Narrow Shoe Rack


Do you have lots of shoes, and want to protect them from pets, but have only limited space. Then you need a narrow shoe rack. Keep your shoes organized, categorized, and safe from the willing and able teeth of your favorite pooch. They come in several styles and heights, but are all thin, accommodating about two pairs of shoes per shelf.

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Narrow shoe rack

The modern and very functional form of this stylish narrow shoe rack delights. Beautiful details and robust shelf allow for the interesting development of the hallway, entryway or wardrobe. Perfect place for a collection of shoes.

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Narrow shoe rack

Narrow shoe cabinet in modern style. Construction is made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect solution for space saving in lobby, hallway and more.

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Slide out shoe rack

Narrow element of furniture for storage and organization of shoes. This shoe rack saves plenty of space in the house. Its neutral white color and simple lines look very nice in modern indoors. Shoes can be organized in four compartments.

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Shoe storage for hallways

Ordinary - which is not a complaint, a white narrow shoe rack cabinet. The most needed element in the hallway. Drawn drawers in a characteristic oblique manner, have white round handles. The hidden cabinet is partially in the recess.

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Pull out shoe shelves

Do you want to tidy your shoe space? The shoe rack for a narrow hallway will be an excellent addition on the wall under the coat racks. It doesn't need many space and it has a neutral color.

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Pine Solid Wood Shoe Rack

Pine Solid Wood Shoe Rack

Classic shoe rack in a neutral form. It has 2 open shelves for 6 pairs of shoes. Construction is made of solid wood and reinforced with screws. It is highly rated by customers.

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Pull out shoe rack

A great addition for small entryways and hallways, this slide-out shoe rack is capacious, discreet, and it works very smoothly. Designed of wood with a white-finished front, the rack contains 7 shelves for storing shoes, and a decorative metal pull-knob.

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36 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

36 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

Innovative over-the-door shoe rack. This versatile shoe rack is the perfect solution for homes with limited space. The rack allow you to hold up to 36 pairs of shoes in an easy to access way. The rack has been made from steel and polymer.

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Shoe storage cabinets

Shoe Storage Cabinets

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50 Pair Shoe Rack

50 Pair Shoe Rack

If you do not know how to fit in the closet of your favorite shoes, the shoe rack will be perfect Perfect for the dressing room, where comfortable enable selection of shoes for creation. A perfect piece of furniture for fashionistas.

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Narrow Shoe Rack

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Shoes. Whether you are the kind of person who needs a pair of shoes to match every outfit, or you are more of a utilitarian multi-purpose shoe buyer, they seem to proliferate. After all, even if you go with basic shoe choices, black shoes go with black, brown with brown, white and sandals are for summer only, and you might need snow boots, waders, running shoes, ballet or dance shoes … the list can go on and on. That’s where a narrow shoe rack comes in handy. Narrow to fit into otherwise unusable places, but tall and perhaps long to hold the shoes you need for your busy and varied life.

Basic Seat and Shoe Rack

No matter where you live, coming into your house or going out seems to trigger a need to change shoes. Slipping off outdoor shoes and putting on shoes for indoor wear can save on carpet and other cleaning, and keeps from tracking who-knows-what from the outside world around inside your house. A comfortable, padded bench and two tiers of wire rack for shoes can make this whole process so much easier – and keeps from developing a clutter of shoes by the door.

Over the Door Wire Shoe Organizer

Large wire organizer that can contain the multiple pairs of shoes needed by the professional. Heeled pumps, loafers, sandals, running shoes and more can companionably fit on this rack. When the door to your closet is closed, no one will notice that you have a large shoe collection – a pair to go with nearly every outfit you own and for any sort of occasion from going to the beach to skiing in the mountains.

Wire Shelf Organizer

Don’t like your shoes all clumped up inside your closet? Spread them out on this narrow, wire shelf. The self-supporting unit can be placed wherever you like – in your bedroom, in the hall or near the bathroom, to mention a few ideas. This unit is especially nice for the rainy season when your shoes need to dry out between being worn and run the risk of molding when stored in a closet.

Narrow Hanging Shoe Caddy

Perfect for apartment dwellers or people who live in 1950s or earlier houses with limited closet space. The shoe caddy hangs from the standard clothes pole and can hold up to ten pairs of shoes in a position where they are visible as soon as the closet door is opened.

Coat Rack and Cubbies

Enjoy a matching coat rack, seat and cubby storage unit for your outdoor wear convenience. The cubbies typically include different size spaces that are suitable for different styles of boots. You’ll find it easy to locate your outer wear with this setup.

The Wall Hanging Shoe Bag

Clear plastic compartments make it easy to find your shoes when you need them. This hanging shoe bag can be attached to a wall, the inside or outside of a closet door or even to the front of a cabinet.

Best Ideas

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Description specification of wall mount shoe rack

Description/ Specification of Wall Mount Shoe Rack

Narrow shoe rack 3

Entryways, foyers, hallways are all challenges for organization - here are some great ideas for spaces like these of ALL sizes and shapes!

Slide out shoe shelves

The sensational narrow shoe rack is a dream piece of furniture for every lady's wardrobe. A Beautiful performance in white, plenty of room for your favorite shoes and functionality makes the whole look perfect.

Shoe rack for small hallway

The new narrow shoe rack is a stylish combination that captivates the details. The whole looks nice with any decor of the hallway or entryway adds to its functionality. The shelves are perfect for shoe storage.

50 Pair Shoe Rack

50 Pair Shoe Rack

This is an extremely practical shoe cabinet. Can accommodate up to fifty pairs of shoes, which makes it all the more practical and spacious. It is made from metal rods. This means that any sand on the sole will not accumulate in it.

Tall narrow shoe cabinet

Tall shoe rack made of high quality pine wood. It can accommodate up to 10 pairs of shoes. Great solution for space saving in the hallway, lobby and more.

4D Concepts 4D Concepts Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet - White, Wood

Decorated with shaped vacuum formed fronts, finished in white, this tiple shoe cabinet opens with a curved pewter coloured handle. A functional storage spot, that will allow to save your precious entryway space.

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Hallway shoe racks

Hallway Shoe Racks

Pull out drawer shoe rack

Floating shoe rack in modern form. It can accommodate up to 6 pairs of shoes. It is made of wood and metal. Handy gadget for each home.

Ikea stall shoe cabinet

Ikea STALL Shoe cabinet

Shoe storage for hallway

Narrow shoe rack, wall mount, affixed slightly above floor level; housing shoes in a space-saving way; they don't stand flat, they're stored vertically. Smart shoe storage idea for smaller spaces, that's for sure.

Narrow space shoe rack

Save your home space with this practical piece of furniture that allows you to properly display your shoe collection. The rack is characterized by a narrow floor-to-ceiling design, with a white-finished tubular metal frame, circular leg levelers, and 8 tilted open shelves.