Large Shoe Cabinet

For all the shoe collectors out there, if you love your shoes, or just want to keep them fresh and organized, you need a large shoe cabinet. These cabinets are well-built, can handle quite a lot of shoe pairs, and can be customized or purchased to match your current cabinetry. And they are free standing so you can put your new large shoe cabinet anywhere.

Best Products

Prepac Everett Espresso Barrister Media Storage Cabinet

Prepac Everett Espresso Barrister Media Storage Cabinet
This storage cabinet consists of three modules with adjustable shelves. This kind of element is perfect for storing CD and DVD disks. Its large capacity allows for storing up to 1200 CD or DVD disks, so the product is perfect for people who own large collections of movies and music.

Recycled Wood Cabinet Large Wood Storage

Recycled Wood Cabinet Large Wood Storage
Made from recycled wood, this shoe storage cabinet combines warm, rustic design with considerable functionality. Its tall and narrow surface will smoothly comprise even the largest collections of shoes.

Shoe Cabinet

Shoe Cabinet
This stylish shoe cabinet is a beautiful design with beautiful wood veneer and chrome detailing. The whole thing is very roomy and practical by what your favorite shoes are always in perfect order.

Warm Elegant Contemporary With A Touch Of Glam Contemporary Closet Houston

Warm Elegant Contemporary With A Touch Of Glam Contemporary Closet Houston
If you have enough space to organise your clockroom at your home, you are a lucky guy. A special place for shoes hadn't be very deep wardrobe, but a big visible space, could help you when you are looking for the special pair of shoes.

Quadrante Shoe Cabinet

Quadrante Shoe Cabinet
This Shoe Cabinet is able to bring grace and class to any hallway, bedroom, or office. Characterized by engineered wood construction, the cabinet includes 1 mirror door, 5 grids shoes storage, sturdy feet, and wenge finish.

Pocillo Shoe Storage Cabinet

Pocillo Shoe Storage Cabinet
It is a shoe storage cabinet that is great for your hall. It has got drawers and shelves and it keeps your shoes protect in one place. It is high quality, nicely finished and it fits to any style and décor.

Build your own walk in closet components

Build your own walk in closet components
The own, large changing room is my biggest dream! Now, I can build it with Sutton modular cabinets. they are painted white and have many deep shelves and drawers for shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry.

Our advice Buying Guide

In order to stay organized at home, items like shoe cabinets are very useful. Without a shoe cabinet, it's difficult to find a place to store your shoes, and as a result, the living room, hallway, and stairs may soon become cluttered. Choosing a large shoe cabinet can be a difficult decision since there are so many varieties available. Let's look at some of the main things to consider when deciding which shoe cabinet to buy.

How to choose the right size shoe cabinet?

It's important to know what size of shoe cabinet you need. You know you want to buy a large one, but how do you decide exactly which size? The key is knowing how many pairs of shoes you need to store in the cabinet. You can easily find the measurements of the shoe cabinets you're considering, but knowing how many shoes they fit can be a different challenge. As a guide, you should give around 6 inches of space for each shoe, so 12 inches for each pair. This will vary of course, depending on the shoe and style, but this will generally allow you to work out the required length of the cabinet. Once you know the required length, you can work out how many shelves you need. The number of shelves will be stated on the description or label of the cabinet.

What are the most popular styles of shoe cabinets?

There are several different styles of shoe cabinet, and when you're searching for a large cabinet, it could get even more complicated. Here are some common styles to have in mind while searching:

  • Static shelves: This style involves shelves which are not flexible and are fixed in a horizontal position. This is often seen for the largest of shoe cabinets – these are often quite tall. Standing at around six feet tall, there are normally 8-10 shelves which you cannot adjust.
  • Folding shelves: If you don't have much space for a shoe cabinet, look for an option which allows you to maximize space in the best ways possible. One of these is a narrow shoe cabinet which can be positioned against a wall. You can lift down the shelves and store your shoes easily. This style of cabinet will take up around 8-10 inches of space from the wall.
  • Built-in shoe cabinet: This is a good way to fit a large shoe cabinet in your way if you have the extra wall space. It is perfect for any parts of the room which may be slightly wider than others or have a little bit of extra space. You can then install a shoe cabinet which takes up minimal floor space while giving you the storage space you need.

Top tip: Always measure the available space that you have for a large shoe cabinet. To save space, look for a cabinet which is higher rather than wider, which enables you to utilize wall space rather than vital floor space in smaller homes.


Large shoe cabinet 1

An aesthetic contemporary shoe cabinet having a simple rectilinear body of glossy white finished wooden materials. It has 4 shrimpy grey angular feet. It has 2 doors with vertical metal bar handles and is equipped with 7 backhand shelves.

Large shoe cabinet 2

Dream of every woman - all shoes in one place. Thanks to this cabinet you will have a storage space for your beloved heels. Easy seen shoes will help you in some cleaning time to decide which of them needs to be threw out.

Details about trento high gloss white large shoe cabinet 3018

Details about Trento High Gloss White Large Shoe cabinet, 3018-84

Large shoe cabinet


Shoe rack large

An elegant modern shoe storage unit. Its wide rectilinear body is of wooden materials with a glossy black finish. It has a rectangular top and a bit recessed full base. Each of 8 cabinets in 4 tiers has a flip-down door with a recessed edge pull.

Simple shoe ikea large capacity carved shoe ultrathin shoe cabinet

simple shoe IKEA large capacity carved shoe ultrathin shoe cabinet ...

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White walnut shoe cabinet storage cabinet 0122 94 ebay

White Walnut shoe cabinet storage cabinet, 0122-94 | eBay

Large shoe cabinet 11

One day...! I'll own a similar walk-in wardrobe! Fabulous collection of shoes stored neatly on numerous shelves. Rods with racks for clothes. Open display shelves. Oodles of drawers to store accessories. #Décor #Goals

Large shoe cabinet

Organize your shoe collection to the fullest with this amazing shoe rack cabinet that will fit more pairs of your footwear that you would actually need. It is easy to close and lets you avoid the overwhelming feel of clutter.

Urbane designs scarpa shoe cabinet

Urbane Designs Scarpa Shoe Cabinet

Large shoe cabinet 17

Organize your shoe collection with this large shoe cabinet that's perfect for everything from heels to sneakers. This cabinet features drop down compartments that can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes, and it has a top drawer for small accessories.

Large shoe cabinet with doors

A functional shelving unit, perfect for a garage or an entry hall. It's a large construction with plenty of storage space and sliding doors, which makes it suitable for narrow spaces. It can be easily mounted to the wall.

Large shoe cabinet 15

The Wooden Furniture Store's best selling large Mobel Oak shoe cabinet. Great for hallway de-cluttering!

Wooden shoe storage cupboard

Neutral-styled shoe storage cabinet made of wood. This wooden element of furniture features simple lines and neutral white and brown colors. Its storage compartments provide quite large space for many pairs of shoes.

Large shoe cabinet 8

Mudroom Cabinetry - Cottage - laundry room - Ciuffo Cabinetry

Shoe furniture cabinet

A perfect large shoe cabinet - for your entry hall. Slim, constructed in a neat walnut wood. It is wall-mounted so you can save your hall space. It's so stylish and elegant thanks to the brown natural shades of wood, and silver holders.

Large shoe cabinet

The types above or other types like the ones below could be used when ...

Large shoe cabinet 12

Bedroom Closet - Could I store shoes in a vintage post office box cabinet? They have little windows to see in but I may need one with large windows...

Songmics 10 Tiers 45 pairs Shoe Rack with Dustproof Cover Closet Shoe Storage Cabinet Organizer URXJ36G

Large shoe storage cabinet furniture

Hemnes Shoe cabinet with mirror - for bedroom?

Make your own large lazy susan great for a pantry

Make your own large lazy susan...great for a pantry, walk-in closet for shoes, or kid's room for books and toys! - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Mood board large hidden shelters home decor singapore if you

Mood Board Large: Hidden Shelters | Home & Decor Singapore If you love the compartmentalised look, using a cabinet to camouflage the entrance of your bomb shelter is a very clever and practical way!

Armoire with tv storage

armoire with tv storage

Large shoe cabinet 9

Knotty Alder cabinets, Charging station / shelf above each cubby

Extra large shoe rack

Jane: I'm speechless. Jack: That closet is the size of a bedroom Jane: What's your point?

Venture Horizon Venture Horizon Double Level Shoe Storage Cabinet

Rustic decor for small entry way of home and we

*Rustic decor for small entry way of home. And we will have a pretty small entry way...

Large shoe cabinet

other shoe cabinet ws 002 s shoe cabinet shoe cabinet

Large shoe closet

simple rotating shelves. Strips of 3" vinyl base attached to the shelf edges keep items secure. (You don't want little objects falling off in back!) make them more like bins. Secured by a lazy susan rotator at top as well as bottom, so it won't tip. I wan

Large shoe storage unit

Closet Sliding Closet Door

Large shoe cabinet

2015 NKBA People's Pick: Best Bathroom | Bathroom Ideas & Design with Vanities, Tile, Cabinets, Sinks | HGTV

Large shoe cabinet 14

Large Bathroom Mirror redo to double framed mirrors an... Everyone hates the 6+ foot mirror that all main bathrooms seem to come with. Soooo we took an idea from a fellow pint...

Large wooden shoe rack

Hemnes shoe cabinet in small split foyer entry. Love this Idea! For storage as well as shoes.

Large shoe cabinet 13

traditional modern. subway tile, shaker cabs, beams, large window, dark wood floors. yummy!

Enitial Lab Westwood 7-Shelf Shoe Cabinet, Black

Eavestrough for a shoe rack on the far right side

Eavestrough for a shoe Rack.... on the far right side! Entryway storage ideas for families.

Large shoe cabinet

These shoe cabinets can provide handy storage in several places. They can round up all kinds of things besides shoes. I have them in my bedroom to hold books and papers, eliminating messy stacks. They are large enough to hold large things.

Shoe cabinet with doors for neat room decoration

Shoe cabinet with doors for neat room decoration

Parisot infinity large shoe cabinet in megeve white

Parisot Infinity large shoe cabinet in megeve white

Large shoe storage cupboard upto 40 pairs

Large Shoe Storage Cupboard Upto 40 Pairs ...

Large shoe cabinet 12 tiers buy shoe racks cabinets

Large Shoe Cabinet 12 Tiers | Buy Shoe Racks & Cabinets ...