Narrow Recessed Medicine Cabinet

A mirror in the bathroom is all fine and good, but a mirror with a narrow recessed medicine cabinet behind it is both form and function. They install into any drywalled space, and can hold many of your small bathroom needs. In tall and shorter models, and some deeper than others, you are sure to find the perfect narrow recessed medicine cabinet in this wonderful collection.

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A space-saving addition for smaller bathrooms, that blends together modern solutions and vintage charm. This narrow medicine cabinet is wall-mounted, holding a rectangle door with a mirrored front panel and stylish pull-knob, and concealing a quite capacious inside storage.

Croydex Wc796005 Nile Tall Mirrored Medicine Cabinet In Stainless Steel Traditional Medicine Cabinets

Croydex Wc796005 Nile Tall Mirrored Medicine Cabinet In Stainless Steel Traditional Medicine Cabinets
Sleek contemporary recessed medicine cabinet. An alternative for traditional medicine cabinets - it offers a no-nonsense design, devoid of unnecessary ornaments. Just sleek, tall form with two doors and mirrored surface.

Mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets
The efficient and very stylish form of this narrow recessed medicine cabinet is a perfect combination of style and functionality. Beautiful mirrors and additional shelves allow you to store various trinkets.

Bathroom floor cabinet contemporary medicine cabinets

Bathroom floor cabinet contemporary medicine cabinets
An aesthetic narrow space-saving contemporary floor bathroom unit of wooden materials with a bit worn creamy finish. It has a full base, a rectangular top with a compartment (with a flip up door), a sliding rack and a small drawer.

Broan nutone hampton recessed cabinet in white

Broan nutone hampton recessed cabinet in white
Medicine cabinet designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with mirrored doors. Great addition for any bathroom. Simple form and functional design. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Broan Nutone 25.5 X 15.75 Medicine Cabinet

Broan Nutone 25.5 X 15.75 Medicine Cabinet
If your bathroom space is little empty, trust me, you need a medicine cabinet. It works well with nickel accents in room and it adds some modern style.

Broan Nutone 25.5 X 15.75 Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Broan Nutone 25.5 X 15.75 Recessed Medicine Cabinet
What do you think about the recessed medicine cabinet? It has a lot of space for your cosmetics, medicines, hair accessories and much much more.

Our advice Buying Guide

Having a medicine cabinet is a good idea, but sometimes it is difficult to find a place for it. By recessing your medicine cabinet, it can be concealed behind a picture or a mirror allowing you to make use of the wall space that might otherwise be consumed. It can also be a way to hide the cabinet – useful if you have frequent guests, particularly guests with children.

How does recessing work?

Modern frame buildings begin with a framework made from two-inch by four-inch boards. These are usually set edge-on to a room, on 24-inch centers. This means that between any two wall studs, except in corners or areas accommodating windows, there is a space that is approximately 20 inches wide and 3 ½ inches deep. In outer walls, this space is likely to be filled with insulation, but such is not apt to be the case with interior walls. Wiring and plumbing often run through these spaces, but usually at the lower levels of the wall. This leaves the upper cavity as fair game for a slim cabinet.

A hole can be cut in the wallboard, the cabinet inserted and fastened to the wall studs, and then a mirror or picture set as the door.

What different designs of recessed medicine cabinets are there?

Standard Bathroom Cabinet

A standard bathroom arrangement is to insert a recessed cabinet above the sink, and for the door to be a mirror. When toothpaste, shaving gear, or headache meds are needed, the mirror opens like a door to reveal the shelf unit behind the door. When the door is closed, the mirror functions as a place to see yourself to arrange hair, shave, put on make-up or other things that are best done with a little visual assistance.

Hidden Behind a Picture

You might not want to keep your personal meds in a bathroom that is open to the general flow of daily activity. For example, if you are a diabetic, you might need a place to keep your blood sugar test kit, your daily log book, some emergency glucose, needles for administering insulin and your test paper strips. These items are a little too sensitive to keep in a room that has constant moisture and that might have children in and out of it. Using a picture for the front makes it less obviously a medicine cabinet.

The Narrow Kitchen Cabinet

Some first aid items are just too bulky to keep in a bathroom cabinet unless it’s extra spacious. A narrow kitchen medicine cabinet is a good place to keep disinfectant, castile soap, drawing ointment, rolled bandages, ace bandages, large bottles of aspirin or Tylenol, and simple symptom relievers such as nasal spray or eye drops.

Bonus tip: An alternate plan for a slim medicine cabinet is to slide it between two larger cabinets as if it were a narrow drawer. When the cabinet is pulled out, the shelves are exposed. When it is pushed in, it just looks as if it were a narrow cabinet area.


Broan nutone horizon 16 x 36 single door recessed cabinet

Broan nutone horizon 16 x 36 single door recessed cabinet
Medicine cabinet designed for mounting on the wall. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with mirror on the front. Includes 4 shelves in various sizes for storing personal items. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Saturn 20.5" x 20.5" Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

Saturn 20.5" x 20.5" Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
Excellent blend of functionality and impeccable beauty, this 20.5 x 20.5-Inch Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet in White Finish is suitable for any bathroom decor. The cabinet include an oval mirror door that conceals a spacious storage area consisted of four adjustable compartments.

Broan nutone harmony single recessed cabinet

Broan nutone harmony single recessed cabinet
This type of element is a solid and stylish medicine cabinet designed for wall mounting. It includes a solid steel construction and a rectangular shape. Its storage compartment includes two adjustable glass shelves.

Contemporary bathroom contemporary bathroom seattle

Contemporary bathroom contemporary bathroom seattle
A contemporary bathroom decor that includes a shower with glass walls. A floor cabinet includes plenty of storage space in drawers and compartments. Upper space of this room includes a frameless medicine cabinet.

Narrow recessed medicine cabinet

A space-saving addition for smaller bathrooms, that emanates with sleek design and modern aesthetics. The medicine cabinet is narrow and wall-mounted, offering a mirrored front with 3 clear glass shelves concealed behind it.

Custom medicine cabinets with mirrors

Wall-mounted, this narrow medicine cabinet constitutes will be a smooth addition to any bathroom decor. Its front features a frameless beveled mirror. The interior conceals 4 shelves for your accessories and stuff.

Narrow recessed medicine cabinet 1

The beautiful narrow recessed medicine cabinet is a perfect fit for your bathroom. The simple form and plenty of storage space inside the enclosure allow for interesting use. The effect mirror is very stylish.

Broan-NuTone 625 Bel Aire Narrow Body Frameless Medicine Cabinet

Very delicate, practical and useful cupboard for drugs. It is perfect for the bathroom in a discrete place. At the same time it does not interfere with the whole concept of design, and it can only complement and closed.

Narrow recessed medicine cabinet 2

We are always looking for functional yet beautiful solutions.Great narrow recessed medicine cabinet,with round shape mirror-it's inspired of an antique 19th-century ship's porthole.Finishing with shining metal,where you can hide your medicines or cosmetics.

Narrow medicine cabinet

Why not choose some really efficient and utterly convenient storage space for your master bathroom with this fixture that will allow you to store your belongings and will surely let you avoid an overcluttered look.

Profile narrow recessed medicine cabinet recessed medicine cabinets

Profile Narrow Recessed Medicine Cabinet - Recessed Medicine Cabinets ...

Nutone medicine cabinets recessed 30

Little cabinet with four shelves and metal door. This case will can be used as a medicine cabinet to storage medicaments or as a place to storage cosmetics. It will play its role the best in your bathroom.

Broom storage closet

When you choose white and beige to decor your bathroom, a neat and cozy effect is guaranteed. Look how these hues were incorporated in this medicine cabinet nook. Though it's narrow, there's enough place for two sinks with vintage faucets.

Tall recessed medicine cabinet

inset medicine cabinet our expertly crafted framed lit inset medicine ...

NuTone 735M34WH Specialty Pillar Recessed 12"W x 36"H Mirrored Single Door Medicine Cabinet

The elegant narrow recessed cabinet is perfect for small bathrooms. It will fit any little space you have and use it entirely to give you enough space to hide all your cosmetics and the other utensils needed in the bathroom.

Cute medicine cabinet

This long narrow cabinet with a dark wood finish constitutes a perfect space-saver. Not only, it is wall-mounted, preserving your floor space, but also its clever design allows to organize your bathroom accessories in one place.

Classic recessed medicine cabinet

The edition 300 medicine cabinet by Keuco has top-mounted hinges ...

Narrow medicine cabinet

Narrow and durable medicine cabinet with rectangular doors. These doors include a solid wooden frame and a practical mirror, so this cabinet plays two roles. White finish and simple lines look great in classic bathrooms.

NuTone 735M34WHG Pillar Medicine Cabinet with Polished Mirror, 12-Inch by 36-Inch

It is a pillar medicine cabinet that has got a polished mirror, three adjustable glass shelves and door that can be mounted with left or right hand opening. It is very easy to assemble and perfect for your bathroom.

Croydex croydex wc796005 nile tall mirrored medicine cabinet in

Croydex - Croydex WC796005 Nile Tall Mirrored Medicine Cabinet in ...

Nutone medicine cabinets

If you like the smoothness and clear lines of contemporary design, this frameless medicine cabinet with beveled mirror shall appeal to you. It conceals a considerable storage space hidden behind the glass mat surface.

Narrow medicine cabinet 7

Minimalistic, sleek surface and frameless construction stand behind the awesomeness of this narrow medicine cabinet. Its narrow low profile construction conceals a 5-tiered storage space.

Recessed medicine cabinet white

Nifty Niches. Squeeze out valuable storage without the cost of a major remodel by turning wasted space between wall studs into handy shelving units. The unused area above this tub was fitted with narrow shelves, providing ample room for soaps and other ac

Narrow surface mounted medicine cabinet with a shaker flat panel

Narrow surface mounted medicine cabinet with a shaker flat panel door

Narrow medicine cabinet 3

Tall and low profile take on a narrow, recessed medicine cabinet with a mirrored surface on the outside. The cabinet has a handful of useful glass shelves on the inside which provide a lot of storage capacity for toiletries.

Newport Medicine Cabinet

Newport Medicine Cabinet

Nutone medicine cabinets 10

Look no further for an additional place in the bathroom, just invest in a single mirror connected to the medicine cabinet. The high-quality float mirror connects inside with 4 glass shelves. They are durable and will give your bathroom an undisturbed reflex.

Narrow medicine cabinet surface mount

narrow to fit two above the ikea double sink ... NuTone Horizon 16 in. W Recessed Medicine Cabinet with 1/2 in. Beveled Edge Mirror in White

Framed lit right opening inset medicine cabinet

Framed Lit Right-Opening Inset Medicine Cabinet

Nutone medicine cabinets 4

This stunning medicine cabinet can easily serve the double function of a mirror, making it just perfect for your bathroom. It comes with the interior mirror on the back wall as well and offers a charming, contemporary design.

Recessed cabinets

recessed cabinets

Nutone medicine cabinets 1

This contemporary mirrored medicine cabinet comes with the recessed mount with reversible piano hinge for more stability and durability while using and offers the white baked-on enamel steel body for a more refined look.

Home kitchen bath bathroom accessories medicine cabinets 17

home kitchen bath bathroom accessories medicine cabinets

Wood products baldwin 15 5 x 43 5 recessed medicine

wood products baldwin 15 5 x 43 5 recessed medicine cabinet recessed

Nutone medicine cabinets recessed 16

Nutone medicine cabinet is an elegant piece, which is a great solution for those who want to get the effect of modern arrangement. Allows to store all types of accessories inside the rectangular cabinet,and a mirror on the door will help with everyday tasks.

Slim medicine cabinet

medicine cabinets

Nutone broan medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinet designed for mounting on the wall. Front is covered with mirror. Suitable for storing medicines, cosmetics, toiletries and others needed stuff.

Nutone medicine cabinets 2

Medicine cabinet for bathroom indoors. This single door storage space features a mirrored surface. Its interior cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge steel. Its wooden frame features a nice solid cherry finish.

Nutone medicine cabinets 3

Offer a refined look for your bathroom by opting for this amazing medicine cabinet. It comes with as much as four adjustable glass shelves and offers the frameless mirrored door with mirrors on both front and back.

Small recessed medicine cabinet

Elegant bathroom mirrors redone from 1 large mirror. They have wide rectangular frames with concave picture rails over top edges. An open 3-shelf cabinet features top and bottom mouldings. Frames and the cabinet are of white-finished plywood.

Video description best mirror designs 2500 models top list part

Video Description: Best Mirror Designs 2500 Models Top List Part (1 ...

Shallow medicine cabinet

narrow small bathroom after remodel with custom medicine cabinets built and designed by the homeowner

Afina radiance venetian contemporary medicine cabinet

Afina Radiance Venetian Contemporary Medicine Cabinet