for you and others to use. If you’re purchasing it for a business or office situation, gather feedback from staff about how many of them cycle to work and how useful they think a bike rack would be. If nobody is likely to use it, you might need to reconsider the size and budget you have set aside.

The most common material used for this item of furniture is metal. Metal is a sturdy and robust material that is easy to look after and can withstand bad weather. Metal is ideal if you intend to keep your bikes stored outside or in a damp or cold environment such as a garage. Another common material which you will find is wood. Wood is often unfinished, and thick and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your bikes. You should consider wooden bike racks if you intend to keep your bikes stored indoors since wood is much less resistant than metal when kept outside.

When buying any furniture, particularly if you are investing a large amount of money in it, you should consider any aftercare and potential problems you may have with it. Bike racks are simple items that do not necessarily require much care after you’ve bought them.

Standing metal bike racks can be easily cared for with a few simple measures. Set yourself a reminder to check on the bikes and the bike rack every month or so. If you have time, take the bikes off the rack and damp dust the bike rack. If you don’t manage to do this every month, you should attempt to clean your bike rack at least every three months.

For bikers of all shades, bike and sport racks are the most important accessory that enables their adventure journeys that begin where the road ends.

If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy bike rack that meets your requirements, we will help you find one. In this article, we have gathered the necessary information on the subject. Read it and choose the bike rack that will go a long way in fulfilling your biking dreams.

This is subjective. Consider the following points before you begin to explore the range.

  • The type of vehicle in which you will be traveling to your biking destination
  • How many bikes you will be carrying with you
  • The types of bikes that you will transport
  • How often will you use the bike rack

Next, remember the rule of thumb -- There are no good or poor bike and sport racks, only appropriate ones. In general, it is the one that fits well with your vehicle and also holds your bike or bikes firmly during the car journey. 

That said, we explain below the main types of bike and sport racks to explore. There may be variants, but the basic functions and model design remains unchanged.

Below, we have covered the main types. 

Roof-top bike racks

These racks are advisable for vehicles of low height since they straight away increase the overall height of your vehicle significantly. This will create certain concerns:

  • Driving and parking in urban areas and drive-throughs
  • Driving on county roads with height barriers
  • Incidental damage to your bike by trees or other overhangs
  • Forgetting that your bike is roof-mounted and creating accidental damage to it

Apart from this, also keep in mind that you will have to carry the bike on your head to place it on the roof-top rack attachment. Is your build and height compatible with this necessity? Consider this type of rack if your answer is yes, and you are ready to go through this rigor repeatedly. 

The above points prompt us to make a point -- roof-mounted bike racks are not meant for tall vehicles such as SUVs, mini-trucks, vans, and the likes. They will only increase inconvenience, risks, and hazards.

That said, they are good, versatile options which offer multiple benefits:

  • Scalability: You can have one, two or three bikes attached to a single unit by adding attachments to it. Conversely, you can also remove attachments when not needed. 
  • If you are a group of bikers, you can even fix two racks on the roof to accommodate more bikes. This scalability is difficult to achieve in a single vehicle with side or rear-mounted bike racks. 
  • No need for additional cross-bar reinforcement. Carmakers offer extra-strong roof crossbars with the consideration that owners will often need to store luggage and other accessories on the vehicle roofs. Hence, you will not need to add after-market crossbars to carry your bikes on your vehicle's roofs. In case you need this, you can easily avail after-market crossbars and fit them on their roofs. 
  • No need to detach or uninstall bike racks. Since these racks are installed on the roofs, they will not come in the way of horizontal activities such as vehicular traffic or pedestrians passing by. Hence, you can leave these racks installed on the roofs and save yourself the trouble of detaching or uninstalling them at every stoppage. 
  • Ideal for open urban traffic. Nothing compares with roof-top bike racks while driving on open-to-sky urban roads. You will not be hindering other traffic in any way. 

However, note that you will have to take off the front wheel of the bike and secure it to the roof-mounted rack with the rear wheel and front axle. So, some amount of knocking-down is required with these bike racks. 

Roof-top bike racks are good for you if you have a low-height car, you will be traveling under mixed urban-country conditions, and you want to carry multiple units of bikes with you.*

Hitch-mounted racks

A towing hitch is a must for these racks since they attach to it. Most vehicles provide factory-made hitches, or they can be easily installed as an add-on accessory. 


  • Protects the bikes against the force of headwinds, snowfall, rain, frost, and even bugs that infest many countryside roads. 
  • Collapsible and foldable models, hence they can be easily detached and stored in the boot when not required. 
  • Avoids additional load on the vehicle armature and parts such as roof crossbars and side panels. Hence, they usually don't upset the vehicle ergonomics or strength parameters. 
  • You can attach more than one bike on a single platform. Besides, since it is a projected rack, it makes no contact with the vehicle's body, thus preventing it from scratches, denting, and other damage. The bikes too remain undamaged under various driving conditions. 
  • Versatile, they can carry bikes of any design and weight


  • Heavy units, so when more than one bikes are attached to them, the combined weight can affect the rear suspension strength and performance.
  • Limited access to the rear and boot openings
  • Vehicle length increases when bikes are mounted on them so reverse-gear maneuverability and vehicle parking is difficult in tight parking spaces
  • More expensive than roof-top bike racks

There are two models of hitch-mounted racks:

Tray or platform style, which offers the resting space for bikes. Its benefits are:

  • It can accommodate more than one bike on its broad platform. Some models offer the facility to attach three to four bikes with add-on features. 
  • Projected rack, so it makes no contact with the vehicle body. This prevents scratching, denting, and other damage to the vehicle. 
  • Bikes are attached firmly on a broad tray, so they don't detach under various driving conditions. 
  • Foldable design, so storage is easy

You can think of buying tray type hitch-mounted bike rack if you need to attach multiple bikes with utmost safety, you don't want to increase vehicle height with the rack, and you want to prevent your bikes from the impact of headwinds and frost.

Projected arm style

This model has a stretched arm to attach bikes instead of a tray or platform. The design has two or three pivots from where you can increase or decrease the length and height of the rack. The uppermost arm has multiple stands on which you can rest one or more bikes. 

Since this rack style uses the full bike frame to attach, it can potentially damage the bike. Also, this rack does not support heavy mountain bikes and bikes with unusual shapes. We would advise against the arm style hitch-mounted bike racks unless you want them for their height and length scalability through the multiple pivots.

Trunk or hatch-mounted bike racks

These are the racks that you can easily install at the rear of the vehicle. The fixing is with strong nylon leashes or cables with fastening hooks. Since they expand when in use, these racks increase the vehicle length considerably. 

Benefits of trunk-mounted bike racks are their interchangeability between vehicles, their foldable design that can fit into a small corner of the trunk, and its rear-mounting that does not increase vehicle breadth. 

The disadvantages of this rack design are their relatively unstable (loose) fixing with straps or cables. It may cause rattling, friction, and damage between bikes. They may also cause difficulty in opening the trunk and accessing boot space.

With the above information, it will be easy for you to choose the type of bike and sport rack most suitable for your bike expeditions.

Good luck!

Best Ideas

A non marking rented apartment friendly efficient bike storage rack

a non marking, rented-apartment friendly, efficient bike storage rack. looks simple to make too

Standing bike rack home

Provide a stylish and yet practical solution for your bikes to be kept in a safe way in your interior with this amazing standing bike rack. It will make for just the perfect storage option for saving up some extra floor space.

Floor standing bike rack

A sturdy floor-to-ceiling rack that allows you to store your bikes indoors without taking too much of free space. It's crafted of hardwood, thus it's very durable, and well-balanced, able to accommodate two bikes at the same time.

Individual semi vertical bike rack

Individual Semi Vertical Bike Rack

How to make a homemade bike rack

Storing bikes in a small apartment can be veeery challenging sometimes... But not with a practical wall-mounted rack like this. This wooden utility can house 2 bikes at a time. They won't fall off, as they're kept in place with sturdy metal hooks.

Bike hanger 01

Bike hanger 01

Why not add a bit of style that is at the same time practical to your space with this amazing and cool bike hanger? It offers a design from the French artist and will keep the bike safe and near the wall to avoid clutter.

Pvc pipe bike rack

Omg, sth designed for me... A black bookcase merged with bike stand. Have you ever seen sth like that?? Simple cubic shelves on one side and a tall rack housing one bike at a time on the other side. No back makes the thing more versatile.

Homemade bike stand

Unusual and very functional standing bike rack is a great way to store your bike at home. Attractive design of wood brings to the decor an engaging style and is an impressive decoration element.

Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack

Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack

Make the most of your space with this freestanding bike rack to keep your bikes neat and organized while being easy to access. Its slender metal frame with hooks can keep two bikes grouped two-by-one without taking up too much space.

Measuring 84” H x 22” W x 14” D, this rack is suitable for mountain bikes, fat tire bikes, and road bikes with a weight capacity of 60 lbs. Simply lean it against the wall without any attachments needed.

$44.99 $70.04

Monkey Bars Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Monkey Bars Wall Mounted Bike Rack

If you own multiple bikes and are looking for a way to presentably store them, this wall-mounted bike rack is the perfect addition.

Space-saving and functional, it can support 6 bikes in only 4 feet and has a versatile surface that blends well with most garage styles. This bike rack is an easy storage solution for clearing up floor clutter and is heavy-duty, ensuring years of usage. Wipe with a dry cloth to keep it clean and immaculate.

Lynk® Wall Mounted Sports Rack

Lynk® Wall Mounted Sports Rack

Keep your sports equipment well organized in one place with this wall-mounted sports rack. Featuring a strong steel and polymer construction along with adjustable hooks, this multi-use rack is durable and maximizes storage space for all your sports gear.

Use the special hooks to hold baseball and softball bats, tennis and badminton rackets, as well as lacrosse and hockey sticks and the large adjustable hooks for your gloves, jerseys, ball caps, hoodies, and other sportswear.

Hoist 101 Ceiling Mounted Bike Rack

Hoist 101 Ceiling Mounted Bike Rack

Made of metal with a silver finish, this ceiling-mounted bike offers a practical way to make the most of your available space. It keeps your bike out of the way while still being easy to reach and can hold up to 50 lbs.

This bike rack comes with a pulley system to lift and lower your bike along with an auto-locking mechanism that prevents accidental release, allowing you to access it and put it away with ease.

Oaklee Freestanding Bike Rack

Oaklee Freestanding Bike Rack

Multifunctional and compact, this freestanding bike rack is perfect for mountain bikes, road bikes, and children’s bikes and features hooks and a storage basket for sports equipment such as balls, skateboards,and helmets.

This bike rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage including garages and backyards, and can neatly store up to 3 bicycles with its heavy-duty and durable steel construction.


Wall/Ceiling Mounted Fishing Rack

Wall/Ceiling Mounted Fishing Rack

This wall and ceiling-mounted fishing rack provides a convenient way to make full use of your available space. You can either place this rack on the ceiling or horizontally on the wall to keep your rods in good order and your garage clutter-free.

Its simple yet elegant design with an oak and distressed finish can easily blend with other decors. Simply screw the rack into place to systematically store your rods.

Taxidermy "the Longhorn" Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Taxidermy "the Longhorn" Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Organize your bike in style with this artistic wall-mounted bike rack. Inspired by nature with an eye-catching design of long-haired Scottish highland cattle, this bike rack is both stylish and functional.

It features a leather bicycle seat with bullhorn style road handlebars that can hold any standard sized bicycle. Secure on the wall with 3.5” screws to ensure maximum stability.

$99.58 $120

Solo Bicycle Wall Mount Bike Rack

Solo Bicycle Wall Mount Bike Rack

Add a pop of color to your interior while keeping your bike neatly displayed with this easy-to-use cycle storage. It’s ideal for displaying bicycles at home, in the garage, office, or even in retail stores as decor.

This wall-mounted bike rack allows you to quickly and easily store your bike horizontally or vertically and protects the bike’s frame with its rubber contact points. Use the center space to conveniently store your accessories.

Kaua'i Quad Bamboo 4 Surfboard Wall Mounted Rack

Kaua'i Quad Bamboo 4 Surfboard Wall Mounted Rack

This wall-mounted rack is a combination of versatility and practicality. Its sleek design can accommodate mid-sized boards such as surfboards and shorter boards such as skimboards.

Made from strong bamboo, this environmentally friendly rack has a classy finish that looks good with any wall color whether vibrant or dark. It’s easy to install, can support 150+lbs of equipment, and features adjustable cradles and angled arms for space efficiency. Place your boards from small to large for a neat display.

6 Golf Bag Large Wall Mounted Sports Rack

6 Golf Bag Large Wall Mounted Sports Rack

If you’re looking for a storage solution to keep your golf bags well organized, this wall-mounted sports rack is the right choice. It can hold up to 6 golf bags, only takes 15 minutes to install, and does a great job at keeping the floor clutter-free.

You can now save a lot of room and keep your clubs up off the floor with this sturdy sports rack that features adjustable hooks with no weight or size capacity.


Standing bike

Thanks to this floor-to-ceiling rack, you are getting a durable, easy to maintain, and well-balanced place to store your two bikes. The rack is made of premium metal, and it can be adjusted in terms of its height.

Aosom 79" Free Standing Dual Bike Gravity Storage Rack

Bike rack made from pallets

To make the unity take up as little space as possible, it is worth equipping yourself with a solid stand or a bike rack. A standing bike rack can be attached to the wall, creating with the two bicycles an interesting decorative composition.

Diy bicycle stand

Brilliant Bike Storage | Apartment Therapy